Installing WXP on Satellite L30 - 10Y

Hi all

I have a Satellite L30 - 10Y (PSL33E 03L031EN) (about 2 years), it is running Vista (installed come) and I'll replace it with XP pro SP3.
I already have the drivers (from the Division of driver Toshiba), but I wonder if there are any issues that anyone knows how I could run in this case?

I installed OS to my house several times, built offices with absolutely no problems whatsoever, but various articles I read there seems to be a bit of a 'ball game' different when it comes to laptops?
Also I have Vista disks more so if XP will not install I can not simply go back to Vista.

Tips, advice or warnings very welcome...


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Your laptop is supported for Windows XP Home edition, and there should not be any problems at all. For installing WXP using Windows XP SP2 home edition.
Download page for all the drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on Toshiba.

You can also find document Setup Instructions. Install all the stuff of Toshiba following this order of installations. It is very important.
If you help please let us know.

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  • Installing WXP on Satellite L30-105

    OK, I'll take delivery today of a new L30-105 (Core Duo 1 GB 80 GB DVDRW Vista Home) and have heard a lot of bad things about Vista. Couple because I splashed by A £100 for a real OEM version of XP to Christmas, I really do not have this go waste and was wondering if anyone has experience of wiping the OS Vista the day they open the laptop.

    What I have to be wary of everything by this facility? I know that I have to download the drivers for Toshiba and create a driver before the formatting, the Vista operating system disc and the installation of XP, but I need to reset the bios to read from DVD player, etc etc?

    Cheers in advance!


    No, you should not reset or update the BIOS. Installing XP should work without big and serious BIOS updates.
    I would not recommend also to wipe Vista but to install XP on the HARD drive second.
    In this case, you can use the two OS's.

  • PCMCIA card will not install on Satellite L30 - 10y

    Hi all

    I hope someone can help with this problem. I recently bought a PCMCIA card with additional USB ports for my laptop Satellite L30 - 10y. It works on Vista basic, anyway I shoved the card into the slot and let windows install the drivers, problem is it will not load I get an error message saying that the MDT-0002 device does not charge.

    Is it a Vista problem or Toshiba thing?
    Thanks for any help on this one
    Regards Ciaran


    I doubt that it could be a matter of Toshiba.
    I googled a bit for this device MDT-0002 error, and this error using some PCMCIA cards on different laptops from different manufacturers under Vista OS.
    Someone said that the Pcmcia.sys (PCMCIA driver) must be updated.

    I also recommend to contact manufacturer of PCMCIA card support for more details on a few issues with the Vista operating system.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L30 - 10Y: Win XP - yellow? near bus in Device Manager controller


    a problem with the satellite L30 - 10Y PSL33.
    In management of XP - other devices - system management bus controller device - it is to present a question mark with a small exclamation point.

    Maybe reinstall a chipset drivers, but I have not found a right driver in toshiba's site.

    You have an idea on this message and if is it all reinstall drive, what type and the parent link for download?
    Thanks in advance.



    Hmm I don't very well if this entry could be linked to a m Chipset driver.
    But you can find the chipset driver yourself.
    Install a tool of diagnosis of equipment as Everest Home Edition and control hardware components. Then, you would be able to download driver chipset chipset manufacturer page.

    But in your case I recommend you delete this first device manager entry.
    Mark this bus controller and press to remove or uninstall.
    Restart the unit.

    Usually the Win XP should recognize and reinstall the device again

  • Satellite L30 - 10Y black at startup the screen upward after the installation of new modules of RAM


    I use the L30 - 10Y model with the following memory specification:

    standard: 512 MB
    maximum scalability: 2 048 MB
    technology: DDR2 RAM (533 MHz)
    expansion module sizes: 256, 512, 1 024 MB

    I use Windows Vista Home Basic Edition with a 32-bit operating system.

    When installing, I removed the standard 512 MB module and added 2 modules of 1 GB compatible. At startup, it stays on a black screen.

    However, if I removed 1 1 GB modules and put the old 512 MB module to give me 1.5 GB, it works.

    I was wondering if anyone knows why this is and if there is anything that I can try to get the maximum of 2 gb, if it is indeed possible.

    Thanks in advance.

