interface for Windows 7 1394

I have an old model number The of digital camera Panasonic's PV-DV900. I have a DV - USB interface IEEE 1394 PC connection cable... I have Windows 7 Home Premium on an HP PAVILION laptop. I looked for a driver to connect these two systems. No luck. What are my options... Brad Gale * address email is removed from the privacy *


I suggest you to see link and check.

A compatible IEEE 1394 device does not communicate with a Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7-based computer that is not the Manager of IEEE 1394 bus

Tips for solving common driver problems

I also suggest you to contact Panasonic support and check.

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    Windows 8 and 8.1, Firefox runs as a traditional "desktop" application Mozilla is working on a version of Firefox for the latest style application, applications Windows 8 and 8.1 sometimes called modern, but the project was abandoned the year last for the reasons described in this article:

    I do not use Windows 8 very often, but when I do, it's very confusing to have two different interfaces with various menus and toolbars for IE and different metaphors to access them. From my point of view, sticking to a single interface is probably better for users, even if it's annoying to have to go to the start page of the office. Perhaps when Windows 10 ships which would be a good time to review the evolution of the double personality of Windows.

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    If you read this discussion, so I'm assuming that you are now the proud owner of an iMac. Congratulations for your choice and welcome in the Macintosh community! The purpose of this discussion is to create a reference guide for users who have recently acquired a Mac and learn how to do many basic tasks as we used to do in Windows, but on a Macintosh instead. I will do my best to add content to this guide based on the feedback of the community, but for now, here is a list of topics that I find very useful for the first time that Mac users.

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    R: OS X does not make use of a registry to store application settings. Applications running in OS X are, for the most part, autonomous. So there is no registry for your management.

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    Q: "what is the equivalent of Mac of MS Paint?"

    A: Macintosh is a great computer to create media rich content and Apple offers several solutions for the production of such content. However, Apple does not provide equivalent software workaround for MS Paint. There are however a number of fantastic offers from third parties that provide a comparable and in many ways, superior functionality. I recommend an app called GIMP, acronym for "GNU Image Manipulation Program". GIMP has no monetary cost and may be acquired from the GIMP project site. Alternatively, you can use the Mac App Store and download a tool such as supreme paint, which is a tool of low-cost ($4.99 at the time of this writing) which also offers features similar to MS Paint and GIMP. Here are links to each


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  • Qosmio F50 - 10 M - infrared driver for Windows 7 64 bit missing

    I want to change my OS from VISTA (32 bit) to Windows 7 (64-bit), I'm on downloading all the drivers needed for the proper functioning of my laptop in the future.

    When the choice of my laptop (Qosmio F50 - 10 M) and operating system (Windows7 - 64 bit) there is no more infrared driver (for my remote).

    Do I need to have a driver for the infrared interface (which I have and is downloadable with VISTA32)?
    If Yes, where can I get it?

    Thank you very much for the help!

    Kind regards

    Hi Starmind_1,

    I n t have remote to test my Qosmio F50 so that I can t but if there is no driver for Windows 7, I guess that the 64 bit Vista driver should work fine on Windows 7. In addition most Vista drivers also work on Windows 7 so it s worth a try! :)

    But from my own experience, I can say that Windows 7 64 bit works like a charm on Qosmio F50 and in my opinion better than Vista. I used all the drivers from the official website of Toshiba and don t have problems.
    Everything works great! :)

  • Why is there no user interface for moving the cache locations/profile?

    OK, so it took me a long time to find how to move the location of the cache and the reason is that it is done by an entry that does not exist originally, so a user need to know the channel config even magically set it.
    (this is browser.cache.disk.parent_directory for those in the same waters as me) and it still did not move the location of the profile...
    To change your profile location? The doc only that talks on this subject here:
    and it does not work so well for me (i.e. all) but why have I not copy and change things? It is created automatically the first time you start so FF cannot use the same method to create a new profile in an empty space?

    And my real question: is there a valid reason, that there is no element of the user interface to set the location of the profile cache directories?

    There never was a user interface for these parameters - Mozilla is "stingy" about adding prefs that will be only once required by the installation of the user interface. Also, I assume that the developers are convinced that a power user who thinks that even on the displacement of the cache will be searching for instructions on how to do it. (BTW, when you move the cache profile is moved to the folder path profile, its origin "local settings" folder - thus it is automatically moved out of APP DATA.) You can still use this pref to put the cache exactly where you want. I use a small partition for the TEMPORARY files and the cache of Firefox, so they don't one of my biggest readers logics frag.)

    Regarding the difficulties with a profile in motion, developers have threatened to remove Firefox profiles altogether for the last 3 years or 4 and WONTFIX had no Bug filed all improve or add new features to the Profile Manager. This will probably happen this year some time.

    Between you and me, there is a new Profile Manager application just went Beta, which will probably "be released" just as the existing profile manager is extracted from Firefox. It is very schweet and is always at the point where the developers are in response to reports of bugs on features to include and adding the items that are important. I have tabled a minor Bug on the characters allowed in a profile name, which was fixed in 3 or 4 weeks.

    You must have Windows Visual C++ 2010 redistributable installed for the application of the Profile Manager XUL Runner to work right now. I hope that this will change very soon, and all the necessary files will be included in the Zip package.

  • dirver USB controller for HP 15-d024se for windows 7 64 bit

    I couldn't find the dirver for usb controller for HP 15-d024se for windows 7 64 bit, please help


    Please try Driver Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI)

    and Intel Chipset Driver and Utility Installation:

    Reboot and try Intel USB 3.0 host controller driver

    Kind regards.

