iOS 9.2 removed all my Apple of my playlists in-app music

After FINALLY getting the music application and the iTunes and the Apple music work together to 9.1, it is all back to square one. Everything I have added to the many playlists in recent months of Apple's music 4.5 disappeared again. I pulled out my Apple ID, nothing. iTunes released me iCloud, resigned back in, iCloud "update" in iTunes, nothing. Also all the tracks I had on my phone, physically are more physically on my phone. It's so tiring to have to constantly rebuild playlists again and again, first to 9.1 now in 9.2. Does anyone else have this problem?

The bug report page can even choose iOS 9.2 in the "which version of iOS are you using?

I'm on an iPhone 6 and 10.9 OS using the latest version of iTunes.

I can't find a button change to my original post so...

My phone has somehow returned to the pre Apple music and has deleted all of my lists of reading only a few. Even though same iTunes has show Apple music and iCloud music checked belonging that my phone will try to re - sync those playlists used to be checked in the tab Sync music until I subscribed to music from Apple. Can't do realize iCloud still exists.

Also in iOS 9.2 settings/music music library iCloud is turns off. I turn it back on and choose merge and it turns off again. I restarted my phone several times hard, restarted iTunes several times and restarted my Mac. Nothing works.

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    My request here is, is it possible that I can select all the pieces that I have selected in iTunes and delete all of these songs in my iTunes library. To clarify I'm asking not how to remove and individual songs or how to remove a playlist, I want the songs within a time to be gone, or deselected somehow.

    Basically, I recently bought a new laptop and I've been moving all of my music from the old laptop to the new aid, sticks of memory of 8 GB that I don't have an external hardrive and would rather not pay for someone else to come and move the contents of my hard drive from one to the other. On my previous laptop, I had a playlist containing all the songs I want on my phone for synchronization purposes, as I had too much music to store it all. For reasons to keep this playlist and without having to build all over again I first transferred the music in the playlist of phone. The problem is I now want to transfer the songs that aren't in that playlist aswell, but I can't find anyway to select only the titles so that I can drag them into my memory stick. I can't delete the songs in the playlist one by one as there are almost 6000 titles in there then, obviously, that would be very time consuming.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give

    I would recommend before you do anything destructive with your library you backup your iTunes for Windows with SyncToy library. It is also the tool I would recommend that you use to transfer the library to a computer, first back up and restore then (in a folder empty) to the other machine. Doing it this way means that you get the sides play heads of prosecution, playlists, date added, and that you don't have to erase and reload your content. It also ensures that you have a backup! Hard drives external are quite cheap and you should not skimp. That said, if the two computers are on the same network, you can use SyncToy to copy the iTunes folder from one to the other, if you open the folder music sharing on a computer, so it can be seen from the other.

    As for the original question, Ctrl + A to select everything in a playlist. SHIFT-DELETE to remove it from the library. But I really wouldn't like that.


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    Whey was that the option to remove all deleted from the Inbox folder in iOS 10 Mail App?


    Go to the mailbox, click on where it says all the inboxes just scroll to the bottom of page for each account

    For Junk / Trash ect

    See you soon


  • iOS 10 Mail to remove all functions?

    I just installed the new update of ios10 and for some reason any lost the trash/remove any function in the messaging application.

    Delete is dimmed, and when you select all, you can only mark a post to score as/unread.

    Am I missing something?

    Hi Alison,

    It's great that you bring to your question on the deletion of all of your messages in the Mail application after installing iOS 10.  I know that whenever I update things may look and act a little differently, so I'm happy to help you resolve this issue.

    Follow these instructions and you should be able to delete all messages in a folder.

    1. Open the Mail application
    2. Select the mail folder that you want to empty
    3. in the upper right corner, tap on change
    4. at the bottom, you should see Mark All and delete everything in blue
    5. Select Delete all and it will ask you again, all delete or cancel
    6. Select Delete all and it will remove all the email in this folder

    Enjoy 10 IOS on your iPhone!

  • How can I remove all the pieces of Apple's music added to my library?

    I went through the free trial and then two months of Apple's music. I do not simply continue to pay monthly fees. However, for the five months I had Apple music I added a lot of albums to my music I can play them from my iPhone in my car. In any event I am now having to look and try to find the albums or songs, I added one at a time to remove them. It's infuriating. Is there a way to remove all Apple music from my music library at the same time?

    On the tab my music toggle the display of the Album song. Then right-click on the column headers and check that 'iCloud status' is checked. Then click this column to sort your music based on iCloud status. Locate the first track 'Apple Music', click it, scroll to the last piece of music from Apple and shift click to highlight all the music from Apple. You can finally do a right-click the selection and click on Remove to remove all Apple music songs recorded.

  • remove all apps in itunes


    I'm having a problem of synchronization (-54)

    I tried all the suggested solutions here and on the support page

    My next thought is to remove the apps I have on my ipad in itunes apps fully up to date can therefore be transferred to itunes?  We hope to solve the problem.

    I was also wondering as they take so much space on my small HD if I remove all applications and download them to the cloud, if I ever need it in the future?

    Please notify

    I use the last itunes and windows 10

    See you soon


    Since the introduction of Apple App clarified in iOS 9.2, there is really no reason to keep copies of the app in iTunes. You can delete all the. Here are my longer explanation of the thinning App.


