IOS10/Videos without music?

When you use the videos with IOS10 on my iPhone 7 is not a way to watch videos of music on my phone. With my iPhone 5 there were three tabs at the bottom of the screen - movies, music and video clips. But on my iPhone 7, I'm now only see the tabs films and videos.

Music videos are on my phone and visible through the music app, but not in videos app.

Apple has changed that in iOS 10 so that music videos are only in the music app, not videos.

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    (a) we would like to get a better understanding of this issue, so we can better help not only you but other users with similar problems.

    (b) what operating system do you use?

    (c) what is the length of the film?

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    OK you have imported the various source files into Movie Maker...
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    Hi, I tried to understand why I get system sounds, but I hear no videos or music from the internet.  No matter what is the browser, or even if it is itunes.  I think it's so weird that I hear system sounds, but nothing else. I have an IDT high definition audio CODEC withd version 6.10.6418.0 driver.

    Thanks, Heather

    Try to install the latest driver IDT Audio take care of page:

  • have an e mail with video and music, want to put on disc

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    First, save the video attachment in a folder of your choice.
    Now, if you have Vista Home Premium or ultimate, you have a program called Windows DVD Maker included. You can use it to burn the video to DVD.
    If you don't have the program, then you will need to google for a video to DVD converter.


  • Passport for blackBerry cannot access videos, photos, music players even if file manager concludes they are OK

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    any ideas?

    Passport OS

    Thank you

    The files have been saved to a media device or the memory card?

    Try to remove the SD Media card, reinsert and restart:

    Restart: With the BlackBerry powereddevice, press and hold the power button on top about 20-30 seconds, ignore the 3-2-1 timer and hold the button until the screen goes black and you see the red LED.
    Restart: With the phone smart BlackBerry turned on, using the keys of volume of the edge side, press on and hold the keys of volume for about 20 seconds and both of the Up, ignoring the initial message of screenshot... the screen go black, reboot.

    Or try both of the above.

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    Also, I live in and bought my Blackberry in Dominican Republic. When I went to the download page of the Dominican Republic is not listed, as it is also not included in the registration form for this site.

    According to what your BlackBerry OS is tells you what size microSD card you can buy. You can check under Options | Topic (will appear as Look at the table on the following link to see what size you can get -

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    I have a dell latitude E6420 with windows 7 Pro Office.  I have a Canon HV20 Camcorder.  I am connected between the two with an express firewire card.  The app from machine to machine and the film see the camera, no problem.  When I connect the video screen capture appears without a problem and I can see the video on the tape.  I want to do is watch the video without download.  I want to watch the video on the laptop, just as I watched him if the device is connected to my TV.  I saw something on the use of a camcorder as a webcam.  Would you do that?  Thanks in advance for your answer.


    Stanley thank you for your answer.  I'll try and find a canon forum.  During this time.  I don't have any software Cannon installed on my laptop.  It's a new laptop and an older camcorder.  Is the software you MENTION provides the functionality I'm looking for?  Thank you

    It can: rather than having none of the supported software to those who have made the material.   ;-)
    The software is located on the web page I linked to...

  • Add a network drive to the RT surface and see it in the video or music?

    Can I map a drive, but it is not able-index and therefor will not appear in my library... How can I fix?

    Will there be an update of videos and music that will see the stuff on my SD card?

    the being of the difference that your network drive is on an indexable Windows
    machine. with a NAS Windows box unfounded, there is literally no other option
    to move the files to a location that is indexable.
    MVP - Windows/entertainment and connected home
    Please mark as answer if that answers your question
  • All My Documents, pictures, videos and music files are does not

    All My Documents, pictures, videos and music files are does not and I can't access the files and I did nothing to them but when I try and click on it, it says "music.library - ms no longer works, the library can be removed safely from your computer.» Records that have been added will not be affected. I understand that they won't be affected, but how am I supposed to recover all my files?

    Hey Kwame,

    I understand that you receive an error saying music.library - ms no longer works.

    Please answer:

    (1) did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    In the libraries folder, you will notice that the icons of the folders have changed to something else. This clearly indicates that Windows 8 libraries are no more work and corrupted.

    To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

    (a) press Windows + E to open Windows Explorer, and then click library.

    (b), select all the libraries with which you are faced with a question and select Delete.

    (c) click Yes to confirm.

    (d) after the deletion, right-click on the icon libraries in the left navigation pane and click on restore default libraries.

    (e) in the first attempt, default icons have been restored but if you are unable to access the libraries of Windows 8, delete and restore again to go back to work.

    Note: Deleting of a library does not delete the contents of the included folders. However, you need to add or include your folders manually, if necessary.

    Kind regards

  • How can I make a video without loss?

    Hello, I made an image sequence .png in nuke and I want to make a .mp4 resembling nuke.

    I tried to use a H.264 .mp4 with match source and distance from the keyframe at 1, but the son seems good.

    How can I make a better video without loss?

    Thank you

    H.264 is never coded without loss. H.264 is a phenomenon very codec, to compress the video down to a very small size.

    Animation and PNG ina container QuickTime codecs are lossless. CineForm and ProRes 4444 are not lossless, but retain the details very well.

  • How to record 1920 x 1080 video without quality loss? Do not use blu ray.

    How to record 1920 x 1080 video without quality loss? Do not use blu ray.

    It is physically IMPOSSIBLE to use HD on a DVD material and to play in a DVD player... the data rate is different, it is BluRay invented

    Link to DVD Demystified FAQ

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