iOS requirements and Adobe AIR / Flash

I received and send an email with the new requirements of iOS app 8 today.

"As we announced in October, starting February 1, 2015 new iOS apps submitted to the App Store must include 64-bit support and be built with iOS SDK 8. Beginning June 1, 2015 app updates will also have to follow the same requirements. To enable 64-bit in your project, we recommend using the default Xcode build the 'Standard architectures' setting to build a single binary with 32-bit and 64-bit code. »

What it means for the exporter of Adobe Flash AIR for iOS? He will meet these new requirements?


64-bit support will be in the next (v. 16) version of the sdk and is currently available in beta: es.pdf

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  • Difference of Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR

    Hello. My name is Vineeth K.

    I am beginner in Adobe AIR & Flex.

    I learned something about the two using the net. After that, I created a simple application in the AIR.

    After that I'm doing the same app in Flex. But I found many roadblocks in Flex, where as in the AIR, there were only a few.

    Now my doubt is that which is more fresh AIR or Flex... Creating application in AIR or Flex will be good. What are the benefits of both. Please, help me in these...

    Thank you

    Vineeth K.

    The Adobe AIR forum can help you with questions releated AIR.

    'Flex' was the original product named to create ActionScript/MXML web-based applications that run in Flash Player.  'AIR' was introduced later to take the same Flex API and run as a stand-alone desktop application.  AIR applications have a greater interaction with the desktop features, where 'Flex' (because of the security protections) does not work.  Today, 'Flex' is linked to the development on the web, in the Flash browser, so the 'AIR' is still in office, stand-alone applications.  AIR has a lot more features that it is possible that Flex does not work (for example in application database, file system access, etc.).  For BB PlayBook, AIR is the choice of development (with WebWorks and other SDKs that will be published later this summer).  You can create Flex/browser applications that run in the browser of the PlayBook, and you could probably create WebWorks Flex applications.

    Hope that helps.

  • Confusion WebWorks and Adobe Air

    I'm quite confused and possibly this ad in the wrong place!

    I created an application for the playbook using HTML/Javascript. And compiled using Packager BlackBerry WebWorks for PlayBook. I submitted the app and I got an email from RIM saying I need to:

    Please download using the most recent 0.9.4 SDK

    Now, here's my confusion. This SDK are referring to? The SDK works Web is v1.0.0.23 Beta3 and the Adobe AIR SDK is v2.5. This is the BONE of the tablet which is v0.9.4. Am I supposed to compile against the Tablet OS? I thought it was only for AIR applications with .as and .swf files.

    The documentation is sparse, and I do not know how to proceed. How to compile my html/js files against 0.9.4 SDK?

    SDKs updated March 14, 2011 (v1.0.0.23 Beta3) is updated March 14, 2011 (v0.9.4) simulators

    They want you to compile using the latest version of the SDK... If you have already signed using the leatest... then ignore that email... anyone who has... esp... If you have made at least a version in the past which was built using the older SDK.

  • BBC Iplayer and Adobe Air

    I get the following message i.e. "the application could not be installed because an application already has with this name exists at the selected location.» Try to install to a different location", I've had problems since I updated Adobe Air a few weeks ago, you'd be recognizing any help you may have, I tried everything. I tried to install using IE and Mozill Firefox.

    I think this question is for the BBC.

    Have you tried this step?

  • Problems with BBC iPlayer Desktop and Adobe Air for Mac

    I would be grateful to anyone who can help me with a problem I have on my laptop computer running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3.I has problems running BBC iPlayer Desktop, and I suspect that it is caused by Adobe Air.

    Recently, I was invited to update Adobe Air to the latest version (from February 2012) and after I updated the program, it started to cause problems when I used BBC iPlayer desktop.

    The first problem is that I was unable to play any programs downloaded mode full screen-, I have noticed that the sound is played, not the video.

    Secondly, a few weeks after the beginning of this problem, all my TV programs have mysteriously disappeared.

    My last problem is that whenever I run the BBC iPlayer application it is impossible to download new programs - when I am connected to the internet, the application always says he's 'offline '.

    I tried to solve the problem by rebooting my computer, uninstall and reinstall the BBC iPlayer, deactivation and reactivation of my firewall, connection to the internet in different places, but this has not solved the problem.

