Internet Explorer for Mac is no longer compatible with os x Lion.

Is - that means no more Internet Explorer for Mac?


I guess you're just out of luck.  Looks like your comments would be more appropriate on the forums of Apple and Microsoft.

I do miss IE on Mac at all.

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  • Internet explore for mac port to work on OSX?

    Community of appple Hello.

    I would like to know if there is a direct way for internet explore for mac works. Safari isn't really what if all I need to work and want to switch to IE now that I bought a new macbook air. I found this resource online, but not sure if it works to make ie work for mac.

    Please advise me. what you guys done for internet explore works on your mac osx computers?

    The only way to use IE on a Mac is either:

    1. use a virtual machine environment (VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop, etc.) and install Windows

    in the virtual machine.

    2 install Windows on Mac via Bootcamp in a dual-boot configuration.

    3 use something like Crossover Mac by Codeweavers.  Although only limited versions of the work of EI

    and not necessarily all that great.

    4 an alternative to IE which is no longer supported, even by Microsoft because they are moving to

    their new edge browser.

  • Is it possible to install Internet Explorer on Mac Book?

    I recently got Mac Book, but I'm desperate to get Internet Explorer, because I can't do the pages of poet that I need for work, is it possible to install without having to install windows?

  • Why can not I reload firefox using internet explore for windows 8.1?

    I'm trying to reload firefox on my computer which uses windows 8.1. I had the browser here for years. I tried to download many sites and it keeps stuck in download mode or I get the message that blocks windows. I've never had this problem before. It seems that Windows to try to block me from using firefox now and forcing me to use internet explorer, which I do not want to use, or Google Chrome.

    Help, please

    Yes: click on the pub > firefox > releases > 40.0.2 > win32, click the folder for your language, and then select the 40.0.2.exe Firefox configuration file (not "Stub").

    The link to direct download for Firefox 40.0.2 in American English is:

  • Anti-virus/Internet security for Mac software?

    Thoughts about whether Anti Virus/Internet security software is necessary for Mac computers?  How about a new college student?

    If so any recommendations on which one to use?

    Thank you


    You do not have anti virus for Mac.   Review carefully on known sites and you should have no trouble.   Don't download questionable sites (Cnet, MacKeeper and similar).   If you are unsure about a site, ask here in the forums.

  • Install internet explore for palm tungsten e2

    I managed to delete my internet explore from my handheld and can not get the original disk?  any way to install in a way or another windows Explorer


    I suggest you to contact palm to see if they can download software to replace IE who has been removed from the Palm Tungsten e2. Follow this link for contact information:

    You can also post your questions on the forums of palm:

  • Decouple Internet explore for windows live mail

    Dear community,

    I am faced with a particular problem. When downloading of messages on windows live mail, it automatically goes offline. I have not discovered that the Community list the problem arises as the internet explore disconnects and happens automatically.

    How can I make IE do not disconnect automatically? or if not, how can the IE & Windows live mail is separated from the other?

    Thank you.

    Is there something that you misunderstood. There are a lot of 'links' between Internet Explorer and Windows Live Mail. It provides the display of HTML messages, it provides a print engine, and above all, it offers Internet connectivity. It does this for any program that connects to the Internet. However, some of these programs seem to interfere with Internet connectivity (although this has not been confirmed by Microsoft, to my knowledge). There is a registry setting that must be honored by all programs, but it isn't. The only way to change this setting (outside of directly editing the registry) is to use the command on the file menu of the Internet Explorer browser.

    You can test this yourself by uninstalling completely third party browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, to see if the same failure persists. Then re-install one at the time and the test again.

  • Should I upgrade my Internet Explorer for Wondows XP?

    Hello to all on the Forum HP... I have a question that I was hoping someone could help me with... I recently bought a HP Pavilion Media Center second hand m7480n and I am currently using Internet Explorer 6. I was contacted by Windows Update, regarding the Internet Explorer update to IE 7 and IE 8. I don't really know too much about computers, but I've heard conflicting reports on the IE 7 and IE 8, that has me very confused... Regarding updates, when you run or not... I heard good things for most on IE 7 and IE 8 on IE 6. that IE 7 and IE 8 are much more safe and secure for reasons of security when you browse the internet and other things too... To make things worse... I called the other day on the upgrade to HP support and they told me not to perform the upgrade and stick with IE 6.

    Any help regarding my situtaion for updating my Internet Explorer would be greatly appreciated... Thank everyone in advance for their time and patience... Have a great day everyone.

    Message edited by Nacster on 12/11/2009 17:26

    IE 8 looks just a little different from IE 6 (from what I remember of IE6 ), but not so much that you will be overwhelmed. IE 8 is more secure and safer than IE 6.

  • Get a security certificate error page in Internet Explorer for a new Muse site hosted on BC

    I'm not familiar with the operation of security certificates! I tried this search, but it was confusing, so I wanted to try the forum. Is it because of some adjustments, I used? Or it would happen because there was another version of the Web site to the top in Drupal, hosted by someone other than BC which replaced this site?  If there is some simple tips on how to solve this problem, it would be greatly appreciated!

    This only happens in Internet Explorer:

    The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by an approved certification authority.

    A site address different Web issued the security certificate presented by this website.

    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.

    We recommend that you close this webpage and do not make this Web site.

