IP E1200 as access point ranges

I have a Cisco 880 (provided by my company and as such, I have little access to the control panel). I have a Linksys E1200 (Cisco) to use as an access point. Installation of Cisco (love it!), but the simple configuration gives the E1200 a range of ip addresses from while Cisco 880 range is I need to have connections in the same rage of ip (192.168.185.xxx) for remote monitoring. What is the best way to achieve this? Bridge mode (I have no need to Mode of reviews I've read is not possible in bridged mode)? Disable DHCP on the E1200? I've been roaming forums, but there's still a few confuson. Guidance gratefully received.


You have two configuration options for the desired configuration. You can make the LAN to LAN (cascading) configuration or in Bridge Mode. Well the 2 types of installation are the same. The only difference is that you must manually configure all on LAN to LAN setup.  It includes turning off DHCP and manually configure an IP address for the E1200 (which will be the secondary router). Configure the router bridge Mode automatically disables router functions and sets the router as a simple switch/access point.

For me, I will configure using the method of the Bridge Mode. It's going to be much easier that way. Please click on the following links learn more about the waterfall and Bridge Mode:

In waterfall or connect a Linksys router to another router

Set up your Linksys WiFi or Smart WiFi router in Bridge mode

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  • E3000 as or to get a better access point?

    Hello, I installed an EA8500 router as my main 'brain' The entire House is wired ethernet. I have a House of very good size, so upstairs in my room... the signal of the iphone is not the best... I had a previous firmware Linksys E3000 current tomato from my router laying around... so I have set up to work as a WIRED Access Point and it works fine.

    Now my question is... I would purchase say... An AC Wireless extender/access point? Is there a different big an E3000 and a real access point/range extender wireless?

    Thank you all

    Hi manofice. If you have a lot of wireless devices that are capable AC and having a challenge with the connection to the EA8500, then Yes, it may be preferable to get an AC range extender. But if only the iPhone was having a problem with wireless connectivity and you mentioned adding the E3000 as access point is working fine, then it is not necessary to get an Extender for the moment.

    Hope that helps.


    LInksys technical support

  • AC1900-Nighthawk WiFi Range Extender can be wired in and used as an access point?

    I want to replace my WN802T which is connected to the network.

    Found the manual and it can be used as an access point.

  • Satellite A210-171 - unable to connect to any access point or router

    Hello. I don't know that this is the right forum. Not something I do normally but since I am desperate to solve this problem, I'll give it a shot.

    So I bought a Toshiba Satellite A210-171 nearly a year ago. It has a built-in wireless driver.

    The problem is, however, I can't seem to connect to any access point or router. What I end up getting most of the time are so a message saying that I am connected but with limited connectivity which means I can't access the internet. At other times, the network in range will appear in my network list, (with a signal strength excellent), but once I have select a message appears saying that the connection attempt has failed. And at other times my laptop detects the network connection and functions smoothly.

    I do not understand of course. So if someone could explain to me why my laptop selects and selects Wireless connections, that it connects and how I can solve this problem, I would be grateful!

    Thanks in advance

    Have you tried to update the driver on your laptop?
    Check the Toshiba site for an update:

    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads-download drivers online

    And if you are already on this site check for a BIOS update.

  • How connect N600 router wndr3400v3 to another hotspot or wifi ssid access point

    I want to connect to my router to an another ot hotspot or access point ssid to increase network range

    I tried but not found any option

    Help, please

    Ok thank you

  • RE6500HG has not detected 5 GHz dual-band access point transmission

    I have a dual band (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) access point in the living room and the RE6500HG is located in the room adjacent to the living room. During the installation of the RE6500HG could detect only the 2.4 GHz transmission and after a few tries I had to settle for a configuration unique (2.4 GHz) band.

    My iPad Air in the room, could receive the signal of 5 GHz from the living room AP. In an experiment, I put in place the RE6500HG in the living room at distances ranging from 1 meter to 5 meters without success in the configuration of the 5 GHz RE6500HG

    My RE6500GH is defective? I bought the unit yesterday (April 27)

    Try adjusting the road s 5 GHz to channel 36.

  • Subnet routed on the main gateway of the WiFi Access Point

    Hello people.

    I have the wireless router WAG200G. It sports a RJ-11 input and a four port RJ-45, while it is compatible 802.11 g.

    I need to use it as an Access Point, WiFi via DHCP clients accommodation in its own range (I fear not the 192.168.1.x default range). However, I need to give this subnet, access the internet via my main network which has another Beach, say 10.0.0.x, where the entry door is

    I tried the subnet routing WiFi to my front door, but apparently I'm missing something I ever managed :-)

    For those wishing to help could you please tell me through this page http://ui.linksys.com/files/WAG200G/1.00.09/Setup_routing.htm ?

