Interpretation of data from stereo camera Bumblebee (PointGrey)?

Hi, first noted that I read the discussion at

I am able to access the above stereo camera through my RESUME very well (using IMAQdx) and set it up through MAX. I am also able to access any of the cameras individually by using the option of Pan at MAX (I think I could set this on-the-fly by program, but I'll leave that for another time, less important now.

This is based on the information of PointGrey Research Inc. at

The same page also shows that if I place the stereo camera Bumblebee to use Format_7 Mode 3, the resulting 16 - bit image contains 8 bits of the camera on the left and 8 bits of the right camera. I checked (I think) that this is the case, since when I run a drain to the MAX with this mode, I am able to 'white-out' the display of the right camera covering the LEFT camera. And no, this camera no balancing light or such, as a confirmed it by covering the right camera.

So, my question is how can I retrieve this information? A simple matter of data manipulation, I think, but I'm stumped. For now I understand I probably can't do it using the screw IMAQ, would it be necessary to have a loop for, go through the binary bits and separate them? The info about what additional image, how do I know what it takes NOT to separate?

So conclusion, I have a thread of data type Image that contains a 16-bit image, and I would only split into 2 images to 8-bit based on the above.


Based on the advice of the manufacturer of the camera, I have extracted the appropriate data successfully, but now have a new problem, which I will present as a new thread.

For the record, I've used the IMAQdx get Image data VI to extract the raw (16 bit uint) image data and the split table with Decimate 1 d Array to two tables, their resize to the size of array appropriate 2D (640 x 480 for my case).

Tags: NI Hardware

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    Thank you


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    Good, now that I've explained what activating / deactivating the iCloud photo library will do to your photos, I will give you the answer to your question:

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    Summary of my response/TLDR: I do not think that your photos will be deleted if you turn off your iCloud photo library, but they might, so if your photos are very important to you (and you do not want to risk having to delete them), then keep it.



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    I was wondering on iExplorer works.

    The apple plan is for you your old device to backup and then restore it in your new device.

    It takes more flexibility by apple.  This is your camera.


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    Hello! Everyone,
    I'm new to LabVIEW but has prior programming experience.

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    Whenever data from serial Port, it gets displayed on the indicator chain but clears quickly, but I want some data comes it does not erase the old data and new data to add with the old data.

    I read the string concatenation will work in this case, but I am not able to use it.

    Please take a look at my VI attached to this mail.

    You must use a shift register to keep your story.

    I recommend you go to some of the tutorials available.  They will help you a lot to get off on a lot of things like that.

    Introduction of 3 hours
    Introduction of 6 hours
    Bases LabVEW
    Paced self-study for students
    Self Paced Training beginner to advanced, required SSP
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    Hello Fred!

    • First create a new folder by right click on an open space on your desktop
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    I hope this works!
    Do not hesitate to ask, I don't mind!

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    Hi EugeneCurtis,

    ·         What exactly happens when you try to connect to the camera?

    ·         You receive an error message?

    ·         You are able to access the data of the camera?

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    I suggest you to check if the device is recognized in disk management.

    How to use disk management to configure basic disks in Windows XP

    To get help with QuickBooks question, you can contact QuickBooks support.

    I hope this helps.

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    My Wizard appears after using the trial version of AVG PC Tuner is no longer to transfer pictures at my cameras are listening on.  Used to.

    the wizard has no other camera listed... does not work try to list them using the disc that came with them... I have a Sony and a new Panasonic... dunno why no brand is not listed.

    Anyone know how to get the screen to make it appear again?

    I tried the automatic setting of Microsoft... has not helped... Impossible to find something wrong

    I have always used the auto pop up the camera wizard to transfer my photos from my camera.  I ran AVG PC Tuner trial a few days ago.  Now... the scanner and Camera Wizard does appear more... ugh.  I tried to add the two cameras to the wizard, but because Sony and Panasonic is not listed, I can add them (he claims he can't find good info on the disk is)

    Anyone know a fix?

    do a system restore to an earlier date of AVG from the trial.

  • pass data from childCardDone to a textfield in QML?

    I have a card camera call function that responds with the path of the image once a picture is registered using the childCardDone function.  I have no idea how to pass data from c ++ to qml.  I know that during the passage of the QML for C++ database, you set a QString & something.  How can I do the reverse?

    Here's my CPP code:

    void App::childCardDone(const bb::system::CardDoneMessage &message)
        if (message.reason() == "done")
    //      Need the info in my QML;
        qDebug() << message.reason() << "\n";
        qDebug() << message.dataType() << "\n";
        qDebug() << << "\n";
            public slots:
            void childCardDone(const bb::system::CardDoneMessage &message);

    and I just want to get the value of () into a textfield label in QML:

    id: capturedFilePath
    text: <>

    All help is appreciated and will be loved and accepted as a solution if it works.

    Thanks in advance.

    For use in your function you will need to decalre in the header.

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    Virus may be one of the reasons of performance. Running a scan using Microsoft Safety Scanner of network in safe mode can help to know if it has viruses.

    Follow the steps in the

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    To start the computer in safe mode with network, please go through the steps in

    In addition, through to optimize the performance of Windows 7.

    Hope this information helps. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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    Hi - I clicked on import images from my camera to the computer that has been done successfully, but my old pictures exist duplicate? /?  I had checked before hand on the help page - where windows 7 stipulate that

    Why I can't choose which photos or videos to import?

    Windows detects your images and your most recent videos and is not a duplicate of the old photos or video versions that you have already copied to your computer, so you can import your pictures and videos in a single step. You can then view and organize your photos in the photo library. For more information on the management and organization of photos in the photo library, see Managing your photos. You can also view your images imported into the Windows Photo Viewer, where the large preview format makes it easier to decide which newly imported pictures to delete from your computer. For more information on the display of your pictures in Windows Photo Viewer, view and use your pictures in Windows Photo Viewer.

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    Did you use the functionality of Windows or all third-party software to import files previously?

    Sorry to hear that.

    When you import files, the same files will not be imported if the file names are the same. If you used a third-party software to import files previously, then the name of the file may be different.

    You can sort files by date and then try to remove the recently added files however, you should recognize the duplicate files.

    See the site for how to sort the files:

    Organize, sort, or group your files

    If you need help let me know and I'll help you.

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