iP8720 - wired USB and wifi at the same time?

I sought an answer to this but have not found one that I really understand.  An iP87290 can be used as a wired printer and printer wifi simultaneously?

I put up as a USB Wired printer on the office a year ago.  Works very well.  Now my wife wants to know if she can print on it from his laptop.  I have the wifi set up in the House and she often logs from the living room... as I have from my android tablet. What we do when she wants to print something, it is transferred to an SD card, then put the SD card in the office and printing from it.  Aging.  It would be much better if she could just walk into the 'office' and turn the printer on and print directly from his laptop.  I like to keep the printer connected to the desktop also.

Thank you.

Hi Muhammed.

You can connect your PIXMA iP8720 to a computer with a USB cable and also use wireless with other computers and devices at the same time.

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    Welcome to the Microsoft answers site.
    It is not possible to connect dial-up connection usb 3G and WiFi connection at the same time.

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    Yes, there is no problem.

    While that wired (ethernet) and wireless network connections do not work simultaneity, USB and Wi - Fi can operate and will not interfere with each other.

    Kind regards


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    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    We have a dedicated team with advanced tools and permission to help with this issue. Then I suggest you to report the same query in TechNet forum.

    Thank you.
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  • USBOTG and Charge at the same time on Stream 8

    To keep this thread as productive as possible and efficient for those who find it useful to:

    Unless you have under your eyes

    1. a schematic representation of the 8 Stream USB port (USB port and battery electric circuit etc.)

    2 source code for the firmware BIOS and kernel that controls the material

    Please DO NOT respond or say "is not possible".  In view of the above is true, you do not have enough information to say '' not possible. ''

    If no one replys with a solution, what he calls not possible by default.

    Also please do not answer to say ' I don't know how "or" but I know how to do anything else that ' is also not that useful.

    An update of the BIOS or other software update may be required by HP, Microsoft or both to offer this feature really intuitive and quite possible.

    And I hope that this thread can be an effort consolidated by all who have the 8 flow to make the necessary changes.  The majority of the other tablet PCs are capable of it.  It seems that only the 8 Stream and a few others have trouble with her.


    I want the ability to use a simple, inexpensive cable and perhaps standard (with electronic active minimum inside) which allows me to host and to use one or more USB devices on the Stream via its USB port B microphone 8 while this cable can also be connected to a charger standard and charge 8 flow simultaneously.  This means that the cable has a minimum of three connectors.  One of the possible configurations are as follows (apart from the normal charging cable):

    1 cable Micro USB B Male - connect to the stream 8

    2 USB male A - connect to the AC charger (IE one that came with the 8 Stream)

    3. USB A female - one or several connectors to plug into the key of USB data, keyboard, mouse or even a hub.

    Connector # 2. above shall provide a power supply to recharge the 8 Stream via conn. #1 and the power supply for external USB devices via conn. #3 so that they are in use - all at the same time.

    A and if the same cable can act as a normal OTG no charger for when no external power supply is available.  This may necessitate a switch or an electrontics active inside.

    The last part of this goal is unimportant for various reasons.  I wish that HP, the manufacturer of 8 flow, to State in writing good mode necessary to do this, so that other manufacturers or even-it yourself can make maximum use of their tablet HP equipment.


    The neat thing it will alow a person to do with their tablet, it is to work at home using the Tablet as a desktop PC by connecting a keyboard, mouse, perhaps external screen (with USB to the display adapter) and knit for a long time without time limit prescribed by the battery life because the charger provides energy to all involved.

    If there is only a single connector on the cable #3, then an additional node of coarse had to provide support for these multiple USB devices at the same time.  However, it would be better if there were several #3 connectors integrated in the cable itself.  This would be better as a suitable USB hub also requires its own power.  That an adapter is necessary if the whole thing were integrated into one.


    I really want answers from anyone who has already accomplished USB OTG delivered with simultaneous load with flow 8. (independent of any published 'proper' way is also welcome)

    Today's date is 2015-01-16.  If in 2015-02-16 (one month), nobody has posted a solution and then starts to bug HP and Microsoft on it's us?