    FYI, I got the Linksys in my network off main application everywhere (Linksys & PCs) static IP, nat and affecting encapsulation Bridged Mode only. That's how it worked, but for security reasons, I need to isolate this subnet WiFi.

    Any kind of help would be appreciated.

    If you used the WAG as point of access only with standard Linksys firmware, then you cannot use the DHCP server. The WAG will always assign its own IP address as the gateway via the DHCP server. The only option would be to use the DHCP relay function or set another DHCP server.

    As long as the WAG is connected through a LAN port to your existing network you connected side full LAN of the WAG in your network. You don't want to run any DHCP server on the WAG. Your main router provide DHCP service. If your wireless devices have trouble getting an IP address from your main router, which should be the first thing to solve...

  • EA6500-double WUMC710-WRT310N as Access Point

    After getting a Smart TV for my basement last year, I was unable to get a proper my WRT310N wireless signal.  I had the WRT310N on the second floor with my desktop PC.  Wifi should reach the basement, but not good enough to stream hi-def movies.  To remedy this, I bought a router of EA6500 and the WUMC710 bridge to replace the WRT310N.  I put the EA6500 on the ground floor, the bridge in the basement and I was using Powerline to access my PC upstairs.  I become disillusioned by the stability of the signal by current bearer of the PC upstairs, so I bought another WUMC710 to my floor.  This configuration is therefore works very well, EA6500 ground floor with of two WUMC710, one upstairs and one in the basement.  The only problem I have left is a wifi dead spot in the master bedroom.  I not was too concerned about the place of the dead since we do not use wifi in the bedroom very often, but I recently heard that it is possible to use my old router, the WRT10N, as an access point to extend my range of wifi.  I followed some instructions of the internet to get the WRT310N set up as access point (disable DHCP, configure phrase password and security, the same as on the EA6500 router).  I then used the power lines through a signal ethernet of the EA6500, the son of AC, in the House of the masters of whetre the other carrier current module online is now connected.  I then connected the WRT310N to this Powerline online and the WiFi in the room was now nice and sharp.  Note that this WRT310N is out now wifi in the main room, while in the corridor on the other side of the second story sits the WUMC710 bridge, which is connected to the EA6500 via wifi. At some point during the day wifi stop working throughout the House.  My suspicion is that the WUMC710 passed the EA6500 wifi signal and picked up the WRT310N wifi.  The only way I could get wifi back working again was to unplug the WRT310N access point.  Is there a way to put bridges (WUMC710) so that they will only connect to the EA6500 and NOT the WRT310N?

    Hello. Given that both routers are set up with the same wireless name and password, your WUMC710 will connect to one of them. If you wish, you can configure - your WRT310N with other wireless name and password so that your bridge will connect with EA6500. This should help.

  • Access Point WRT1900AC & Firmware version:, it cannot be accessed the config page.


    I am a new user of router dual-band WRT1900AC . The installation has been updated instantly to
    Firmware version:
    Release date: June 30, 2015

    My WRT1900AC is configured as a wireless gateway.


    Also, I have disabled firewall and uPnP.
    A tutorial here:


    Everything works except that without access to the router config page.

    The problem is, I can't access my page to config WRT1900AC Wireless Access Point and the only solution is to connect temporary exit HAND ROUTER LAN to WAN WRT1900AC, can I access my AP

    (after restart of course). Change after I return the cable to the LAN again and restart WRT1900AC. This works.

    Yesterday, I spoke with live chat. I received recommendations:
    "Once the router is configured to bridge fashion, page configuration accessible only using its new IP address. The new IP address can be found on the main router DHCP table. It is because only in LAN - LAN, the

    WRT1900AC will be his disabled DHCP. »

    I also saw Table of customer routers main DHCP but I have not found the IP address of my wireless WRT1900AC Access Point there. I think it is a bug in the version of the Firmware:
    Page config in the case of WRT1900AC Wireless Access Point is isolated or possible only thanks to the WAN WRT1900AC. It would be nice if someone confirms that and maybe in the next version of

    fix. :-) I have a beautiful smartphone App "Smart Wi - Fi" and I can not comfortably use it due to this error/bug.
    Otherwise everything works well and stably.

    inspire wrote:

    Hi chadster766!

