Intel Rapid Storage Technology

After the upgrade of Windows 8 for Windows 8.1 stopped working Intel rapid storage technology.
Written during the operation of the application has encountered an unknown error.
The computer has restarted, and when you try to update written what is already a new version.



I would try to install the latest version directly from Intel on the link below.

You want the file 3rd on the list (SetupRST.exe). & DwnldID = 23496 & ProdId = 2101 & lang = eng & OSVersion = %0% 09% 09% 09% 09% 09% 09% 09% 09 %0 has % 09% 09% 09% 09% 09% 09% 09 & DownloadType =

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  • Tecra Z50 - A - Intel Rapid Storage Technology does not

    Dear Sir

    We bought a lot of laptops Toshiba Tecra Z50 - A with a hybrid HDD (with SSD cache).

    The exact model:
    TECRA Z50 - A

    We staged and repartition laptops via SCCM.
    However, when you install all the drivers and the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software, I see that only rge WHAT HDD is used and no partition SSD with the Intel RST.

    How we enable this?
    The problem is that the performance is incredibly bad.
    Laptops are very slow, even if the specifications are good:
    CPU i5-4200U
    8 GB RAM
    Windows 7 x 64

    No idea how to turn this Intel RST?
    In the BIOS I find no option for RAID, as must be enabled for the RST to work.

    Thank you

    To be honest I n don't know what you mean exactly the RAID mode. There is no RAID mode.
    The laptop was equipped with a 500 GB SATA HDD HYBRID.

    The part of the HARD drive is used for writing, the SSD part for the reading of the data.
    The performance of SSHD can be placed between a HDD and SSD, but it s significantly slower than an SSD.

    If you have already installed the - Intel Rapid Storage Manager driver, then the service should work

    In the case where it does not run in the background, try to install the latest Intel RST page of Intel driver.

  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology and envy 700-330qe

    I'm a new 700-330qe CTO. Include updates of driver on the hp support is for technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology. I first thought it was a driver of hardware like my former lodge (he had a card Intel Matrix Storage Manager who managed the RAID 0, 1 or 0 + 1).  Now I see that it is a software emulation of RAID. Nowhere in the documentation supplied with the machine is there any mention of the capacity of this machine to run any form of RAID. I have two HARD drives, and they are the same size, so, theoretically, that I could run RAID 0 or 1, if I so wish, but is nowhere mention of a way to do it. I see the BIOS must be configured to run RAID.

    I'm NO expert. I was wondering where I can find more on how to set up a RAID machine. So far, I still didn't look in the BIOS (not even sure how to do this, while some of you think I'm stupid). I guess I get a little twisted shape when a product has features that should be out in the open but seem to be hidden. Any help would be appreciated to reallyhl.


    You can use the TSRI for caching, but you must first disable ExpressCache to run.  If you buy a longer MSATA card of 64 GB (128 GB) then the remaining space can serve as a data storage area.

  • Pavilion WA782UA #ABA: need help for the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver


    I have recently reinstalled Windows 7 after putting in a new drive hard 1Terabyte. I then had problems with Windows Update, and just my overall use of my laptop has been slower. After reading on other forums with people who got similar error messages from Windows update told me to update my driver Intel Rapid Storage Technology. (Link forum here)

    However when I visit my list of drivers on the HP site, I find not the Intel RST driver to update. Can someone direct me to the Intel RST driver that corresponds to my laptop?

    Laptop HP Pavilion dv6 - 2173cl


    You must use this version... you want the 3rd file listed on the left.

    Do not click on the most recent version of the driver is available because it is too recent for the chipset has your PC.

  • With the help of the ReadyCache with Intel Rapid Storage Technology?

    I just upgraded to Win8 and the ReadyCached doesn't seem to work.  My motherboard supports the Intels Rapid Storage Technology (RST), so I think to convert thie ReadyCache in an ordinary SSD.  How can I do this?  I just reformat the ReadyCache enable RAID in the BIOS and then hope for the best?

