iOS 10: where are the lyrics in music apple, I used to have under iOS9?

Before iOS 10 in the music app, I used to be able to tap the albumcover of the song and read the lyrics. Now, there are no words at all. They are still in iTunes when I opened the song in particular information, but the iOS10 function is lost. When I type the..., there is no words either. I have the lyrics of more than 5000 songs in iTunes. When I am not able to see them more in the music app, it's almost an improvement. I'll have to go back to iOS 9.

I noticed a few lyrics of songs are viewable in iOS10 but others do not, it must be a bug in iOS10.

Apple, please fix this...

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    The best


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    Thank you

    type in your windows search bar

    '%AppData% '.
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    had the same problem and figured it out

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