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I bought two computers to Dell XPS desktop about two years at Costco. One for home and one for my fiancée's House. I'm running Windows 10 on two of them and have been for about six months. Mine still works fine. his computer suddenly have a weird problem. It can connect to the internet and get his emails, but she can't connect to all websites. She gets one can not connect the message reguardless of what web sites she's trying to go to. I talked to his internet service provider, Comcast, and they tell me that it is a problem with the computer and not with the internet service. Our computers are connected to our modem with an Ethernet cable.

I would be very happy to suggestions wrt to solve this problem


Hi atrjr1,

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  • Internet problems: can't use it in safe mode with networking

    original title: Internet problems

    My computer connect to internet wireless whenever I turn on my laptop; However, I still can't access internet. I have to go to safe mode with networking to get internet. What can I do? My Xbox is connected to the internet with no problems at all.

    Hi Aaron,

    What antivirus do you use? Since you are able to connect mode without failure, it leads me to believe that this is caused by a program that you run which restricts navigation. Try to disable all antivirus software and try to get online.

    Just note that it's always a good idea to always have an antivirus running. But not more than one at a time can cause problems.

    I hope this helps.

  • New computer internet problems

    I have a Toshiba like 3 weeks ago and it worked fine for 3 days but after a refresh it started to run really slow down and give me whit internet problems and it gives me an error window when I tried to open programs such as windows photo viewer and music player. I have it reboot day, he started to give me problems and the removal of the discount, but it keeps giving me problems especially internet Pentecost, he freezes a lot and takes to long to respond, she also afects the speed of the computer.

    the part of dam is that it doesn't give me the most problems when is internet wifi because that connected through the cable works perfectly well.

    You have probably changed the update settings, but you didn't say if you have previously installed "recommended updates" If you had, then visit Tosh support and redownload/install all the drivers your PC or use system restore to recover a moment where it worked properly

  • Internet problems with a computer Windows 7 wireless

    Hello. My problem is that I have an ACER with Windows 7 computer and I've had it for awhile (about a year or more). He never gave me no internet problem until a few days ago, when he started having connection problems. My computer has been without internet since two and a half days. Whenever I try to look for the problem, he tells me that the computer is connected to the router, but that router is not connected to the internet. I tried to restart the modem and the router several times without success. The thing is that, while my computer does not have internet, my cell phone and the computer of my partner (for laptop with Windows 7) do not seem have a problem using the same network of the internet, which makes me believe that the problem is in my computer.

    I have a SB5101U of Motorola SURFBoard Cable Modem and a NETGEAR RangeMax 150 wireless router.

    My computer uses an Atheros AR5B95 wireless network card. (My partner runs Realtek RTL8188CE wireless adapter)

    Would it be a virus or something? Because I've scanned my computer with my antivirus to find something wrong, but it does not yet detect. Please help me and thanks a lot for any help or advice you can give me.

    You have McAfee?  If so, see this "criticism" McAfee reviews -

    Some customers may experience a loss of network connectivity and/or errors in McAfee Security Center after a recent update

    You should make the fix McAfee, if necessary. There are corresponding communications for their enterprise products.

    I had to run their removal of McAfee Development tool a few times before and it caused a problem with the license if the PC was not connected to the internet during the abduction. Due cat of McAfee support reset their files in order to allow the relocation-reactivation. Here is their link cat - McAfee - media contains the link to the cat

    I got McAfee, but the connection has started working again on its own so I thought I was clear of problems. However, when I checked it says he was doing routine checks the updates in vain when I told it to do a manually. So stick with McAfee you don't follow their procedure of fix would have upgraded my PC at risk by not updated and, like other McAfee ads have since explained, the application did not refer to its database of threats correctly [and this could explain part of the variability of the symptoms of failure but all involved loss of internet connection]. Actually, I removed McAfee then installed Microsoft Security Essentials rather & my answer IE is faster I knew it [even though I had the Add-ons McAfee disabled for centuries].

  • Some sites have recently become blocked on my computer. I either get I am not connected to the internet or redirected. How can I fix it?

    I went on vacation, when I came back the following Web sites have been blocked. Facebook, cracked and TMZ. I can't access from this computer, either with Fixfox or IE. They are accessible by other computers to this work. Is there a way to unlock it?
    With Facebook, I get the message saying that I am not connected to the internet. With the other 2, I'm redirected to
    Anyone have any ideas?
    Thank you

    Close all Web browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, etc.).

    -> Open my computer-> go to Windows drive (C:\)-> Windows-> System32-> drivers-> etc-> file opened in Notepad-> DELETE all THE LINES below this line hosts : localhost -> save the file and close-> now open Web browsers and check

    For Facebook, try this:

    Cannot connect to Web sites

    Check and tell if its working.