    Unfortunately, this is not possible, SSL certificate supplied with catalyst for business can be transferred to your custom domain and you cannot add additional SSL certificates to your domain custom when using BC.

    So, the solution is, whenever you need to secure URLs, use the url that is secure on your site that ends with You can try to access the url, secure your site and you will get no error. To know your secure url, go to admin panel-> site-> site domain settings, you should see the secure area.

    Let me know if you have any question.

  • Skype create history entries in Internet Explorer for taboola sites

    Hi all

    I found that when I open Skype, and ads in the interface are loaded, a couple of entry appear in my browser Internet Explorer 11 story... See the link trc.taboola network:

    Not so clear why Skype can do, but that's the fact. Please note that I already did several AdWare scan, my PC is clean, the events that create the history entries is only open the Skype Interface.

    Version of Skype:

    IE: 11.589.10586.0

    As it says in the wiki article, Tabola is a supplier site legitimate ad. I guess, the ads you see in your Skype are provided by this site, and that's why you see entries in IE referring to this site.

  • error Internet explore for updata

    Vista Home premium 32-bit. Server 2008. problem update. Error number: 0x8DDD0002


    You must be logged on as an administrator to make updates

    You receive an error message 'Administrators' only when you try to visit the Windows Update Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site

    Kind regards


  • width of table breath leaves in Internet Explorer for PC

    This page looks just dandy in Firefox and Safari, but when I check it in IE (several versions via Browsershots), my table is horrible. Any suggestions? I put the text in a nested to corral the text table, but it does not always display correctly. Help!

    The rowspans seems to be the problem. Some of your rows in the table have one single cell, others more. Do any of the single cell rows. If a line needs 5 cells, then embed a table in the same row, which consists of 5 elements and just one line. By doing this, you can avoid the use of rowspans.

  • Internet Explorer can be used with El Capitan

    I'm unable to download banking and my Bank asked if I could use Internet Explorer. Knowing that it is a Windows-based program and I don't want to download Windows on my Desktop Mac IS there MAC VERSION of INTERNET EXPLORER? One that won't cause me or my computer problems or difficulties download or use. Thank you

    N ° Internet Explorer for Mac was abandoned years ago.

  • Dreamweaver CS4 and IE 5.2 for Mac problem

    I'm testing my new/first site.  I use Dreamweaver CS4. Horizontal Spry menu bar works very well in Internet Explorer and Safari, but not in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac 5.2.3 (5815.1). The menu bar horizontal becomes vertical and the submenus are not available. I ran to each Web page and my CSS files browser compatibility tests and they don't come back "no problems found". What can I do to fix the problem?  I have a PC (Vista) and use my neighbor's Mac to check the browser. Thank you.

    Don't worry if your site doesn't work at all in Internet Explorer for Mac.  It's outdated software that has not been developed since Jaguar/Panther.  In no way reflects IE on Windows, and statistics show the majority of Mac users use Safari or Firefox with Camino and opera in behind them.

  • Keys Flash and IE 5.2 for Mac

    I must be overlooking something. I joined a Flash file in a Dreamweaver htm page for use of buttons. Works fine in all browsers except IE for Mac version 5.2. Works fine in Internet Explorer for windows and Firefox for Mac and Windows, for both Netscape, opera is buggy, but the buttons work and Safari works. In IE 5.2 for Mac, it comes and works visually, but the buttons don't send links.

    ActionScript to buttons is as follows:

    companies_btn.onRelease = function() {}
    getURL ("", "_self");

    I am using java script:

    < div class = "style5" id = "firstflash" > as you see this, you have not installed Flash Player. "" You can use our alternative at the bottom of the page links to navigate our site or you can < a href = "" target = "_blank" > download Flash Player on Adobe Macromedia download page < /a >. < / div >
    < p > < / p >
    < p >
    < script type = "text/javascript" >
    var fo = new FlashObject ("art/navigation/btns-manage.swf", "firstflash", "180", "420", "6", "");
    fo.addParam ("quality", "high");
    fo.addParam ("wmode", "transparent");
    FO. Write ("firstflash");
    < /script >
    < /p >

    I tested it with class object stir (same problem) I don't want to use it because of IE for windows problems, but it is useful to see that it meets the same thing:

    < object classid = "clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase ="", 0,29,0 ' width = "180" height = "370" > "
    "< param name ="movie"value="art/navigation/btns-test.swf "/ >
    < param name = "quality" value = "high" / >
    "" "< embed src="art/navigation/btns-test.swf "quality ="high"pluginspage =" ' type = "application/x-shockwave-flash" width = "180" height = "370" > < / embed >
    < / object >

    What I am doing wrong if it works everywhere but IE for Mac? Anyone know of a work around? The web site is done in part and I have it on the test server:
    Any help would be appreciated.

    OK, basically answered my own question. Here is a cut and paste from Mactopia:


    In June 2003, the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit announced that Internet Explorer for Mac would undergo no further development and support would cease in 2005. In accordance with the published lifecycle support policies, Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer for Mac on December 31, 2005 and does not provide any further security or performance updates.

    Therefore, as of January 31, 2006, Internet Explorer for Mac is no longer available for download from Microsoft. It is recommended that Macintosh users migrate to more recent web browsing technologies such as Apple's Safari.

    Last updated: October 25, 2006

    Because it is out of production. I'm out of my rotation test and I won't have to sweat it.

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