Intel SSD 530 series with HP ProBook4540s

Sorry for the translation.

After installing the 530 120 portable GB Intel SSD and install windows 7 x 64. the system starts properly. but when not choose "shut down" and select "reboot" then the computer does not see hard drive.
After a stop, windows loaded correctly.
After the next reboot problem repeats.


I informed the Intel the incompatibility problem.
They updated the version of the software and the firmware for SSDS, which solved the problem with my 4540 s HP's Probook.
Link to download the firmware updated from the Intel Download Center:

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    I have a MacBook Pro 13 inch Mid 2012 (not retina) and I need to upgrade my hard drive to an SSD. I've seen several like Intel s 540 and 750 series and a Crucial MX SSD. However, I am trying to identify the one which would be compatible and the best alternative for my upgrade. I appreciate the help. Thank you.


    MX200 essential 500 GB SATA 6 GB/s 2.5 "

    Intel SSD 540 s series 480GB 2.5 "SATA 6 Gb/s, 16nm, TLC

    Intel SSD 750 series (400 GB 1/2 height PCle 3.0, 20nm, MLC)

    Your Mac has a SATA interface, so the PCIe model is not compatible, I would choose most of the three.

  • Intel SSD 530 in T61

    I think I have an Intel 530-series SSD for my T61 6466 - 5WG which I will put on Centos or Fedora. I know that this drive is a SATA of 3 classes capable of 6 Gbps, while the T61 is limited to 1.5 Gbps, it is very good that I'll later the SSD for a faster laptop.

    Does anyone have a 530-series Intel running in a T61? The exact model designation is SSDSC2BW240A4K5 from Intel, a 240 GB drive.

    Thank you.

    Welcome to the forum!

    Although I prefer the 320 series, 530 will work correctly in a T61.

    There is also a modded BIOS (non-Lenovo) that unlocks the SATA II speeds on * 61 series.

    Just like info - happy update.

  • Intel SSD 750 series

    In a moment of weakness I just bought an Intel SSD series 750 800 GB HHHL (SSDPEDMW800G4x1), mainly due to a decline in prices of $100 (i.e. CDN $729) CDN.

    I was looking to replace a rest of spinning by car, but find myself questioning this decision as the 750 series write speed is specified only 800 MB/s, which is much slower than my Samsung 950 Pro m2 (1527 MB/s) and the four Samsung 850 Pro in a Raid 0 configuration (1833 MB/s).

    However, I can live with the read speed of the 750 that is specified to 2000 MB/s.

    The idea is to use the SSD 750 instead of the current system SSD drive and use it for various no video and image data, which is currently on a HARD drive.

    My quandry, should I return the Intel SSD 750 (have'nt opened the package yet) and wait for a more rapid decline in prices of PCIe version, or am I being too critical...

    Anyone here using this drive and what are your impressions?

    What I wanted, it was speed cache, it is to say when the cache handles all the instructions of reading and writing for reader requests gives significantly better performance because the ram is much faster than the disks or sata controllers. This performance is normally called gust or peak transfer rates. Once the cache fills well performance begins to normalize that the sata controller can manage ideally. The drive itself also limits this based on the speed and latency the reader can process these requests queued. More it takes to completely fill the cache over the drive or raid maintains the burst transfer rate. Once the cache fills although transfer rates begin to fall. 8 GB cache is standard for most of the highend SAS controllers and gives you an excellent performance for the raid because raid instructions are stored in the cache and manipulated in real time of the RAM of the system or the disc. This allows the controller handle tasks as fast as possible without waiting on disks to provide more data or be ready for more data to write.

    SSD drives will slow down over time of writing and deletion to allocate their share files. This is due to how the SSD firmware avoid writing permanent erase cycles. You can return an SSD performance unprecedented in formatting or by writing zeros for it. When using the SSD for media raids, it becomes a standard maintenance process, you want to do periodically.



  • Intel SSD 310 Series 80 GB (Mini PCIe SATA card)

    Together, Hy

    Last week I compressed orderd the X 201 with the following data:

    CPU: Intel Core i5 - 560 M

    HARD drive: 500 GB (7200 RPM)

    RAM: 1x4Go (PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1067 MHz)

    WWAN: not built in but expandable

    My Question is now, can I build instead in a SSD SATA Mini PCIe card instead the WWAN Module and start the system on this SSD? Having someone has tried it before? Have someone tried another PCIe Mini Card SSD (in the X 201 Tablet) and can tell me something about this.

    I would like to take advantage of this SSD: (have some expirience with that SSD?)

    Really thank you all

    Good night from Austria,


    your X201T slots are mPCIe, not mSATA.   they are the same form factor, they are electrically routed differently.   Unfortunately the intel 310 card does not work in your system.

