iOS10 live wallpaper behaves differently?

Hi, I just got my new iPhone Plus 7 and it seems that the Live wallpaper behaves differently than in iOS9.

Namely, in the old system (on an iPhone 6 more) by varying the pressure on the screen I can control precisely of the wallpaper Live playback speed and easily play to the front/rear.

In iOS 10 (on the new iPhone 7 more) it seems that the reading speed of the Live wallpaper has no can be controlled by the pressure.

Is this normal? Or do I use a screen may be defective? Thank you!


Same here on iOS iPhone 7 10.0.1

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    IF I want to use my function Live Photos, but I noticed that the live photo icon does not appear. So I went to see if I could use the feature live wallpaper and it does give me a feature live wallpaper either. I have the IPhone 6 s more. I just want to know how activate it really want to use the feature live picture, thank you.

    IS your phone mode low power?

  • GetActivePanel seems to behave differently for ConfirmPopup / MessagePopup and FileSelectPopupEx


    I have a GUI with a XY Chart and to change the style of mouse (by default against the hair) and indicate the coordinates of graphic I use a timer control where the callback checks the coordinates of graphic.

    Because it can happen that a pop-up Panel appears, I also check the active panel is the current Panel to avoid having a mouse cursor focus on the pop-up Panel.

    The code is as follows:

    int CVICALLBACK MouseCursorTimer (int command face, int, int event, void * callbackData, int eventData1, int eventData2)


    If ((événement == EVENT_TIMER_TICK) & (UtilityGetActivePanel () == sign))


    the details of the graph using GetRelativeMouseState () and GetGraphCoordsFromPoint)


    As expected, the cursor will move style according to the position of the mouse. If I view a panel using InstallPopup () (which appears on the top of my chart), the cursor will move if placed default style on the popup panel. So far so good and I was happy--until I discovered that the other popup panels may behave differently...

    If I call ConfirmPopup or the cursor style MessagePopup mouse does not change, for example, it is shown as a focus, even if the mouse is placed over the popup panel.

    Interestingly, FilePopupEx () behaves correctly. Somehow, it seems that the Panel handle returned by GetActivePanel () depends on the pop-up Panel function called... It is by design or can it be fixed?

    Thank you

    Hi Wolfgang,.

    I slightly modified your program adding evidence when you set the cursor cross. It seems that the program sets the cursor again when navigating in the menu, even if the system is not honored by this parameter (it is probably correct that cursor remains that by default within the menu, right?). Question is why the system shows the cursor cross inside the pop-up window, but it is indeed honour your choice!

    As you already put out, the problem checks according to the State of the cursor when the window is issued and is not the type of window: I've added two options in the menu to display a panel with InstallPopup and display it in a floating window with DisplayPopup. This last option is useful to see what is happening in various situations when the window partially overlaps the chart, and you can click on it when coming from the area of tracing and the rest of the main window.

    It seems to me the system honors the cursor style when, within a Panel (perhaps because in this area, there are controls that could be exploited on, who knows?) while is shows the default cursor elsewhere.

    Since when the popup appears the timer code is never executed and change of cursor is done by the operating system, I guess the only solution you must exclude the timer of the cursor when you use in the menu.

    (you will see that I changed from 32-bit configuration: I wanted to check if that changes behavior, but it works the same way)

  • Z30 blackBerry cannot set the live wallpaper for BB Z30

    Downloaded live wallpaper 1 market mobile, but cannot set my home sceen for BB Z30. Help, please.

    Live wallpaper is not supported on the BlackBerry that Android has no knowledge of the BB10 homescreen.

  • CoverageInfo behaves different OS > = 4.7

    I found that the CoverageInfo class produced different results on the new BlackBerry OS (4.7, 5.0), according to the JDE used to compile the application.

    Try to compile this piece of code for JDE 4.5 and run on a BIS device with compatible OS > = 4.7 (Storm, Storm 2, Bold 2)...:

    int status = CoverageInfo.getCoverageStatus() & CoverageInfo.COVERAGE_BIS_B;
    if(status == 0){
        System.out.println("No BIS Coverage");
    } else {
        System.out.println("Coverage OK");

    Now compile it for a new OS (> = 4.7) and test it again on the same device. Surprised?

    I think that it is a serious problem, because this control is useful for determining if a BIS device has enough coverage to make connections.
    I have not tested CoverageInfo.COVERAGE_MDS yet because I don't have any active BES device available at the moment, but I suspect that the same thing can happen.

    I found that the problem was on getCoverageStatus, which behaves different from isCoverageSufficient. I replaced this line and now it works. Thanks to kyublin on this post for the discovery.

