Interactive report Javascript Refresh, working only the first time


I'm trying to implement a dynamic action on an interactive report that fires a pl/sql procedure and then reload the IR.

I have something like this:

Select par.*,
WHEN (SELECT 1 OF THE AddressBook ch WHERE ch.usr_id = (select id where email = usr: APP_USER) AND ch.address_id = IS NOT NULL
THEN ' < img src = "" #IMAGE_PREFIX #wwv_cancel.gif "class alt"Y"="delAddressFromBook"id =" "| par.ID | "" / > "
ELSE ' < img src = "" #IMAGE_PREFIX #add.gif "alt ="N"class ="addAddressToBook"id =" "| par.ID | " » / >"
Mapped END
of nominal addresslist

My dynamic action uses the '.addAddressToBook' jquery selector, and it fires properly the first time I click Add image. My pl/sql code runs correctly and ist updated IR.
It is, when I click the second time in another entry, nothing happens. Looks like the javascript works always something.

Updating of the IR ist done with javascript gReport.pull ().

Thanks in advance.



If you bind an event javascript on an element that is get updated then after that it gets updated, it will no longer be bound to her event. It is possible to use the event to this situation ( delegation, he took advantage of event bubbling ( and handles the event to an element that is not updated to a kind of AJAX call.

The following code binds the event listener for the document, but it does that raise the event handler if the initiator of the event matches the selector ".addAddressToBook". I chose the document object, because each page has a document, but you can consider using a parent element that is much closer to the initiator of the event.

//jQuery 1.7+ use "on"
$(document).on("click", ".addAddressToBook", function(event){
    alert('addAddressToBook Clicked');

//jQuery1.4.2+ use "delegate"
$(document).delegate(".addAddressToBook", "click", function(event) {
    alert('addAddressToBook Clicked');

Good luck
Janet Tyson

Published by: Tyson Janet on January 23, 2012 07:27

Tags: Database

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    I would like to know if it works for you.

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    In your dynamic Action where you specify PL/SQL code, there is an input field for Page elements to submit. View this element hidden there, and it should keep the value.

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    Thank you


    I think I solved the problem by myself.

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    Any thoughts?

    It worked:

    Navigate to:

    C:\Users\«yourusername»\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS6\en_US\Configuration

    There is a file fontinfo.txt. This opens up in Notepad and remove all what it and save it, but before you start again Flash, change the properties of this file fontinfo.txt for read only so Flash cannot crush him again.

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    I use the Scan of a file to get a certain amount of information for the installation of test.txt.  The data of the file looks like this:

    AAA 1

    BBB 2

    REC 3

    I noticed that the Scan of the file works for only the first line.  Trying to get data that are not in the first line results in an error 85.

    Any ideas? Thank you

    It's all in what the scan of the file reads, and what is the next cgaracter in the file.

    Your first analysis of the file reads up to but NOT including the first newline in the file.

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    As long as you have verified you dΘmarrez done on the c: / partition, Yes, you can reformat the drive D: / partition using Windows 'disk management '.

    J W Stuart:

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    I set up my buttons so that are each a movieclip with 'plus' and 'out' States/frame labels. They exist in the main timeline. Their control actionscript code is located in a frame on the main timeline and the holding frame that actionscript is about even in the main scenario where the buttons are introduced. I use actionscript 3.

    The buttons have been implemented so that they navigate to another image in the main scenario and on this frame are a film. The dimensions of the movie are smaller than the main stage so that the buttons are still accessible when each video is played.

    The problem is that my buttons work only once - by that I mean they go to the correct place when you click on the first time, but when they are clicked they still sail elsewhere.