    According to the product page Toshiba Satellite L30 - 10Y is able to manage 2 GB of RAM (2 x 1 GB)
    I think that the problem is related to memory modules not fully compatible
    I think a new, fully compatible RAM modules should resolve this problem.

    PS: You updated the BIOS? If this is not the case, check if a new update of the BIOS is available on the European driver Toshiba page.

  • Satellite L30 - 10Y: error checking after the 2 GB of RAM


    I have a Satellite L30 - 10Y ^ months ago I walking the RAM 1.5 GB by adding a card of 1 GB of RAM in the 512 MB card provided it worked well.
    I also have walking my son Hi-Grade lapto with exactly the same specifications of RAM that worked well also. So I decided to grade until my L30 10Y with another card of the same specification to bring it up to 2 GB as specified by TOSHIBA.

    I booted the computer to find Hay presto after the message following the start screen appears * "_the file is possibly corrupted.
    The file header checksum does not match the calculated checksum_ "* the computer then froze and I turned it off."

    Controls, I did tried two cards into the two slots without change, 1 card in both slots (an empty) works very well. Other card in the two sons of slots (works Fine) the two card slots in my computer (works very well) all three cards and 512 MB card in the configuration of the slots and cards (works fine). The three cards 1 GB in all configerations cards and slots to the error message and other times 1 long beep and 2 short.
    Yes, the cards have been installed correctly. Impossible to change something to do with the BIOS, even though it may be accssed. Cannot run dvd player although I can select.

    I went back to 1.5 GB and reinstalled all OS the drive recovery Toshiba try all over again the same results. Running windows Vista Edition family Basic, Bios is the last download. RAM is compatible. Cheep Hi-Grade son accepts that all RAM in all Configurations without sentence windows XP operating system.

    Can anyone think of anything either, I have not tried, or I just have to go and by a Hi-grade computer?


    I read your announcement carefully, and it seems that you have checked that everything what is possible
    So in my opinion the two ram modules are not compatible set
    It's the only plausible explanation for this problem.

    AFAIK the L30 - 10Y needs DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM modules.

    Finally the short beeps are coming from the BIOS and it means that the error has been detected.

  • Satellite L30 - 10y does not start - BSOD

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L30 - 10y.
    The problem is that the laptop does not start.
    I turn on the computer and the screen turns white and bottom screen then comes up for a fraction of a second that says...

    "stop: c0000218 {Registry file failure}".
    The registry cannot load the hive (file):
    \Systemroot \System32 \Config \DEFAULT
    or its log or alternation.
    It is damaged, missing, or not accessible writing. "

    I was wondering if anyonecould help me, let me know what this means and what I can do...

    Thank you very much


    Hello Adam

    Here two interesting documents of Microsoft, but I really don't think that it will help you

    Maybe the best solution for you is to use recovery media supplied and install OS again. After that it all will again be OK.

  • Satellite L30 - 10Y - how to reset to factory settings?


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L30 - 10Y, I want to back to factory setting, but how can I do this?

    Thank you

    Hi prescott91,

    You have the Toshiba Recovery disk? If so, it is very easy: just boot from that disk and follow the instructions on the screen. The recovery disk will delete the whole HARD disk restore factory settings and then recreate the partitions.
    So if you have important data on it, make a backup of it if not already done.

    But it is also described in your user manual. Have a look at. It s interesting documentation. ;)

  • Processor hard in Satellite L30 - 10Y

    I just bought a laptop Satellite L30 - 10Y.
    The specification of State she should have a Celeron M 440 1.86 GHz.
    However, when I check in the Device Manager it shows 420 M @ 1.6 GHz.

    The support line told me to go back to the Curry of Exchange because it's a D.O.A.
    I checked the view model in the store and found that it was the same, so an Exchange was out of the question.
    I went next to PC World and checked their view model...

    Yes, even again. When I pointed out to the staff of PC world, they said, obviously got it wrong like sound specifications clearly a 420 M @ 1.60 GHz.

    If anyone has another response that Toshiba have been fitted the wrong processor on their laptop computer.

    [Edited by: admin]


    are you really sure that a M420 is in there? Maybe it s just a software thing?

