iOS 10 Mail: moving Messages, inconsistent behavior when you tapoterez folder icon

iPhone 6, iOS 10

I see inconsistent behavior when I try to move a message in Mail from in the message.

In previous versions of iOS, during playback of an e-mail message, I could tap the icon of the folder at the bottom of the messages, and which would lead to the top of the hierarchy of the folders for the email of the message account. From there on, it was just a matter of tapping on the file I want to move the message to, and he settled there the message and look back to the Inbox display (or the folder view I moved this message of).

In iOS 10, when I hit this folder icon, two things happen: it happens the same thing I described above, or sometimes, rather than see the hierarchy of folders, I see three buttons slide up from the bottom of the screen. The top button allows me to move the message directly to a folder in my account called 'Action' I created (I don't know why he chose this particular file to the default value for this button - maybe because it is first in alphabetical order of all my folders created by the user), the second button says "Another mailbox" and when it takes me to the hierarchy of the mailbox as described above, and the third button is a Cancel button.

I can't understand what dictates which of those two things happening. I tried again and again on a bunch of different messages. Some do happen, some do the other thing happens, and sometimes I'll have a different behavior in the message even if I try again later.

I prefer the old way. But I could get used to the new way, if I could at least choose what default folder appears in the first box.

Anyone else seeing this?

Someone knows how to change the default folder in the first box of this new process?

Thank you!

I seem to have solved the problem on my own. I went to settings > Mail, and in the "Threading" section, I have disabled "Complete Threads."

Tags: iPhone

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    Vista Ultimate. At completely random times, I get a message that the page I click (online or offline) "does not. The screen turns white (translucent) and I am then presented with an error message with the options 'expected response' or 'stop' the process. I can still see the original page (in the background) where I clicked initially to go to another link.  These errors are happening more frequently now. The system effectively hangs at this point.

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    Thank you.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    I noticed as well, that is not an option for him.

    If you notice when you go into a folder, then exit and return, the display

    isn't that exactly where you left it. The display does not start at the top of the file.

    Same thing with the messages.

    This causes many people to swear that they lack icons and new messages.

    I just read the message and give a quick blow to the current date.

    In this way, it is at the top of the queue when I get back.

    I don't think even on this, no more, just reflex.

    Thank you


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    Good evening

    I do an exercise on threads that consume too much CPU to find and why.

    I have the following (bad code) running in the session from a client to create a problem to diagnose:
    USER is "SCOTT"
    SQL> declare
      2    l_date  date;
      3  begin
      4    for i in 1..10000000 loop
      5      select sysdate into l_date from dual;
      6    end loop;
      7  end;
      8  /
    In another session, logged in as SYS, I execute the following query:
    col sid         format 9999
    col serial#     format 9999999
    col ospid       format a8
    col sql_text    format a40
    col sql_cn      format 9999
    select s.sid
         , s.serial#
         , p.spid                   ospid
         , q.sql_text
         , s.sql_child_number       sql_cn
      from v$process p
         , v$session s
         , v$sqlarea q
     where p.addr = s.paddr
       and s.sql_id = q.sql_id(+)
       and p.spid = &os_process_id;
    The results I get from the above query vary as shown below:
    SQL> @tcpu
    Enter value for os_process_id: 1104
    old  11:    and p.spid = &os_process_id
    new  11:    and p.spid = 1104
      SID  SERIAL# OSPID    SQL_TEXT                                 SQL_CN
    ----- -------- -------- ---------------------------------------- ------
       31     8564 1104     SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL                      0
    SQL> @tcpu
    Enter value for os_process_id: 1104
    old  11:    and p.spid = &os_process_id
    new  11:    and p.spid = 1104
      SID  SERIAL# OSPID    SQL_TEXT                                 SQL_CN
    ----- -------- -------- ---------------------------------------- ------
       31     8564 1104     declare   l_date  date; begin   for i in      0
                             1..10000000 loop     select sysdate int
                            o l_date from dual;   end loop; end;
    Is: why is it that sometimes the result of the query shows that the "SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL" and other times it shows the entire text of PL/SQL? I would have guessed that SQL_TEXT content would remain constant during execution of the block of code - that's a wrong assumption?

    Thank you for your help,


    There's a thing in the execution of PL/SQL which is called context switching, your PL/SQL is executed by PL/SQL engine and when there is a SQL in Pl/SQL, it is performed by the SQL engine and it runs separately and as a result some time when you ask, the execution pointer is on your PL/SQL for loop and some times it is the select statement.


  • Pavilion Notebook M1Y13UA #ABL: clickpad does not respond immediately when you tapoterez


    I have constant problems with the clickpad installed on my laptop. I can say that it is the touchpad/clickpad WORSE I've EVER had. It has been repaired twice by HP under my warranty coverage. First of all, they have changed a few son/cables inside and completely uninstalled Windows 10; Then, because the problems were still present, they installed a new clickpad, which changed the hardware. Some issues have been resolved, but others continue to be present.