    Technical training:

    I understand the possibility the tablet software and firmware must take a decision on the manner in which power flows on the power port USB microphone B pins.

    I know that with a proper design of the electronic circuit carring these signals of power inside the Tablet could be sensitive to what is connected and without risk to decide for himself what to do without needing to control software.  For example by testing/detecting periodically differential voltage or current management to see what sides of the connector can supply.

    But this is only one of the many "could bes".

    In addition, this can be no standard regarding the standard USB.  What seems to be actually the case with a lot of cables OTG + fresh, is that physical clues embedded in the cable or charger are used to signal to the Tablet what the situation is.  Then the signal of software/firmware of the Tablet, interprets what the situation is intelligently and responds by flipping the bits of correct hardware control to activate, or deactivate the power flow in the port and also control its direction in or out.

    I'm not familiar with the standard USB.  Maybe I could do more research, if I believed that HP followed with 8 Stream or even the standard covered this situation explicitly.

    But to a certain extent, it seems I'll have to invent something that should be intuitively just like it does with other tablets. Isn't it?  Maybe I'm overthinking, but I can't find any USB OTG + cables load that specify compatibility with 8 HP flow.

    In any case, I was familiar with both methods other use of tablets to send the highest mentioned signal to the hardware/firmware/software of the tablet to the idea that it's time to load / time of OTG or both.

    The first method is a 0 Ohm to 200 ohms short between pin USB A 2 and 3.  This is the bidirectional data differential lines D - and D + respectively.  In data mode, all the data passes back and forth on those lines.  When you load with a cable, it's the charger module that puts this short, not on the cable.  I measured the short on three different Chargers.  It is 0 Ohms on two of them, one of those who are the charger that came with the 8 HP flow.  The others 0 ohms was generic.  The third was for an apple iPad and it measured on 53KOhms.  It's probably not the resistance ohms 0-200, but probably it is impedance termination indicating that there is some intelligent serial port communication in the charger itself.  Leave it to Apple to be different.

    This method is somewhat questionable, as this signaling mode would prevent OTG + fee because it seems unlikely that you will be able to OTG when the data lines are shorted each and overloaded with such low impedance.  I could be wrong on this subject...

    The other method I have seen suggested to work with some tablets and phones other than the 8 stream is too short the USB microphone B pin 5 to Terminal 4 with 0 Ohms to 100 000 Ohms.

    USB B has 5 pins.  USB has only 4.  The extra pin on B moves the GND pin 4 pin 5 pin to and makes pin 4 PIN ID.

    If this signal applies to a drop in the ID pin (4) or in some cases, I saw that she proposed, he runs down with 0 Ohms.

    Dead shorting things always makes me nervous.  If ID is a simple normally high impedance high input, resistance could be used to make voltage well below the low or zero threshold while also preventing the risk of damage when cheat on him with a device that you do not have the diagram for.

    Yet, 100K is a bit high for a 'pull down' in most of the situations that I'm used to.  Even a 10K would be uncertain. A 1 K or 2 K seems reliable enough, but then things are weaker and in know more nowadays low...   All but a dead short but if possible.

    So, it seems possible that the device might be able to "indicate" by the specific value of the resistance, which can be found here.  In other words the resistance is not a pull down but in fact a signature analog ID, in which case the exact value will be crucial. So if this is the case, a guess is not going to work.

    Obviously in such a system as described above, a chip inside the Stream 8 should be responsible to support this information. I hope the 8 Stream has such a chip.

    Probably a register inside this chip would be at all times what the State of the pin ID is a binary number.  All that is needed is for the BIOS to the chip and the registry in it and read this number via the bus to determine what happens to the port. Finally, he would use that signals of info to send the order of material to the electrontics of power set the appropriate direction to take etc.  (and change the State of the icon on the screen of the rude)

    I don't know if the PIN ID method described is a standard USB or not either.

    Eventually, there may be a third way. But I do not suspect that it would be possible with a non-active external device. In any case too complicated for the novice DIY for sure.

    The device would need to act is a kind of extension of bus.  As an active hub.  But she would use the negotiation of data USB serial lines and in addition to reproduce one or more additional USB ports, intelligently inform the tablet to get with the program which is "now we're going to otg and recharge at the same time."

