Interface User Guide line corrupt pdf

HI Blackberrians,

I'm looking for ui guideline to os10 from following link:

But, it's the PDF currpted, it seems that someone hacked it.

Good day!

Thank you best regards &,.


Seems to work for me well.  Which has been hacked?

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  • Clean install of an installation of Lenovo. DVD: UEFI vs Legacy + installation according to Lenovo Thinkpad user Guide

    Machine: T520 purchased February 2012

    O.S. W ~ 7 Pro 64-bit

    I want to wipe the hard drive, buy a Lenovo W ~ 7 DVD installation of PRO and make a completely clean install.

    The user guide for Lenovo (.pdf), Ch. 8, Adv Config, installation Windows 7, p. 295 (298 212) said:

    Start the installation of Thinkpad, choose UEFI against Legacy, and then insert the installation DVD.

    This of course does not apply when the hard drive has already been erased (required to 100% remove all traces of damage caused by a virus, including the recovery partition (Q-drive).

    When an intallation DVD is purchased from Lenovo, is not the first step to insert the DVD? Then there is probably a resulting install wizard an O.S. restored?

    If this isn't the case, please tell me what are the surprises in store, and where I can find a reliable resource to consult written!

    Thank you.

    Hi, Z

    Sorry, but I'm not all-new advanced in the understanding of the apparent contradictions, or how to proceed.

    It is not the case in this case that the Lenovo User Guide is referring to one of several types of clean install, and that he has no idea the other methods?

    If my first step to reinstall the version of Lenovo's W ~ Pro 7 is to use a 3 rd-party app to remove completely all the files from the hard drive, how do I then perform any action before inserting a facility provided by Lenovo dvd? I know that the BIOS software is separated from Windows, but it's still there? Alternatively, is the User Guide of Lenovo referring to a situation in which a first is not a so-called "hard drive wiping" before to start a clean reinstall? In addition, if a wipe everything first or not, is the guide referring to an installation of Microsoft (generic) dvd and not wearing only not on a Lenovo purchase? I think that an installation DVD purchased from Lenovo back on my computer, exactly what was there before and ask me not to make decisions as the UEFI against Legacy (in fact, the words "UEFI" and "Legacy" are not yet in any computer on my computer profile file.

    On the other hand, if the L ~ the User Guide instructions apply in fact to a hard drive wiped, the Guide says absolutely nothing about what criteria to use to make this 'choice' between UEFI 64-bit and 64-bit legacy.

    (When the Lenovo user guide instructions raise more questions than the original question, then these instructions are worse than no instructions at all!)

  • guide the downloadable pdf user for my new ipod touch 128 gig

    I go to the hospital and thought it would be nice to have a downloadable PDF? file or users manual for my new 128 GB IPOD Touch. Would be nice to print it and I could read inbetween the misery. I have an IPOD classic 120 GB that was easy to learn, but at 60 years its filled with AC/DC to Zappa. bought a dell as well as Laplink pc mover ultimate transfer cable for when I go home and I was wondering if you fine people might help me find the manual and give me your opion on what product use to transfer everything from my old pc to a new laptop and how they work, which is more important for me to copy Itunes on the laptop. Do I need to install itunes on my new pc before the transfer also. Laplink says I don't have to, but I need help before I head to the nursing home, and in this way can I sell my huge Cyberpower PC and my laptop old, old games to help pay for it. I don't want Government take my last things and I'll just have a laptop and my 2 iPod. they can fight on this small remnant. Thank you very much in advance for any help or ideas on a topic that I think the technology spend me, lol. I have a few years back did some updates on the game turn so could still play the games. Sorry I'm dragging this point, I just wanted to ask the communities for the first time in my life. TYVM, and we hope that everyone has a great day!

    I'm sorry, but Apple no longer produces a printable User Guide. It is available in a web manual, or on the iOS device in Safari, or alternatively, you can access it in iBooks.

  • Is there an Apple TV 4 in PDF user guide?

    Is there an Apple TV 4 in PDF user guide?