    I tried to uninstall Adobe Air, but the installation package says it is "corrupted". So I tried to download and reinstall the application from the adobe website, but already, the computer recognizes that the application is installed. either - I can't uninstall or reinstall Adobe Air.

    I contacted the support of BBC iPlayer and they are unable to help - direct me to your Web site. I have read several other topics of discussion published on this site but not found the solution that I'm looking.

    Please some can help me to solve this problem, helping me to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Air for Mac?

    I'm not very technical, mind - for example - I don't know what log files are or how to find them - so please explain as simply as possible.

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    Hi Ryan,

    Could you try to delete the folder preferences of BBC iPlayer then restarting iPlayer to see if that helps?  You should be able to find this in ~/Library/preferences.  Find the folder from BBCiPlayerDesktop and a long series of characters and move or rename this folder.

    Thank you

  • Kindle Fire and Adobe Air plug + Air 2.7 + gpu + landscape fullscreen

    Well, I had a few questions here.

    First I was on air 2.7 trying to convert an application that is designed to run gpu, landscape, full screen mode and, well it's a bug known on 2.7 and workarounds I found has not resolved my problems or I wasn't clear on their implementation.

    Then I thought I'll 3.1, surely this problem is solved now, run the application on my Kindle Fire and he tells me that my look is outdated so he invited me to go to the Amazon app store for an update but when I do it just takes me to the free page of the day app and I can't manually find the application of air through the Amazon built in AppStore , I have to see it on the web version, but cannot download it, and if I'm having this problem all users will be too so a solution like it down the android market and put it on the fire manually is useless.

    It seems that there is no plug in available on the amazon AppStore that will allow the fire run applications built in point 3.1, is this true? I've seen a few posts in this regard. And if it is true, why and when will this fix? I lost a day with this problem when I could have made some design.

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

    Well I just solved my problem, as always thanks to Colin for all the ideas and suggestions as this post got me thinking on the right track Funny enough, I'm the first poster on this post saying I'm having this problem in the future and I did, foresight is 20/20 with me and these applications.

    In any case when I would launch in landscape + GPU + full screen elements would come all screwed if the app is open since the Kindle being oriented in the landscape homescreen, this problem did not exist if launched from the Kindle being in Portrait mode, but unacceptable no less home screen. However after moving to the next section, all was fixed including good detection of the size of the screen. Therefore since from frame 1 to 2 fixed chassis the question I thought what would happen if I added an empty frame 1 and car then go to frame 2 (really Framework 1 regarding the user's)

    The solution is to add a simple delay and then proceed to the next section. This version corrects the problem of orientation and her not knowing the right screen size issue.

    Here is the code below, simply add it to the first frame blank. So far 100% problems resolved, app ready for release.


    var delayFunctionActive:Boolean = true;


    function delayBeforeProperLaunch()


    If (delayFunctionActive is true)


    gotoAndStop (2);


    delayFunctionActive = false;


  • Adobe Air + Box2D.swc = TypeError: Error #1009 / / new way of managing .swc files in Flash for iOS Apps?


    I need your help please - I need to update one of my iOS Apps. In this application, I use Box2d for a simple maze game (this is an application for children). When I publish and test this game on my Mac it works fine. I can drag my hero (fish) in this maze and all detections of collision, gravity etc perfect work.


    When I test it on my iPad it does not work. The device debugger shows this error message:

    TypeError: Error #1009: cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

    Global $init)

    Global $init)

    at Box2DAS.Common::b2Base$/initialize() [/ users/jan/Documents/_Projekte/Spielplatz/Universal_ Retina/src/com/Box2DAS/Common/]

    to wck::WCK/create() [/ utilisateurs/jan/Documents/_Projekte/Spielplatz/Universal_Retina/src/com/wck/]

    in misc::Entity/ensureCreated() [/ users/jan/Documents/_Projekte/Spielplatz/Universal_Retina/s rc/com/misc/]

    in misc::Entity/handleAddedToStage() [/ users/jan/Documents/_Projekte/Spielplatz/Universal_Ret ina/src/com/misc/]

    in misc::Entity/handleAddedToStage()

    Line 31: loader = new CLibInit();

    Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-23 um 21.06.03.png

    I guess that "CLibInit" must come from the .swc file.

