Intel Corporation - Graphics, graphic adapter WDDM1.1 adaptor WDDM1.2 - Intel HD Graphics 3000 download size: 58.9 MB update failed! / Error number: 8007000D windows encountered a problem.

Intel Corporation - graphic adapter WDDM1.1, WDDM1.2 - Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card

Download size: 58.9 MB

You may have to restart your computer for this update is taken into account.

Update type: Optional

Intel Corporation Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, software update WDDM1.2 graphics adapter was released in December 2012

More information:

Help and Support:

Error (s) found, code: 8007000D / said info. Get help with this error.
Windows Update has encountered a problem. No solution to this problem, 4 Download attempt failed.
Please help, thanks.

Maybe try to reset the updates of windows for win8 from here...

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  • Error message "Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver and proposes improvements temporarily disabled graphics hardware user."

    I check the display driver that I have and that is Intel HD P4600/P4700.  It is a driver supported by Adobe, according to Adobe's Web site Adobe Photoshop CC GPU (graphics processing unit) and card video FAQ.  What should I do?  Furthermore, I don't need video improvements.  I am running Windows 8.1.

    It's your graphics card that is supported but always your graphics card drivers may be outdated and that could be the cause of this error message.

    You should be able to download the latest drivers from site Web of Intels graphics card.

    This error message means that he has temporarily disabled GPU enhancements which means filters and features requiring an implication of GPU would not work.

  • Problems updating graphic adapter Intel Corporation - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1 WDDM1.2,


    I have several lenovos windows 7 with this update

    Problems updating graphic adapter Intel Corporation - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1 WDDM1.2,

    I'm trying to fix it with the original driver?

    all the solutions out there?



    You can download the driver from the Intel website (search on your model number of graph, then Windows 7), read the notes first check it is correct for your hardware, uninstall the graphics drivers (Windows will return to a default basic driver), restart and install the new drivers.

    If this does not work, the Lenovo Web site will be older (but certified to work) drivers for your system model.

  • nVidia - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630A

    nVidia - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630 is 172.5 MB

    Hello = D

    I would ask for advice, if I should download this new update of the SM (Microsoft Window Update). And I have no problem with my driver. I'm just asking if it's necessary for me to download this update :D
      Thank you =)


    As a general rule, if your product works very well, and the update of the driver does not provide a previously unavailable feature, don't fix what isn't broken.

    What you don't say, is whether your current driver is Microsoft Windows 'Approved' / 'certified '. What is my personal opinion, I am a firm believer in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it.". I saw that too many products otherwise good (video cards, sound cards, etc.) get sacked because someone downloaded and installed a new driver more than one that worked very well.

    As long as your machine works well, leave well enough alone would be my advice.

    Let me know what you decide.

    Kind regards


  • HP Pavilion G6 1350SD dedicated GPU(7450M) only runs on Intel HD Graphics 3000 (no switch)


    I have this laptop for 2 years and never had my work as a dedicated video card. He has not even work when I bought it out of the store o.O so, basically, I am quite sick of it and tried to get it fixed up, so I went through everything I could think of, just everything that "could" solve the problem.

    I tried all this in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

    I set the video card options in the bios of both fixed and dynamic. Neither work.

    All the drivers have been installed, including the latest AMD Apu driver. (I tried the official and the HP support center)

    The graphics settings for my Intel HD graphics card and my AMD Radeon HD gpu are set for maximum performance.

    Disabling the driver for the HD Graphics 3000, so he could only run on the gpu AMD does not work either. (In fact, everything is stopped in an instance; p)

    Installation of an older driver no longer works.

    AC/DC's plugged all the time (this has an effect when the bios settings are set to 'Fixed'. This was not the case)

    I tried a few more things, but it becomes a bit too long to read. p

    But yes, someone has another type of solution?

    It should work now, after all the options at trial...

    Thanks in advance!

    The switchable graphics option will only work with the AMD driver HP softpaq. installation the Catalyst Control Center and driver from AMD will be feature stop working.

    Install the Intel graphics driver HP softpaq separately will also stop the switchable graphics feature.