    No PDF but iBook

  • History of the vector graphic bike in Photoshop 5.0LE pdf on CD User Guide

    Hello. I recently bought a new copy of Photoshop 5.0LE and saw that she had a pdf of the User Guide on the CD-ROM. I have been fascinated by the graphic vector image of a bike on page 24 of the pdf User Guide.  When I opened this page in Illustrator and looked at the information in the file-> advanced-> properties of the PDF, it read that the creator of the pdf User Guide was someone by the name of "nhirooka" in 1998 and that it has been created in FrameMaker 5.5, that I recently bought and learn.

    The only thing I have still yet to understand is how the graphics of the bicycle was created? It was in an older version of Illustrator? One thing that is interesting about the picture is, it is tinged with several created manually linear and radial gradients (i.e. concentric vector or border-touch rectangles, circles each filled with a slightly different shade of gray). Now it's a lot of work that went into creating this vector image!

    There are differences in features between the bike on the page raster image and the image of bicycle vector (for example, no crutch in vector image, lacing of the rays is totally different). Do you think that the image of the bicycle was created by tracing high resolution photo (s) of the bicycle? Or were the measurements in directly bicycle parts and then did something like Autocad first before importing into Illustrator for coloring/shading? I'm puzzled.

    In addition, I can't figure out how to get the vector image of bicycle in FrameMaker 5.5 without some kind of distortion. Maybe I need the right older version of Illustrator for this? Exactly what versions of Illustrator 5.5 FrameMaker accept vector images directly (i.e. drag / move)? I have CS3 and FM5.5 does NOT accept images of her.

    How the vector image of bicycle was created and then inserted into a document of FrameMaker5.5? Is what I want to know. Does anyone know the history of this?

    Regarding the placement of the vectors from illustrator, when you save as or eps, the option dialog box has a drop down menu to choose an older version of got it or eps, that should work.

    I've never used FrameMaker, but some old page layout programs would display a tiff in the screen image but pass the EPS to the printer. That's why you have the possibility to integrate a tiff image in an eps file.

  • Are the PDF manuals / available for 2014 out CC User Guides?

    Although Adobe stop making the printed user guides available for purchase of their software some time ago (AFAIK). previous versions had a PDF available for download.

    I can't find them for the liberation of creative cloud 2014 however.

    Does anyone know authoritatively if they exist and are not planned, and if they are available where they are?

    Thank you

    Sterling Ledet

    Yes, they are.

    {They are available on using the format general{product name} / topics.html for example: has a link to

    Adobe Premiere Pro help

    Similarly, reference documents are for Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and most of the other main applications.

  • How can I print a complete pdf file of the 10 PSE user guide?

    This is worse than trying to deal with the bureaucrats in the Government... I just wondering how I can print full pdf format for PES 10 user guide... I got one for version 9 but could not get anything for version 10? The address indicated in the manual start Guide does not go through? Help!

    All the Photoshop Elements user guides PDF downloads can be found here:

    FAQ: Where can I download the Photoshop Elements user guides?

  • First HP: 'User Guide' or ' Phase User Guide 2 "?

    The first link the HP documentation online is & LC = on & DLC = in & document = & Product = 5367461

    What is the difference between the 'user's Guide' and the ' User Guide Phase 2 "? Which should I use, or do I have both? If the guide phase 2 is just one update on the other, why list both? I recommend you put useful text on the page of guidance on this. Thank you.

    Phase 2 is a newer, updated version to date.  However, please note that NONE of these are as complete as the Guide provided with the newest premium emulator.  Install the emulator most recent, then click on help / User Guide and you will get a PDF document including the first 616 PDF pages are the same document Phase 2 above, but then it is followed by more than 334 pages called "User Guide supplement" containing brand new information about the last update.  It is the document that you want, not the ones on the page web link above.

    Just in case... Here is a link to the latest emulator ("virtual Calculator"):

    Hope that helps!

    DISCLAIMER: I do not work for HP.  I'm a happy user of HP Calculator.

