integration of sampling time 6351 vs rate

I would like to know how the X-series Renault 6351 sample and other. More precisely, given a sampling rate of v and a p sampling period, the integration of each sample time must be less than p. My question is, during the sampling period, what actually happens? It integrates into all of the p? Y at - there a break-in? Is the integration time same p? Are there settings to affect how data acquisition uses the sampling period?

Basically, what I'm looking for is a complete description of what happens during the p, something like "p/3 running, integration time of 2 p/3.


So, there are two relevant 'rate' at the time of sampling on a MULTIPLEXED Board like the 6351 OR.  There is the "sampling rate" which is the rate to which we take a sample for each channel, and then there's the 'conversion rate' which is the rate to which each channel is connected to the multiplexer in order to take a sample.  I tried to show below

Whenever a sample is to be taken, each channel must be connected to the ADC in turn.  Clock convert determines how fast it happens.

The conversion rate depends on the sampling frequency.  If you choose a sampling frequency that is slow, we wait 10uS between convert each channel to allow more break-in.  If the rate is too fast for waiting 10uS between each layer, we convert as fast as necessary to reach you sampling rates.  At the maximum rate, the jury through each channel as quickly as possible in order to continue.

During the period of conversion, we do a number of things.  Pass us the multiplexer to the channel, wait for a short time to resolve (this time it's what varies according to the sampling frequency), then we perform the conversion with the ADC (this is what you call 'integration time').  Time and Astro conversion are not user controlled; only the running varies according to your sampling rate and convert clock frequency settings.

It is not a forumla that I can give you for each of these pieces of how long takes.  The best you can do is read the property of DAQmx Timing "I convert rate.  This will tell you the total rate of switching, settling and conversion.

What do you need to know the time of integration for?

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