    To make it work, you need to run the softpaq to driver HP AMD laptop twice. The first time got it uninstall all the. The second time have it install all. Once you do this, you should be able to use the switchable graphics feature. I would like that you were here during the active period of the warranty of your laptop. That would give us options to replace the graphics adapter or motherboard module if we didn't have no spending on your part.

  • Help to find the latest driver from Intel HD Graphics 3000 specific material for my laptop?

    I have the latest generic version of my driver VGA, Intel HD Graphics 3000.

    My laptop (gateway NV57H) came originally with a specific version of the pilot material.

    The problem is that when I go on the Gateway Web site to find the latest version of my display driver specific (or any other driver), all the drivers 'later' are dated from 2011-2012. This is probably because my computer is old and is no longer supported, kind of gateway that mind, is no longer adding drivers updated for it.

    In addition, the 'later' video driver for my computer running Win7 64 bit is so old (from 2012) that it is not supported for hardware acceleration on many of my browsers / applications. That's why I decided to get the latest generic driver, which apparently is causing BSOD on occasion when I run Minecraft. Basically, I'm stuck between a get a former working driver that doesn't support hardware acceleration and a new driver glitch causing the BSOD.

    Can you help me find a VGA driver for my laptop model material-specific? I do not know how to find my laptop manufacturer can't stand my computer or its pilots, but I think that it is based on the chipset or something? I don't know how this research and afraid I would probably just install another incorrect driver, please help.

    "all pilots 'later' are dated from 2011-2012... . Gateway is no longer bothers, addition of drivers updated for her... I think that it is based on the chipset or something? "

    Your Intel HD3000 graphics part of your Intel processor.

    The mfg of the laptop is the best place to download drivers and laptops and equipment

    often long a period to support pilot as dedicated graphics cards.

    Gateway (and other hardware mfg) Choose not not update drivers, not because your laptop is particularly old. More because the limits inherent material means that there is probably no benefit from an update.

    My cpu Intel with HD4000 is on a motherboard of 2011/2012 and the update of

    AsRock was November 2012 (I won't call it 'old' for two more years, and then it will be)

    be 'new' for my wife; (D.)

    -However, I welcomed recent updates to Windows Update my HD4000 graphics and have

    had no problems. I would never allow Windows updates near my dedicated, graphics card drivers

    and have never allowed the updates for the HD4000 either, but decided to try it with the

    HD4000 as an experience, but PC motherboards are different from laptops.

    Fortunately a newer driver is not likely to bring an improvement of your HD3000 graphics

    but you can try which allows updates Windows Update your HD3000 as well (in the)

    "Optional" updates).

    Even with the pilot of the dedicated gpu, updates are especially for optimizations of maps in the current series.

    Cards of 'Old' (say three or more back) don't really get a lot of current drivers.

    «hardware acceleration on a good number of my browsers / applications.»

    Hardware acceleration and the need to turn it off is not necessarily due to old drivers.

    I've never found out why, but some machines require it be disabled and others do not, even

    with newer drivers (including the graphics card with the latest drivers).

    I used to keep hardware acceleration enabled, but have it turned off somewhere along the line

    (don't remember why or when, but recently) and have never noticed any restraint in the execution

    browser-based applications. (with my two HD4000 and Nvidia GTX 770).

    Guess that's why I surprised to see that I had turned off, when you look at a minute there... :D


  • Intel HD Graphics 3000 driver

    I tried to update my driver Intel HD Graphics 3000 but I get an error that says that my system does not meet the minimum requirements. I have visited the site of hp, filled the number of my product and selected the "compatible" update for my HP pavilion dv7-6151sd Entertainment Notebook. But when I try to install the update, it keeps showing this error.

    Does anyone have an answer?


    The answer is that your laptop is the AMD/Intel switchable graphics and the only driver, which you can use is the AMD driver on the support page and driver of your laptop, which is a driver custom made for AMD/Intel switchable graphics in your notebook.

    If you manage to install the Intel graphics card update, AMD graphics card will no longer work.

    The "gatekeeper" on the Intel graphics driver, you are trying to install is trying to prevent you from having the graphics does not.

    There may be a way to update the graphics drivers, but I don't know how to do it.