    The thing is:

    I won't change anything in this maze game - it seems it has to do something with the new version of Flash or Adobe Air. File box2d.swc is included:

    Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-23 um 21.01.26.png

    It has always worked like that - and it works when test on my Mac - but it doesn't work anymore on my current system.

    So I started my Mac from an older system (10.9.5 on an external HD) and published the App in Flash and Adobe Air 13.0 CS6 - then all of a sudden, he is working on my iPad as before. I was able to draw a fish and make it arround.

    The same project / app released from my current OS X 10.10 + Flash CC 2014 + Adobe Air does not work. I still have this error message - I can't drag the fish - nothing happens. And I have no idea why this happens and what I could do. I searched all day for a solution but found nothing.

    If nothing has changed by the way Flash and/or Air manages the .swc files? Is there another way to include: import cmodule. Box2d.* / CLibInit?

    -If someone has an idea - please let me know!

    Best regards



    I uncheck 'Schnelleres Verpacken aktivieren (Beta)' and now it works again! Hooray!

    @ Adobe: Please take a look at this!

  • Adobe Air 3.0 iOS streaming H264/Speex on RTMP - video No.


    Stream H264/Speex RTMP in Flash Media Server does not display video.  Audio plays fine.


    Adobe Air 3.0

    iOS device (iPad 2, iOS4.3)

    Settings of the App:

    direct < renderMode > < / renderMode >

    Flash Builder 4.5.1 compiler settings:

    -swf-version = 13

    -target-Player = 11.0.0

    I tried to use stageVideo as the video ordinary object to render a signal H264 streaming from Flash Media Server, rtmp, but without success.  I can hear the audio, but the video is never returned.

    I CAN see H263 video when aired continuously on RTMP using this configuration (with only the purpose of the video).

    I can also run a locally stored file (H264/AAC) mp4 over rtmp from your iOS device and play it locally very well (using an stageVideo object).

    I tried this with the two stageVideo (which works fine when streaming a mp4 of the iOS device file) and with the normal video object (handles regular video H263 fine just down from FMS on rtmp streaming).  I also played with backgroundAlpha = "0" in this case, all with no luck.

    I followed all the online instructions and tutorials to get this to work since last week, but did not have luck.  I'm happy to post more code, but this approach is quite simple and has been described several times around these forums and posts from adobe.  It goes like this:

    -instantiate NetConnection (_nc) of the FMS and wait for the successful login:

    _ns = new NetConnection();

    _nc. Connect (serverAddress);

    -instantiate NetStream (_ns) and you connect using NetConnection:

    _ns = new NetStream (_nc);

    -Auditor of installation for StageVideoAvailabilityEvent; If stageVideo becomes available, attach _ns:

    _stageVideo = stage.stageVideos [0];

    _stageVideo = _stageVideo.attachNetStream (_ns);

    -If stageVideo is not available, fall back to the video object:

    _video = new Video();

    _video.attachNetStream (_ns);

    stage.addChild (_video);

    -play app netStream:

    _ns. Play (AppName);

    My renderMode is set correctly ('direct'), and from what I can tell, this isn't a question of backgroundAlpha.

    I saw this problem described elsewhere on this forum and on the net.

    I would like to know Adobe: are there problems of compatibility with this approach?  It doesn't seem to be any type of compatibility table indicating which video codecs and transport protocols are available on various mobile platforms.  Since the mobile deployment is very fragmented, or a graphic description table like this would be useful for those of us develop - at least for the major mobile platforms mostly in use.

    Forum of other messages similar to this problem:

    Thanks in advance!


    It turns out that the broadcast of H264 video in real time does not on iOS devices in Adobe Air.  Other video codecs work (H263), but not for the H264.  You will consume the stream, but will not hear audio.  I confirmed that, after talking with members of the Adobe Air development team.


  • Adobe AIR install/uninstall - administrator privileges error message

    Hi all

    I currently have problems to install the latest version of HTC Sync software. I went down to what is a Windows / Adobe AIR collide. When I open the application HTC Sync, I get this error message "this application requires a version of Adobe AIR, which can not be found", I went to and download the latest version of Adobe AIR... 2.5

    When I try to install it I get this error message "an error has occurred during installation.  An error occurred during the installation of Adobe AIR, Installation will not be allowed by your administrator. Please contact your administrator. "I get this message even when I try to uninstall the current version also.