  • HP graphic calculator first: first RPN - battery display of items not in compliance with the User Guide

    In the HP User Guide first, in the section on page 48 RPN, the image shows the battery watch algebraic views of right which was calculated on the left side of the line battery, with responses on the side of each line in the stack.  When I do the same calculations, I only get responses from the right side.

    Is there a parameter that represents the lines of battery as in the user's Guide?  I can't find it if it's there.

    Thank you


    The guide I think you are referring is the guide of July 2013.  These pictures no longer exist in new versions of the user guide.

    I haven't met a setting that causes the behavior used in these pictures.

  • Do you have the HP 30 b Business Professional in Portuguese user guide?

    Hello HP Support Team, how are you?

    I want to get the User Guide of the product with the part number NW238-90001 in PORTUGUESE HP. I only found it in English at

    Basically, the calculator HP 30 b Business Professional was purchased via the internet in Livrarias Curitiba (, , but it did not come with manual. Then, we have already made contact with them, however, they have never answered back to us.

    The order number is 10853564, so I want to help you for us to resolve this bad situation.

    Kind regards



    I found the guide 20 b in Portuguese:

    30 b is very similar to the 20 b and the manual in English reference you concerns the 30 b & 20 b - use English manual to see the extra parts for the 30 e.g., programming and Black-Scholes.

    Please note that this forum is not an official page from HP support, is only a forum where mainly users help each other.

    For official support of HP in your country, please see the manual telephone numbers or try your country support pages (for example, the Brazil: ).

    Best regards.

  • G570 user guide is out of the Office - could not find a site

    I have no idea how or when he left, but the user guide is no more on my desk.

    I found an area that is suppose to have the pdf file to download, but when I click it it goes to a page that says "File not found."

    Where can I get the User Guide?

    Sincerely, Libra


  • OFFICEJET PRO 8600 - I need a User Guide

    I configured the printer and used for most printing.  Now, I want to test faxing and possibly send and receive faxes.

    The 104-page Setup Guide has been provided.  This Guide refers to a 'User Guide' which I didn't with this priinter.

    I need the User Guide, please.

    Mike Eyster - [email protected]

    Hello Mike,.

    Accessible to the public user's Guide online at

    You can find the guide to the user below, I suggest you click with the right button on the link and save it to a location of knowm for your convinience:


  • You should have seen the manual or user guide for HP Pavilion a6567a PC.

    ID upgrade to Windows 7 Home premium to Windows Vista. I have the original Vista disc, one needs to check the use of some parts of the back of the PC, but I am unable to read the disc in order to see the User Guides. Please what I would do. ?

    Please what I would do. ?


  • Sony RX100-Solution online user guide

    I spent a whole day trying to understand all the features of this fabulous unit due to poorly designed online user's guide. Oh, and PAY for Fedex print me a copy is not an option. In fact, it is an insult for the technical support of even mentioning such an idea.
    This is my temporary solution. Copy and paste all of the user's guide as a pdf file. At least I can print the guide in booklet form and take it with me if necessary.
    Given that Sony seems to be stunned on the provision of a practical guide for this expensive equipment, would you consider putting the pdf I created on your Web site as well as others may visit his profile? Believe me, it will be in your favor to do.
    Thank you very much

    Hello Bob,

    You can download the PDF version of the Guide of the user here.

    Kind regards

  • The user guide for Sonytv NSZ - GT1

    Is there someone out there who has a downloaded User Guide?  I found it online, but it has a lot of links.  We bought a floor model and the manual was not in the box.  If you can and are willing to help with PDF txt I sure would appreciate it.



    Hello Larry,.
    Welcome to the community of Sony.

    The user guide for the Sony Blu - ray Disc Player NSZ - GT1 Google TV-powered is not available in PDF format. However, the reference guide and the Quick Setup Guide for the unit is available for download in PDF format.

    Reference guide:

    Quick Installation Guide:

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as an "accepted Solution".
    Thank you for your message.

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