IOS 10 makes your iphone 6 more battery drain faster and feel hot

iOS 10 makes my iPhone 6 more battery drain faster and feel hot. Even charge my phone because my phone warm. I charged my phone three times per day.
It is the case for all the iPhone 6 as well as holders with iOS10?

Every since going to iOS10, my 6 s more drains much faster - even after doing a factory reset.

I used to get 7 to 10 hours before hitting 40% when the iOS9

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    How many minutes before your iphone 5 1% battery drain?

    I just got my iphone screen replaced and I think my battery drains faster than before. My brightness is at the lowest point and I just read in wattpad without activating the wifi and sometimes I read in mangarock but I noticed thatevery 2 or 3 minutes, my battery runs out at 1%, is this normal?

    BTW, my iphone's ios 7

  • Battery drains faster than normal after restoring iOS on iPhone 9.2 6 Plus.

    Hello everyone. Yesterday, I restored my iPhone with iOS 9.2 6 Plus using the latest version of iTunes. In every 1 minutes 4.7% of battery drains while watching a video offline.

    I have reset all settings, updated all my apps from the App Store and the battery drains fast continues. Can anyone fix or wait for the next update?

    Backup of your device

    Factory restore, set up as NEW.  Registration to iCloud will get your contacts, calendars, reminders and notes (other services, such as Gmail, Outlook, yahoo would be probably similar).

    Is there something in the system restore which is to drain your battery.

    Restore the minimum of your applications and test.  If all else fails, you can always restore back to the top again.

  • You can use your iphone 6 more to play games on apple tv 4

    You can use your iphone 6 more to play games on apple tv 4

    Yes, IF the application supports.  Crossy roads is an example of an application that supports.

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    IF you go to Preferences-> privacy-> Location Services-> System Services, you will see a guilty (if you have the status bar enabled). Calibration compass and alert Google Latitude based constantly turn on and off. This

    is a brand new iPhone 7 I have autonomy on 10.0.1 - I usually gained by during 48 hours between charges with moderate use (a few hrs site web surfing and using 3rd party email). Even with workarounds above watching my battery meter down 3 percent as I type this. I did an ipdate OTA. I will be heading home downgrade ipsw. I just lost confidence in apples QA software. Personal Apple who may read this, if you're going to harass us with daily updates OTA can you please make the tests more extensive before pushing minor point releases? This really put a huge hole in my independence and trust in the quality of the Apple. I can understand the complexity of the myriad of settings ios and the 3rd party software interactions, but perhaps more test time is required between releases one-time dowry...

  • Since iOS recent upgrade to my 5s my battery drains too quickly.  How to fix this problem?

    I recently downloaded version 10.0.2 Apple software update on my 5 and the battery drains too quickly.  It never happened until this update.  How to fix this problem?

    Hello kellyfromrexford,

    I understand that you are having a singing of fast draining of the battery you upgraded to iOS 10 on your iPhone 5s.  To determine what application or process affect the life of your battery, take a look at the information in these resources:

    On the use of the battery on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Maximize the life of the battery and battery life

    Take care.

  • Hi, I have problem im my Iphon 6 more are the focus and the image blurred whan im shooting what to do?

    Hi, I have problem in my IPhone 6 more is the focus and blurry image when turn what to do?

    for example, please find the attachment.

    Thank you...

    First check if your iPhone is eligible or not:

    and if your iPhone is not affected, so go here: get help with the camera on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • Battery drains faster with lollipop

    Has anyone else noticed that the battery drains faster with Lollipop, hard now 2/3 of the time compered to before upgrade. Battery all the saving settings are defined as before.

    Since how long have you updated? I suggest that you wait a few more, restart the device regularly.

  • HP 15 Notebook P: laptop battery draining fast

    Laptop battery draining fast

    I bought a new HP laptop there are 5 mountains. I had completely satisfied on the battery life to this day. The battery died just 4-5 hours without plugged. But these days the 100% charged battery cannot give the power up to 2 hours at least. I'm not saying that my battery drain too quickly. Most of the people said that our battery can not come at least 5-10 minutes once plugged on. My battery is dischrging 1% / minute. Hope this will be resolved for me. Sorry for my bad English.

    Complaints about battery drain problems after upgrade to Windows 10 are everywhere on the web these days.  A lot of "try this" and "try" too.

    It's a problem complicated because of all the variables, but let's hope solutions are forthcoming.

  • iPhone 6 more battery

    I just bought an iPhone brand new 6 Plus 2 days ago and I did a complete cycle of the battery from 0% to 100% and I get barely more than 8 hours of light use with most location services/background refresh disabled while my friends can easily take 1 day. I'm doing something wrong? The battery will improve over time with constant accusations?

    Hi AdrianMinajj,

    Congratulations for the new iPhone 6 Plus! I have an iPhone too, and I depend on to get the best out of the battery. I will be happy to provide you with some information to help you optimize the parameters of the battery.

    In, article maximize the battery life and battery life , you'll want to pay special attention to the section titled, "Tips for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch" these parameters are important for the performance of the battery in good condition.

    Adjust the display settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, this is ideal to make sure that you optimize the brightness settings.

    Keep the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in acceptable operating temperatures, another article that passes over the useful information regarding the battery life.

    This article why Lithium-ion?, goes to the wire information about the battery charge which can be useful.

    Have a good!

  • iPhone 6 more battery problem

    45 days ago, I bought an iPhone to my brother as a gift 6 with 120 GB of storage.