    You can use the drive as a normal SSD all that you need to do is to reformat. no need for RAID really it can work in any RAID or AHCI IDE mode. Technology Intel Rapid storage technology is the SATA driver. Intel RST 11.6 is currently not took with the Expresscache software, but which is supposed to be fixed in the next software update.

  • What are windows vista compatible with intel rapid storage technology

    I had fix it Purifier and as he came the technology intel rapid storage, what is it and is it compatible with vista and I can uninstall without creating a problem, thank you

    Hi nancych159,

    Intel rapid storage technology is a required for your hard disk controller is compatible with Windows Vista. For more information, see link below

    Intel rapid storage technology

    Note: Before installing this application or technical support from Intel, it is suggested that first contact you your system manufacturer. They can provide the software that is specifically configured for your system

  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver update for HP ENVY Phoenix 810-135qe desktop


    I recently bought a HP ENVY Phoenix 810-135qe desktop computer, during a performance of the construction in the auditor of updates to HP program that it is announcing the following update available for my machine and I was wondering if there were more details about what he actually did and/or updates/patches?

    Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver

    This package provides the driver for Intel Chipset SATA RAID solutions and SATA AHCI Controller in models supported that are running a supported operating system.

    Communicate details
    Exit the: 2014-01-23
    File name:sp65114.exe [1/1, 17.92 M]
    A Version12.8.2.1000 Rev.
    Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

    -Provides original drivers

    As you can see the description of correction and improvement really provided no details as to what is fixed or improved.

    If I need to apply this patch, it would be nice to understand a little better what to expect and what is fixed and/or improvements.  You have to forgive me because I'm old school and I usually generally follow the routine "if it ain't broke don't fix it".  I'll do what it takes well so I have a better understanding of what is going to happen in the case where updating mess something inadvertently.

    Thank you



    What is the technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology software.

    It is not necessary to install the update if you do not want.

    I doubt you will notice a difference in performance if you have it installed.

    It is unlikely that all the problems would result in the update (however could apply Murphy's law), but like you said... "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology technology made disappear from HARD drive

    Recently my laptop stopped windows startup. When I turned it on, Intel Rapid Storage Technology technology window appeared and said that one of my SSD volume is off and asked me to press CTRL + I to access the Configuration utility. When I pressed on that, I could only select Reset Disks to Non-RAID option. So I chose, but windows still didn't start with a Operation System not found message.

    So I changed the following settings in the BIOS:

    • SATA Operation: AHCI (instead of Intel Smart Response Technology)
    • Technology Intel Quick Start: People with mobility reduced (and not active)
    • List start option: Legacy (instead of UEFI)

    Then I was able to start windows setup from usb. Windows repair did not help, I had The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again. message. So I just temporary installed windows on a SSD (during the installation of my disc drive 500 GB HARD is not visible).

    I even booted ubuntu live USB, and it didn't detect my HARD disk drive.

    My HARD drive is not visible in the BIOS. It shows Fixed HDD: None .

    Plug my laptop:

    • Dell Inspiron 14 7000 series 7437
    • Intel Core i5-4210U CPU @ 1.7 GHz
    • mSata device LITEONIT LMS-32L6M m-(S1) 32GB
    • Windows 8.1

    Someone know any tool or approach how to unlock my RST HARD drive and make it visible again?

    The drive does not have (the first symptoms you describe were your imminent disk failure warning) and must be replaced.

  • Issue on Inspiron 5110 15 R and Driver "Intel Rapid Storage Technology."

    In "Windows 8 Upgrade Checklist' of the valleys, Article ID: 575112, they recommend updates to some drivers when migrating to Windows 8.  Especially me confused, it's their registration one driver "Intel Rapid Storage Technology technology." The confusion comes, I can't find any driver with that name on their support site for driver for the Inspiron N5110, either in Win 7 or 8 entries. Do I really need this driver or Windows 8 will provide it. If the latter does not, and it is necessary, where can I find the driver given the fact that it is not in the supported drivers? Thanks again in advance for any help offered...