  • HP p6230y: p6230y on Atheros 802.11 a/b/g/n - wireless Internet problems

    Hello world

    New here, so please let me know if this is vague or where I can find information to provide. I've had my computer for a while and after not having internet for awhile I finally returned, the problem is that the wifi does not connect. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers and the two drivers were updated. I also tried to cancel, and it does not work. We did a system restore as well and my computer doesn't have any viruses on the analyses that worthwhile internet connectivity. I can connect with an ethernet cable (it is even the right terminology?) and I get internet big but I need to use a Wi - Fi connection. I tried using the troubleshooting options so that diagnose options with my computer and have gotten responses saying he couldn't connect or "Windows cannot solve your problem of wireless connectivity." After completing all the messages I have also said, "the problem with adapter or access point.

    Here is the card I have for you guys:

    HP p6230y running Windows 7 (64-bit)

    Network cards:

    Qualcomm-Atheros 802.11 a/b/g/n Dualband Wireless Network Module

    Driver date: 14/06/2012

    Driver version:

    Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

    Driver date: 29/12/2010

    Driver version: 7.37.1229.2010

    Is there something that needs to be replaced? What can I do to solve this problem or I can buy to make it work? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    I'm desperate: "[]".



    You are the very welcome.

    I bought an Actiontec Powerline adapter. It was about 50,00 USD.

    Everything will work. Dear sound usually gives a higher flow.

    You don't have to uninstall the card wireless on your PC.

    Really easy to implement. Plug an adapter into the wall socket close to router. The provided plug ethernet cable into the port on the router and the port on the wall adapter. Repeat the process by plugging it to the wall adapter near your PC. Connect the ethernet cable supplied to the wall jack and the ethernet port on the PC.

    You're good to go.


  • Internet problems

    I have an iMac (late 2013 model) running OS X v10.9.5 and last night I got a notification that updates are available, so I've updated the following: v security updated 2016-002 10.9.5; Safari 9.1; Remote Desktop Client update v3.8.5; V12.3.3 iTunes. Now, my problem is that when I try to access on the internet I get the spinning beachball and it takes an age to connect. In this case, no matter what I use - Safari, Firefox, App Store. Prior to the update of the foregoing, I have no problems of access to the internet. Although no no not a techie I think there is some conflict somewhere, but I don't have any idea how to solve.

    Repair permissions, and then restart your computer.

    Check out the following linkssection:

    Troubleshooting the beach/gel spinning ball & crashing

    Troubleshoot the rotation beach ball

  • Internet problem after upgrade to OSX 10.11.3

    I installed update 10.11.3 to OSX El Capitan on my MacBook Pro on Monday night.

    Since the update, I was not able to connect to the internet, either via WIFI or Ethernet. I tried several IPs and configurations, but nothing works. I can connect to local LAN connections and can ping IP address of the Web site. However, I can't access the web with any browser (firefox, opera, safari, chrome). I thought at first it was my company firewall blocks. However, I tried to public WIFI access points and it does the same thing.

    The other weird thing is that I can access the web very well on my virtual Windows machine, whether you use the WIFI or Ethernet. I ran 10 Windows via Parallels.

    Any ideas as to what might solve this problem would be greatly appreciated!

    Hello dlmhagerstown,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see that you have problems connecting to the internet through multiple browsers. I suggest to take a look at the following article:

    Solutions for the connection to the Internet, set up a small network and troubleshooting

    I also suggest emphasizing the section on DNS issues, at least to start.

    Best regards.

  • Satellite L20 - wireless internet problem


    First of all, I must say that I am old so asks if any notice given is done in the simplest terms of 69!

    I have a PC running Windows XP pro using the Livebox (orange) with Wi - Fi router. I want to use my laptop Satellite L20 s wife to connect to the internet using the wireless on this router. I find it almost impossible to implement.

    I tried the Windows Wizard and also the L20 set up Assistant. I can find the right connection and add the WEP number, nothing happens, the L20 doesn t connect. What I have to install the software from the Livebox to make this work? Because I tried as well!
    I also have a problem with the battery not holding a charge.

    Any help would be most appreciated.
    In Frustration,.
    Tony Cahill

    Hello Tony

    If you have a search option use time on this forum and the search for similar threads on the Livebox. It seems that many users have similar problems as you. The Livebox is not known to me and perhaps you should contact the Internet service provider and ask for help.

    If the WLAN on Satellite L20 works (no material default) provides the Internet should be able to help you correctly configure the WLAN.

  • Compaq Presario CQ56 - :(wireless Internet problem

    Hey everybody,

    So I just joined here to see if anyone can help with my problem, because frankly, I'm out of options now about two weeks asking friends and colleagues and searching the Internet for answers to similar problems. I tried twice with the information I found on this site for quite some time and it does not work for me!