    This requires a smart external device with a processor Inside, no doubt.

    It seems to me that many other tablets have been able achieve avecjoint here the need for a smart external device and thus the flow must also be able to do.

    There is a device that claims to be able to work with the HP Jet 7 and 8 and provides same ethernet and USB and big DVI ports so loads the data stream.  But its expensive because it is active.  Se here:


    It's called a "Docking Station".

    A reference to a product that does exactly what I want (possibly without active electronic components) is here:


    It's by Kirin and it is a device of type squid with four USB ports.  Precisely, which is my goal.  But read in the comments stream 7 user indicated that he would not be OTG and load, not really clear if it worked as a hub USB OTG or not.  Another evaluator stated that she would not support even a single USB device much less fees of 8 Stream.  This device has a switch.

    I forgot to mention that some 'hackers' have claimed success with other tablets to deceive their devices by using a multi-step process to plug things in.  Usually in general they would get connected Tablet and load first, then they would return a switch or something remove some resistance or the signal was introduced by the first position of the switch. For some reason any Tablet would continue to require. Then the data lines would be free and they would plug in a usb key and it mounts correctly even if the tablet was always in charge.

    It's like the power circuit has a lock which does not allow it to return to the mode "power flow" as long as he still feels the power flows inward regardless of what software it is telling.  Full proposal here.

    These tips seem dubious to me.  Changes in the BIOS could change the way it works.  Also you can not be sure what actually happens if you do not have a schematic representation.  You could damage your tablet.  Many people will support icon in the operating system whether the Tablet is in charge.  But I'm sort of a low-risk guy and my policy is generally indicators of intereperet not to have meaning at all once a device is functioning in a non-standard setting.  Especially when it's something that I did not built and could not fix if I FRY.

    Hypothetical reasoning: tell me what data sensory discs really the State of the charging light screen?  This reflect the bit of hardware control programs actually feeding management and status on the port?  Or does it measure the direction of the flow of power, said in the section of the circuit battery monitoring?  Point - none of us have a schema because it's owner. To really be sure according to the smart electronic hardware, the port must be mode flow under advisement "of power. If it's in a "power flow out" mode and power will be delivered externally as well you wind upward with both power supplies the same power at the wheel nets.  In this case, the two opposing regulators attempting both to drive 5 V can have slightly different voltage calibrations.  That could lead to fighting between them, with more than 100% of their capacity.  For example if you try to regulate 4.95 real V and the other and other attempts to regulate 5.05 V.  Current then flows to the tune of 100 mV / a few milliohms in the cables linking the two.  This may be several amperes. (many)  In other words, like I said: you want the tablet to know that power is coming in don't go out and automatically hitting the internal switches needed for that to happen. Probably the icon should indicate this with precision, but in some wacky situation, he could not. There may be a chance that the icon could indicate the load and still be burning or focusing on some circuits of the tablet or the charger.

    Another thing, I could see that happening is if you play with these reported resistance types enough you might find a resistance value that winds up place the device in an intermittent condition.  In other words it keeps flipping back and forth quickly between OTG and fresh.  It can give the illusion that it works.  You can have marginal communication with your USB devices and battery could even load.  But will still be a lot of stress on the power circuit.

    It is difficult for me to risk a Tablet perfectly well if I don't know exactly what I'm doing.

    If a brave individual makes their own experimentation and verifies that it charges and OTGs and you tell the rest of us, you're a hero.

    Maybe one of you has a good knowledge on the USB standard to have more confidence in such an experience... like what the ID pin 4 REALLY supposed to work for example?

    That's what I know so far.  If you think you can help, thanks in advance, or if this helped you, then your quite welcome.

