Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver uses 37.1 GB of space on the list of installed programs. The origin of major performance issue.

On this Win7 default install, almost all of the partitioned hard drive C: is where all programs and operating system running.  This is a major issue because the HD is now complete (or at least Win it is) and the stalls constantly programs and recovery system is not available.  I constantly receive warnings that I am low disk space with only 40 left MB and 300 MB need to perform correctly.  How can you solve this problem?

Using Device Manager uninstall get rid of the old driver. When you restart, Windows installed just the same files, it was seized.

What happened when you tried to uninstall in Control Panel > programs and features?

Go here and download the Intel drivers update utility.  When you run it, it will you say what is the correct driver for your hardware and give you a link to download from.

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    I have a Windows 7 operating system, but I have a "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver" for Windows Vista, which constantly crashes, causing the computer screen go idle for a few seconds and with the message in the title of the question. Can someone tell me please where to get a driver Windows 7 for stands for the Windows Vista driver? In addition, please tell me how to get rid of Windows Vista driver

    See you soon.

    If the manufacturer of your PC's drivers Win7 installation will replace Vista driver

  • Need to reinstall Intel graphic media accelerator driver

    I uninstalled my intel graphic media Accelerator driver for mobile by mistake and I was wondering if and how I can reinstall it.

    Driver for mobile

    I uninstalled my intel graphic media Accelerator driver for mobile by mistake and I was wondering if and how I can reinstall it.

    Visit the website of Intel and search for drivers. Third party drivers aren't a problem for Microsoft.

  • Cannot install the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

    * Original title: what is graphic driver install

    I have and HP Compaq that I try to update the driver Intel Graphics Media Accelerator.  The office is currently running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1.  Don't know if this information is necessary, but it has: Intel Pentium 4 3.20 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 32 bit processor.

    The current version of the driver is  The version of the driver that I am trying to download is  I checked to see if it is compatible with the chipset and is it supposed to be.  The chipset is 945/Pl/G/GZ, Rev A2

    I use Intel Driver Update Utility that is the update of the driver.  I download the driver, but when I try to install, shortly after update Intel says installation failed.  So why can't the new driver to install.  Thank you.

    Thank you to answer, but the correction of a problem.

    I tried for a few hours and several times and I kept getting the message that the installation has failed.

    I stopped by train, posted this message and returned later to the computer to do work.  When the computer has started a black box open during startup that resembled a command prompt screen.  But orders and yes there are commands in the box, were automatic and down themselves. It lasted only a few seconds and the closed box.  This has happened then twice I started the computer.  Then later, when I started the computer I decided I'd give it another try and found the driver had been installed.

    I know that I didn't install it because whenever I tried it is impossible to install.  I can only assume that everything that was going on when the black box has appeared, ran it's own commands solved installation problem and install the driver...

    Thank you.

  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver? A huge 37.1 GB?!

    I tried to clear some memory to make my laptop faster... and I found that the pilot was the largest. Should I really this accelerator? 37.1 GB is HUGE!
    I tried to uninstall it... but he used...

    I used Yahoo answers, but they called me a fool? I see with my eyes perfect ffs!
    I can send you a proof of an image? I'm worried! What is a hidden virus?
    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium.


    Please understand that the file 'install' driver Intel Graphics Media can be this size.  The installation file contains all the files necessary to install the driver files and the control panel 'advanced settings '.   It can also contain the Intel Graphics Media 'help file' and / or user's guide.

  • Intel(r) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

    Hello, I have a HP Pavilion model s5-1010 running Windows 7. Every now and then while listening to a Jazz station in line or listen to an entire album on Grooveshark system stops just work. It's like a person turns off the sound. The computer itself works, but the sound crashes. For what its worth, I have a set of Klipsch THX speakers up to my computer and it seems to work OK. IM able to listen to a CD or DVD... sound when I'm online this seems to happen.

    Today I received a message that says that my Graphics Media Accelerator Driver had stopped working 8 times. Windows is an automatic check of the system and said that everything looks very good.

    Any help would be appreciated... IM all ears.

    Much obliged,



    Please find the link given below might help you solve your problem.

  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator

    I recently installed the latest driver intel graphics media accel - and my screen resolution changes - sometimes several times a day!  Welcomes you any advice on how to stop what is happening.  Don't know whether to uninstall it and if so, how?


    Try to install the latest version of DirectX from microsoft software.

    In addition, during the installation of the drivers/software intel, chk for updates for the advice

    chip set, intel is downloading the "chipset installation utility", both

    working side - to - side...