  • Cannot set the password for hard drive on the W530 with Intel SSD 520


    I have a w530 with an Intel SSD 520 in primary hard drive Bay. Whenever I try to set a password for the primary hard drive, it doesn't stick. If I chose master + user or simply user, I will enter the password, it will take the passwords without producing an error and then just dump back me to the screen of passwords while leaving the disabled hard drive password.

    BIOS is on the latest version for the w530 and SSD, the machine seems fairly normally operate differently.

    Does anyone have ideas how I can activate the password? Thank you!

    Hi, ctenorman

    I did some research and came across this thread of Intel. There are a few people in the thread who were able to set the password on this particular drive. It seems that changing the BIOS "SATA" compatibility mode, set the password, restart, and then change it to "AHCI" worked for some, but not all customers with this player.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes


  • Tecra R950 Intel SSD 520 and SSD set password = F4 BSOD after reactivation

    follwing problem:
    Tecra R950 with Intel SSD and HDD/SSD series 520 passes together = always F4 BSOD after activation of the standby mode.
    OK with no password set.
    OK with Hibernate.
    Same problem with iastor and msahci driver.

    Any ideas? Think it's a problem with the bios. He goes down the ssd when wakeup, same cannot write a dump of memory (error 0xc0000010), the necessary cold start-up.


    Replace the SSD drive?
    As far as I know a lot of the Tecra R950 was equipped with a 500 GB HARD drive.

    I could be linked to the SSD drive

  • 5.5 install on Intel SSD m.2

    I have a new RD650 ThinkServer updated to the current firmware, etc.

    When I try to install 5.5 fomr CD for the m2 120GB SSD, it hangs at 9%

    I have re-tried this installation still failed

    and then again with a brand new identical Intel SSD (suspecting it is the SSD)

    I then tried installation from the CD on a USB key and that has worked well

    How can I find out what it is suspended on - there was no error message



    I tried a second card Intel 540 m2 - no luck

    I then installed a Samsung 850 EVO m2

    Installed everything fine

    So it must be something to do with the 540 Intel series I have previously (only 2 months) ago used a card Intel 535 m2 and it was fine

    Hope this helps someone else out there


  • What disk ssd works best with 2012 model

    I need to replace my hard drive in my MacBook Pro mid-2012. A PNY CS1311 will be a good choice?

    I just did an upgrade to SSD on my MBP mid-2012 13 inches.

    I used a Samsung Evo 850-series SSD (500 GB).

    However, you can also use a less expensive but all too good

    Trion OCZ SSD 150-series.

    Don't forget to enable support for these SSD trim

    Open 'terminal app' and type 'sudo trimforce activate', select YES, YES... .and restart start when finished.

    Or you could buy an OWC SSD more expensive which crops not need support.

    If good recommendation is to use at least 240 GB. partitions for each operating system that you plan to use.

    If you plan use boot camp with OS - X and MS-Windows-10 then buy a 480 GB or larger SSD.

  • Qosmio G30 and intel SSD - Windows 7

    Hi, I'm new to the forum

    I have a Qosmio G30 with Windows 7 32 bit - model G30 140 31F
    I bought an SSD intel 160 GB because of the promissed 250 MB/sg reading speed, because I need for video editing.
    I tried in Win Xp and now Windows 7 and it gets up to 120 MB/Sg

    I guess it s because of the drivers but I instal the drivers of storage can´t intel matrix any version of it. I tried a lot of them and with the compatibility mode too. It gives me an error saying I have not the minimum requirement.

    I have 4 GB of RAM and 2.0 Gzs centrino duo.
    I have install intel ssd toolbox and it does not recognize the intel SSD drive as a drive intel to improve the speed and other things.

    Please help me to get my speed in the car because it has to be and to have the TRIM option enable in order to have the life of my unit any longer.
    I also have the latest firmware in the drive.

    Thank you in advance.


    PD: It coul be, perhaps, if our computer is a sata 150 controller in place a 300 sata controller? I don't know if the control is one of them in any case.

    Post edited by: Gazpachete

    Hi Gazpachete,

    I put t know how you managed now installing Windows, but Qosmio G30 is equipped with a SATA150 interface... This means that you will never get the 250 MB/s read speed of the HARD drive. You will get a maximum speed of 150 MB/s theoretically, but in most cases it of also a little slower.

    How did you check the current speed?
    But 120 MB/s is a good speed. You should be satisfied and it s faster than each computer portable HARD drive. ;)

  • Black 700 & Intel SSD 1 TB


    can I use this double-sided m.2 ssd? SSDSCKKW010X6X1 INTEL SSD 540 s series

    Anyone have experiences? Anyone know an alternative for a 1 TB SSD?

    I now 256Go and her pups.

    Thank you and best regards

    Hi, I have build in the X 400 1 TB. So yes, its possible.

    In any case, the manual is useless because the Interior is different - fortunally easier. It just open, remove the cables to display, modify SSDS, connect the cables in display, close, ready.

    BUT: there is a big thick sticker everywhere in all other rooms. I have not tried to remove the battery. I just (accidentally) removed a small part to realize that this is not a good idea and realize that the layout is different.