  • Skype for Windows 8

    I run Windows 8 and I am very very unhappy with the interface of Skype, I am forced to use... I want the no touch screen of this software version and I never ever evr want review the touchscreen of Skype version... does anyone know how to defeat for always Skype for Windows 8 and install a more usable and efficient version on a machine Windows 8?

    You can install the desktop version using this msi installer for the currently latest version of Skype

  • Appearance of Skype for Windows 7 to Windows 8?

    I tried and tried, but cannot get used to the interface of Skype for Windows 8.

    Is it possible to get the look of Windows 7 Skype and UI run on Windows 8?

    Ron Bower

    Yes. You can install the desktop version. The currently most recent Skype desktop version can be installed using the msi installer:

  • HP r046tu: driver Intel (r) engine run Interface to windows 7

    Mr President. the Intel(r) trusted execution Interface engine isn't initalizing. Please help me I think that the driver I have installed is not compitable for windows 7. Thank you.


    The following link is to Windows 7 (32-bit) *, Windows 7 (64-bit) *, Windows 8, 32 - bit *, Windows 8, 64 - bit *, Windows 8.1, 32 - bit *, Windows 8.1, 64-bit *

    Are you sure that your computer supports this?

    Kind regards.

  • Problem with drivers HP Pavilion 15-n204ej for windows 7


    I bought a HP Pavilion 15-n204ej, because I liked this brand. There is not since the model without an operating system had no choice. Bought with unwanted windows8.

    While oppened a box I saw that my plastic - around keyboard cover was bolted as he left takes place, with spaces. so I called the service, and after a few phone calls that they dicided to send it for fixing. After 10 days at least, her arrival fixed return.

    After that, reinstalled windows 7 ultimate 64-bit.

    I entered your site to download drivers for windows 7, you put. but almost all of the drivers was wrong...

    After much work and reading, I installed on site and an other sources (including microsoft), but still left 3 uninstalled devices (bluetooth controller, ethernet controller, pci device) and my touchpad does not work.

    Fix all driver and help me urgent.

    all that makes me less love this brand and this service, so I'm not sure I'll find a reason to buy products in the future.

    (it'sw is not first, I surprised & "got a burn" with hp quality and service (for example my printer officejet 4500)).

    This is NOT official HP customer service and I, like most other people on this forum do not work for HP. It is a forum for users of peer-to-peer supported for class for the HP consumer products. HP maintains no official presence on this forum and it is unlikely that HP will respond in an official capacity. Response of an employee of HP represents his own opinion and not that of HP.

    HP is not recommended to install Windows 7 on any computer comes with Windows 8 / 8.1, or it will support installing Windows 7on of that computer. HP cannot provide the drivers for Windows 7 and the appropriate drivers are not available for the hardware in the computer. In addition, Windows 7 may not support some of the hardware or software designed for the computer.

    Make sure you create your media recovery HP or USB Flash Recovery discs before you edit or change anything.

    Based on the specifications of the laptop HP Pavilion 15-n204ej, this model shipped from the factory with Windows 8.1 64-bit installed. You need to change some settings in the BIOS, and you may need to provide Intel SATA/RAID drivers to install Windows 7.

    Many of the 64 - bit drivers Windows 7 on the page of Quad Edition CTO Notebook PC HP ENVY 15 t-j100 drivers should work for your computer.

    Driver and Intel Chipset Installation utility

    Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) driver

    Intel Smart Connect driver technology

    Intel USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver

    Realtek LAN driver (LAN)

    High definition (HD) of Intel Graphics Driver

    NVIDIA driver graphic of high definition (HD)

    Synaptics TouchPad Driver

    After installation of Windows 7 and the above drivers, please post to the "Hardware ID" Device Manager (text only) for all remaining missing or unknown devices, as shown in the example below.

    If the "Touch Pad" continues to not work, please contact the official HP support in your region / country, via the Portal of HP worldwide support, warranty service.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

    Please click the 'Thumbs Up' white LAURELS to show your appreciation

  • MSN for Windows 8

    Why my laptop HP (Touchsmart tm2) will not display the new MSN for Windows 8?  My HP desktop computer made. The laptop redirect to which is the old style MSN.  I can't find a way to access the interface to win 8 to on the laptop.  I have Win Pro 8, 64 - bit installed on both machines.

    If you use IE, then go to tools-> Internet Options-> delete the browsing history and check all the boxes except the top to keep box. Then click on the button Delete.

    Open MSN site you want to set as the home page, then go to Customize-> Internet Options-> Advanced tab and select reset.  Then close and launch IE and go to your web site then go to tools-> Options Internet-> and select current use.

  • Speech recognition does not match the language of the User Interface in Windows 8.1

    How can I update my speech reconition language that matches my user interface language? Thank you


    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft Community.

    I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    I understand that the problem with speech recognition does not correspond with the user interface in Windows 8.1

    This issue would have occurred due to some damaged system registry entries.

    Please provide me with the following information to better understand the issue.

    1. What language is speech recognition uses in the system?

    2. What is the base language that is installed in the system?

    Note: Speech recognition is available in the following languages: English (United States & United Kingdom), French, German, Japanese, Mandarin (Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional) and Spanish.

    You can also check out the link below.

    How to use speech recognition

    Please provide the information above to help you best.

    Thank you.

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