    Thanks for your suggestion and a quick response. I have a feeling it would work then as you described. But how to set Internet settings in mode Bridge? I've already put a static IP address router IP address WRT1900AC. I see it with IP scanner.
    If I leave the cables as you suggest (hand router LAN to WAN WRT1900AC), the Internet does not work. In this case go to the config page, but Internet with other devices will not work. Also good Wifi, it works but can not access. How to set the Bridge Mode? (I think this is my problem in this scenario)

    IP address of the router (LAN):

    Connectivity-online-online details router LAN => Edit

    * If your main router IP subnet example is 192.168.0.x, then set the address of the WRT1900AC IP to an IP outside the range of the main router DHCP. Ex:

    Bridge mode:
    Connectivity-online Internet-online IPv4 settings => Edit-online Bridge Mode

  • WRT100 as an Access Point?

    I have implemented a new Linksys E2000 wireless but my router always have some problems of range and want to set up my old WRT100 as a Point of access across the House.  Is it still possible?  I don't see the configuration settings in the Firmware to do this.  I just want to be sure I'm not spinning my wheels on it.  Thank you!

    Yes. You can configure the WRT as access point. But there's a race to your main router ethernet cable.

    You cannot configure the WRT as Repeater wireless or wireless bridge.

  • DHCP option to set the controller IP for Access Points (Airespace)

    Hello world.

    Does anyone have an idea to specify the controller using DHCP options.

    We use:

    -Controller AIR-WLC4404-100-K9

    -AP-1010-AP-5312 poinst access

    -Server dhcp DHCPd ISC 3.0.1

    Newspapers on DHCP server indicates that access points become the IP addresses, but the controller information are not "read" / "included".

    In the productive environment, controllers will be redundant.

    So far, we couldn't sucsessful with eighter of these configurations:

    Block i. using VTL:


    subnet netmask {}

    option subnet-mask;

    routers option;

    option domain-name-servers,;

    option vendor-class-identify Airespace 1200;

    the option dhcp-client-identifier 0xf1, 8,,;


    DDNS-rev-domainname "in - addr.arpa.";

    DDNS-domain name "xxyy.local.";

    default-lease-time 28800;



    II. using the DHCP Next-Server option:

    subnet netmask {}

    option subnet-mask;

    routers option;

    option domain-name-servers,;


    III. use of Header Information Option 43 described such in DHCP Manual:

    WLAN-apc code 60 option = text;

    ip address wlan code option 43 = controller;

    subnet netmask {}

    option subnet-mask;

    routers option;

    option domain-name-servers,;

    option wlan-apc "Airespace.AP1200"

    option wlan controller -;

    IV. using header to the DHCP server information:

    class "-classes of suppliers ' {}

    vendor-class-identifier option match; }

    {"Airespace.AP1200" subclass "-classes of suppliers '}



    Does anyone have a working (using the SAI?) configuration or advice?

    Best regards

    Jarle Steffensen

    Yes, finally got it work.

    I just followed this guide:


    and it worked the first time :)

  • Ordered the wrong access point!

    I thought that I had ordered a 1130ag but looks like I ordered a 1131ag LWWAP.

    Please could someone tell me what the difference between a 1130 and 1131. I understand I can load the IOS on the light AP software using a tftp server, but I do not know which exit to load on this subject. 12.3JX, 12.3JA, 12.3JEA, 12.3JEB! can anyone help please? either by the way, I am in the United Kingdom, do not know if this affects image to install. Thank you.

    Hi Paul,.

    This happens all the time, so it shouldn't be a problem :) I'm guessing that you have received this AP - AIR - LAP1131AG - x - K9 LWAPP. When you really wanted this AP - AIR-AP1131G-x-K9 Cisco IOS software. Look at the comparison;


    That being said, you should be good to go with 12.3 (11) JA1.

    To access Cisco Aironet to Cisco IOS version 12.3 Points (11) JA1


    Cisco IOS version 12.3 (11) JA1 supports 32 MB independent platforms. 16 MB platforms and platforms supported by Cisco IOS version 12.3 (8) JA and earlier versions (350, 1100, 1130, 1200 and 1230 access points and access point/bridge 1300 series) are supported by Cisco IOS version 12.3 (8) JEA1.

    Do not install a "JX" (it is a software image support to upgrade and recovery Cisco Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP));

    These release notes describe features, improvements, and caveats for Cisco IOS release 12.3 (11) JX1.

    Note: This version must be loaded on points of access to the plant or by using the lightweight stand-alone mode upgrade tool. Your access point may become unusable if you install this software without using the upgrade tool.