  • Expand/collapse PanelBox behave differently on wls integrated and stand-alone wls

    12.1.3 jdev

    WebLogic 12.1.3

    I have a test page which Expand/Collapse PanelBox according to a logic managed bean when a button is clicked. User can also manually click on the small triangle to open/close the group box.

    If I run my integrated weblogic Server page of jdev, everything works fine. PanelBox develops or reduced depending on the result of my bean managed after that I click on a button. After that I have manually expand/collapse it, by clicking the button again can expand or collapse the group box.

    But when I deploy my test on stand-alone weblogic server, by clicking on the button can expand/collapse the box. But if I manually expand/collapse the box for once, while clicking on the button after will not not expand/collapse the box not more.

    I check all the associated adf jars on integrated wls and wls autonomous. I have not noticed any difference.

    No idea why the same code behaves differently on different servers? Any suggestions that pot I should double check?

    Thank you.

    The difference has something to do with the doctors that we have configured on wls. We did the following and now the panelbox open/close correctly.

    1 Add a class to extend ComponentChangeFilter.

    SerializableAttribute public class RejectPanelComponentChangeFilter extends ComponentChangeFilter {}


    private public static final long serialVersionUID =-3565272558295489717 L;

    public RejectPanelComponentChangeFilter() {}



    Public ComponentChangeFilter.Result accept (ComponentChange, componentChange, UIComponent uIComponent) {}

    If (RichPanelBox instanceof uIComponent & "disclosed".equals (((AttributeComponentChange) componentChange) .getAttributeName ()) ") {}

    Return ComponentChangeFilter.Result.REJECT;


    else {}

    Return ComponentChangeFilter.Result.ACCEPT;




    2 and in the bean of backup of the page with panelBox on the PanelBox setter, follow these steps:

    {} public void setFinderCriteriaPanelBox (RichPanelBox finderCriteriaPanelBox)

    this.finderCriteriaPanelBox = finderCriteriaPanelBox;

    int filterCount = ((UIXComponentBase) finderCriteriaPanelBox) .getComponentChangeFilters () .length;

    If (filterCount == 0) {}

    finderCriteriaPanelBox.addComponentChangeFilter (new RejectPanelComponentChangeFilter());



  • APEX 4.2 Radio Group NULL value behaves differently than on APEX 4.1.1

    DB version: Linux
    APEX: 4.2
    APEX listener 1.1.4 on tomcat6
    Firefox 16.0.2

    Values NULL Radio Group behave differently than on APEX 4.1.1.
    4.2 creating radio group and selecting:
    Display Null value = Yes
    NULL, Display value = no value (or any string)
    NULL Return Value = (leave blank, for the NULL value returned)

    When the user selects that option 'No value', then APEX point value is set on "on", but on APEX 4.1, the element has the value NULL as expected.

    When you look at the Web page source code, the reason seems to be that APEX does not generate an attribute value for the NULL value (if the browser returns the default "on"):
    <input type="radio" id="P1_X_0" name="p_t01"  ><label for="P1_X_0">No value</label>

    Hi Ilmar,

    same thing here. The best solution I could come up with is to create a process to request again (before the calculation / validation)

      FOR x IN (
           SELECT *
           FROM (
             SELECT item_name
             FROM apex_application_page_items aapi
             WHERE aapi.application_id = :app_id
             AND aapi.page_id = :app_page_id
             AND LOWER (aapi.lov_display_null) = 'yes'
             AND aapi.display_as_code='NATIVE_RADIOGROUP'
             AND aapi.lov_definition IS NOT NULL
             AND aapi.lov_null_value IS NULL
             AND ROWNUM > 0
        ) x
              WHERE LOWER (v (x.item_name)) = 'on'
      ) LOOP
        apex_util.set_session_state (x.item_name, NULL);
      END LOOP;


  • Published movie behaves differently on the web than it does on the local disk


    I use basic addEventListeners and functions to create a basis for my home page navigation... when I test the movie on my local drive it fuctions perfectly, but when I download on the www, the movie behaves different... All buttons must be clicked two time to work properly... each uses touch charger UI to load the .swf appropriate clip but on first loading movies do not work correctly, when the same button is clicked again and once again, the film is loaded, it works very well. I noticed does not work because I have a preloader for each video clip that loads and click it on the first, the second click it works and because it works fine on my local drive I'm lost as to what I can do to solve the problem, or what is the problem... Help, please!

    The project is published on: you click on one of the buttons more than once, you will notice the bar preloader only works during the second click on the second time and 'philosophy' of scrolling...

