Invasion of e-mail-contact list my contacts are bombarded with ads that I have not sent

Someone has invaded my e-mail contacts list. My contacts are bombarded with ads for viagra, solicitations for *, and other annoying (no relation to me) elements. Many are angry with me one blocked me to send them emails. -What happened? It seems that the emails are about me! What can I do? I had the same address for 10 years and never had a problem.

It is common for spammers to hijack the address of an innocent victim and use it as the mailing address (it happens to almost everyone).  You will notice when you begin to receive NDRs from addresses that do not exist and to which did not send you.  You will also notice your particularly targeted contacts.  This is no big deal and does not mean that your mailbox has been compromised.  You should see the decrease in non-delivery reports and stop completely after a few days that the spammer is using another address to send.

On the other hand, if you find your specific contacts are being targeted, then it is much more likely that your mail has been compromised.  It could be your PC or it could be your e-mail account on the server.  Look in your sent items folder.  If you see these messages to your contacts, then your PC has been compromised, and you may need to back up your data and reinstall Windows from scratch to get rid of the compromise.  You will need the security best practices as well.

If you do not see messages in sent items, then it is more likely that your mailbox on the server has been compromised.  In this case, if you can still access the mailbox through a web browser, log in there and change your password immediately.  Choose a complex password that is not a word in the dictionary; which contains mixed uppercase, numbers and special characters, and isat ten characters.  Then start practicing more safe safety habits, for example, access does not to any online service that does not use https in front of the URL by using a public wifi hotspot, such as nearby your home local coffee.  Making the box mailbox inaccessible to anyone who can access now should prevent intrusion.

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    JO McMahon

    Hi Josephine,.

    Just to clarify... You're getting failure to deliver notices of the administrator for the emails that you do not send? Who would say that your account has been hacked or hijacked and used to spam fire. First things first, change your password to something random, with capital letters and numbers. Note this although if you remember!
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    Hi, J3Webster,

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  • The page you are looking for is not available. You may need to contact your administrator with this error: 404 Page not found.

    I am at a loss.  I've set up a root certification authority to sign all servers in my workspace of Horizon, SAML is in the Green and after a lot of reading when troubleshooting also synchronized on all my ESXi hosts and guests.

    Basically, what I did is the following:

    Set up the connection to the Server VMware View Horizon 5.2 - created different pools and can connect via the customer different platform. (a few times to eliminate any possible configuration errors along the way)

    Configuration of VMware View Horizon Workspace 1.0 (a few times now) with self-signed and CA signed certs.  My workspace appears fine, the synchronization of files, apps work, and view pools appear.  When I try to launch your desktop from inside the Horizon workspace I get this error:

    The page you are looking for is not available. You may need to contact your administrator with this error: 404 Page not found.

    Now I think that I followed it down to something to do with SAML connection - which, to my understanding, archery chips between workspace and view.  On the login server, I see it in the Windows event log:


    SAML access required but not tempted by customer


    Source = com. VMware.VDI.Broker.filters.SamlAuthFilter

    Time = MON may 20 16:06:41 MDT 2013

    Gravity = AUDIT_FAIL

    Node =

    Module = broker

    Recognized = true

    Something is not crossing to allow me to access my office view since the workspace of Horizon.  If I remove the requirement of SAML on the login server see, when I try to connect to a desktop computer from the view connection server I get a promotion for and can I get my IDs & field and have full access with reviews, as well as blast HTML - just cannot get there with Horizon Workspace.  There must be something that I am missing with SAML...

    As I said, I'm at a loss here on what does not work between the Horizon workspace and the connection of SAML for display to connect to the server.  There is no server security, server transfer, and firewalls is all off, so I don't think it's a network problem.  Simple as possible.  The Windows Journal event displays the login displays server error is: access required but not attempted by client SAML.  I have all my servers synchronized after a few seconds - so I don't think that documented the TIME Horizon workspace synchronization time sensitivity is responsible here.  I am Pack overnight, but will do exactly the same thing with a client of tomorrow - hopefully without the same result!

    Any ideas?


    So I re-deployed the VAPP (again!) very attentive as I went.  As usual, the initial database installation failed because I entered my domain FULL of the gateway name, so it does not match.  After useful messages already there for this (Workspace install fails with error creating the user admin) I used the wizardssl.hzn of connfigurator - going to recreate a rootca to the environment based on my FULL domain instead of the bridge - going and then let it grow all for the other vApps.  I then connected to each and pulled down my private rootca and ran c_rehash, etc. (another useful message!- adding MS signed Certs to Horizon Workspace & laquo;) Carlos & #039; Corner) I actually use my background to UNIX and openssl to be my own private CA and sign all of my certificates.  I created the SAN cert and added to the SSL configuration on the Configurator - going and connector - going.  Oddly enough, both of these server do not appear to be accepting SAN cert that includes their ENTIRE domain, but that's for another day... My Horizon Workspace FQDN does show as being approved by installed RootCA private (which does not have other DNS names for the service - going, the Configurator - goes, the data - will and the connector - will, but as I have already said--a battle for another day) so it's a good thing.  I joined my workspace to my domain name - well!  Activated would be pools seen in the Configurator - goes - sync - good.  CRT for the my display login server has accepted and implemented the SAML trust.  Still good.  Sync in my opinion users group who already had a couple of linked clone pools allowed to do.  Good.  Connected to the FQDN of my workspace and clicked on computers - seen my 3 pools.  Clicked on one and after a few seconds, launched in a new window of the explosion.  Success!  I disconnected and connected on a different machine, and something that I saw before, but doesn't have a lot of attention to was the connector - will put 'use windows authentication', I couldn't understand why every time I sailed on my Horizon workspace a no vmware window opens asking access my FQDN:443 with a user and pass.  It is this setting - duh.  I'm not sure yet that gives me, so it's off for now.