    Unless you are an expert with the process or by manipulating the graphics drivers to work, I wouldn't try to install this driver Intel.

  • HP ProBook b 6540 - XP - Intel Graphics Driver Error: GfxUI has encountered a problem

    Product number: WH431PA #ABG
    Model: Probook 6540 b.

    OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 (I've restored Win 7)

    Error: GfxUI has encountered a problem and needs to close<-- happens="" when="" i="" login="" to="" laptop="" or="" open="" graphics="">


    After installing windows, I installed the drivers from the supplied CD.

    The Intel Graphics Driver software does not work.

    At the start of the system or if I try and go to properties of the graph, I get a windows error: GfxUI has encountered a problem and needs to close.

    I updated the BIOS and downloaded the Intel Graphics driver from HP website and tried again.

    Error continues.

    Do not know what I do then its an out of the box, laptop and we expect more.

    Is anyone else having the same problem?


    He worked on the fix:

    Re-installation of operating system was going to be my next step, but you have confirmed it.

    After redo the partitions correctly with the free version of Paragon Partition Manager 10.0 and re - install XP DVD provided with resettlement twit drivers DVD provided the problem has been resolved.
    See you soon!

    What I think happened was when I have crashed the Win 7 partition using the XP install process it did not correctly configured it.

    There is a small free space before the partition on which I have installed and the partition cannot be marked as Active. The MBR boot record must getting screwed up. He also scored this partition as number 5 for example: Partition 5 (do not know if it was the cause of many) but after I erase all partitions and repair installation of MBR disks worked.

    Advice to others when go back to Win XP:

    When you roll back to XP using a 3rd party Partition Manager (preferably the last one coz old onse do not work)

    Erase the entire hard drive including the HP_RECOVERY and HP_TOOLS partitions and create the partitions you need.

    I used the free version of Paragon Partition Manager 10.0.

  • Resolution of the external monitor max Intel HD Graphics 3000


    Inspiron N5050

    Intel HD Graphics 3000

    I'll be able to drive an external monitor via HDMI to a Full HD 1080 p, 1920 x 1080 resolution?

    Hi metalstardust,

    Yes, he'll support it.

    The display resolution maximum of DisplayPort 2560 x 1600, HDMI and VGA.

    Answer please if you have any other questions.

  • After Effects works on Intel HD Graphics 3000?

    I intend to install After Effects CS6, but is it supported for the Intel HD Graphics 3000? I hope to hear a reply very soon.

    See the following page, which explicitly lists the Intel HD Graphics 3000 as a card that works with the OpenGL features: HTML

  • BSOD after installing HD Graphics 3000 (Yes, goes again...)

    Hey Hey community,.

    I have a problem (bug gold!) old or when I try to install the intel HD Graphics 3000 on Windows 7 64 bit, the laptop restarts only a BSOD at logon message 'welcome. '

    I tried several combinations, many drivers, I don't know what to try now.

    I'm sure it's a driver related problem, as if I boot without Intel driver (or in safe mode), it starts perfectly.

    There is no conflics with other software / drivers installed: after the new installation of W7, I (try to) install first Intel.

    The laptop is an Aspire V3 - 571G with an Intel Core i3 processor - 2348M (and I guess that the BIOS is v2.13). It has been sold with Windows 8, then improved to 8.1, then 10. Now, its owner wants to return to W7.

    I tried the driver on the site Web of Acer Disconnections with all versions 64 bits (7, 8, 8.1) and the pilot last and last-1 of the Intel download area, new BSOD. Also tried (with all versions) to install with/without AERO support, even here.

    So I ask here if someone has a similar laptop with a working driver that I can use to complete my installation.

    Thank you!

    Thank you for your time.

    It turns out that I understood little where the problem came

    The laptop was sold with a single 4 GB of RAM, and the owner it upgrade 2x4GB

    Before my first post, I memtest'ed the 8 GB, no problems appeared.

    Yestarday, I tried to boot W7 + Intel driver with the original 4 GB, it worked.

    Then switched with only the other 4 GB, crash/BSOD

    The second added 4 GB is exactly the same brand/model/specs as originally installed

    To be sure, I started in yesterday a memtest with Aries crashy. This morning, after 4 pm and 18 assists, no problems appear. (memtest + 4.20)

    So good... I guess that...

