Internal hard drive unallocated?

Model #: m8020n
Product #: RX883AA-ABA070107 #32 #203211022006
Serial No.: [personal information]
Software Build #: 72NAv3PrA1
Service ID #: 042-207
PCBRAND: Pavilion

HI, I had touble with this computer bogged down and all the readers to fill in. I didn't know what I was doing, and I ended up remove the recovery D: drive which is not that big of a deal since I still thanks to Geek Squad recovery discs...

(Is question 1, there a way to take data from the recovery disks and place them on a new recovery partition?)

and part 2...

trying to understand this stuff, some investigations lead me to computer management > storage > DiscManagement, which seems to indicate a second hard drive, as big as the one I filled up to... but it is not attributed...

The C: drive is listed as 0, the reader

the unallocated drive is listed as disk 1.

and there is 298,09 GB unallocated

with a black bar instead of blue as the C: drive...

What is c?

I can format to use, or is used for something else? doesn't seem to be all the data on it is not allocated, but I thought I should probably ask before touching.

The specifications of the computer indicate that there are two 320 GB hard drives in the computer:

Figure 9: Hard drive

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  • How can I add an extra internal hard drive to my dell dimension 8300

    I installed an extra internal hard drive to my dell dimension 8300. He only appears in "Device Manager" and shows to work but he does not appear in 'my computer' and has not assigned a drive letter. It's a western digital 1200js-22mhbo. My drive root 'C' is also a wd1200jd from western digital. Can someone tell me what I do to get it to show up with a drive letter, and I have to format it? Also, there is a way to format so I can install programs on it as my "C" drive or I just will be only able to use it as extra storage? Thanks a lot for your help!



    • Click Start
    • Click on run
    • Type diskmgmt.msc and press enter
    • You will be prompted to initialize your new drive, move (drag) the message on one side, so that you can see the disk management window in its entirety and make sure your new drive is the disk that should initialize
    • Click on the button next wizard
    • Make sure that your new hard drive is selected (boot disks), and then click the next button
    • Make sure that your new hard drive is not selected (the disks to be converted), and then click the next button
    • Click on the Finish button
    • In disk management, right-click the unallocated space on your new drive and then click New Partition...
    • Make sure that the primary partition is selected and click on the next button
    • Leave the default partition size (all your new drive), and then click the next button
    • If you do not want the suggested default change drive you want allocated letter and click the next button
    • Change the volume name if you want but leave the rest of the information as the default and click the next button
    • Click on finish

    Disk management will make formatting your hard drive and displays its progress in percentage. When it's over your disk will be ready to use.

    If you want to install programs on this disc you could make custom installations and select : \Program Files instead of the default of C:\Program Files. Some installers do not have this option.

    You can move your documents on this disc folder, if you want to see...

    .. .but make a backup first.


  • Internal hard drive is no longer visible on the desktop iMac computer after rebuilduild

    Had to rebuild and install OS X on an internal hard drive of my iMac. I can no longer see its icon on the desktop. I can find the files n the finder so I know he can r be read and written. Suggestions as to the problem of formatting, I presented.

    Maybe you need to reassign, through the system preference.

  • internal hard drive of the AirPort Extreme?

    Is it possible to install an internal hard drive on AirPort Extreme?


    You can put a hard drive inside... as he shares the frame with the TC... but there is no control over the Board and boot rom is probably wrong.

    If you want a hard drive of your only choice is to use USB... either course, you can get a Time Capsule.

  • FCPX think that an internal hard drive is a camera. What should do?

    FCPX think that an internal hard drive is a camera. What should do?

    YYou have probably something at the root of the drive that makes the application think that. Maybe a folder called DCIM or ITS oe a package called AVCHD. A number of things it can do.