    At this point, I'm trying to any parameters used for the clickpad, via settings-> devices-> mouse and touchpad-> properties of the mouse-> settings-> properties for Synaptics ClickPad ClickPad, very often, but not always, the clickpad is not responding when I type the first time after that I was doing something else. When I type the second or third time, I'm finally starting to get answers. In other words, whenever I type somewhere - to close a window, to follow a hyperlink, to place the cursor in a text, to select a part of a text, etc. - my first tap does NOTHING. I must repeat my cock at least once more before there is a response. I can type very gently or hard, it doesn't matter. It applies both to pressure alone to double tap. It is the same for the two fingers tapping.

    Pointing-> sensitivity feature is at its maximum. (If I reduce, the clickpad becomes even more that don't meet liked). Smart Sense functionality is almost extinct. (If I put it near Max, nothing changes.) Filter activation time option, which apparently blocks the clickpad for a certain period of time after you type, is zero. For the feature settings-> devices-> mouse and touchpad-> Touchpad (to help prevent the cursor to move accidentally while you type, change the time before work clicks)-> without delay. Turning or turn off of the button (on the clickpad) doesn't change anything. Clicks properly. All the drivers are up to date. All Windows 10 operating system up-to-date. When I attach my USB mouse, the mouse works fine, there is no delay in responses.

    I assumed that contacting HP for the third time will be not successful. Anyone have the same problem? If so, how to solve it? Other users seem to have had a similar problem ( but not found a solution.)

    Thank you very much in advance!

    I think that I recently found a solution (a partial solution at least) for this problem. The root of the problem seems to be the drivers supplied by Microsoft. The pilots, even new ones, for this clickpad are just horrible.

    What is worse, updates to these useless drivers are installed in my system without any agreement from me either. Try to avoid updates, using a Microsoft program ( ), doesn't help - for the clickpad updates are installed in any case.

    What I did to make my clickpad works much better is the following:

    1. Download a driver directly from the author of the clickpad, Synaptics ( For my camera, I used "Windows 10 I2C v19.0.19.1 devices". Do not install the driver again, your system will you not allow to do so due to a 'new' version of the driver 'already installed '.
    2. Disable automatic updates of your operating system, using the Protocol according to ( This change is not permanent, you can always activate the automatic system updates, if you wish. Of course, if you enable automatic updates, Microsoft crap drivers will be installed automatically too, deletion of all other good drivers you have installed previously.
    3. Completely uninstall the driver automatically installed for the clickpad using Device Manager (you can advance this Manager by right-clicking the Start button). Restart the computer, as required in a message box.
    4. Install the driver previously downloaded from Synaptics. In my case, I don't have to install manually, my system installed this driver 'default', without doubt, as the only available driver for clickpad on my hard drive.

    Here are the steps that I have lived to correct the problem. Now my clickpad is not as frustrating as it used to be. Make sure when you try these steps, they may not work in your particular case, because your computer might have a few important differences from my camera.

  • iPhone 5 sec crashes when you press any icon

    My iphone 5 s started hanging when I press any icon.

    This is what happens, the phone restarts, I open any application, being for a long time on the phone asking it works no problem, when I go back to the menu and press any other icon, it hangs and I need to force the restart by pressing the locking button and menu for 10 seconds, otherwise it restarts on its own within one minute. Sometimes I also noticed that the edges of the screen flickered (while the menu was still on the screen).

    This happened often for a day.  All of a sudden the next day, that everything was good - after this for 4 days now, I have not encountered this problem at all.  The only thing I can do is bring down the brightness.

    I went through the diagnostic log, but I'm not sure this will tell the cause.  I found few of them with piles of name + backboardd on the day and when the phone hung.

    any helps to understand the question and I need a hardware replacement?

    Disable the RAM!

    It's a little tricky to do the first time, but almost always, it accelerates to an iPhone or a computer and solves problems in the strange.

    Here's how to do it;

    1. press and hold the sleep/wake button until you see "slide to turn off".

    2 press and hold home for 5 seconds, until you see the screen flashes and return to the home screen. Sometimes, you need to go back to the home screen, without the blinking of the screen. In this case, you do not have it correctly. Try again.

    Good luck!

  • Touchpad on Satellite A200-1 body weight does not light when you tapoterez the top right

    Satellite A200-1 body weight.

    This has a double Synaptics touchpad mode that switches modes when you press on the upper right corner - at least he used to. Upgraded to Win7 and had to do a clean install as I had Vista Ultimate 32 bit version.
    Used the upgrade of Tosh package but the touchpad driver gave me the basic features, no double mode.

    Looked around and installed the driver of Luxpad V6.5 9.1.14 dated November 2, 2007. Played a little and everything came out to be almost normal, but the pad does not turn on & change the mode when I press on the upper right corner despite the checkbox for this being checked. It does turn on and work if I check the second option on the external mouse, etc..

    All ideas will be considered with gratitude that I tend not to use it. See you soon.

    Hi ple2011,

    Where did you downloaded Luxpad V6.5 driver? I can t find it on the Web from Toshiba site

    Is that on the Web from Toshiba site, you can download Alps Electric and Synaptics touchpad driver and you must install two drivers. You can download them here: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Check this box!

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