IOS 6s whatsapp Bluetooth problem

Call for help,

6 s after having upgraded to IOS 10,

When it is connected to the Bluetooth headset, the voice message that Whatsapp is broken.

Disconnect the Bluetooth, stop the same Whatsapp Whatsapp to uninstall and reinstall.

Impossible to solve the problem.

Any expert can give me only a hands?

Thank you all



Tap Settings > Bluetooth, then turn the Bluetooth off then on IT.

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    I have the same problem with bluetooth and iphone car 7 more.  6plus iPhone with ios 10 worked without problems.  can connect to the car, but the iphone does not respond to the hands-free 2010 GMC.  When audio connects, degrades and call fails.

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    looks more like a hardware delivers then one software

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    I have an iPhone 6 and an iPad Mini 2 and use them with JayBirds BlueBuds X and only them tried for you. No disconnect - if jump using the buttons on the Atria or the screen of the device. Also tried a playlist on each that I had downloaded and another list of reading which has been streaming without any problem.

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    pouvez iphone with ios 9 use bluetooth 4.1 5

    Hello ajwaka,

    After reviewing your post, it looks like you want to know if the 5 s iPhone supports Bluetooth 4.1. I recommend you to read this article.

    iPhone 5 s - technical specifications

    Cell phones and wireless

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    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.
    Good day.

  • with IOS 10.0.2 - 5s iphone Bluetooth problems

    Since upgrading ISO 10.0.2 my M50 from PLT Plantronics (helmet unique headset) do not reliably connects with my iPhone 5 more. I have to go to the settings, activate bluetooth turned off/turned on, touch the device on the bluetooth page, etc. Once it connects successfully, it will reconnect (if I turn off the headset and turn it back on) for a short period. The next day he does not connect itself but I play with bluetooth on the iPhone again.

    It has always worked perfectly before the 10th of IOS.

    And, as I noticed others mentioning, the volume is much lower with IOS 10. The maximum volume is much lower. I can barely hear it now, more normal background noise, while driving.

    I did:

    Forget this device for the PLT M50 and paired again (several times)

    I did a Reset Network Settings

    I don't know what else to do - but it's a 10.0.2 IOS issue.

    Hello AppleUser2k,

    Please ask questions about your problems of connection between your iPhone and your Plantronics headset since you upgraded to iOS 10. I understand how important it is to have your Bluetooth devices connect with your iPhone with reliability. Here's what I recommend.

    The first thing we want to make sure is that all your data is safe. You can perform a backup in iCloud or iTunes using this article: backing up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    Once your data is safe, try the troubleshooting steps in this article to help: get help to connect a Bluetooth accessory with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device should also check with the manufacturer that the device has all the drivers and firmware to work with the new version of iOS.

    If you have checked everything and that you have installed the latest firmware or driver and always are problems, please be aware of your surroundings when you encounter these problems. If you can isolate the time or location, you see the problems, you can isolate the cause. You can even see this help article to ensure that you are not affected by outside interference: the potential sources of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    Thanks again and have a great rest of your day.

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    Before you upgrade to IOS 10 both Iphone5s and 6 s more, bluetooth in my Nissan Murano 2013 worked perfectly. Now, pairs of thin phone and able to call but Bluetooth drops out when receive call and it happens on both devices IOS 10.

    Walks through the internet and we have tried all the recommendations to reset and re-pair the Bluetooth on the system of the car and the Iphone, but nothing helped.

    The following steps have been tried but compensate.


    -Forget pairing Iphone and car, turn off Bluetooth (reset Press Home + Power device)

    -Restart the car and re - pair again


    -Forget pairing Iphone and car, turn off Bluetooth (reset all settings)

    -Restart the car and re - pair again

    Borrowed from my friend Iphone5s who do not have upgraded to IOS 10 and paired the car and bang works perfectly.

    Someone else has the same problem?


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    When you have the configuration of 10 iPhone iOS in Spanish and you try to open the weather app, it crash... and if you use WhatsApp and you receive a friend ubicationt crash (soft)... Please let me know how can I solve this problem!

    WhatsApp has not been updated for iOS 10 again. Watch for updates in the App Store application.

    In regard to the messages, do not forget to enable Diagnostics in settings > privacy > Diagnostics. This will help Apple improve the issue in future updates.

  • iOS 9.3.1 bluetooth problems?

    I just updated my iPhone to iOS 9.3.1 6 my Garmin Fenix 3 now does not connect and similar questions in my car and bluetooth speakers. I have reset the settings network without success. I did a reset software on the phone and 'forgotten device' and tried to re - associate once more with no luck. The devices are now not appear as visible on the device.

    Does anyone else know bluetooth issues with iOS 9.3.1

    I have problems with my Garmin Vívosmart since 9.3.1 has been installed, in order to have same question as you have described. The Garmin connects very well with my iPad (9.2.1).

  • IOS created 9.3.3 Bluetooth problem

    I upgraded from 9.3.2 IOS iOS 9.3.3 two days ago. Since the upgrade, I was able to use my bluetooth FM transmitter in the car to play music and podcasts via a designated FM radio station. The module I use is a Tranzmit BLU ISFM22 iSimple module that is attached to the stock of my car radio. In collaboration with their IOS application, this allowed me to play something from my iPhone through the FM radio. I've successfully used this system with two iPhones (currently an iPhone 6) since June of 2014. My wife and my daughter also have iPhone 6. They have not put upgraded to IOS 9.3.3.  Two of them can easily use the system in my car through the app. I could until I upgraded. So, I can only conclude that the upgrade has affected the ability of my effective bluetooth to access this device.

    (1) I want to emphasize this bug in the hope that it could be addressed and in the hope that others will have to inspect their ability to use your Bluetooth devices. Perhaps this bug affect only a few devices.

    (2) I would like to know how downgrade to IOS 9.3.2 until a fix can be issued. I like to use the Bluetooth transmitter every day on routes. This is a pretty big deal for me to come down immediately!

    Thanks for any assistance on two points. Thanks to all who inspects their Bluetooth capabilities after upgrade and makes account of their findings.

    Apple can't downgrade iOS.

    Contact iSimple Tranzmit to see if they have an update available for the iOS 9.3.3 compatibility.

  • IOS error 10 Bluetooth headset


    Since I've upgraded to iOS 10 on my iPhone 6, my quick mpow Bluetooth headset does not work as Hey used to. When I turn on, they automatically connect to the iPhone and I get the small icon beside the battery meter indicates the State of charge, however, they do not appear as an audio device in spotify, itunes or other audio applications.

    Only the way to solve it is to "forget the device" and re-pair the helmet - pain in the * when to go to the gym, etc.

    I tried to reset the network settings according to another post on the forum, but there is no reaolve the question.

    Any ideas? She must have iOS 10 as they worked perfectly well until last week and I tried it on my iPod touch 4th generation and they work perfectly.

    Thank you

    I have this problem also with a SoundPeats QY8. I think it's a bug of iOS 10 because he was allowed in the iOS 9.

    In order to obtain the device name displayed for audio playback, one solution is to click on the name of the device under Bluetooth settings after it is already connected, which is a useless chore.

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