    Returning to standalone Access Point


    You can convert an access point of the mode light return to autonomous mode by loading a Cisco IOS version that supports stand-alone mode (Cisco IOS release 12.3 (7) JA or earlier version). If the access point is associated with a controller, you can use the controller to load the version of Cisco IOS. If the access point is not associated with a controller, you can load the version of Cisco IOS using TFTP.

    By using a TFTP server to revert to a previous version

    Follow these steps to return mode LWAPP stand-alone mode by loading a version of Cisco IOS using a TFTP server:


    Step 1 the IP address of the computer on which the server software runs TFTP should range from to

    Step 2 make sure the PC contains the file access point (for example, c1200-k9w7 - tar.122 - 15.JA.tar for a 1200 Series access point) in the TFTP server folder and the TFTP server is activated.

    Step 3 Rename the access point image file in the folder of the TFTP server c1200-k9w7 - tar.default for a series of 1200 point, c1130-k9w7 - tar.default of access for a series of 1130 access point and c1240-k9w7 - tar.default for a series of 1240 access point.

    Step 4 connect the PC to the access point using an Ethernet category 5 cable (CAT5).

    Step 5 disconnect the power to the access point.

    Step 6 push the MODE button and hold the button while you reconnect power to the access point.

    Step 7 hold the MODE button until the status of the LED turns red (approximately 20 to 30 seconds), then release.

    Step 8 wait until restarting access point, as indicated by the LEDs become green followed the status LED flashes green.

    Step 9 after the access point reboots, reconfigure using the GUI or the CLI.

    This doc.


    I hope this helps!


  • Windows 7 wireless emphasizes the connection to the wrong access point

    I use a model of wireless USB Netgear WN111 with Windows 7 64-bit adapter, connect to a D-Link wireless access point.

    Every time I have connect or wake the computer from sleep, he insists on connecting to the wrong access point - it connects to an unsecured Linksys device somewhere within the range.  I then manually connect to the correct access point - my D-Link.

    I went into the network sharing Center > manage the wireless networks and removed the network Linksys of rogue, but it always comes back.

    Any ideas or advice?


    I don't know why he keeps picking up the 'rogue' network after that you deleted. My Windows 7 does not behave like that, and my research can reveal a way that I could do. Maybe someone else can tell you why he does. However, as a solution, you can try the following in manage wireless networks...

    1. do not remove the network of thugs, move it to the bottom of the list all the way down.

    2. open the rogue network properties and uncheck the box "connect automatically when this network is in range.

    3. open the properties of your network and check the box "connect automatically when this network is in range.

    4. you can even try to untick "connect to a more preferred network if available" both networks.

    Please mark this as useful or response if applicable.


  • My Airport Time Capsule can act as a WIRELESS access point


    I brought a Time Capsule with my Mac Pro. It worked well since yesterday.

    I have set up the time Capsule as a WIFI, bypass at my local network access point. There is a router (cable) works at home.

    It's my Mac Pro AirPort Utility and my iPhone, my Time Capsule is displayed with an exclamation point saying "device not found". I can't connect to the disk on this subject by afp share, or smb. Time Machine function is gone too. He failed trying to connect to the share drive from another computer connected to the time Capsule by cable network.

    But at the same time, WiFi works well.

    I tried to recycle energy. Sharing disk will be available. But if I start the Time Machine backup, it will not be a few seconds.

    Any idea?

    Thank you.

    There are several posts here related the issue.

    Luckily, you have set up your new Time Capsule for Back to My Mac (BTMM)?

    If so, the 'temporary' solution is to delete/disable the option of the CCMM, as follows:

    • Run the AirPort Utility.
    • Select the base and then station, select change.
    • On the tab of the Base Station, go back to the section of my Mac at the bottom of the window.
    • If you have entries here, select it and click then the minus sign "-" button to remove it.
    • Click on update and allow the base station restart.

    If you have not enabled CCMM, we have other options for you to try.

  • Do I need an additional access point to use my iPod touch for audio books? It's using iOS 9.3

    Do I need an additional access point to use my iPod touch to listen to audio books.  The iPod is on iOS 9.3 and my iMac on OS 10.11.4.  I can get the books from the library using the OverDrive Media Console software, then by moving the iTunes audio book using 'add to library '.  Then, it presents itself in music and can be downloaded from there to the iPod.  The audio book also appear in the section music from iPod.  The problem is, most of the time, no list of book sections appear on the iPod and the iPod plays sections in random order instead of sequentially.  I can't find anything in the guide of the user on audio books.

    Can you import into your application iBooks on Mac and then sync it with your iPod?

    See chapter iBooks of:


Maybe you are looking for