IOS 9.3.1 music launch

I used Bluetooth for listening to music on my iPhone with iOS 9.3.1 in my car 6.

Now, I'm not in my car and the music app screen shows just a picture and I can't get out.

But if I press the button to launch a second I get the voice command, asking silly questions.

Does anyone know how to get back to 'normal' behavior please?

I can find it is no longer, but there was a similar question I found, and the answer is that the music has been blocked after asking if I wanted to join Apple music, which I did not. It has nothing to do with bluetooth. To take off it and he quit smoking, I needed to double - tap the "home" button, drag the page upward until it disappeared and music duly leave, tap the icon of music once again, after which a mode full screen came with the logo Apple music etc, but this time with a choice to accept or refuse the offer of Apple's music. I duly refused it and everything went back to normal.

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  • After downgrading to iOS Beta 10 Apple music application crashes when you try to play music

    After downgrading to iOS Beta 10 my music library Apple blocks the music application when any song is chosen.

    I tried to restart the unit, turn off Apple music in settings, turn off iCloud sync music in settings and delete music in the nursery of storage again the list of artists and albums always appears with blank cover and crash trying to read any song.

    having exactly the same problem, hated the beta, so I downgraded, music Apple if I click on the button play on anything, it crashes on me. Tried all the steps that you did as well.

  • Sometimes my iPad play a song without music launched App.

    This does not happen often, so I don't understand what I do to start this. But some times I use my iPad Air and about something (I think it's in this case) and it has nothing to do with music and music application is not launched, and all of a sudden, a song will randomly start playing.

    Check my Apps launched, the music is not on. The only way to stop it is to drag the menu screen from the bottom to the top and there, I'll see the song playing and I can pause.

    Nobody knows what this behavior is and how to stop it from happening, or why this is happening? Any info will be helpful.

    Thank you


    I've heard of that happening but never heard of the case. When you lift the control center and see the playback of the song you can what source music app? After listening to the music you double click the home button and drag up the application to ensure that it is closed. The music with their ability to play in the background apps are the only applications requiring this closure force to ensure that they are closed.

  • iPhone with iOS 9.2 6s music questions

    SO I updated my iPhone to iOS 9.2 6s and now I can't play playlists, I can't play, albums or artists, I can't do anything that would make a functional basic MP3 player. If I try to read an entire album or artist iPhone just to pick a random song (or the song I chose to start) and adds this song a billion times in the following list by doing a song the only song that I can play, same thing if I try to play a playlist, it will choose a song randomly and add this song to the following list up to a million times do this song in the playlist the only song that I can play, same thing if I try to mix my entire library of music, a song and nothing else. Does anyone else have this experience and if so how to fix this stupid shit. If I didn't want to be able to listen to my library all about iTunes my phone I could have saved myself a few hundred dollars and bought an Android phone, instead I drop $800 and go to a song at a time.

    Hi Joshua,.

    If you see one song repeat, then the possibility of repeating a piece has been activated in the now playing screen. It's accessible by playing a song, and then typing the Miniplayer at the bottom of the music app.

    Control playback. Tap a song to play and show the Miniplayer. Tap the Miniplayer to display the now playing screen, where you can do the following:

    Repeat. Press on to repeat an album or a playlist. Double click to repeat one piece.

    iPhone user Guide - play music

    Once you turn off the repeat function, normal functionality should return to the application of the music on your iPhone.

    Kind regards!

  • Upgrade to iOS 9.2, now music landing page picture of daughter apple. What is the solution?

    I just updated my new iOS 9.2 iphone6s

    the music worked fine until this update. Now apple musicis landing on a girl photo pic... not to go forward.

    Impossible to play songs. What is the solution?

    Have you tried music (double tapping the HOME button and then dragging the application music upwards) force the application to quit smoking?

    Have you tried to do a hard reset of the iPhone (now the HOME button and POWER until the Apple Logo appears)?

    Have you tried recording of your Apple ID in the music app and then again?

    You have disconnected your Apple ID in the settings of the iPhone, then check back-probably as a last resort as the biggest pain to wait as all back to normal.

  • Lack of shot-up music/Audible in iOS 10 controls

    As a regular sound listener, I regularly used blow-up controls music on pause or go back as you drive an audiobook to keep my GPS map display on the screen. Since the update to iOS 10, shot-up music control buttons disappeared. Unless there is a more simple solution, I spend Waze audible, which is much more distracting and may be dangerous. Has anyone here found a solution?

    Hello chemess,
    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I understand your message that you want to use the audio controls in the control panel to control your audio books using a GPS navigation app. I understand your desire to not have music controls in the Panel. Controls the music is accessible from the control panel by opening Control Panel and slide the Panel to the left.

    Control Center to use on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    Swipe Control Center left to play quickly, pause and control the volume of your favorite song, podcast and more.

    Best regards.

  • Music Apple IOS 10 on 4G does not work


    given that I have upgraded to IOS 10 my Apple music works in WiFi and not on 4G more. When I click 'for you', 'Browse' and 'Radio' I get only an endless LOADING. Restart, reinstall, etc. does not solve the problem. In the settings of data using Mobile is enabled for iTunes and App Store. I use an iPhone 6 with SALT mobile operator.

    thx for the help


    Greetings Swiss_Nic,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It seems that you want to use the Apple iOS 10 music and it works when you use a Wi - Fi connection, but does not load when you use cellular data.  Looks like you already have a troubleshooting. There is another parameter that you don't mention and which can be useful to check.

    Go to settings > cellular > make sure the music is enabled. If it is not active you can activate and test to see if the problem persists.