  • iMac G5 won't internal hard drive boot


    I am a student at a vocational school student IST. The faculty member sent us old iMac G5 17 inch to set ourselves. After the repair of the motherboard, we had to install OS X 10.5 installation DVD, because the customer had erased his record for security purposes. However, the internal disk drive would not work, so we had to set the Open Firmware mode and start from a normal PC hard drive connected via a SATA-USB adapter cable. We got the OS installed and restart clicked on Setup, but the splash screen always appears as a folder missing OS. We tried to go into Open Firmware and setting the device on the hard disk, but it wouldn't boot. Other things we tried:

    -Hold the "D" key on startup to force it to boot from the internal hard drive, but it could not start

    -Optionally now to go to the menu boot device menu boot device froze after a few seconds

    -Insert the 10.5 installation disc in our external DVD drive (as mentioned above) and launch the disk utility > startup disk to restart the iMac and the start of the internal player, but same result as previously (missing the OS icon)

    At this point, both students that the instructor are almost of ideas, and I thought that post on the forums to see if there is anything else we can try before you buy another drive and charge the customer.

    Thank you in advance!

    Disk utility to partition and format the drive.

    Boot from the installation disc:

    Booting from an OS X install disc

    1. Insert the OS X installation disc into the optical drive.

    2 restart the computer.

    3. immediately after the ring, press and hold the C"" key.

    4 release the button when the spinning gear under the Apple grey dark

    logo appears.

    5. wait for the installer to finish loading.

    Once the installation program is loaded, select the country and click on the continue button. Wait for the menu bar of the screen to appear. Select utility drive in the Utilities menu. On the left should be a list of mounted drives. Select the entry of out-bumpy drive to the HARD disk (usually, watch mfgr. name and size or model number.) Click the Partition tab in the main window. Select 1 partition from the menu drop-down Partition scheme. Set the type of Format for Mac OS Extended journaled. Click on the apply button and wait for it to finish.

    At the end of player preparation, you can quit disk utility and return to the installer. Proceed with the installation of Mac OS X by following the instructions.

    If any of these categories can be completed due to HARD drive problems, then most likely the drive is dead. G5 models use standard 3.5 "SATA drives, I recall.

  • Re: How can I add a second internal hard drive to a Satellite Pro P200?

    I have a Satellite Pro P200 with a single internal hard drive. There is a second Bay in the computer of another internal hard drive, but I couldn't find any information about it. There is enough space for a 2.5 "SATA but I do not see a connector.

    I contacted Toshiba Dutch customer service who said that it was official policy not to provide any information on a second internal drive. They also said that they would not provide parts to make it possible.

    Can anyone provide more information?


    I think that if there is no connector you cannot add a second HDD.
    It of Nice to have a second Bay, but it's nothing without a connector.

    Good bye

  • Desktop P7-1039: can I add an extra internal hard drive?

    I would like to install an extra internal hard drive on my desktop HP-P7-1039. I can't find anywhere in the literature if there is an available for an extra drive Bay. If it is available, can this disc type and size I install?

    Thank you

    CErepair guide, it seems that there is place in the hard drive to another hard drive cage.  The existing hard drive is 1.5 to, but a slow hard disk standards.  Not to exceed 2 TB Windows has problems with the disks.  So look for a disk 3,5 '' SATA, 2 TB or less from a manufacturer of your taste.

  • Request help second addition, internal hard drive [HP Pavilion Elite e9290f]


    Quick question here. I am a music producer and you can always use a ton of extra space as some of my projects are 17 to 20 GB in size. My HP e9290f comes with a stock of 1 TB Seagate (I think) internal hard drive. I intend to add this DeckStar HGST hard 4 TB (7200 RPM)

    However, I am not sure, if this drive is compatible with my computer. I talked about the upgrade & maintenance manual but inside, he tells me only how to replace the current internal hard drive. The addition of this amount of space external hard drive is not an option since all my ports are used by external hard drive! Can anyone shed light on what tools I need exactly to connect this HD extra 4TB? I would appreciate your answers, because time is of the essence

    HP Pavilion Elite e9290f | Intel Core i7 920 2.67 GHz | Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - bit Edition. 20 GB OF DDR3 SDRAM MEMORY | 1 TB of HDD at 7200 RPM. HARD drive external 2 TB | HARD drive 1 external to | HARD drive 640 GB external | HDD external 500 GB | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 1.8 GB | Audio interface Edirol FA-101 | Samsung 2493 HM 24 inches. Wide screen monitor |


    I have not tested a HDD 4 TB on the motherboard of truckee. In theory, it should work as a data reader set shaped like a GPT disk.

    Another option if you don't want to take the risk is to install two hard drives of 2 TB. The one in the location empty in the cage from the hard drive and another in the optical drive Bay (if open) second.  You will need one 3.5 "to 5.25" adapter if you use the optical Bay.