  • graphic driver Intel hd media accelerator for dv4 2103tu someone? Please send me the link

    I just formatted my dv4 2103tu after a windows crash, I reinstalled family w7 premium 32 bit.the problem is that I lost all the drivers n I'm bad need or the intel hd graphics driver GMA which was preinstalled in my lappy before that I formatted cant any1 please send me the link for the driver? Please help me sm1

    The Intel graphics driver that I posted for you just support page and the driver of your laptop. It is the only one available.

    What happens when you run?  You get an error?

    In fact, I found a newer version of the driver from the link below.

    If you want one that says HD on it, then use it to Intel. * & DownloadType = drivers


  • Intel graphics media accelerator incompatible with windows 10


    I tried to upgrade to 10 windows but get an error message that says that there is a problem of incompatibility with my graphics accelerator from intel. I have a HP Elitepad 900 g1 and have no idea of what that means. I have been on the HP website but could not find the driver for this update. Can someone please tell me if there is a work around for that or I'm stuck with windows 8 for always?  Thank you in advance.  Betty

    Thank you I've now followed your advice and am now running windows 10. Thank you

  • Re install driver Intel (r) graphics media accelerator

    Foolishly went to ranger and UN installing a download I didn't and went a UN installed my graphics Media Accelerator Driver Intel(r) instead. How can I get that back. I am usless computers and know little about computer talk. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 Model: PSL43E with Windows Vista. I hunted online but do not trust downloads that I found, were in my control panel, but it won't let me fix it. Help!


    You can check the support of Intel at following link and try to update the latest drivers.

    Intel: Automatically identify and find drivers

    You can also visit the Toshiba Support link and check.

    Toshiba drivers and downloads

  • Resolution for Intel(r) Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 required when installing a registry cleaner

    I've installed a registry cleaner but was taken aback. vacuuming has highlighted a suggestion that it requires a resolution of 1024 x 700, and the highest resolution for Intel GMA 3600 is 1024 x 600. I want to create a resolution custom above in support of various applications that require a higher resolution. How can I do this?


    Short answer is you can't.  resolution is defined by the hardware and the driver.

    The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 or GMA 3600 is integrated (for example in the Atom N2600) graphics without dedicated memory.

  • I want to enlarge the screen of my ACER aspireone D255E resolution, I don't date my Graphic Media Accelerator but generic PnP monitor limits it's resolution 1024 x 600... What should I do?

    I've updated my Graphics Media Accelerator (which now is Intel GMA 3150), then I adjusted the upper to 1024 x 600 screen resolution, but the monitor displays only a part of the resolution, what do I do? Help please...

    Hi Dave,.

    The description above, you want to increase the resolution of the screen as it is limited to 1024 x 600.

    I suggest you try the steps from the following link on how to get the best display on your monitor.

    Get the best display on your monitor

    Post us the results once you try the steps above.

  • How gray on Intel Graphic Media for local users?

    does anyone know how to gray on the options to prevent users, change the graphics options from Intel graphics media for Mobile?
    So if anyone knows what's different in the BIOS updates, any possibility to cancel boot devices (not only change the order)


    You can create a limited user account, but I n t think that this option disables the function to change the graphics options.

  • Illustrator does not recognize my GPU NVIDIA 920 M, what driver is up-to-date. Even with my Intel Graphics 5500 which is recognized, I'm not able to turn the GPU performance. What can I do?

    Illustrator does not recognize my GPU NVIDIA 920 M, what driver is up-to-date. Even with my Intel Graphics 5500 which is recognized, I'm not able to turn the GPU performance. What can I do?

    In addition, all the menus to stay for a while and then disappear. I have to be fast to all operations, including by opening a file, apply an effect or export a file.




    I'm afraid that you are locked into the GPU problem, described by butz in post #13 here:

  • I can disconnect from one of my two computers, for an hour or a day and log on to a computer "third party" to use photoshop and then log in to the original computer when I'm done?

    Given that I cannot use the product on two computers, I can disconnect from one of these two computers, for an hour or a day and log on to a computer, "third party" to use photoshop and then log in to the original computer when I'm done? I do a work one or two times a week to another place and I use the computer which is there. I already have Photoshop on my home and work computers, but I would like to sign out of one of these just for the day I'm away from my office and home and then sign in again when I'm done. I do that often.

    Hi Ryan,

    Yes, you can do it.

    As long as creative cloud is active only two computers, it will work.

    Once you have finished your work, you can disable the current computer and reconnect to the previous.

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