    In any case, I have a HP Compaq Presario CQ56 laptop. It has been implemented correctly when I bought it, everything worked perfectly. I managed to catch a virus that prevented me from even turn on my computer (which is strange, because I'm not a fool with computers, and I know what not to do/download sites to visit), so I had to restart my computer to stock, I used my Windows 7 disc, partitions formatted and installed windows again.

    Now, for some reason it doesn't connects wireless Internet. It connects when I have an ethernet cable connected, but it is not all networks, as shown in this screenshot:

    (And also here's a cute Bunny for your pleasure)

    So you see my problem it is very frustrating. I don't know what is the cause, but I guess it must be a driver problem? Which is why I write here, if this is indeed in the wrong section, please accept my apologies.

    Here is an another screenshots that can help, just in case:

    If someone could shed some light on the problem for me, or even to resolve, I'd be very grateful it is extremely annoying. As I said, it works fine when I have my laptop connected to the internet, when I'm in College, but when I come on a weekend, I can't put my laptop, because I only WiFi at home.

    Thanks for reading

    Hayley R

    You are the very welcome, Hayley.

    The problem is that the needs of the wireless (network controller) one adapter driver installed and here is the link for the driver you need.

    Once you install the driver above, the wireless should work just fine.

    Best regards


  • Lenovo x100e with 7 wins internet problems

    Hi all

    I use a brand new lenovo X100e - operating system is Windows 7 32 bit.

    I am able to connect to the wifi and my wired connection appears such that detected and yet I am unable to connect to IE8 or IE9 update.

    I know that wireless and wired works that I am able to do the windows updates, java updates etc etc - but just unable to load IE 9, typical page cannot be displayed.

    I tried this laptop on wifi hotspots, different routers... which connect but still no internet.

    Anyone able to suggest anything as ive been trying to solve this problem for weeks?

    See you soon


  • A6000 laptop Internet problem

    Buy Lenovo A6000 days, there is a great phone. Was, until I wanted to use the mobile internet SIM, but it does not work. Have 2 SIM cards, internet does not work on both of them.

    What is the problem?

    PS Sorry for my English. Hope you understand me.

    Solved. Writes the internet settings by myself.

  • Icon of Internet Explorer redirects me to AOL

    I write on behalf of the client.

    The icon of Internet Explorer on the desktop redirects me to AOL when I click it.

    I tried to download Internet Explorer 8, but it does not appear as an icon on my desktop.

    Please let know us what I need to do to correct this situation.

    Thank you

    Customer must reaffirm Internet Explorer (not the AOL browser) as default browser on his computer to Win7.

  • Internet problems after installing vista SP2

    I'm running IE8 and yesterday I installed Vista Service Pack 2.  After the installation, I got an internet connection, but could not access all pages including my home page.  The pages would hang and the little blue circle would go round and round and nothing happened.  I also have Firefox downloaded on my computer, and still the same thing happens again.

    I checked my system tools in the lower right of the desktop and my icon for connectivity internet local and internet had a red cross on it that has not changed.  I restarted my computer several times and nothing has changed.  I used the prompt commands and ping google (my homepage) and found within seconds, so the connection was there but not able to access all pages.

    I am running Vista Home Premium as my 32-bit operating system.

    To cure the problem so far, I did system restore and completely got rid of the installation.  As soon as I did, my internet was totally fine with IE8 and Firefox.

    Any suggestions, I won't install SP2 again until I know what has caused the problem of the internet, and he was healed.

    Hi Smokeycat,
    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Windows Vista Answers.
    Since you have already restored the computer and the internet works fine, try to reinstall the stand-alone version of Service pack 2. Later, try to connect to the Internet.
    You have security software installed on the computer? If so, try disabling the security software and install the stand-alone version of service pack 2.
    Try to install the stand-alone package for Windows Vista Service pack 2, access the link below and download the file to the desktop. Later, run the installation of Service pack 2 from the office.
    If the problem persists after you have installed the stand alone package, reply came back with the details:

    1. try to boot into safe mode with network after installation of Service pack 2 and try to access Internet
    2. in normal mode, try to right click on the network icon in the taskbar and click on diagnose and repair, if it gives any error make a note of it and we gives the error.
    3 - is wireless to a wired connection?
    4. do you have any router installed?
    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • Sucks tc-605 internet problem

    Hello my sucks tc-605 does not connect to the internet with a cable, it shows, in connections, network not identified and limited (I can connect with a wi - fi). If I try to connect the same cable to my laptop, it works.

    I have a problem for about a day connecting the cable worked perfectly so far and I have the PC for about 2 months.

    I really want to re - install windows.

    Version of the OS?

    Have you already tried to uninstall the network card and re - install the drivers?

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