    I am the only user on this computer (Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)) and I am registered as an administrator.

    If you can help I would be VERY greatful! Thank you.



    Logitech Video (LVPrcSrv.exe) driver is known to cause problems with the installation of the runtime. If the application is loaded, complete the process by selecting it from the Windows Task Manager.

    Check with adobe if they have Adobe AIR uninstaller to uninstall.

    Or, try this step: (to install Adobe AIR)

    (a) make a shortcut of the executable Adobe AIR installer.
    (b) right click on the executable, go to properties, click on the "shortcut" tab
    (c) in the 'Target' field, add "-Uninstall" (without quotes) at the end of the existing text.
    (d) run the file, and Adobe AIR is really uninstalled this time.
    (e) now run the original installation file to install the program.

    See also:

    Troubleshoot installation of AIR

    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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  • RegExp is 10 x slower in Adobe Air

    This code run more slowly in Adobe Air 10 x:

    import flash.utils.getTimer;

    var str:String = "I'm a short string, I am a short string, I am a short string, I am a short string, I am a short string";

    var r: RegExp = /rt | tr | m | a | n/g

    var t:int = getTimer();

    var: string result;

    for (var i: uint = 0, n: uint = 100000; i < n; ++ i)


    result = str.replace (r, ' |');


    trace (getTimer () - t);

    trace (result);

    I run this code in Flash Player and Adobe Air (publication Mode, win 10 64-Bit, Dell Inspiron 3542) and get the result:

    Flash Player: 874 ms

    Adobe Air: 5461 ms

    I tested this code with CC to animate and develop Flash and get the same result. Sometimes I 10 x slower.

    I posted this problem here: Bug #4161031 - regular expressions (RegExp) is 10 x slower in Adobe Air

    This is a strange question. All this interest please do the test and report the result here?

    Thank you!


    AIR SDK 22 looks good, can you use it?


  • Confused of Adobe Air 4.0 or Adobe Air 14?

    When I publish an Adobe using the Flash application, I select Air 3.4 desktop. I want to download the latest version of this, I think it can be called an SDK, or perhaps a compiler, but I'm not sure.

    I've seen links for Adobe Air SDK 4.0 and Adobe Air SDK 14

    I'm a bit confused with the numbering of Adobe.

    Can someone explain what's the difference between:

    Adobe AIR SDK Windows (188 MB)

    Adobe AIR SDK Windows (208 MB)

    Adobe AIR SDK & compiler Windows (224 MB)

    Adobe AIR SDK & compiler Windows (244 MB)

    Adobe AIR Windows (17.8 MB)

    Software development kits, Runtimes, compilers, players etc... version 4, version 14

    My head is about to explode. I don't think it's me just being stupid, it is quite clearly the same named products here including the number of different version.

    Is this a deliberate confuse ploy

    Adobe has changed the design version number to FP and the same version number of the AIR.

    AIR 14 is the last. In any case you can find the latest version of the sdk here: Download Adobe AIR SDK

  • What is the difference between 4.0 and 13 Air?

    What is the difference between 4.0 and 13 Air?

    Anyone know what is happening here? Is 4 and 13 of the AIR, the same AIR?

    I understand that there was an update of Flash player to version 13, but I get conflicting messages/information. An a page it says:


    When you click on the link "Download Adobe AIR beta 4" it shows as Air 13 with the following link:


    Anyone know what is happening here? Is 4 and 13 of the AIR, the same AIR?

    I understand the difference between the two. Is AIR 4.0 sometimes referred to as AIR 13?

    lol the beta version have their own sequence of name.  If, and when, a beta going live, it will be renamed in line with the current naming conventions.  That is to say, air beta version 14 could be renamed air versions 4.1

    Says the title on the page 'AIR 13'. Should not say 'AIR 4.0' and 'Flash player 13.'

    lol you are looking at the beta page.  If you're looking for the latest versions of liberation, for the moment, you can find version 4.

