iOS 10 carplay music offline

Hello world

iOS 9 was very good with CarPlay, I saw the music library complete icloud (is enabled in the options). If I connect the iPhone (6) with my car, is BECAUSE ONLY the library offline in CarPlay menu, only the downloaded music has been shown.

iOS 10 with CarPlay? I DON'T see the complete library. No menu to see only the music offline. In iOS 10 in the music app I can switch between library and charged music.

How can I change? I mean, I don't want to see all the albums of artists 200/1000 in CarPlay.

Same issue if the iPhone with iOS 10 serve 'iPod' player connected to the car radio (no CarPlay).

In old iOS versions, I can choose in-app music only to use the downloaded music - and then only local music stored on the iPhone was shown in car audio.

In iOS 10 all the music is displayed and causes dead links, if I choose a song not downloaded.



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  • option not iOS 9.2 caused all the music offline to disappear and "make available offline".

    iOS 9.2 caused all the music offline to disappear - where the option "make available offline"?

    The worst part of this is that iOS 9.2 was supposed to solve problems by making playlists in offline mode. This update is a disaster! All the playlists or albums that I try to do in offline mode are partially downloaded... Apple music is going from bad to worse.

  • Trying to listen to music offline in Spotify.

    I want to listen to music offline (using my connection/mobile data as I have unlimited) and spotify says to simply make music available in offline mode using their rocker, I did. It will not yet download the tracks while I'm using data.

    Spotify says: Note: by default, the download via your mobile data connection is disabled. Click download on cell phone in your settings

    I can't find the download using the cell switch.

    I am using iOS 9.3.1

    Oddly, it's under settings > quality streaming in the Spotify app.

  • iOS 10 random music and rehearsal

    In iOS 10 where have the shuffle and repeat buttons playlist went into the center of control and enforcement? As constructive feedback, please review these in the center of checking back in a later version and eliminating the need to scroll down to see them in the app thanks.

    Hello micmiller01!

    To answer your question on the mixture on the new iOS 10 Apple music in your library when you click on an article, it will say Shuffle at the top. Also, when you click on an album, it should be above the first song. To repeat a song or cd, drag the screen to the top where you'll see until the next. To the right you should see the button repeat. I was hoping this answer help your question. Listen to the new music Apple iOS 10! Nice day!

  • How to listen to music offline in the iphone?

    How to listen to music offline in the iphone?

    This article will help you to Add music to the music catalog to Apple to your library on your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, or PC - Apple Support

  • Why my music offline keep delete itself?

    It makes me crazy, as this is the third time that my phone did.

    Whether a flaw in apple's music system or a defect in my phone, my phone just went up for the third time in as many months and delete all my music offline. It's annoying, because I had many songs in offline mode I did not through apple music. To make things worse, all the music that I downloaded on my phone of apple music went up and themselves deleted as well offline. The first two times I could just re-sync my phone and that would be the end of it. Today, I tried to sync about 4 times and nothing happened, so I advanced and restored my phone in the hopes that I could get this to work. It always says my music is too place (about 6 gb) and on itunes, it shows my entire library on my phone, but when I look at my phone, I don't see that online purchases or my downloads including UN-donwloaded Apple themselves. All I ask, is why has it happened so often and why this bug has not been fixed?

    Update: the restoration IS NOT FIX IT. He got real boring

  • Can I use the stop watch and listen to music offline

    Hi all! I am wanting to buy the bike 360 to use it for the race. The feature that interests me the most is the music offline reading, where you transfer songs from your phone to your smartwatch so that you can listen to your music without having to carry around your phone. This feature is ideal for runners, but I would like to know if I can listen to music and my short with a stopwatch, all at the same time time. Is it possible to do such a thing?

    Thank you!

    I just had time to check this. I could listen to music from my watch to my bluetooth speaker, then put the timer as well. I was also able to switch back without the reset timer or stop. I could also stop the clock and continue where I stopped it.

  • Issue of iOS 10 CarPlay

    Each update to iOS 10 and set to upgrade to the iPhone 7, CarPlay playlists being totally out of order.  In other words, although it lists the correct reading lists, the order of these playlists on the screen of the car are wrong.  I can play them in the right order so I it works through my phone, but it will play them in the wrong order if I try to run through the CarPlay screen.

    Hi phisto here!

    Welcome and thank you for bringing your question about the order of the playlists of CarPlay for communities Support from Apple.  I love having my music everywhere wherever I go, including reading lists, so I'm happy to help you today.

    When running into problems with CarPlay, there are a few recommendations, but one that seems most useful will consult the car manufacturer for updates to the firmware.  It may be that since iOS 10 is released, the firmware must be updated as well.

    Get help

    If CarPlay does not work as you expect, here's what you can check. After each step, try to use CarPlay again.

    1. Make sure that Siri is turned on.
    2. Restart your iPhone and your car. Depending on your car, you can see the CarPlay home screen when you turn it on. If you do not, look for the CarPlay logo on the screen of your car.
    3. If possible, connect your iPhone to a different USB port in your car.
    4. Try a different lightning to a USB cable. Make sure that the cable is certified.
    5. Update to the latest version of iOS.
    6. Check the manual using your car. You may need to install updates of firmware for your stereo.

    For more information on CarPlay:

    Configure CarPlay to use with your iPhone

    Have a great day!

  • Carplay music app is unresponsive


    I have a new VW Golf 7 (2016) with media Composition and AppConnect and use for music from Apple. Always well worked, connected with USB, drama pressed in music app and it works.

    But the application of music on my car radio suddenly became unresponsive. As soon as I plug in my phone and the music app appears on the radio carplay starts to get legs like crazy. If I select anything there to happen immediately to another tab leaving my cock not recognized.