    The best will be a biosupdate to check if just the bios is the reason that an incorrect CPU is displayed.
    Just upgrade to the latest version available and give some feedback if it solved your problem.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L30 - 10Y: driver download problems


    Can someone help me please? I have a laptop Satellite L30 - 10Y and try to download the updated drivers on the Toshiba driver download site for it however whenever I try to download it doesn't download propley stop the download or will simply not download.

    Yes, I noticed the same thing I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible!

    Mast of greetings

  • Satellite L30 - 10Y always starts with the message of repair


    Whenever I try to run my Satellite L30 - 10Y (PSL33E) I get the window with the message Startup Repair (Windows cannot repair this computer automatically).

    I went through the list full repair and still have the same message.

    Can someone please?


    Maybe the operating system is confusing upward
    Have you tried to restore using the Toshiba Recovery disk?
    Check if it works!

  • Satellite L30 - 10Y - Touchpad freezes when AC/DC adapter is connected

    I am the owner of a Satellite L30 - 10Y for about 2 yars and only recently has my mouse trackpad, and once I have unplug again the mouse stoped working when I plug my cable is very sticky and hardly move.

    I need help because now I have to charge up, we it and load back to the top

    * fat * HELP * bold *.


    I have a similar suggestions and proposals of solution;
    First check if you are using the latest version of the BIOS. If this is not the case, try to update.

    But to be honest, I doubt that this could be a BIOS problem. It sounds more like a problem with a hardware component.
    I remember that my friend had a similar problem.
    The Courvite of mouse and touchpad jumped on the screen and was not usable
    It's a keyboard question EPA has replaced the keyboard and the problem disappeared.

    But this does not mean that your keyboard is broken it is perhaps only an option

    Anyway, the ASP must check hardware components; for example, the new adapter must be tested too

  • Satellite L30 - 10Y is not available in my area


    Anyone know why there is no such cell phone as a Satellite L30 - 10Y? When I first registered there I had re-registered and the laptop came as a satellite L30 (PSL33).

    When I tried to access by clicking on the link for laptop computer, the following message appeared * + (sorry, but this product is not available in your area.) + *.

    Can someone tell me why as I clearly one in my area? I checked the serial number and model that are correct. When first recorded I could access specifications of the notebooks but not anymore. Why?

    Very confused!


    To my knowledge, Toshiba designs and develops a series of portable different.

    The L30 is one of the series and it contains several submodels as L30 - 10Y, for example.

    I have goggled autour and discover that the L30 - 10Y belongs to the series of _PSL33E_ and model L30 - * 10Y was delivered in Italy and England.

    I put t know you came but I'm sure you could find another L30 - xxx model with the same specifications of hardware in your country.

    Best regards

  • Need driver sound WXP for Satellite L30-113

    Hi all

    I m installing WXP SP3 on Toshiba L30-113 but I can't find audio driver for Windows XP Home edition.
    I don't have driver for Vista, but for Windows XP Home edition.

    Can someone help me to find audio driver for Toshiba Satellite L30-113 please?

    After reviewing your last assignment, this means that you have found the audio driver Windows XP Home edition? It is available on the Toshiba support page and it's Realtek driver version.

    The question is the feature under SP3. You have installed Windows XP SP3 home edition or do you simply upgrade from SP2 to SP3?

  • How to install WXP in Satellite A205-s5859?


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A205-s5859 new (US series), and my laptop was completely done by virus so I just want to install Windows XP instead of Windows Vista which is now experiencing in my laptop and wants to make a new partition.

    When I try to install Windows XP Home edition, I get a problem which is in the Middle while confuguring my system hardware (blue screen) a messege is appearning like * "Setup did not all hard disks in your computer instead. Make sure that the hard drives are powred on properly connected to your computer and that all disks associated hardware configuration is correct. It can be runnning an installer of manufacturer_suplliedd diagnosticor "* and dvd r/w works correctly because of this message iam not able to install xp so please help me to solve this problem."



    How to install WXP on this notebook is identical to that described in by Andrej.

    Check it out. Please also check which driver SATA do you need and check page Toshiba U.S. per download.
    I am from Europe and Satellite A205-s5859 is not known to me.

    The Toshiba US support page -

    Good luck!

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