    Check on the return policy for the 4 TB harddrive and see if your can return/exchange it if it doesn't work.  Kit retail for Hitachi 4TB has an optional driver if the motherboard of your PC will not format the drive completely outside up to 4 TB.

  • HP Pavilion s5715: replace the internal hard drive and windows 7 & OEM

    Hello world.

    I use a PC HP Pavilion Desktop s5715 with windows 7 Home premium x 64. The internal hard drive is a Seagate (ST1000528AS SATA/300 7200 RPM). I recently received messages when windows starts by saying that "the hard drive failure, is imminent. Check the disk with CrystalDiskInfo told me he had a problem with the reallocated sectors count & number of events of reallocation (with the values 1, 1, 36).

    So now, I want to replace this with a Western Digital Black 1 TB internal drive, and I want to have Windows 7 onto the new drive. I had 3 HP recovery disks (burned on DVDs). I also had a D drive that says "HP_Recovery.

    1. can I replace the Seagate SATA/300 with a WD SATA/600?

    2. my HP Pavilion s5715 does support the new internal hard drive?

    3. how to install windows 7 on a new hard drive? Can I use the HP recovery discs? Some forum posts on the internet say something OEM Windows 7; I have no idea what it is and if I got it. Or should I use a program like Acronis to clone my hard drive to the new? What should do? Thank you

    When you request support, please provide the number full name or product model of the HP computer in question. HP/Compaq made thousands of computer models. Without this information, it can be difficult, even impossible to help you solve your problem.

    The information requested above are on the side, back or bottom of the computer. Please, do not include the serial number. Please enter the product/model information in the HP Online Support page for consumers , and/or post it here for our review.

    1. can I replace the Seagate SATA/300 with a WD SATA/600? YES

    2. my HP Pavilion s5715 does support the new internal hard drive? YES

    3. how to install windows 7 on a new hard drive? Can I use the HP recovery discs? YES, you will need to use your HP recovery disks to return the computer to a factory State.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • the internal HARD drive has been corrupted and I fails to make the back upward. need information.

    I've owned an HP Pavilion dm1-LQ862PA #UUF, used to be windows 7-64 bit. the internal hard drive has been corrupted and recommended to replace another. they were asking for the backup cd and I failed to do, and I do not regret it. Well, except to lose all my files and programs that I installed, it will also include bluetooth, wi - fi and other important built in programs? I'm not a computer expert. If ever these important programs had totally disappeared, how retrieve it? my laptop in an HP authorized service center will be probably expensive and I decided to buy a new HARD drive and ask someone to put it in and install a new OS. Please help thanks


    There is a support for your PC page where all the software drivers to run the hardware on your PC such as bluetooth and wireless can be reinstalled. & CC = US & DLC = in & LC = on & query = LQ862PA & Tool=.

    What I don't see is the availability of recovery disks to reinstall the operating system (windows 7 64-bit) or your PC programs (other than those listed in the link of support above).

    This means that if you want to replace the hard drive, you must make your own W7 64-bit installation media and use the 7 product key of Microsoft windows on the bottom of your PC to activate the installation.

    That assumes you can read all 25 characters of the product key windows 7.

    Here's how...

    If you can read the Microsoft windows 7 25-character product key, you can download simple Windows 7 ISO files to burn on a DVD for the version of windows that is installed on your PC, and which is listed on the Microsoft COA sticker on your PC case.

    Burn the ISO with the option to burn the ISO on your DVD burning program and burn it at the slowest possible speed that will allow your program. This will create a bootable DVD.

    Or use the installation of Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to compile the ISO file that you download from Digital River. Link and instructions below. You need a 4 GB flash drive to use the USB compilation method.

    Use 25 characters on the PC product key to activate the installation.

    The key will activate a 32 or 64 bit installation.

    Then go to the support of the PC and driver page to install the drivers you need.

    Link to downloads ISO of W7 is below.

    The replacement hard drive should be a 320 GB SATA II 5 400 rpm Disk If you want the same specification provided with your PC hard drive.

    Please refer to Chapter 4 of the service manual on the link below for the procedures for removal and replacement of the hard disk.

