iOS 10 iTunes Photo Sync does not display albums

Before the iOS10 upgrade, I got a folder on my PC with about 25 subfolders - with pictures organized in a special way that makes sense to me.  When I connected to iTunes, it has been configured to synchronize the main folder and each subdirectory would sync as an album on my iPhone - in other words, 25 folders = 25 albums and photos in the subdirectories corresponding pictures on the album of the iPhone.  Add a new folder on the PC and a new album is added on the iPhone.  Delete a file on the PC and the iPhone, it will be deleted.  Now it does not work after upgrade to iOS 10.  Is it a 'new '?  I've lost this ability?

I see a few more albums folder based on my iPhone. I suggest shooting synchronize photos off, sync, then back - light Sync photos and sync again to see if this changes what you see on the device. If this is not the case, use the feedback of the iPhone.


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    If you have, or have had iTunes, that is the problem. It contains the album art. I uninstalled iTunes and then ran ccleaner, to remove iTunes registers connections at work. As soon as I cleaned the registry the album covers are returned.

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    Follow the instructions here:

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    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers site!
    How long have you had this problem?

    All files compatible photo in your library in Windows will appear in Media Center, including whatever it is stored in the folder my pictures or public photo. If you store images somewhere else, like an external hard drive, you can add them to the Media Center as well. To learn how, see Add files to media in Windows Media Center.

    The following is a list of reasons why an image will not display in Media Center, as well as suggestions for correcting the problem.

    • The picture file type is not supported in Media Center. For example, some digital camera photos are saved in the RAW file format, which is not supported in Media Center. If you have a photo editing software, try to open the picture in that program, and then resaving in a file type that is supported (for example, JPEG). To see what types of files are supported in Media Center, see file types supported by Windows Media Center.

    • The file is corrupted. If this is the case, try to open the image in another photo editing program, and then save it back into a different file type. For more information on the damaged files, see the files corrupted: frequently asked questions.

    • The file is hidden. You can view a hidden file by changing its properties in Windows. For more information, see Show hidden files.

    Please see the article for more details below:

    Back to us for assistance.
    Kind regards
    Savan - Microsoft technical support.

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    If you see a closed lens or a black screen when you open the camera app, try the following steps:

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    I don't know what you mean.

    Do you mean that you do not see the ToolTip if you place an image or link and this image or link has a title attribute?

    You can check the pref on the topic: config page.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode without failure.
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    I tested in different devices, iphone and ipad, with two different accounts and beta of ios 9.2 and 9.2.1. Still the same error.

    The problem is that when I try to download a free app from app store ask me the password and does not work so I can't download any new script.

    Thanks for your help.

    Best regards.

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    Best regards.

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    I moved to the location of my pictures, sounds and video to another folder. Then, the default folders are different.
    In Explorer when I just click on the photos forlder ther is a location tab saying my it's the default folder.
    One last thing.
    If I go to explore and navigate to the folder my pictures, right click on a picture and select 'Set as wallpaper', then it displays the content and the folder.

    Any ideas?

    I got it working again.
    And that's a good reason to not mess with the registry.
    I have used a tweak registry to hide the libraries in the Explorer navigation pane. Once I've restored it Windows seems to have found the files for my photos. I then re - hid libraries and everything seems to work ok.


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    Summer love the Surface Pro offer functions since I got the 9 February, but lately, I've been a few software/hardware problems here and there. One of these issues is with Windows 8 itself. Go to a 500 GB SSHD in my old laptop with a 128 GB SSD in the Surface Pro forced me to move no delicate libraries or all the files on a 64 GB MicroSD card; No delicate part of these things is my music/iTunes library.

    After that, I then open Windows Media Player and noticed that it lacked all the artworks of my music organized itunes album in library view. Thinking it was just Windows Media Player still missing support for .m4a files (even if the file Explorer supports them clearly), I tried to add the album art, and it made no difference. Then it crossed my mind that maybe its Windows Media Player that does not support display cover from a disk full out of the primary. So I have moved the library to its default location, open Windows Media Player and it shows ALL of my music organized itunes album artwork.
    Move back to the new MicroSD is back to square 1; Windows Media Player is not display Album art. All geek/hacker knows a fix for this? I am confident in the modification of ANY part of the file system on my computer, including the registry. Thanks in advance.

    This looks like a problem of indexing. Windows just indexes not removable media by default particularly well. might help.


    MVP Windows Entertainment and connected home

    My Blog -

    Application Windows 8 Blog Reader of Barb connected world -

  • MAF List view does not display an arrow at the far right image


    I was working with the list of CRG Oracle view to create a page of the AMX.

    When I was with to create ListView data control, this isn't the display ar the right end of the list of the arrow.

    I have used showLinkIcon = 'true' also to display the link icon, but does not display is not the icon.

    Here's my AMX page for reference.