    Thank you;


    Here is a basic example of loading in a SWF file, then use:

    var LoadedSWF:Sprite;

    function loadSWF (path: String): void {}

    var swfLoader:Loader = new Loader ();
    swfLoader.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, loadSWF_onComplete);
    swfLoader.load (new URLRequest (path));


    function loadSWF_onComplete (event: Event): void {}

    If (LoadedSWF! = null) {}

    removeChild (LoadedSWF);


    LoadedSWF = as Sprite;
    addChild (LoadedSWF);


    loadSWF ("MySWF.swf");
    LoadedSWF.myCustomFunction ();

    By operating the complete Manager, is the Loader object. You can technically addChild the Loader object, but I'd rather not because it makes it easier to refer directly to my custom SWF, and because it can make it easier to fade in the loaded movie or other operations once it's finished loading.

    I know that what I just wrote is similar to what you have already, but I felt that it would be useful to give an example. By the look of your code, you seem to be reusing your Loader object. It might work if you used objects separated from Loader loading the separate SWF files better.

  • "Matches regular Expression" and "Model match" vi behaves differently


    I need a simple matching chain and experimenting that found the "Regular Expression Match' and 'Correspondence model' vi behave a little differently. I guess that the entries of the regular expression on the two the same behavior. It's a difference that I discovered that the "|" character ("vertical" character, commonly used as an operator 'or') is recognized as such in the regex to Match vi, but not in the match vi model (where it is taken to the letter). Furthermore, I can't find any document using (online or in LabVIEW) on the ' | ' usage in regular expressions of character. Is - this documented anywhere?

    For example, suppose I want corresponding to one of the following 4 words: 'The' or 'fast' or 'brown' or 'fox '. The regular expression ' the | fast | Brown | Fox' (without the quotes) works for the vi Regular Expression Match but not the match pattern vi. Here is a photo of the block diagram and the results of the façade:


    The Help explains that the vi Regular Expression Match performs a little more slowly the match vi pattern, so I started with the latter. But since he does not work for me, I'll use the old. But does anyone have an idea of the speed difference? I guess that's negligible in a simple example.

    Thank you!

    Thank you, Jeff. That's what I was looking for. BUT my version of LabVIEW 8.5, does NOT say "functionfor example, the Match model does not support the parenthesis or vertical bars (|) characters.«» !



    It is not mentioned in the help of special characters used for the match pattern :

    The only place | has 'talked', it is in the sentence: "some regular expressions that use alternating (such as (. |))". \s)*) require significant resources to deal with when it is applied to the large input strings. "But I'm not processing a large chain.

    It seems that NEITHER fixed this omission. What version is your help?


  • JavaScript written in Dreamweaver behaves different when it is inserted into the Muse

    I have a simple list javascript that is written in Dreamweaver and works as expected, but when I copy and paste this exact javascript in html-object-section insert the result in Muse is different.

    Is there a place I can go to research on what I need to do different to make the code behave properly in the Muse? I don't understand what I need to change or do different.

    Here is the code that I had to work in Dreamweaver:

    <! doctype html >

    < html >

    < head >

    < meta charset = "utf-8" >

    list of < title > < /title >

    < script type = "text/javascript" >

    function fixTheList() {}

    var msg = "";

    var msg = "";

    If (document.getElementById("appleQty").value > 0) {}

    MSG += "apples";

    MSG += document.getElementById("appleQty").value;

    MSG += "< br >".


    If (document.getElementById("orangesQty").value > 0) {}

    MSG += "Oranges";

    MSG += document.getElementById("orangesQty").value;

    MSG += "< br >".


    If (document.getElementById("tangerineQty").value > 0) {}

    MSG += "mandarins."

    MSG += document.getElementById("tangerineQty").value;

    MSG += "< br >".


    If (document.getElementById("kiwiQty").value > 0) {}

    MSG += "Kiwi";

    MSG += document.getElementById("kiwiQty").value;

    MSG += "< br >".


    If (document.getElementById("pearsQty").value > 0) {}

    MSG += "Pears";

    MSG += document.getElementById("pearsQty").value;

    MSG += "< br >".


    If (document.getElementById("grapesQty").value > 0) {}

    MSG += "grape";

    MSG += document.getElementById("grapesQty").value;

    MSG += "< br >".


    If (document.getElementById("canteloupeQty").value > 0) {}

    MSG += "Canteloupes."

    MSG += document.getElementById("canteloupeQty").value;

    MSG += "< br >".


    If (document.getElementById("strawberryQty").value > 0) {}

    MSG += "strawberry."

