Internal speakers - no sound on satellite A110-252

My laptop is 2.5 years. 6 months ago the speakers started to die on me, crackling, etc., couldn't do a lot of volume out of them and now completely dead. There is no sound at all. I suspect that it's a hardware problem. Computer stores seem to want to get paid a lot of money just to open the machine and even in this case suggest that they are perhaps not able to do anything.

Someone had a similar problem with their laptop in this regard. Of course, my laptop is now out of warranty. Surely speakers should last longer than that? I'm desperate for my sound back but don't know the best route to go down and less costly to try to fix it.
I would be grateful for any help and advice.

Thank you.



I didn't have this problem with any of my 3 laptops.
It would be very interesting to know if you can hear something using the headset.

Check it!
If the audio signal is available by using the headphones then this problem is certainly related to the speakers and it seems that the two speakers should be replaced.
To me, it looks like a bad luck because it s really very rare that the speakers were going to die but nothing is impossible, as you know

So in my eyes, the speakers and I think ASP in your country should be contacted to get a replacement.

Good luck

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  • Sound on satellite A110-252 PSAB2E

    For some reason, I can't launch Soundman in my drivers Audio Realtek ALC861 HD.

    Someone can help me.

    Hi mate,

    of course I can help you. Go to your control panel "Add/Remove Programs" and remove this software soundmax or soundman. Go to the [Toshiba Driver download site |] and download the latest version of this audio driver software.

    Install and check if the error persists. If so, then backup all your files and retrieve (which means windows reinstall) your machine. All files will be deleted during recovery, so Don t forget to back up your files...

    If the problem persists after you complete these steps, give a feedback short here.

    Good luck

  • Replacing the HARD drive on the satellite A110-252

    I'm looking for a replacement of the hard drive for my laptop and I don't know which are compatible.

    I understand that I need a 2.5 "internal HDD, size 7 cm x 10 cm x 9.5 mm

    However the confusion for me is above the interface, I think I understand it, is that it is a SATA interface - this correct?

    .. and if so, I noticed there are SATA-150, SATA-300 & SATA II HDD, you or the other of these works to the machine?

    Is this all I should which is not compatible with the laptop, for example rotation speed, he search speed, maximum size, manufacturers etc.?

    Thank you very much


    Hi Douglas

    I understand you very well. Sometimes I m also very confused because the entire designations in the laptop world
    In any case, during the search on the net I found useful information on the compatible HARD drive for your laptop.

    It seems that the satellite A110-252 support SATA (serial ATA) 1.5 G interface. Most compatible hard drives support a rotational speed of 5400 RPM and that is why I recommend buy HARD drive 5400 RPM

    The laptop comes with 60 GB HARD drive. Am I wrong? I think generally you should be able to use a 80, 100 and 120 GB HDD without any problem.

  • Player card on the satellite A110-252 issue

    Hi - I'm in a good spot of bother with my satellite A110-252, I bought at the end of the summer 2006. He executed a lot for all this time and I have taken good care of the machine.

    However, today, I fear I might have accidentally destroyed the machine. The laptop has a card reader all-in-one, located on the front, above the hard drive and next door the status lights. Next to the drive are the symbols of the cards SD, XD and Memory Stick from Sony. I assumed the reader would be my 4 GB Sony Memory Stick Duo, but too late, I realized that my memory stick has been among the most recent, smaller, and it is now stuck in the slot.

    Restart the computer, Windows fails to start (I'm typing this from my Linux partition, which I use in case of emergency), and when trying safe mode starts it crashes on 'getio.sys '. The light on the card reader flashes and flashes constantly when Windows tries to start. This suggests that the stick stuck is to interrupt the boot - the system tries to read the map, but because he crashes against the pins it screws to the top of the boot process.

    Is there a way to get around this? I could disable the card somehow, either via the software reader or physically? Any suggestion would be appreciated because I very strongly dependent on the my laptop Windows partition.


