Interception of notifications of calendar/SMS/Mail etc?

I know how to add my own opinion to the profiles via NotificationsManager.registerSource, but is it possible to intercept these notifications from other programs (those you define in Blackberry profiles)? I'd be more interested in notifications triggered by the calendar application ("Calendar" and "Tasks" in profiles).

I don't want to modify or cancel the initial notification. I just want to know he died at recorded.

I thought to implement and register a NotificationsEngineListener could give me this information, but I tried and didn't get anything, so I probably misunderstood this API?

Any help would be appreciated,



For calendar events you can use the PIMlistener, you will receive notification in itemUpdated().

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    Personal Assistant stores the contacts as vCard files in a subdirectory under documents (pim/contacts). There is no API that was available at the time of its release. We were (and still are) hoping that RIM has an open and easy way of sharing information between applications.

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  • BlackBerry Z10 of different Notification for different e-mail accounts

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    Hey hinjeyan,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    Thanks for the question.

    Currently you are unable to set up notifications for different e-mail accounts on the BlackBerry Z10.  There is no estimated time when this feature will return.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    See you soon.

  • I deleted some files in the My Documents folder and now I can't view my calendar, addresses, or e-mail etc in my email account

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    According to the description, it seems that you are not able to view emails, addresses or the events of the calendar in the mail account.

    To guide you in the right direction, I need more computer information by answering the following questions:

    -Who is the provider of mail service?
    -Do you have any mail client installed on your computer? (Outlook or Windows Live Mail)
    -Editing are which program movie you referring?
    -You save all your emails in folders of documents?

    Your response is very important for us to ensure a proper resolution. Please get back to us with the information above to help you accordingly.

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    Need to get the calcification some on the calendar by default for alerts on the Vcops level triggers alerts Console, but also the process of Notification, vice versa for the alert cancellation process.

    How the alternation for delays in replication alert in the Console Vcops, as well as e-mail notifications.

    Thank you

    According to the following alerts of the Vcops on the VMware Article will get updated on each interval of 15 minutes by default. Inorder to do alert refreshment in little time (3 minutes for the tests in use), then the following file needs to be changed at the level of the analytical VM file... (Screenshot - reference)

    Path to the file--> /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/user/conf/analytics/


    Still a few cases, expected alerts not factored in good time, is it necessary to change the settings again for the time interval alert at the level of the Vcops/file-Custom console?

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    Thank you!

    Generic? You will need to do some coding to do this, but here is an example with the Outlook calendar:

    Thank you

    Tony Miller
    Dallas, TX

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    Hello, Grt_410

    1. Go to the Start menu icon in the left corner
    2. Right click on it to bring a menu
    3. Choose Properties from the menu
    4. Go to Notification area tab
    5. Click Customize to change the settings for each icon that appears in the notification area
    6. Scroll to the bottom for you have new messages and select view
    7. Click Ok, apply, OK

    Go to WinMail icon and drag in the Quick Launch bar

  • Notifications of calendar blackBerry Q10

    audible calendar for Blackberry q10 notifications will not turn on not since the new update

    your 3 weeks towards the end of the game >

    a fix is put in place now so keep an eye on the update of the OS of your provider.

  • Notifications of calendar to blackBerry Smartphones does not

    I have many items in my calendar and my reminders/notifications do not work. I used to receive a reminder to pop up 15 minutes before, but I get no other since yesterday.  Don't know what has changed!

    With the BlackBerry device powered time, remove battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    Now retest your calendar alerts.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Ringtones and the Notification Options for SMS text phone

    I can't locate the profile of notification area (by following the instructions in the guide) on my "BOLD" to change the ringtone for phone and notification options for calls and texts in and out of the Holster.  I go to application Options, but there is no section for phone or SMS texts and not even in the Advanced Options section.  I remember correctly, I was able to make these changes in the application of profiles under subsection advanced... but not on the "BOLD". In addition, I somehow deleted my phone icon application when I hide and rearrange my icons.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Go to the menu, profiles, scroll to the tip, press on in normal conditions (or which one is active), and you have the chance to change ringtones for phone, sms text, email and more.

    For the phone icon, switch between topics (menu, options, themes and switch to another and do the same to the ones you use) and check if you have the item on the screen, (you don't need the phone icon, press the green button and is exactly the same function)

  • BlackBerry smartphones turn off the notification sent by e-mail?

    is it possible to stop an emails I send from my desk to come through my bb? I sent the message, I need to receive it on my phone!  I can't find anything about it. I have managed to disable notifications for mail, but I still get the msg coming thru

    Thank you

    Follow this link to solve your problem

  • Notifications of calendar to blackBerry Smartphones turn on the phone

    I searched for the answer and can't find it.  I have a Blackberry 8330 and love it.  If the phone is turned off and I have a notification callback to the calendar (for a meeting), it will turn the phone back on.  It's very irritating in a film or in a plane - when your phone is turned off. I know how to go in the profile and advanced and make changes.  However, under calendar, it doesn't give me that les options options 'ring', 'volume', 'number of beeps', 'repeat notification' to remove the flashing LED or "number of vibrations."   Help, please.  He's on the phone to my husband too.

    Is this a feature of the phone or carrier?  I have Sprint as a carrier.  One of my friends has Verizon and its not done.

    IT IS EVERYTHING!  I have my "auto on / off", set up on my phone.  If I don't get this option when I turn off the phone with the key.  But if I'm going to "turn off the power" on the screen, it gives me this opportunity.  And it works, it keeps the phone off.

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Symbol of notification blackBerry Smartphones SMS MMS TMobile 8320

    I checked my text messages this morning and found a new symbol on the upper left side of my screen.  It is a black circle with an arrow in the it downwards to the left.  This symbol also has the number 1 beside him.  I've never seen this before symbol/notification.  I looked through my manual and the owner couldn't find the symbol in there.

    I don't have a new text messages and I already checked myBB messenger to see if there are new messages in there and it was empty.  I always check my messages through my SMS MMS icon on my phone.

    Thanks for the tips

    It indicates that there is a new update appworld or application.

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