iOS 10 people record problem/question


I have a couple of "faces" in the issue of people who are coming in white, but acknowledged same 'face' of many times.  Is anyway to update it for photo comes actually?  At a few faces, I don't know that facial recognition found since it is coming from white.


Hi JohnP007,

Congratulations on your iPhone 7 more running iOS 10! I understand that some of your faces in the album of people pull up as a draft and you want to refresh. You can try to use the steps below to fix the faces on the thumbnails in albums.

Difficulty faces and names mixed-up

If you notice that there is a photo of someone in a collection that is poorly identified, you can remove it.

  1. Tap the person you want to remove in the album of people > select.
  2. Type Show done face to emphasize his face in every photo.
  3. Press on each photo that is not the person.
  4. Type > not this person.

Hide people

You can hide the people or groups that you don't want in your album of people.

  1. Open the album people and press Select.
  2. Touch the people you don't want to see.
  3. Click Hide.

If you want to see the people that you have hidden, press on show hidden people.

People in the Photos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

This should be corrected without delay faces. Please use the Apple Support communities to post your question. Good day.

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  • Droid wired headset problem/Question


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    If you get it replaced make sure you only change the SD card to the new.  Then, you won't lose any of these data.  You can save all your texts on the SD card with an application called SMS Backup & Restore.  The first time you open Market and tap Menu-> downloads it will show you all of your applications.  Paid and free.  If you leave this same screen so before installing all the they will disappear.  Write all your apps prior would be a good thing to do.  I hope this helps.

  • iOS 9.3 update problems with links

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    • Safari

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    • hard power off.
    • javascript disabled
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    iPhone 6 s

    Hello PandaSlots,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand from your question that hyperlinks are include as expected after the update to iOS 9.3. We know how frustrating situations like this can be, and we want to make sure that your devices work as expected.

    9.3.1 iOS has been published. This update should resolve this situation.

    If links Hypertext does not open in Safari, Mail or Messages after updating to iOS 9.3 - Apple Support

    See you soon!

  • On the audio recording problems

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    These sounds record and save functions are part of a comprehensive program, and I'm sorry that I can't give a single vi on it. I add the numbers below and I hope it helps. I am also willing to provide any additional information.

    PS: I have reviewed the incompatibility caused by approximation of the "t0" (published in ) and compensate for that during the savings phase. (see figure 2)

    Thank you very much for the help!

    Hi, Vans,

    Thank you for your response.

    For your questions.

    1. I'm using Labview 2011 sp1 on Windows 7/Xp. I tested the program on desktop computers and laptops. I don't know about the types of sound card, but given that this problem occurs on several different computers, I think that this is not the problem of sound cards.

    2. for the sound card sampling frequency, in fact I checked that. I read signals of waveform of the ' of sound entry' and the term 'dt' is equal to 1 on the sampling frequency. So I think that the sampling rate of the sound card is correct.

    In fact I have just solved this problem by myself, but the solution is pretty weird. I think there are two reasons that caused this problem.

    1. when I receive tones of " of sound input", I first save them in a queue. Once the acquisition is completed, I save all the signals in the queue to a .wav file. But I'm going to do to overcome the overlapping sound and the gap caused by the "t0" reconciliation, a waveform signal re - organize before saving it, as below. According to my knowledge, I think that this 'dt' in the resulting waveform (indicated by the arrow) must be the same as before, but in fact it is not, and it becomes 1.

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    I tested the program of hundreds of times and each time he acted like I described above. I don't know if anyone has ever faced the same problem as me, but I hope that my solution can be useful for others. And I also hope to be useful to improve your LabView products.

    Thank you for your time.

    Best regards


  • Leak memory for iOS Adobe Access API problem


    We try to develop an iOS app (with activated ARC) using Adobe access API 4.0 and we have identified that the function [drmManager createDRMSession] a memory leak.

    DRMSESSION = [drmManager createDRMSession: METADATA playlist:PLAYLIST error: void full:^()}];

    We use:

    DRMSESSION-> low

    METADATA-> strong (such as the need to share within the object)

    PLAYLIST-> strong (such as the need to share within the object)

    After the call to this function, the object cannot dealloc and most leaked networking-related (for example, CFNetwork...)

    Is this a known issue for iOS Adobe Access API or're missing us a few key steps.

    Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    ans0600, sorry about that, I read front of Hiroshi too quickly.  I did some digging and have developed two alternatives:

    1. Create a file with CRA disabled in order to translate the object returned to be an autorelease
    2. declare the DRMSession returned as __unsafe_unretained and use CFRelease, such on stackexchange

    In the future, we can change this method to return an autoreleased object to avoid this problem.  Let us know if you have any other questions!