    Check the BIOS settings and try to change the order of boot to HDD ODD FDD LAN or something like that.

    But why you n t contact the technician of laptop (ASP in your country) and request the removal of this card is not compatible?
    You should definitely do this.

  • How to replace the CPU on satellite A110-252

    I have a satellite A110-252 and need to know how to replace the cpu, hope someone can help you.


    First of all there if the new processor would be compatible with the BIOS.
    Second, you should know that a plu CPU produce more heat and this would lead to overheating.
    Are you sure that your laptop would deal with the new CPU?
    I don t think so

    In any case, I found this page:

    There may be some useful pic and instructions for you

    But once again; If I was you, I wouldn't try it.

  • External sound with Satellite A110-195 is the lower lock

    When I connect with my Toshiba Satellite A110-195 speakers the sound is low lock. How can I change?


    Please use the advanced Forum search option and put bass A100 as search terms. You will find some very interesting topics on the same theme.

  • Replace my drive HARD satellite A110-252


    I read about the type of hard drive of my laptop, but my problem is WHERE IS THE HARD DRIVE LOCATED in EQUIUM A110-252? I know that it is ussually located where the battery is located but I can't see it.

    Please help me. Thank you very much.


    I have the Satellite M70 and it's the same notebook as your Satellite A110. It is so easy to find the HARD drive. When you remove the dough on the bottom, you can see three covers fixed with screws.

    Am I right about that? For me, it makes sense that HDD is under a larger. Cover in the middle is for the RAM, and a smaller must be WLAN Card. Remove cover fixed with three screws and you will have access to the HARD disk.

    Good bye

  • Problems with the Windows Activation on the satellite A110-252


    Ive recently bought a Toshiba Equium A110-252 without recovery disks. I tried to install with a Windows XP Home OEM edition discs but after installtion that he used to connect on windows without be activated everything first. I tried activatingit through my network and it has activated, but when I try and log in again, he asks to be reactivated. What can I do?

    Thank you

    The first thing we do is to contact your dealer and provide your laptop comes without recovery media. Please clarify this as soon as possible.

    With each CD facilities, there must be key activations. You try to use the activation key of the label on your laptop?

  • Problems reading images and sounds DVD satellite A110-276

    A couple of months my Equium A110-276 has stopped playing DVD correctly.

    The sounds and images on the DVD are slow, sometimes jump and are generally not synchronized.
    I downloaded the latest drivers, but it made no difference. If I stream a youtube video for example the image and the sound are both very good.

    Everyone think of something I can do about it?

    Thank you



    If the video stream seems ok so everything seems to be ok with the graphics card.

    I think that either there is a problem with the CD/DVD driver or the software itself.

    I studied a bit in this forum and found this thread about a very similar problem:

    Check the solution provided in this thread and your results.

    Best regards

  • Loss of connection Wifi in fast changing users on the satellite A110-252


    In accordance with the subject line, but the connection seems to be disconnected when you return to the user. In other words, the connection is maintained while you're in the other user accounts, but when you return, it is disconnected and then reconnected. Hope it makes sense.

    I added the following to the record that worked on my last Toshiba (Satellite 1800-921 with PC Wifi card)

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\KeepRASConnections = 1

    But it always disconnects back to the user account.

    Any ideas how I can stop this maddening behavior?

    Thank you



    tried to update the drivers of your wireless and chipset? Attention to the updates of Windows and reinstall the wireless client.
    Your problem is truly software related, then perhaps update this things I mentioned above should probably help.

    BTW. I didn t had the same problem but I solved problems with my wifi connection by updating the drivers, etc...

    Welcome them

  • Games and graphics on Satellite A110-252

    Why my laptop to play some games only?
    I can't play other parts and T & 1 error message occurs.
    Is it updateon this?
    also is it possible to connect the PS3to machine for playing games?

    > Why my laptop play some games only?