    However he play the audio and I can control the application music to my iPhone without any problem. I can also control the audio playback using the buttons on my wheel, but I don't have a chance to do anything inside the carplay on my screen of the radio.

    During my commute together enforcement music just guard switching autour in tabs and does not stop.

    I already tried to unplug and plug back in, turn the radio and turning it back on, rebooted motors, delivered on my phone, unplug my phone, restart it, and reconnect it, tried to "Forget this device" under CarPlay on my phones settings and plug it back. All does not help it keeps crazy.

    Anyone know something like this, or has any advice on what I can try another?

    Is there a possibility to reset the parameters of carplay on the radio or something?

    I'm not using bluetooth and it is turned, I just connect via USB and I have a 6 iPhone with iOS 9.2.1

    Restart radio helped. (By pressing the Power button for 10 sec ~ until it reboots)

  • iOS 9.2 music Apple only to download my music on iPhone

    I updated my iPhone 6 to the new iOS 9.2 and after that update he took all my music on my phone that I had downloaded, even the songs I bought outside of Apple's music before iTunes. I have a smart playlist that has all the songs on a specific date (I think it's from 01/06/15) that has been added to my music and when I find the music I like I just download and it downloads for this playlist on all my devices. I use a Mac Air as my main Center for music. Now when I use the new 'cloud' make available offline button on my iPhone to download my music in the playlist, which has about 950 songs to download music on my phone that it downloads only some of the songs and he puts the spotted new "Download" circle next to the song and it move or do anything No matter what I do... Even if I try to cancel the download by clicking on the button 'stop' on this song, it does nothing. It is as if it is frozen on it or something... Then just to stop all this, I type where the new 'cloud' make available offline button would be it's now the new 'stop' button and when I type it ends on downloading songs, but instead to keep the song that has already been downloaded on the iPhone it removes all the songs in the playlist and makes unavailable offline... It's so frustrating... I don't know how to handle. Apple makes this Pinball very difficult to make your music available offline on our devices. I don't see why they can't just add a button that does everything in your library available offline. The only thing that I am probably going to do is go through all the songs in my library that is like 2500 songs and individually making them available offline... Which I did in the past and I tried to do recently but still a few songs just won't download... I don't know what to do. It is probably a bug with this new update, but I don't know. Any ideas?

    Did you that your iTunes is up to date? I had a similar problem with my iPhone, and it turns out my iTunes would only sync the songs to my iPhone, if it's on it's last version.

  • Cannot add songs to then put in the iOS 10.0 music app.

    Just what the title says. I also talk about loaded music from my iTunes library, not Apple Music. In previous versions of iOS, the three points presented next to everything on the application of music to give the possibility to add a maximum of next and now, it is only for albums, not songs. I've used this feature much and I'm sure that Apple has done away with her somehow to take advantage of the features of Apple's music (which I don't use), but it's frustrating to have to everything manually reorganize rather than choosing. I was wondering if there is a setting to get that back, or if it is gone for good.

    Hello STYT13,

    Thanks for this info and choosing the communities Support from Apple. I know the importance of being able to add songs to music's next playing on your iPhone is up to you! The good news is that the following steps will help you understand how to put in place the songs in your queue next play in the music app. All while playing a song, drag down on the now playing screen and press the library option in the lower left corner of the music app. In library view, type songs and find the song you want to add. Then tap and hold on the song and a menu will appear with the options, including play. I have personally tested myself, so I hope this helps and here is more on options while playing songs in-app music.

    Play music - the iPhone user Guide

    See you soon!

  • iOS 10 - No Music Videos

    After the upgrade to iOS 10 on two more 6 iPhone and iPad 9.7 purchased Pro, my music videos will not play on any of these devices. Videos always show in my playlist but will not play. On my Macbook Pro and iMac (27 "), they play very well.

    Dug into the the iOS10 for iPad iBook User Guide, found a statement that music videos are now seen with the music app.

  • After that downgrade of iOS 10 Apple music crashing and slaughtered library loading

    After I lowered the rating of iOS 10 my Apple music app would load as usual except when I'd go to the library where all ablums would show the Apple symbol music instead of album art. Whenever I need to click on the play button or a physical song, the app closed at the home screen. I came to the discussion earlier and tried some of the options they had here, as a reset, turn iCloud music market and stop, restart/restore forced, etc.. I did all these things, and now after a hard backup and restore of my dev that nothing had changed, the app would crash again. Then I went into the settings and merged my iCloud music when I turned it on and now the library is stuck on loading the library sign, but no progress. I don't know what to do and I need my music back please help!

    I can can help you when you are under iOS 10 beta 1 and decommissioning. iOS 9.3, new functions and new data what iOS 9.3 not taken care of, I suggest spending Aidan to iOS 10 and try to watch if it is not to break more

  • What is the minimum iOS for apple music

    Hi all

    My first post so be gentle please?

    I want to buy an iPod for my shop, so I can use my music Apple streaming account.

    I don't want to do anything else with this iPod (so I have no need of incredible cameras, loads of applications etc) and it will be only each being connected to a stereo system that plays music to my clients via the speakers.

    So, I'm trying to find an old/flea market/pre-loved iPod that can do. But I have no idea who or what iOS there need to be pre-installed (or expandable to?) to achieve this?

    Thanks for the advice in advance.

    iOS 8.4. This requires a fifth generation or more recent iPod touch.


  • Apple missing music offline option?

    In my iphone, the missing of the option offline as well as the music, I had with this option. That's happened? To play my music, that I had to download part of it again. the option in offline mode is interrupted?

    No, the menu option has changed however. Look for the cloud with the arrow down. This is the new option 'make available offline '.

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