    According to the FTP site, Windows 8 likely has a driver, because it lists it for XP/V/7, but not 8: ATA

    Drivers are located under Serial ATA on the Support Site, but again, none are listed for W8, which normally means that it is not necessary.

  • [COMPLETED] How to configure the Intel Rapid Storage Technology technology?

    My Toshiba laptop U840, that come with 32 GB SSD + HDD 500. It applies to technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology to speed up performance, recently, I try to upgrade my HARD disk by replacing the SSD, I use Norton Ghost clone SSD image, but when I restart the window, it appears Intel Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) config and cannot go to the BIOS at all. (I get all the back to the top and keep the original HDD 500 intact.)  I have no idea on how to set TSRI, but it offers the following options:

    • Create a RAID Volume
    • Deleting a RAID Volume
    • Reset to no RAID disks
    • Recovery Volume options
    • Acceleration options
    • Output

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions

    RAID volumes:

    ID name band level size State Bootable

    0 SSDSpace RAID0 128 KB normal 11FR Yes

    1 cache_vol RAID0 (Cache) 128 KB 19 off GB No.

    Physical devices

    Type of ID model device size / status (ID theft)

    0 new SSD 480 GB Non RAID disk

    SanDisk SSD 30 GB Cache Disk 1 (0.1)


    Thank you for bringing your query on the Microsoft Community Forum!

    I suggest you to post your query on the TechNet forum since they would be the right person to help you with this particular issue.

  • What is Intel rapid storage technology under windows

    What is Intel Rapid Storage Technology Windows 7. Do I need on my computer? I had a virus on my computer. am at Best Buy and stares at me I got a new Antivirus program and a lot of things when changed when I get back to my computer. And this program has been one. Someone has an answer. The antivirus program is Kaspersky Internet Security.

    This is a feature of the application provided by Intel to improve the functionality of the Intel SATA chipset and add additional features.

    It is not the real chipset drivers and is not required for Windows work. If the computer uses individual drives standard configuration, it actually serves little purpose other than to provide a disk interface analysis.

  • Cannot install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology technology

    Hi all
    I'm having a problem with technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology. I will describe my problem briefly at the outset.
    Here's my problem:
    I have a Dell inspiron 14z 5423 model ultrabook with Windows 7 Home Premium. He was fine, when suddenly the system crashed . Whenever I started it, a blue screen flashes and restarted. I tried everything to keep it. I have googeld for each solution, but could not repair it. Unfortunately, I have expense installing the operating system. And other MISFORTUNE, I only tried to format and delete the C: drive (C: drive was approximately 250 GB and removed to create other partitions of it) but my ENTIRE score got DELETED and MERGED into a single Partition. Fortunately, I managed to recover my data very Important. (End of part 1)

    Now, later, I installed Win 7 Professional.
    Previously, he had installed TSRI and seems to work correctly. Now, I try to install TSRI in my ultrabook but could not do so. Without knowing it, I installed the operating system with the SATA Mode: AHCI instead of Intel Smart... (RAID). Now when I try to change SATA RAID BSOD mode flashes then restarts. I also tried the following technique:
    But can't make it work.
    I want to install SORTS on my ultrabook and do not want to reinstall win 7 in RAID mode for this.
    Please help me with this problem.

    Hey Tushar,

    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the link below.

    Hope this information helps.

  • error: 0 x 80300001 Intel «rapid storage technology» pilot

    I'm doing a clean install on a disk SATA2 AHCI. To install the driver during the intitial OS installation instructions Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver of technology?

    So I put the drivers on a USB key and when I get to the point where Windows ask you which partition to install on, I click on the button "Install drivers" and then install the USB driver.

    So I can't go further when the driver is installed. Windows says "error: 0 x 80300001.» Windows cannot install to the selected location. »

    I tried to remove the USB key and refreshing without result.

    You don't need to add all the drivers during the installation of Windows 7.

