iOS 9.2.1 receive emails from yahoo

Shortly after the installation of ios 9.2.1 my iPhone more than 6 cannot receive emails from yahoo. (Before that it worked very well for over a year.) My gmail works fine. I called Apple and they don't have any idea. They told me to back up my phone and the restoration and that had no effect. I did three times and lost half of my apps when it restored and still my yahoo doesn't the phone app.

I had download the YAHOO APP for it to receive email in the yahoo only application. Please help I worked on it for 3 days while I'm snowed in by JONAS of BLIZZARD in New Jersey. Thank you.

I am also have the same problem after I updated ios 9.2.1. Yahoo Mail is not working.

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    Go into settings of mail accounts account delete that do not work and then add them again.

    See you soon


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    Make sure Thunderbird is authorised by your personal firewall.

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    Online account, such as hotmail?  Try the password recovery options you get when connecting.

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    As you use Windows Live mail, you can also post your request in the Windows Live forums to get help.

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    Tour of e-mail scanning in your anti virus program and try again. If you ever feel the urge to start an email with the word 'suddenly' problem that is almost always anti virus program, unless the service is actually down with the mail provider.

    I feel a bit like Miss Marple, saying that the Butler did it when I answer the latter, but no where near as smart.

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    Was it a problem until you've got the new phone?

    You use just web mail access or are you using the download actually mail and messaging software?

    If you download the mail can get web access to them?

    Is TC with double NAT Setup? Please check in the airport utility and see if there is any questions.

    The phone can go ok for other Web sites?

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    It is a huge problem for me because I can't be sure that my emails of will be delivered to the customer mu hosted email or

    Doesn't anyone had problems of this kind?

    It is the only area that you don't receive email, or are there others?

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    On Monday, October 8, 2012 11:49:35 + 0000, dawnsb1967 wrote:

    I receive many emails mailer daemon that does not have any sence what so ever. No matter what other e-mails received from this person. Thank you

    He is not a person, it is a computer. We all receive mail from him now and
    Then, particularly if send us mail to a non-existent address.

    You say that your mail "does not any sence what so ever." Thanks for posting
    the exact text of the message you get, verbatim.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

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    If they do not follow all the links or software as a result of these messages, so there is no risk for them.

    As for you, if you can still access your mailbox, log in using a web browser, change your password, update the security features, and you should be sure again.

    If your mailbox provider allows it, be sure to enable always 'use HTTPS.  That can go a long way towards ensuring you don't get hacked again.

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    (1) Windows operating system you are using?

    (2) you are not able to receive emails?

    (3) e-mail account do you use?

    (4) you are able to check your email in another computer?

    If you use Hotmail, then check out the link below:

    Suggestions for a question on the help forums

    Answer with the information required so that would help it us better.

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