  • Available to add the second internal hard drive to 17-e117dx


    Can you let me know, if there is provision to add the second internal hard drive for HP Pavilion e117dx 17.

    If so, one) is there requirments or the specifications of the hard disk (any make or model); (b) what equipment will be needed and where I can get to and c) Finally will be doing so make sure the warranty of my laptop HP Sub

    HP Pavilion

    Product: F9J38UA #ABA

    Model: 17-e117dx

    Thank you

    Not in the way you probably do. Here is the Service Manual:


    See Page 50. Unlike the Envy 17 and Pavilion dv7, Pavilion 17 has that a single hard drive Bay. The only way to add a second hard drive is to remove the DVD (optical drive) and insert a DVD to the hard drive bay adapter. The manual shows how to remove the DVD player and you can buy the adapter at or Note that this is a 9.5 mm thick disc, not a 12.7 mm. Both types are available. I do not recommend the adapter DVD player solution because you lose the use of the optical drive, and also because the interface of optical drive is usually not as fast as the main hard drive interface. Always fast enough for simple storage and you can run a video of her, but you do not want to edit the video of this disc, for example.

    If you decide to go the route of adapter DVD I would buy a large capacity 5400 RPM SATA 2.5 inches wide and drive hard thickness 9.5 mm. No sense in buying a reader more expensive high-performance.

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  • Pavilion P7-1054: initialize second internal hard drive

    I need to initialize a second internal hard drive in my top of Office Pavilion P7-1054. Having already installed and connected the drive. "System Properties" screen sees the drive and managed to self test the drive in the splash screen.»

    what needs to be done to make the system assign a drive letter to the drive is accessible from the "my computer" screen

    Its nice to have the drive but not if I can't write to it.

    Wally1054 wrote:

    I need to initialize a second internal hard drive in my top of Office Pavilion P7-1054. Having already installed and connected the drive. "System Properties" screen sees the drive and managed to self test the drive in the splash screen.»

    what needs to be done to make the system assign a drive letter to the drive is accessible from the "my computer" screen

    Its nice to have the drive but not if I can't write to it.

    You must open the Windows disk management console, then format the drive for use in the system.  You can find more information on this process here:

  • can I move my directory of my flash drive SSD internal to my internal hard drive using OSZ 10.11

    Start getting tight on space and just noticed that my directory where to put the word, excel docs, pdf files, e-mail, etc. is actually on my SSD. I would like to move into my internal hard drive because it is bigger... I can do this without causing havoc on my Mac. I use an iMac 27 "mid-2011 running OS X 10.11.

    Thanks for the help.

    Yes, it's what I do with a dual SSD/HDD disk configuration.

    I keep my iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie libraries on HARD drive.

    I also pushed some non-essential app and the files on the HARD drive.

    Last but most important, you have a good backup of SSD and HDD...?

  • HP dv6 envy: want to know on the best internal hard drive to replace it with

    Hi friends... I return my hp dv6 want 3 years and it has worked well for me so far, but since last month, everytime I turn on my laptop, a message is popping indicating that YOUR HARD DISK has FOUND YEAR IMMINENT FAILURE AND there NEED TO BE REPLACED and I studied a lot of posts here regarding this problem and everyone was asked to replace it with a new one. I don't know what drive should I replace it with. Could someone please help me in this regard. I need the following details:

    1. where can I find new internal hard drive HP ENVY DV6 1 to buy?

    2. can we replace this hard drive with the hard drive to other companies? (such as seaggate)... If so, so, please let me know

    3. can I replace the hard drive with a hard drive of 1 to solid state?

    4. links to vendors who sell internal hard drive?

    Please help me friends...

    The answer is Yes in all areas. The laptop will accept any 2.5 inch wide disk SATA 9.5 or 7 mm thick and which includes mechanical hard drives and Solid State drives. Where are you located (one country)? Hard drives and SSDS for laptops are a part of the goods. You can pick them up at a Best Buy or Frys if you live where there are no Frys or you can use or or similar online service. The prices vary a lot, so it is useful to get a good deal. A 1 to SSD can run more than $300, you know. Need instructions for installing and/or migrating software? We are a bit like McDonalds here in the Forum... served billion regarding replace drive hard/updates to level. One of the specialties of the House, so to speak.

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