    With iOS 9.2 you are more able to move applications from one device to iTunes. Apple now uses a system called thinning App. With her, when you download or update an application on a device, only the resources needed for that specific device are downloaded. What makes downloading faster and significantly smaller. But it also means that this exact version is useless to any other device, so there are transferred to iTunes. If you want it in iTunes, you need to download directly from the App Store (or set this is done automatically). Personally, I stopped to keep copies of the apps in iTunes - no reason wasting disk space. I can always re-download them from the store. The only exception is an old, but stil work app that is abandoned by its developer.

  • My iPad 2 is very slow.  I removed all unused applications and erased from history.  What can I do else?

    My iPad is very slow.  I removed all unused applications and erased from history.  What can I do else?

    A disclaimer clause.

    I make no warranty, express or implied, that my own procedures return EACH older iPad to a usable state, running.

    Try all of the following conditions:

    Try to reset all the settings in the settings under general app and in the right column under restore.

    Try stories reset and delete/reset the caches in all web browsers you use.
    If you use Safari, these features may be in the application settings under Safari.
    Other browsers have their settings inside the running application itself.

    If your iPad has been activated for iCloud, in the application settings under iCloud, to the right, under iCloud Drive, type in iCloud drive and make sure that Safari is off to save data from Safari to iCloud by car.

    Also, under iCloud in the application settings, in iCloud Drive, turn the feature off saving for all other desired apps DO NOT the data automatically on iCloud drive.

    If you are using Safari is always causing issues.
    Try changing / using web browser third another, different.
    I do not use iOS Safari too much more because I found it cause me headaches on some Web sites, regularly, to visit.
    I commonly use another third party browser, perfect browser (there are others that can suit your style better web browsing, so look all first to see what third-party browser may work better for you) and I have never experience many questions that Safari was originally.

    In the settings app, under the Safari settings panel, tap lightly on the Panel in the right-hand turn off / disable Safari Suggestions.

    In the application settings tab general, right under the spotlight sesrch, try disable the search under the applications who really don't need a research, as some games, remote controls, apps that are really useless to be searched, etc., in order to reduce the list to Spotlight search.

    Try to turn the reduced movement.
    This is found in the application of settings in the general tab, in the left panel.
    In the right panel, look under accessibility, look to reduce the Motion and turn this feature "On".
    You should see a significant performance increase on all models of iPad 2, 3 and 4.

    In the application settings under the general tab, in the right column, search background App update and enable this setting to "off".

    Try a reset of your iPad by simultaneously pressing buttons Home and sleep/wake button until your iPad goes to the dark and restarts with the Apple logo, then release the buttons.

    Good luck!

  • Can I erase, remove all of my emails?

    Can I erase, remove all of my emails at a time on my watch?


    No, it is not possible to delete e-mails on Apple Watch.

  • How to remove all the photos from my iphone 5?

    How to remove all the photos from my iPhone 5?

    1. Open the Photos app.
    2. Click on the photo or video you want to delete.
    3. Type > delete the Photo.

    Delete several photos

    1. Open the Photos app and press Select.
    2. Click on each photo or video that you want to remove.
    3. Type > delete Photos.

    Delete photos on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

  • To remove all music from my iphone

    I am eager to erase all my music on my Iphone 6. I tried to drag the songs and remove them myself, but when I backup my phone to my computer, they show once again. Any help would be greatly appreciated...


    To remove all music from your iPhone, go to: settings > general > storage & use iCloud > in the storage section, tap on manage storage > music > Edit (top right corner) > delete all the songs.

    To avoid that music is synchronized to your iPhone by iTunes, uncheck the "Sync music":

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    Hi all

    I've been Googling everywhere to try to find the answer to this, but I still have no clear answer.

    I want to delete all my photos (which are already stored in iCloud), all my Apple devices, it's ok for me to access photos of the as long as I can use this space for other data in my cameras.

    If you delete photos from iCloud they are also removed from the devices who consider them, so no.

  • "master password" not recognized, it is not send me an email, if I reset my master password - it will remove all my passwords on my computer or just mazilla?

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    If I reset the 'master' password, I need to know that it will not erase all of my passwords where I use them as ebay, Apple, or emails. I don't want to be locked off sites or the loose them on this computer.
    When you say that it removes all, do you mean just the ones that I entered for firefox? WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WILL REMOVE ALL? from my computer?

    CAUTION: Resetting your master password will remove all of your saved usernames and passwords.

       In the Firefox location bar, enter the following location:
       Press Return.
       The "Reset Master Password" page will appear. Click the Reset button, to reset your master password.
       reset master pw fx29

    Yes, resetting the master password or removing signons3.txt will remove all the password stored in the password manager.

    If you use time Machine, and then try to restore the files logins.json and key3db of this backup in the event that you do not forget the MP, you have used in the past.

    Make a backup of the latest version of these files.

    You can use this button to go to the current Firefox profile folder:

  • How to remove an old apple with a cancelled email address ID

    I want to remove an old apple ID which is connected to a defunct email address


    Apple ID are not removable. All you have to do is to ensure that you are logged on all services attached to this account and stop using it.

  • Recently updated iTunes and removed all my playlists and music. Is it possible to get them all back without re-download everything?

    Recently updated iTunes and removed all my playlists and music. Is it possible to get them all back without re-download everything?

    Turingtest2 CSA user help document: empty/corrupted iTunes after upgrade/crash library -

    If you do not see your content after updating to iTunes -

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