Installed Windows 7 - Message When opening Freecell or games-"the game is running in software rendering mode.

Please help with suggestion on what video card serveral level too.  I have MSI 865PE mobo and graphics NVIDIA 5500.  6 years old.  2.8 ghz CPU and memory upgraded to 2.5 intell Crucial GIG DDF 3200 memory...

acceleration of message is disabled or not supported by the video card... OK... I got is... Need a new video card.

Please make some suggestions... under $ 100 please and no video game... is not necessary for the games.

Thank you,.



Yes, I have in my Dell Dimension, mine said THE well, but its AGP and works very well with Windows 7 Ultimate. Releasing it's easy: with Windows | ActiveWin | Laptops | Microsoft MVP

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