    MSG += document.getElementById("strawberryQty").value;

    MSG += "< br >".


    document.getElementById("outputDiv").innerHTML = msg;


    < /script >

    < / head >

    < body >

    < div id = "outputDiv" >

    < table >

    < b >

    < Td > < table > element

    Amount of < td > < table >

    < /tr >

    < b >

    Apples < td > < table >

    < td > < input type = "text" size = "3" id = "appleQty" > < table >

    < /tr >

    < b >

    Oranges < td > < table >

    < td > < input type = "text" size = "3" id = "orangesQty" > < table >

    < /tr >

    < b >

    Tangerines < td > < table >

    < td > < input type = "text" size = "3" id = "tangerineQty" > < table >

    < /tr >

    < b >

    Kiwi < td > < table >

    < td > < input type = "text" size = "3" id = "kiwiQty" > < table >

    < /tr >

    < b >

    Pears < td > < table >

    < td > < input type = "text" size = "3" id = "pearsQty" > < table >

    < /tr >

    < b >

    Grapes < td > < table >

    < td > < input type = "text" size = "3" id = "grapesQty" > < table >

    < /tr >

    < b >

    Cantaloupe < td > < table >

    < td >

    < input type = "text" size = "3" id = "canteloupeQty" >

    < table >

    < /tr >

    < b >

    Strawberry < td > < table >

    < td > < input type = "text" size = "3" id = "strawberryQty" >

    < table >

    < /tr >

    < /table >

    < input type = "button" value = "Stack" onclick = "fixTheList (); ">

    < / div >

    < / body >

    < / html >


    Only difference I see is with the entry tag CSS properties.

    You can set the style of these tag by adding a few lines of code just belowtag in the code you paste in object > insert HTML code.<p class="reply"> <p class="reply">For example, you can add following codes</p> <p class="reply"><strong><style type="text/css"></strong></p> <p class="reply"><strong>  input {</strong></p> <p class="reply"><strong>    border: thin solid #AAA2A3;</strong></p> <p class="reply"><strong>    margin-bottom: 7px;</strong></p> <p class="reply"><strong>    margin-left: 9px;</strong></p> <p class="reply"><strong>}</strong></p> <p class="reply"><strong>  </style></strong>

    According to your requirement you can change.

    One tip more. Break your 3 codes part, tag Scripts, Style and tag Div in the body tag.

    Insert the Div tag in the body to object > insert HTML code

    Insert tags to Scripts, tag Style in Page > Page Properties > metadata > HTML for

    This will help you avoid unexpected in the preview behavior when you have stuff more inserted into the Muse Page.

    1 script tag (insert in the Page > Page Properties > metadata > HTML for))

    2 style Tag (insert in the Page > Page Properties > metadata > HTML for))

    3 Div tag in the body (insert in the object > insert HTML code)

    Agenda Quantity




  • Stock live wallpaper on iPhone missing 7


    I yust got an iPhone brand new 7 more gold, 32 GB and I can not find the new 'drop' live screen announces that apple? I see only the default wallpapers of iOS 10...

    These drops "liquid" wallpapers are not be jammed cards in 10 iOS. Nevermind that I like too.

    To send comments directly to Apple, use this link:

  • Run 2 live with 2 different connectors of PC

    Hi guys,.

    I would like to run two screws independently on the same PC at the same time (no sync). Each VI has its own PC (2 different USB) connectors to collect and send data. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    The same program can control both of them.  You have just different references for each thing you're trying to control.  In this case, you will have a task DAQmx to control data acquisition and a reference CITATION to control the light source.

  • New Live wallpaper?

    With the upcoming holidays I want to install some seasonal live wallpapers.

    Anyone know where I could find them and how to install it?

    Thanks in advance.

    Control direct walpaper holiday market. There are a lot of choices. Have fun.

  • How to remove live wallpaper of mesquite table 1800

    I accidentally put wallpaper on my tablet from hp 1800 mesquite.  Now I can't understand how to remove it.  Help with this please.

    1626 wrote:

    I tried and it is not what I wanted.  I don't want any wallpaper.  How can I remove it?   Thank you

    Go to settings app/display/papers painted.

    You can choose something.  If you want a black background, take a picture in the dark, then use it as your wallpaper.


  • Applications behave differently in "debug as" vs "run as" exported version vs - what happens?


    I'm porting a java Flash game and it goes well. When I run it on a device (playbook in this case) or on the desktop through "debug as" the game works perfectly. I can load levels and play, no problem. However, when I do a ' run as ' instead, on the Playbook, the ball (it is a Pinball game) diseapers at some point (always the same). Worse still: when I export version release a I try, the level will not even run (the application stops responding).

    Who uses _exactly_ the same code. "Debug as" is OK, "run as" mostly OK, but loses the ball, 'export' accidents. This may be the cause? Different compiler options? I'm completely lost with this one, so any help is welcome.

    I use flex builder 4.5.1.

    Alain Daniel

    OK, I found the problem. The next line of the compiled code and has worked well in the debugging, but not in the version:

    trace ("some string") ();

    When you call the function that has this line, the framework seems to be analyzed (because the accident happens on the function call, do not loading the application), and somehow that threw a StackOverflowError on the line.

    Hope this can help someone else.

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