    Perhaps you notebook is not strong enough to play all the games. It supports only an Intel 945GM shared memory graphics card.
    This card is not really designed to play the game.

    > it is possible to connect PS3 to machine to play games
    The laptop supports only s-video port to send video signals and do not receive all the signals. So you will not be able to connect the PS3 to the laptop you. Forget it

  • Equium A110-252 freezes after formatting DVD - RW

    Bought the computer laptop satellite A110-252 a couple of days to replace my desktop computer that mistaken for suicide. I try to create DVDs to play on my DVD, AVI and WMV player using the supplied software ie. InterVideo WinDVD Creator 2.

    The first attempt, converting a small file WMV MPEG-2, burned and played but when I went back to erase/format the disc and burn full disk file had been damaged and marked read-only, windows completely Explorer freeze because he tried to access the D: / drive.

    In addition, all attempts convert and burn the result in no data being burned and the drive being rendered useless later. Did not attempt any burn more that I am running out of discs to test.

    Use the Hitachi LG Equium A110-252 DVD Super Multi GMA-4082N

    Using Memorex DVD - RW media

    If anyone else has had this problem and more importantly, knows how to solve this problem. What is the DVD itself support? Looked for a list of support preferred for this drive but had no luck so far. They worked fine on my previous LG DVD +-RW on my desk now buried.

    Any help will be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Hmmm, believe me, it of not easy to say what's wrong or why it occurs.

    How have you tried to erase the DVD - RW? What applications did you use?
    It seems that the application caused the laptop freezing.
    Why? Who knows try using another type of DVD - RW and try to use various means to erase the DVD - RW.

    Nero burning rom application is a very interesting tool and provide many different options. You can use it to erase DVD - rw

  • Equium A110-252: the display on the external monitor resolution

    When I connect my LCD TV screen to my new satellite A110-252 using the external monitor port does not fit the image of the (too big) TV screen.

    I've tried everything on orders for establishment of TV screen but no joy. Surely, there must be an option to fit to the screen on satellite? Can anyone help?

    Thank you Perry.

    Hi there, you are using the external monitor port or the S-Video? Unfortunately, if you use the S-video port you can hold all of Office on television because it is technically impossible (without deleting the lines).

    TV less than number of rows than a computer monitor: PAL = 576 visible lines, NTSC = 480 visible lines except if you can pass in 640 x 480 mode 800 x 600 is the best that you can use to display an image on the TV.

    Richard S.

  • Equium A110-252 - can I update the graphics card?


    I can't play my new Sims 3 on my Toshiba Satellite A110-252. Went to PC world who told me that I need a new laptop computer because the graphics card I can't deal with my new game and the card is not extensible. Anyon know if this is correct?

    I know I can improve memory in a 4GB, but they say it's the graphics card causing problem.

    Many thanks to anyone who responds x


    I think that the authorized service provider is good and the graphics card can't be upgraded. It s soldered on motherboard and nontradable. :(
    If you believe n t, please read this link from Toshiba:

    If the graphics card is not fast enough, an upgrade of RAM can t help you.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300D - 14 d - no sound on internal speakers

    Hey, I'm sorry for my bad English.

    I just restored my Satellite A300D - 14 d to its default settings. If all the drivers and software are as I bought the laptop. The sound worked fine but after restarting the computer laptop 2 or 3 times because of the Windows Vista updates, the its all just disappeared. The internal speakers are pregnant harman/kardon.

    If I plug my headphones everything works fine, but I want to listen to the music via the internal speakers. If I unplug my headphones but there is no of his coming through the laptop speakers, I hear nothing.

    I tried his last card drivers form the home page of the support from toshiba for the A300D - 14 d, without a succsess.

    Need help pls!

    Hi Schurik,

    Have you verified that the windows audio settings? Usually in driver audio, you can switch between the audio output on speakres internal and external speakers (headphone).
    Check this box!

    What service pack for Vista is installed? More recent SP2 is installed?

Maybe you are looking for