    So far, everything works fine. If I have the problem, I'll tell you.

  • HP iq 504: what SSD is compatible with my PC?

    Hi, someone told me upgrade my HDD for SSDrive will boost the performance of my computer. I think of buying an SSD for my computer, I have an all in one computer HP IQ 504, its has been slow but still doesn't work and can work normally when optimzied. My question is, am not really sure that SSD is compatible with my computer and I don't have that a budget of $300, is there a good SSDrive I could buy for $100 - $ 300? How do I know if its compatible with my PC? This is the computer I use at the moment: is an all ine one pc, I bought 6-7 years ago and now I have window 10 operating system installed on it. Thanks for any helpful answer!

    See pages 12-22 of the manual here:

    Repair manuals

    Your computer uses full size 3.5 inch wide disc as with a desktop computer. SSD are 2.5 inches wide and thinner. You will need to get a 3.5 inch to 2.5 inch adapter and an SSD. But any current SSD model works perfectly and your budget is a lot to get a good. A 500 or 512 GB SSD is now less than $200. I have remommend Samsung 850 Evo of the SSD line.



    Any other questions you do not know can have. If you need help moving or reinstallation of the software let us know. It is a good time to do this with Windows just out 10.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Family of chipsets Intel (r) 5 Series / x 64 Series USB Enhanced Host Controller - GB

    Intel (r) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - B 3, 34
    I have a problem with the usb controllers and

    Intel PM55 Express Chipset LPC Interface Controller - 3B 03

    They show that code 37 windows cannot initialize the driver.

    I tried all the solutions that have been expressed in this group, without success.

    I can't get any usb port on the service.

    It is a transfer to a new system with windows 7 Home premium (64-bit) to a new computer laptop with I5 processor. Everything else works fine and correctly detected and initialized.

    backup and restore not an option, nor is reinstall.

    Features as follows:

    Windows 7 Home premium Service pack 1

    HP G61 laptop

    4.9 windows performance index

    Intel Core i5 CPU M430 2.27 GHz

    8,00 (2.99 usable) GB of Ram

    64-bit operating system

    I found the solution here. He has worked on all but one of the questions.

    That the question is however 29 error code that says it can't find the driver. I have installed all the necessary drives, but it always seems to be the problem.

    The last question, I solved from here:


    These two completed the fix for this error problem. one is supported usb and the other is supported infrared.

  • Intel SSD on Latitude E6410?

    I tried adding a 160 GB Intel SSD to a new E6410 and the bios does not recognize, no matter the SATA setting in bios... AHCI, ATA, RAID, etc.

    No main device in the bios.

    I used acronis to move my data to the drive, so I know it works.

    Any ideas?

    I had the same problem with a Latitude E6510 (with the latest version of the bios).  I put an SSD Intel inside and I couldn't get it recognized in the installation of Windows 7, or Knoppix CD.

    It turned out that I had not physically connected it properly.  The Intel SSD is much thinner than the SATA drive that I replaced.  If you simply slide into the slot of the chassis, it is possible that it the data connectors will not touch correctly, but instead overlap.  The first indication that something was wrong was when I went to screw the 4 screws that fix the HDD in the chassis and the 2 screws on the side of data connector were not long enough to fix (this is because the hard drive was armed downwards at an angle, pushing the holes more than they should have been).  I just left out and start the computer, and it was then that I was living the problem mentioned above.

    To resolve this problem, I took a good peek inside the slot of the drive to understand where data connectors should get in touch.  I returned the laptop so that gravity would help in line as I inserted it more closely the SSD.  This time, he seems to slide in deeper, and all 4 screws were closed this time.

  • X 200 + Intel SSD 330 - HARD drive password / ATA defined but no prompt


    I have a Lenovo X 200, that I just bought (in used condition), ridden by me with a 330 Intel SSD. I tried to set a password for the HARD drive with a supervisor password and a power on password and supervisor password and turn on the passwords seem to work as expected. All the passwords are identical at the moment. To test if the HARD drive password was really in fact, I removed the power on password. Now there is no prompt to normal startup. I tried to put the HARD drive password once again, but there is still no prompt.

    If it is relevant, I put the HARD drive password after formatting the drive and installing Windows, but as far as I can understand it, there is no reason this matter as long as the computer's BIOS and firmware of the Player shouldn't care/know what data is on the drive. In addition, no significant/important data on the drive at the moment, so don't worry giving advice that could make existing data on the disk unreadable.

    Best regards


    OK, I think I just solved this problem by chance: after the electric bike computer (stop and remove the power cord and the battery for 10 seconds) the VT - x to work, the HARD drive password prompt now works as well. I hope this can help someone else with the same issue in the future.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Original title: no space on my C drive. I get a message of low space on my drive C. I got 0% space so I can't even defragment. I tried everything and could not get 1%. Is there a way to tell what some of my programs are so I don't delete something im