    Thanks for all the input: it's good to know that there are others with some of the same questions.  It's still v1.0, it is related to some of these pitfalls.  It is capricious with derived from same time less than 10 seconds seems to have a negative impact.  Had to ensure my ESXi servers were strong (never worried a lot in the past with MS AD being quite tolerant with small derivatives) I tired my vApps affecting a NTP, but they seemed like being left to the default of synchronization to the ESXi host.  See how than pans.  CERT is somewhat capricious depending on your deployment.  Of course the connector - will and the Configurator - must be signed by a CA that they are internal, but always be nice to then have signed internal...

    Now, I'm on ThinApps for desktops as well as the web interface integration.

    I bumped my head against the wall with my first configuration of Citrix XA and XD (before having VDI in a box!) and it was the best way to learn.

    I don't know that I grave along that I finished my PoC, but I'm very happy with today's results.  I still plan on the comparison of my logs successful with the logs I have pulled my former deployment TIME and see what it was that it was broken.  I think it was that wanted me a PTR record to my domain FULL DNS MS. name  I think I just had the direct search for the original bridge - will and FULL, but only a setback for the gateway domain - name.  Would explain why I was never able to connect to the gateway to access your desktop.  Oops.


  • Virus in my e-mail, which I have not sent

    I found an email allegedly sent by me, to each of my contacts in hotmail in my Outbox. I have not sent them! How can I stop and prevent this?

    Your computer seems infected.  You can continue cleaning your system getting assistance at a forum free online, as one of those listed below, who specialize in solving these issues...  You will need to register first.

    Malware removal Forum
    Safer-Networking Forum

    What is the Tech Forum

  • I get e-mails bounce, which I have not sent. These emails contain a message and a link. Could I have a virus?

    I get emails returned, which I have not sent. These emails contain a message and a link. Could I have a virus?

    I use OS Yosemite 10.10.5. Thanking you in advance for your time.

    Not on this basis. It's probably that a person's mail and which actually look like it came from your address. This can be done without having access to your e-mail account.

    If they were sent to the people you know, a person can have in your information, and you should change your passwords.


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    Hi Mags711,

    I suggest to check the following items and check if it helps.

    Manage your contacts

    Working with Windows Mail in Windows Vista

    I hope this helps.

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    All uses of my e-mail address in Contacts are correct.

    AutoFill in APPLE MAIL, probably using the same database of Contacts, is correct.

    I can't find any use of "[email protected]" in all auto-complete entries.

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    My OS is Vista Home Premium 64 x.  Contacts files Windows Mail suddenly became dysfunctional.  The first indication was that individual files appeared as of the empty boxes with the exception of about 5%, which was the icon standard faceless person. When I try to open files by double clicking I get a notification that "Windows cannot open this file...". ».  However, I can open them via the edit function. When I click on the file, the preview image is displayed in the sidebar.  When I check the properties she reads "opens with: unknown Application.»  None of the contacts files were imported, they were all created by me.

    The only change I made to the PC is uninstall a Lexmark printer and an HP printer installation.  I did a reset to the point the uninstall/install and the problem persists.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Try to go in the Panel. Default programs | Associate a type of file or Protocol with a program and then find and highlight the .contact file type and then click on change program button, and then set the program on Windows Contacts.

    See if that fixes it.


  • How can I add to my contacts who have not sent to me?

    I have a new MacBook Pro laptop and am able to send and receive emails fine.  I see the drop down to save a contact to my contacts once they sent me an email.  However, I can't find how just enter email addresses which have not yet sent by e-mail.

    Your help is definitely appreciated!


    Go to the Contacts application and create a new map.

  • How can I retrieve my contacts from an old laptop that I have more?

    new computer lost contacts

    Hard drive crashed on my old laptop.  I now have a new and recovered most of my files with Carbonite, but nothing of Outlook Express has been recovered.  I have NO contacts and would like to know if there is a way to get back them without this old laptop.  I have neither computer repair people were able to initialize, so I can't enter to retrieve my e-mail contacts.  Help!  Thanks for any help.

    Found them!  Thanks for the help!

  • Contacts are combined with others during the synchronization of google

    I'm having a problem where some of my contacts are getting merged during synchronization of google.

    For example, I have 3 contacts:

    Shipping of 1 company that owns two phone numbers

    2 transmission, which has two business phone numbers

    Shipping of 3 company that owns two phone numbers

    On my pre, I see two entries of contacts:

    Shipping of 1 company that owns two phone numbers

    2 transmission, which has four telephone numbers of the company

    I can't get 3 company, but their phone number appears under the company 2.

    Ideas, suggestions, etc.

    Hi rjoffe,

    Welcome to the forums of Palm! In your specific example, open the contact for shipping of 2 company, then tap the header at the top. A list appears showing all sources of data for this contact. Tap the 3 company shipping option, then select Remove the link profile. This will separate 3 company so that it is a separate contact.

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