    Here is the info on the relationshop of readers flash and adobe air

    Here are the archived versions air showing their sequence name,

  • Maximum file size for Adobe air for iOS and Androind update apps

    Hi all

    I'm working on a project that has a few videos I need to group in my mobile application for an Ipad app that I created using Adobe Air for iOS. My question is simple there at - it a maximum file size limit on applications compiled using Adobe air for iOS? And if yes what is it? Any help would be great.

    best regards Mike

    It is not a limit.

  • Webcam and Whiteboard does not not with Adobe AIR with Adobe Flash Builder


    I am trying to build a simple chat using Adobe Flash Builder target service for Office AIR (my final goal is to bring to android). My version of adobe AIR is 2.5.0 and here is my source code:

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"? >

    " < = xmlns:fx s:WindowedApplication ' "

    xmlns:s = "library://".

    " xmlns:mx ="library://"minWidth ="955"="600"xmlns:rtc = minHeight ' « >

    < fx:Declarations >

    <! - Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, items of value) here - >

    < rtc:AdobeHSAuthenticator id = "auth" userName = "Yy" protocol = "rtmfp" / >

    < / fx:Declarations >

    " < rtc:ConnectSessionContainer id = authenticator 'session' ="{auth}"roomURL =""width ="100% "height ="100% "> "

    < mx:HBox width = "100%" height = "100%" >

    < mx:VBox width = "25%" height = "100%" >

    < rtc:WebCamera width = "100%" height="50%"/ >

    < rtc:SimpleChat width = "100%" height="50%"/ >

    < / mx:VBox >

    < rtc:SharedWhiteBoard width = "75%" height="100%"/ >

    < / mx:HBox >

    < / rtc:ConnectSessionContainer >

    < / s:WindowedApplication >

    Essentially when it debug with air, the cat works fine, but the webcam and Whiteboard do not work... I don't really know what the problem with it is already... Grateful if someone can help, thanks!



    My point is, is your self-promotion set to the room. I mean what

    your user role when a user enters in the room (which is not host), it is 10

    or 50. If its 10 i.e. spectator, while it cannot use his own cam etc. You

    need to take a look at the newspapers when a user types and if its 10 and

    you want to give these permissions, turn on self-promotion of the

    devconsole for the room to do his role 50 which is editor.

    I just now downloaded 2.5.1 AIR and created a new project with your

    source and I am capable of anything.

    Thank you

    Hironmay Basu

  • Flash CC 2014 publication Adobe AIR 17 - use execution captive or shared?

    I have developed an application using Flash, CC 2014 in IOS, I had to pass to the constructor, and I got the function works, but now I have the same application and need to develop for Android. I created a separate fla and made the following

    Used Android

    added general information

    created the p12 now I have the possibility to choose the length in captivity or shared. I get warnings about everyone when I post so I have to publish this app on GooglePlay and need to know the procedure that I am on a Mac and I see procedures involving the code when you do it on a windows machine.

    Can someone help me out here?


    I would recommend using "captive."

    Difference is pretty simple...

    Shared essentially means that it compiles the "apk" without the Adobe AIR runtime, longer to result in a small file size apk but REQUIRES users to have "Adobe AIR installed the application.

    Average captive, compiled the 'apk' with the Adobe AIR runtime, with the result a larger file size apk but users IS NOT NEED to have "Adobe AIR installed application".

    If you want to guarantee, everyone can run your application, use in captivity. If you want to rely on users to hope to have the right version of AIR installed to view your application, use Shared.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello can someone hepl me? I can´t use my webcam, it doesn´t works. When I go to the administrator of the device in the devices of the image, I don't have any what webcam and I have an unknown device, but it cannot find the correct driver in internet

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    Hi all I bought an iMac in March 2015, but my Brother MFC-J5910DW will not run the OCR scan because I don't have the software installed on my iMac. I had a PC when I bought the printer about 3 years ago and have this software, but it will not work on

  • 5750Z black screen

    Hi all I have a 5750Z aspire labtop with a black screen. The external monitor works fine. It is the weird part. If I press F4, F5 or F6 key and hold the screen works. But as soon as I don't pass up any screen. I think that the keyboard could be bad b

  • How to make WMP 11 to read the .ts files?

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    I just got my hands on a BB Curve 8310, the region, in that I work a good Signal GSM only. In our office, we have wireless network for internet installation, it works very well. my laptop just picks up the signal I enter the access code and off I wil