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"? >

    " < amx:view xmlns: xsi =" "xmlns:amx =" " "" "

    ' xmlns:dvtm = ' "> "

    < amx:panelPage id = "pp1" >

    < amx:facet name = "header" >

    < amx:outputText value = "List of reports" id = "ot1" rendering = "true"

    inlineStyle = "color: Navy;" text-align: center; make-weight: bold; "/ >

    < / amx:facet >

    < amx:tableLayout id = 'tl2' width = '100% ' inlineStyle = ' color: ActiveCaption; "borderWidth ="0">

    < amx:rowLayout id = "rl3" >

    < amx:cellFormat id = "cf4" width = "85%" >

    < amx:panelFormLayout id = "pfl2" >

    < amx:selectOneChoice value = "#{pageFlowScope.selected}" label = "#{' ' groups :'}" id = "soc1"}

    valueChangeListener = "#{pageFlowScope.ReportControlAction.onGroupChange} '"

    inlineStyle = "color: Black;" make-weight: bold; ">

    < amx:selectItems value = "#{bindings.groups.items}" id = "si1" / > "

    < / amx:selectOneChoice >

    < / amx:panelFormLayout >

    < / amx:cellFormat >

    < amx:cellFormat id = "cf5" width = "15%" >

    < amx:commandLink id = action = "#{"cl1"pageFlowScope.ReportControlAction.onClickOfGroupChange}" >

    < amx:image id = source="/Images/go.png"/ 'i1' >

    < / amx:commandLink >

    < / amx:cellFormat >

    < / amx:rowLayout >

    < / amx:tableLayout >

    < amx:listView styleClass = "listView-adfmf-insetList" var = "row" value = "#{bindings.reports1.collectionModel} '"

    fetchSize = "#{bindings.reports1.rangeSize} '"

    selectedRowKeys = "#{bindings.reports1.collectionModel.selectedRow} '"

    dividerAttribute selectionListener = "#{bindings.reports1.collectionModel.makeCurrent}" = "reportType" "

    dividerMode = 'all' showMoreStrategy = 'autoScroll' bufferStrategy = 'viewport' id = "lv2.

    collapsibleDividers = "true" showDividerCount = "true".

    inlineStyle = "vertical-align: middle;" color: gray; font-size: small; ">

    < amx:listItem id = action = "#{pageFlowScope.ReportControlAction.displaySelectOption"li2"} '"

    showLinkIcon = "true" >

    < amx:tableLayout width = '100 percent' id = 'tl1' borderWidth = "0" >

    < amx:rowLayout id = "rl2" >

    < amx:cellFormat width = '26px"rowSpan ="2"id ="cf1"halign ="center"valign ="middle">

    < amx:commandLink id = action = "#{"cl2"pageFlowScope.ReportControlAction.onClickOfPinReport}" >

    < amx:image id = "i2" source="/Images/pinandadd.png"/ >

    "< amx:setPropertyListener id = from =" #{ "spl1"} "to =" #{pageFlowScope.reportName} ".

    type = 'action' / >

    < amx:setPropertyListener id = from = "#{row.description"spl2"} '"

    to = "#{pageFlowScope.reportDescription}" type = "action" / > "

    < amx:setPropertyListener id = from = "#{"spl3"} '"

    to = "#{pageFlowScope.selectedReportID}" type = "action" / > "

    < amx:setPropertyListener id = from = "#{row.isParameterized"spl4"} '"

    to = "#{pageFlowScope.isParameterizedReport}" type = "action" / > "

    < / amx:commandLink >

    < / amx:cellFormat >

    < amx:cellFormat height = "28px" id = "cf2" halign = "DΘmarrer" valign = "middle" >

    < amx:outputText value = "#{}" id = "ot4" inlineStyle = "font-size: x-small; color: Navy; "/ >

    < / amx:cellFormat >

    < / amx:rowLayout >

    <!-< amx:rowLayout id = "rl1" >

    < amx:cellFormat width = '100% ' halign = "DΘmarrer" valign = "middle".

    inlineStyle = "text-align: left;" exceeding capacity-wrap: break-word; ">

    < amx:outputText value = "#{row.description}" id = "ot3" "

    inlineStyle = ' color: gray; " font-size: x-small; Police-weight: lighter; text-align: left; make-style: italic; "/ >

    < / amx:cellFormat >

    < / amx:rowLayout >->

    < / amx:tableLayout >

    "< amx:setPropertyListener id ="spl5"from =" #{} "to =" #{pageFlowScope.reportName} "type ="action"/ >

    "< amx:setPropertyListener id = from =" #{row.description "spl6"} "to =" #{pageFlowScope.reportDescription} ".

    type = 'action' / >

    "< amx:setPropertyListener id = from =" #{ "spl7"} "to =" #{pageFlowScope.selectedReportID} ".

    type = 'action' / >

    < amx:setPropertyListener id = from = "#{row.isParameterized"spl8"} '"

    to = "#{pageFlowScope.isParameterizedReport}" type = "action" / > "

    < amx:actionListener id = "al1" type = "swipeLeft".

    Binding="#{pageFlowScope.ReportControlAction.onSwipeToPin}"/ >

    < / amx:listItem >

    < / amx:listView >

    < / amx:panelPage >

    < / amx:view >

    Can someone please help me to solve it.

    Thank you

    Ajoy Sinha

    According to the following thread: ... On Android, it is normal that the arrow is excluded and available on iOS, to meet the relevant guides to style of the different platforms.


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