    Intel drivers can be added later.

  • Sony Vaio SVT14113CNS error DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (iaStorA.sys) [Intel Rapid Storage Technology] on Windows 8 x 64

    March 30, im getting this error on windows start.

    When I start my notebook ' VAIO' logo comes with "Preparation auto repair. After 2-4 seconds 'circular loop treatment' pause for 1 sec & 'Blue screen' comes with

    "Restart your PC on a problem and needs. We are only collecting the error information, and then we'll restart for you"

    error "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (iaStorA.sys).

    I know its technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

    I had my backup of the C: & D: via Ubuntu live disk installed on USB key on a Portable HARD drive.

    now, I just need to get into recovery mode.

    When I press on "Assist-> recovery & hold ' and then it goes blue screen.

    (1) im thinking to 'Safe Mode' start up. because if it will allow the startup I can uninstall the drivers of Intel rapid storage Tech.

    Please tell how I can do it, because I can browse the live Windows by Ubuntu Pendrive files.

    (2) 2nd is I can also navigate my "recovery Partition", so could you tell me how to use this 'partition data' to something to copy paste for USB...

    My Recovery Partition to a folder 'sources' & also sources---> install.wim (9.05 GB)

    folder 'sources' is total 17.9 GB in size.

    If you (microsoft) can help me with the idea of 1st activation mode without fail to start, then it would be very very useful. Please, I beg you.

    just need to as the bypass to my window troubleshooting-made & then I can start my recovery.


    Hi Christophe,

    As the report makes clear that the Intel rapid driver is the root cause of the
    question, we can try to run restore the system to an earlier point to cancel the update of starting on the recovery Partition.

    You can see the Sony guide learn more about the problems of system recovery:

    To go in safe mode since the Partition configured recovery on your computer, you can
    Follow the instructions below.

    Once you are on the recovery Partition, you will be asked to press any key to load sound
    content, to do. First, you will need to select your keyboard type. Press the page layout you want to use. If you want to browse the available options, press 'see more keyboard
    until you find the one you want to use.

    Windows asks you to choose an option. Press help.

    In solving problems screen, tap Advanced.

    In the Advanced options screen, tap Start parameters.

    You are informed that you are about to restart to change several options of Windows, including activation of the Secure Mode. Press restart.

    Your computer or your device restarts again and displays nine startup settings, including Safe Mode, Safe Mode with network and Safe Mode with command prompt

    Press F4 on your keyboard, to turn on Safe Mode, F5 to activate Safe Mode with network and F6 activate Safe Mode with command prompt. Windows 8 and Windows boot 8.1 now depending on the setting you have selected.

    It will be useful. Please let us know in case you need more information on issues related to Windows.

  • HELP: Intel Rapid Storage Technology WARNING

    I am a user of Alienware M18. In the last two days, I received the following message on the Intel Rapid Storage Technology technology with the message "disk SATA Controller 0, Port 0: failed. (See attached screenshot)

    Should I panic?

    What are the remedies should I take?

    The laptop is a model mid-2013.

    I received a response from support Dell and was recommended to do the following:

    1. Please download and install the latest driver of BIOS (A10). See the link below:

    2. Please download and install the latest version of the driver TSRI. See the link below:

    So far, I don't get the warning messages more after doing the above

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have a Satellite C850D, which was shipped with Windows 8. I want this downgrade to Windows 7. I have a Windows 7 DVD, but when I try and install it I get is an error message indicating that there is an error with one of the startup files. Is it pos

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    I want to be able to drag ndo drop my photos in a folder in the specific order I want to show them. Why I can not unlock the grid as I can on the desktop?

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    Hello I have a laptop off windows 7. The software I use is Windows 7 Ultimate. The Build Version is 7601 I don't know that I have a LOT of updates for this computer as well. However, when I update via Windows Update it takes very long time so I went

  • The dv4000 Bios reset

    Password bios hp dv4000 DISABLED SYSTEM [04270] Help me please.