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    Looks like Bluetooth problems with iOS 10 are widespread.

    Here's the problem I have.  Don't know if anyone has a solution...

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    2 Apple Watch (original v1) with 3 OS Watch.

    When I get in my car and the iPhone 6 pairs with my car stereo Bluetooth, connect Bluetooth with my watch falls every time.  Is this just a bug that is possibly corrected?


    This is a known bug:

    Wait for 10.1

  • iOS 10 no signal problem

    I have an iPhone 5s (model 1533) and after the update to iOS 10 I can't get a signal, I tried a full restore and update and also reset network as well as the obvious reboot. First, he would get a signal a little while but if I tried to make a call, it would go directly to no signal, it also seems to have the power of the weak wifi signal too, related? Must say that I had a lot of problems with my apple stuff recently, at the end of my home! All ideas welcome please?

    I had the same problem on Verizon.  I fixed mine by going to settings, cell and disable roaming data and then on again.  Its happened twice so far, as well as a few other bugs.  iOS 10 is probably the worst launch of iOS.

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    Its unlocked but not jailbroken and still running on ios 8.1.3. I've never tested with carrier unlock, but my step dad gave me his phone and I want to update. It requires changer AFN and PPM 3 to 2 to have a working sim card.

    Never mind, I just realized how my question is stupid. Its quite logical, I can't update without having to open it again. I could sell it right.

  • IOS 6s whatsapp Bluetooth problem

    Call for help,

    6 s after having upgraded to IOS 10,

    When it is connected to the Bluetooth headset, the voice message that Whatsapp is broken.

    Disconnect the Bluetooth, stop the same Whatsapp Whatsapp to uninstall and reinstall.

    Impossible to solve the problem.

    Any expert can give me only a hands?

    Thank you all


    Tap Settings > Bluetooth, then turn the Bluetooth off then on IT.

  • Album iOS 10 people

    so I spend hours organizing (naming, fusion, etc.) must face in the new iOS 10 album 'people '. I like being able to quickly find photos of friends or a group of them...

    first of all, I understand and that these data are kept on each individual and unsynchronized devices to iCloud Photo Gallery (which is a major drawback) but yesterday after restoring my backup to my new iPhone iphones bright 7 I was surprised that all of my names and mergers have disappeared.

    People are not stored in the backup of the device? People sounds useless feature to re-do whenever we get a new device...

    They have also completely different based on which device you are using. I use iCloud photo library, so my iPad, iPhone and iMac have exactly the same pictures. But my iPad and iPhone (and soon, my iMac) show different people, with different photo for each person charges. I'm not going to bother with it until it gets fixed and all my devices are beginning to show the same information.

    What I especially don't understand is that faces from Photos for macOS gets already synced to the iOS devices (not in a visible album, but you can search these faces). But for some reason any faces got simply abandoned to a wobbly feature...

  • iOS 10 music playback problems

    Is anyone else having issues with playing music after that 10 updated ios? For example, when listening to music a song will suddenly stop and start a new song. Or the next song will not begin at the beginning that it will start a few seconds or in the middle. I have an iphone 6, with, if that makes a difference. Any advice would be awesome, gets really frustrating not being able to listen to my music

    Yes, I've noticed this also. Sometimes the music will stop playing just when I leave enforcement of music - not when I'm in another application, but when I go to the home screen. Sometimes songs start to half way through. Other songs, which are supposed to start for example 1m30s (play this way in iTunes because of the opening of gossip), start from the beginning. Sometimes when a new song starts, the iPhone continues to play the old song, as if it's over - it's right there at the end of the progress bar.

    None of these problems are constantly appearing. They come and go.

    Details: iPhone SE, without Apple's music subscription, all the music is synchronized from my computer on my iPhone. Reading most done by a bluetooth speaker, and reading the most comes from smart playlists.

  • Ios 10 Bluetooth connection problems

    Since the upgrade to ios 10. My bluetooth in my car (2016 Hyundai Sonata) guard connection connected and disconnect every few minutes. This never happened to level. Did someone else this experience?

    Hi MoHawk26!

    I see that you are having problems with your car Bluetooth and iPhone communicates is not properly since the update of your iPhone.  I know it's important to be able to connect your iPhone to your car Bluetooth, and I'm happy to offer assistance.  Please follow all the instructions in the following support article under 'If you are using Bluetooth:

    Help to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with your car radio

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    See you soon!

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