    It works

    http://Accessories.us.Dell.com/SNA/ProductDetail.aspx?c=us & l = to & CS = 19 & SKU = 470-abes & baynote_bnrank = 0 & baynote_irrank = 0 & ~ CK = baynoteSearch & dgc = CJ & cid = 47997 & lid = 4279734 & acd = 10550055-4485850-eb75dcb47e53437680ed323a1f4885fe



    But it's 4 x the price in Europe

    Have fun

  • Lack of voice and data at the same time kills me

    After using a treo 750 (WM 6.1) on att for the past three years, I guess I did not realize the advantage of ATT and gsm in general.  There are many drawbacks... mainly pricing for simple accounts (However their family plan was directly comparable to those of sprint).  I constantly try to use data applications while talking on the phone without success.  I started thinking that I could do without, but a week later, I still really really miss.  My wife did too... because she's I usually give directions or any other web information while on the phone.  There is nothing like view google satellite map to help someone make sure they are in the right place... "see a big tree on your right with a large Brown building behind it, Yes, it's that one" does anyone else have this feeling?  WiFi is not an option for me most of the time.

    Voice and data at the same time is not available when using any CDMA network due to network constraints. This is true for all types of phones, not only Palm or not only the Pre. Your example of electronic control or by using google maps, the gps data that can be stored before you activate the call. try to browse the web while making a call and try to go to a web page, you have never visited before, so that you know, that he cannot be a version collected page.

  • on the Iphone 7. How to listen to music, if we have a normal headset and charge at the same time?

    How to listen to music, if we have a normal headset and charge at the same time?

    < re-titled by host >

    It sopposed must be a wireless charging dock to be launched shortly if the dock does not so it is a disappointment

  • My iphone 6 does not light, I held the home button and power at the same time and no vibration or no sign of life, any suggestions as to what it could be would be appreciated

    Phone bought 3 days ago and I fight to turn it on, it's just a black screen, the phone records into iTunes but does not turn, I tried holding down the home button and power at the same time and still nothing, I presume that it's a battery problem as if it was the backlight then the phone vibrated when you press the power button help Please!

    Marley6921 wrote:

    Phone bought 3 days ago and I fight to turn it on, it's just a black screen, the phone records into iTunes but does not turn, I tried holding down the home button and power at the same time and still nothing, I presume that it's a battery problem as if it was the backlight then the phone vibrated when you press the power button help Please!

    Put it on wait ten minutes if the phone did not come one, then hold down the sleep/Home button until you see the apple logo and then release, make sure that the phone is still connected to the charger.

  • Satellite M30X-122: how to use the headphones and speaker at the same time?


    y at - it a possiblity to use headphones and speaker at the same time?
    When I plug the headphones into the Jack, the speaker is created off the coast of the moment.

    Thank you

    Hi Peter,.

    There is unfortunately no way to use both headphones and speakers at the same time. This is because tghere's a disconnection physical power for the internal speakers when you plug in the headphones. It is not by software. The only way around this would be to dismantle the headphones Jack and solder connections that are broken when you insert the headphone permanently.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite Pro L770 - 14 H - the use of WLan and Bluetooth at the same time

    I have a Satellite Pro L770 - 14H and you want to use a Bluetooth mouse.
    With the 'FN' and F8 key I am capable of coding between WLAN and Bluetooth, but it is not possibel to have both at the same time.

    My question is: How can I have WLAN and Bluetooth at the same time?
    To use a Bluetooth mouse with WLAN connection.

    Thank you very much


    Using Win 8.1?

    Usually you could turn on and off Bluetooth in Win 8.1
    Settings PC-> PC &-> of Bluetooth devices

    There, you can move the cursor to BT for THE position.

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  • I want to delete email messages on iphone and mac at the same time

    How can I delete email messages on iphone and mac at the same time?

    Use an e-mail provider that uses the IMAP protocol.

  • Lenovo L450 Dock Pro video output DVI and DP at the same time


    I have L450 NB and Pro Dock station.

    I have question. Can I connect and use two monitors (1 - DVI, 2 - displayport)?

    In this link (https://support.lenovo.com/cz/cs/documents/pd029622) is writable:

    3 - any combination

    What it means?

    If I connect DP and DVI at the same time came out video only on DP.

    Is possible to use two screens on the digital output?


    maniakum wrote:
    Is possible to use two screens on the digital output?

    No, the DisplayPort and DVI Pro docking station port can be used at the same time. So, you need the Dock Ultra.

Maybe you are looking for