    Everything went well. He used iTunes, in order to install anything for the new device, until last week, when something happened suddenness.

    Every night he changes his mobile, but all by the sudden sometimes when he turned off the nm the next morning, the display will show the battery icon empty, although he left 60% charged, the nit before!

    This symptom occurs half the time he turns on his iPhone 6 more last week.

    Is this a hardware problem? (which seems the most obvious)

    One software, or a combination of both?

    This is what there return to Apple for replacement, or it can solve the problem by a solution 'House '?

    Any help will be appreciated

    Thank you for your time


    Athens, Greece



    Try resetting your device. This will not erase your data stored on that device.

    • Press and hold the sleep/wake button
    • Press and hold the Home button
    • Press and hold both buttons until the display turns off and on again with the Apple logo on the subject.

    Alternatively, you can go to settings - general - reset - Reset all settings

    If that doesn't work, restore your device to factory settings. Please note that this will delete the data on your device.

    Take a look this Apple Support article: use iTunes to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings - Apple Support.

    If these steps do not work, contact Apple and ask for help.

  • iPhone 6-battery draining fast (iOS 10)

    So I rebooted my phone to 100% around midnight and unplugged, my wifi was off, my bluetooth was off and my cellular data has been turned off. I was only on a regular phone mode, I can receive texts and calls. When I woke up this morning at about 08:00 my phone was already drained at 7%. What is a cause of iOS 10? Or is it my battery?

    It's 10 IOS I have this with my 6 I hope they patch

  • iPhone battery draining fast

    My iPhone of 6 battery go down 1% all ~ 15 seconds. After 67% it as abandoned and goes up to 20%. At first, I thought it was the beta, so I restored it to the last public update (10.0.2) I restored my iPhone 2 times now and my battery still drains like crazy. I don't think it's a battery problem because it turns off whenever it wants. I noticed something weird however. Whenever I try to reset soft, a deformed glitchy screen opens before he died. Whenever I do this it changes color (red, gray, green). Please help because it is impossible to use my iPhone for more than 3 hours.

    Hello mannycavs123,

    Thank you to raise your iPhone battery here questions in Apple Support communities. I understand how it is important to have the power and portability. I'll be more than happy to offer some things for you to check.

    The first thing we want to make sure that all of your data on your device is safe. You can have a backup, but please do a recent experience before you start troubleshooting. You can perform a backup in iCloud or iTunes using this article: the backup of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Once you know that your data is safe, I recommend that you check two things that can help extend your battery life. Is first called Wi - Fi help. When you encounter low signal strength time when you are connected to a wireless network, this feature allows your device jumping to the cellular signal so that your data will not be interrupted. With the switching signal, you will use more data, and depending on your cellular signal, it can also use more autonomy. This Help article talks about WiFi help: Help on Wi - Fi. I am personally in a great wireless signal box almost everyday, so I have this setting disabled. It can help to increase the autonomy of the battery you want to do.

    The second recommendation, I can offer is to disable any applications using cell phone that you should absolutely not. This Help article discusses this: on the cellular data settings and usage on your iPhone / iPad. For example, I do not personally that I've never used the compass. Disable this access to cell data. Because he needs to send and receive data to keep the data when you open it, this will use the cellular data more. A signal, or whatever it is using cellular data more cost more autonomy. The best part of this is, if I'm in an area without wireless and suddenly need my compass, I can go back to these settings and turn it back on. This is why I personally most of these applications disabled except things like phone, mail, Messages, cards, and everything I need to use on a daily basis, even if I go to a wireless network. This can also increase your battery life.

    In addition, you can take a look at what applications use the most out of your battery and adjust its use accordingly.  Take a look at this link for more information:

    On the use of the battery on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Thanks again for checking out Apple Support communities and have a great rest of your day.

  • Is it possible to fix your iPhone 6 after setting the date and time to January 1, 1970?

    I saw something on the internet that says your iPhone 6 would do something cool if the date to January 1, 1970. I did it and my phone does not now and is constantly reset. If anyone here can help me, please let me know.

    Thank you!

    Hi, try a DFU restore.

    Someone has solved the problem by removing the sim card, I have not tried, but you can give it a shot.

    The last solution is to let the battery discharge, but I do not recommend this.

    In any case the best solution is to make an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar, you'll probably helped.

  • New iPhone battery drain fast

    I just bought an iPhone brand new SE of Carphone Warehouse UK (boxed, sealed in original box/packagine Apple and retractable. I even checked build date for phone and it was built only 8 weeks, so I know it's brand new) and the battery is not lasting long. I did the usual: let the battery die, then plug in and wait until it is 100% charged to calibrate it. No bluetooth and very few use the matrices of the battery of his own volition after only 26 hours.

    With my previous iPhone 5, under the same set of circumstances, it would take 64 to 72 hours to die. The main reason why I bought a new iPhone that is was because my old iPhone 5 was three years old and the battery life is almost exhausted after load/unloaded hundreds of times over three years, at the end of the iPhone 5 battery would die after about 34 hours.

    How is it a brand new battery iPhone IS dying faster than an iPhone busy three year 5?

    I have only had it a few days, can I get my Apple store to exchange it for another, or I'll have to go to Carphone Warehouse and get them to Exchange?

    Or is it no fault at all and SE just terrible the battery last long?

    The steps detailed here to try to see if they improve your use of the battery, especially disabling background App refresh:

    Also download the autonomy on the App Store application and test your battery with it. If it is damaged the phone must be guaranteed and an Apple Store can check and replace if necessary.

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