    Totally doing my head in trying to find a solution and if someone can help and show me what I'm doing wrong, what would be really useful. Here is the code I used for the buttons...


    function mainBtnOver(event:MouseEvent):void {} ("over");
    function mainBtnOut(event:MouseEvent):void {} ("out");

    function mainBtn1Down(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay ("01Movie");
    function mainBtn2Down(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay ("02Movie");
    function mainBtn3Down(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay ("03Movie");
    function mainBtn4Down(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay ("04Movie");
    function mainBtn5Down(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay ("05Movie");

    Button 1 listeners
    mainBtn1.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, mainBtnOver);
    mainBtn1.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, mainBtnOut);
    mainBtn1.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, mainBtn1Down);
    2 button headphones
    mainBtn2.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, mainBtnOver);
    mainBtn2.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, mainBtnOut);
    mainBtn2.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, mainBtn2Down);
    Button 3 listeners
    mainBtn3.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, mainBtnOver);
    mainBtn3.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, mainBtnOut);
    mainBtn3.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, mainBtn3Down);
    Button 4 listeners
    mainBtn4.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, mainBtnOver);
    mainBtn4.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, mainBtnOut);
    mainBtn4.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, mainBtn4Down);
    Key 5 listeners
    mainBtn5.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, mainBtnOver);
    mainBtn5.addEventListener (MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, mainBtnOut);
    mainBtn5.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, mainBtn5Down);

    I'm sure it's doing me something very stupid - I am very new to AS3. Any help much appreciated.

    Thank you :-)

    If the image labels, you have video clips that have the content of your presentation, you must use gotoAndStop ("frameLabel") instead of gotoAndPlay ("frameLabel"). There is no need to play the main scenario, when you go to and present one of these clips. I don't know if that's your problem, but... Using your code, I had no problem.

    In addition, you can configure your animated buttons in a way that eliminates the need to have your ROLL_OVER and ROLL_OUT event. It is not necessarily better, but just another method. Although I could use other ways to animate a button, I don't want to reduce the code to use the buttons in an interface and use only the CLICK in the majority of cases.

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    Almost immediately HP Support Assistant would communicate with HP Server. The program has been downloaded and reinstalled more than a dozen times during the 5 days... .rebooting every time between installs / deletion. Download from different places in the website of HP... but always version HP cat could not help... like that, the program worked for a few minutes, even though I showed the tech "reliability report". (it's a play on words!)

    After recovery was over and I used S.A. to update the operating system. The first time I used the program offered to me by 14 updates (so I guess that the program was "not" long before I got the operating system)... the program has shown the updates have been downloaded, but each time the update failed to install (X) next to the icon of installation. Restart the program again and selecting 'Check the HP updates now'... after displaying little pictorial showing ets connection/download... Returns a message... "No updates available". AND a new error is reported to the report reliability with the date and time. Now, in the last day or so IE11 has stopped responding... see below... Even typing this proved difficult because the page no longer!

    Today, the Web page for this laptop shows there are 2 BIOS update F34A (May 22, 2015) and F.09 Rev.A (16 April 2015), but as there is no update available via S.A. I haven't installed these either... my latest information installed BIOS is F.34, 19/12/2014!

    Battery/power cycling has solved nothing... "sfc/scannow" shows no error in operating system,.

    All suggestions accepted

    Thank you


    Thank you for all the useful information. However, there is something that you're not quite right about. It is true that normally the default account created on a system, is normally an administrator account. However as a safety device which is part of the User Account Control (UAC), he essentially keeps running as a common user, then on an administrator account.

    You can turn off UAC (I would not recommend that), or you can find the executable file of your programs, right click and compatibility mean that it runs as an administrator by default.

    Most of the time that you actually benefit from privileges program not raise unnecessary, however. Only a handful of things really really need to access that provides the "Run as Administrator".

    With regards to the BIOS, I would recommend that you try only a BIOS update if you are running in regular broadcasts normally. A wrong BIOS update can become a "brick" that requires a replacement of the Board of Directors, so for me it's one of those things you do only as a last resort, or if it's part of a fix recommended a functional system.

    As these updates from CyberLink you can always try to install it manually if you need, since the support page for your system. And let me know if they still appear in HPSA, after a manual installation.

    HP ENVY 17 t-k000 CTO Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

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    Why, when you convert a tiff to pdf file, only the first page is the conversion?  Never had this problem before.

    Hi steves18035157,

    Problem has been reported as a bug. Our team of engineers working in priority to get this fixed number.

    Kind regards

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