    Take care.

  • iOS 10 carplay music offline

    Hello world

    iOS 9 was very good with CarPlay, I saw the music library complete icloud (is enabled in the options). If I connect the iPhone (6) with my car, is BECAUSE ONLY the library offline in CarPlay menu, only the downloaded music has been shown.

    iOS 10 with CarPlay? I DON'T see the complete library. No menu to see only the music offline. In iOS 10 in the music app I can switch between library and charged music.

    How can I change? I mean, I don't want to see all the albums of artists 200/1000 in CarPlay.

    Same issue if the iPhone with iOS 10 serve 'iPod' player connected to the car radio (no CarPlay).

    In old iOS versions, I can choose in-app music only to use the downloaded music - and then only local music stored on the iPhone was shown in car audio.

    In iOS 10 all the music is displayed and causes dead links, if I choose a song not downloaded.



  • App problems iOS 10 music on iPod Touch

    After you download 10.0.1 on my 64 GB iPod Touch iOS, I type the music app, and it shows a white screen. I can slide the bottom and get a player with no options to access playlists or music. What settings or specific measures are needed to access my pc downloaded music and playlists on the iPod Touch?

    Skydiver119 replied to question another person and explained the reboot. I held the sleep and the keys to the House until I am silver apple (a restart from) and got the app music to work!

  • -Only - not possible to display in my car with iOS 10 offline music


    10 IOS and the new music App, there is a problem in showing only available offline music in my car stereo of.

    On the iPhone I can now easily show music from my library of game offline only to "Geladene Musik" (in German). Excellent.

    New problem: my BMW (do not use carplay) shows me all the 10,000 + available instead of those songs (~ 1,400) which are only available offline.

    Something has changed with iOS 10 who worked in earlier versions, and must with the switch missing 'show offline music' which was available until iOS 9.

    Does anyone have a solution or a correct setting for me?

    Ditto for the Audi MMI entertainment system.

    Seams in older iOS iPhone music Mediathek contained local music stored after that choose "Download only" - but now the Mediathek music will remain complete - online and offline music - and so everything not downloaded songs is dead links.

  • iOS 10: where are the lyrics in music apple, I used to have under iOS9?

    Before iOS 10 in the music app, I used to be able to tap the albumcover of the song and read the lyrics. Now, there are no words at all. They are still in iTunes when I opened the song in particular information, but the iOS10 function is lost. When I type the..., there is no words either. I have the lyrics of more than 5000 songs in iTunes. When I am not able to see them more in the music app, it's almost an improvement. I'll have to go back to iOS 9.

    I noticed a few lyrics of songs are viewable in iOS10 but others do not, it must be a bug in iOS10.

    Apple, please fix this...

  • After that downgrade of iOS 10 Apple music crashing and slaughtered library loading

    After I lowered the rating of iOS 10 my Apple music app would load as usual except when I'd go to the library where all ablums would show the Apple symbol music instead of album art. Whenever I need to click on the play button or a physical song, the app closed at the home screen. I came to the discussion earlier and tried some of the options they had here, as a reset, turn iCloud music market and stop, restart/restore forced, etc.. I did all these things, and now after a hard backup and restore of my dev that nothing had changed, the app would crash again. Then I went into the settings and merged my iCloud music when I turned it on and now the library is stuck on loading the library sign, but no progress. I don't know what to do and I need my music back please help!

    I can can help you when you are under iOS 10 beta 1 and decommissioning. iOS 9.3, new functions and new data what iOS 9.3 not taken care of, I suggest spending Aidan to iOS 10 and try to watch if it is not to break more

  • iOS 9.2 removed all my Apple of my playlists in-app music

    After FINALLY getting the music application and the iTunes and the Apple music work together to 9.1, it is all back to square one. Everything I have added to the many playlists in recent months of Apple's music 4.5 disappeared again. I pulled out my Apple ID, nothing. iTunes released me iCloud, resigned back in, iCloud "update" in iTunes, nothing. Also all the tracks I had on my phone, physically are more physically on my phone. It's so tiring to have to constantly rebuild playlists again and again, first to 9.1 now in 9.2. Does anyone else have this problem?

    The bug report page can even choose iOS 9.2 in the "which version of iOS are you using?

    I'm on an iPhone 6 and 10.9 OS using the latest version of iTunes.

    I can't find a button change to my original post so...

    My phone has somehow returned to the pre Apple music and has deleted all of my lists of reading only a few. Even though same iTunes has show Apple music and iCloud music checked belonging that my phone will try to re - sync those playlists used to be checked in the tab Sync music until I subscribed to music from Apple. Can't do realize iCloud still exists.

    Also in iOS 9.2 settings/music music library iCloud is turns off. I turn it back on and choose merge and it turns off again. I restarted my phone several times hard, restarted iTunes several times and restarted my Mac. Nothing works.

  • Alphabetical order of the music on the new iphone ios10

    I just downloaded the 10 for iphone ios and my downloaded music is now alphabetically by artist when I click on the songs. Is there a way I can fix this so that it is in alphabetical order by the name of the song instead?

    Thanks for any help.

    Go to settings > music > songs of sorting & Albums and select by title.

  • IOS10/Videos without music?

    When you use the videos with IOS10 on my iPhone 7 is not a way to watch videos of music on my phone. With my iPhone 5 there were three tabs at the bottom of the screen - movies, music and video clips. But on my iPhone 7, I'm now only see the tabs films and videos.

    Music videos are on my phone and visible through the music app, but not in videos app.

    Apple has changed that in iOS 10 so that music videos are only in the music app, not videos.

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