    In any case, thank you for taking the time to answer me.

  • the sp35174 graphics driver update fails to install and SP37534.exe fails in response resignations:

    Graphic updates failed, two of the three listed.

    SP35174 fails States: error in NVCPL. Entry DLL missing NvCplRestorePersistence - gives same error separated 4 messages.

    SP37534 hangs and will not end after 2 hours of waiting, only the green progress indicator keeps the movement from left to right.  Manager tasks indicates that it does not.

    Pavilion m7750n

    Vista operating system

    NVIDIA GeForce 6150LE graphics
    Computer seems to work OK

    Someone at - it suggestions on how to correct these errors of installation of driver update?

    SP35174 and SP37534 are your graphics drivers and you just install one of them. SP37534 is the most recent of the two, but I would try to install the driver nVidia GeForce 301.42 directly from nVidia. This driver is the latest driver for your 6150LE. I would like to uninstall any nVidia graphics driver currently installed before 301.42 also consider installing the driver nVidia nForce 15,49 chipset, which will good update number other drivers on your computer.

  • Dell Studio 1558, graphics card ATI display driver stopped responding and has recovered. How to solve this problem?

    I had this problem for about 8 months now (see the title). I have updated the driver through the Windows Device Manager and have checked for driver updates it and Windows responds saying that the driver is up-to-date. I have no guarantee more that it has expired and I have no funds for their technical support (Dells). Any advice would be much appreciated. This PC has not had this problem for about 2 months, up to the last round of Windows updates on all the 15/08/14. Also, for about 1 year, Chess Titans 'freaks out' and 'unresponsive', says at the top page.

    Hello James,.

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft Community.

    I would be grateful if you could provide us with the following information so that we can help you best:

    1. You did changes to the computer before the show?
    2. This problem occurs all by going to a specific application or all applications?

    This problem may occur if you do not uninstall the driver properly and and you are just trying to update existing sound.

    I suggest completely uninstall the graphics drivers and reinstall it from the Dell Web site.

    Please follow the steps below to them:

    • Click on Start > run, type: devmgmt.msc
    • Expand the display adapters section.
    • Find the ATI graphics card.
    • ATI Graphics Driver right click and choose Uninstall.
    • Select the check box delete the driver for this device.
    • Restart the computer after the uninstall is complete.

    Then with the help of the Service number on your computer dell laptop, update the drivers from the link of the manufacturer provided below:

    Hope that above suggestions help. Please keep us updated on the status of the issue.

  • I just tried to open Photoshop CS6 and received the message that photoshop has encountered a problem wth the display driver and has disabled the improvements by using graphics hardware. Where can I access the update to correct the problem that t

    I just tried to open Photoshop CS6 and received the message that photoshop has encountered a problem wth the display driver and has disabled the improvements by using graphics hardware. Where can I access the update to fix the problem because the link does not show?

    You will have to go the website of the manufacturer of your graphics card and download the current drivers.

  • Book of manga (graphic novel) downloaded from Kobo is often empty

    Hello, I bought recently a Kobo ebook. It's a manga/graphic novel just to let you know. I downloaded Kobo acsm file, and I have successfully used this file to download the EPUB with Adobe Digital Editions. I allowed my copy of the software Adobe Digital Editions with my Adobe epub file identification code is the title of the correct book, name of the author, publisher information and number of pages. The problem is that all the pages are completely empty or have a line at the top of the page showing about 10 pixels, a value for the page. Here is a picture of what I'm describing. I tried to re - download the file of the social mobilization and tried to re - download the epub file several times with the same result. Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

    Kobo epub problem.png

    According to my research in this, the reason why the book does not appear properly is because it is protected by a special Kobo DRM that is not compatible with the Adobe Digital Editions software, commonly known as Kepub. The file type of my book on the site of Kobo says "EPUB (Adobe DRM) 3", so beware of books in this format.

    From what I can tell, the only way around this is to remove the DRM from the epub file. I would like to add that delete what DRM is illegal and I do not tolerate this action and I recommend it. I'm simply stating the results of my research.

Maybe you are looking for