iPad 3 on 9.2 rejects correct Apple ID + Password


My problem is this: for the last few weeks, my model AT & T 3 iPad does not accept the credentials of my Apple ID main more. This ID is signed in iCloud very well and if I use my Apple ID secondary, it works without problem. But as soon as I want to sign my main ID, it's just fails with the message:

"Audit failed."

Your Apple ID or the password is incorrect.

Cancel try again. "

But I can try as much as I want that there is no success. Or when you use the dialog box that appeared after I restored the iPad on iTunes there is, nor the sign in option in the App Store application or in the application settings. But on all my other devices (iPhone 6 on 9.2, iPhone 5 on the 9.2, Apple TV 4 on 9.1, Apple TV 3 on 7.2, Mac mini on MacBook Pro 10.11.2, on 10.10.5, iTunes on my i-services in several Web browsers Windows Bootcamp partition), he has worked and still works on previous versions of the software and now the most recent. On the iPad, which is already on iOS 9.2 and saw several OTA updates and iTunes since the problem emerged around the summer, the iTunes Store insists that the password is incorrect. I can't even update the associated applications to this ID, nor can I use Apple music or buy new applications with the ID. I always install with iTunes/Xcode on my Mac which cannot be heavier.

As mentioned before, I just did a complete restore with iTunes and the first thing the iPad wanted me was the ID password and he responded with the usual dialog box (but Activation lock and iCloud it accepts very well). I already looked on * insert name here * but search engine there is no real outcome, i.e. nothing helped or seems not related.

I hope one of you can help me solve this annoying problem


I had a similar problem that just started the other day "out of the blue". I solved my problem and was able to accept my password using DO NOT replace text feature. Under general-keyboard-text replacement, I updated automatically fill my Apple ID after typing the first two letters. I used this feature every time instead of typing on my Apple ID long enough and it wouldn't work any more. When I manually type my whole id, it worked perfectly. Each time I was checking to make sure that he was using the correct text replacement, but I guess that a glitch was not let him accept it. Just thought that I'll let you know in the case where this assistance.

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    This problem happened to me and it belongs to iCloud and I have used so important, please can someone help me?

    Hello. The access code on your iPad is the code four or six numbers you will need to enter to unlock the device. It has nothing to do with the verification of your Apple ID or two-step. Are you able to unlock your phone? If you are, then please describe the steps that lead to your problem. Since you have changed your Apple ID password, you will need to go to two settings > iCloud and settings > iTunes and app store and sign out of your Apple ID, then connect back with the new PW.

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    Hello Kay,.

    I appreciate that you try to use your Apple ID on your iPad, but he asked a former. Return to what you can do to get this sort.

    The first thing that comes to mind is that Apple ID has been changed. It would be different as you create a new Apple ID. If you have changed your Apple ID, you can try to upgrade your iPad to the latest version of iOS and then try to disconnect where it is needed. This should allow to log out without providing a password. Take a look at the article below that talk about what you do when your previous like many Apple ID that must be changed after changing your Apple ID.

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    Take care

  • My iPad pro wonder whenever you restart my retype my password for Apple to check why?

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    It's the way it works. The fingerprints are stored in the secure enclave. The device cannot access unless it has been the subject of an initialization complete.

  • My iPad Pro asks me to enter my Apple ID after a stop of the night.  This was not the case on my iPad Air.  What can I do to eliminate this step?

    I have looked through all the settings and can't find anything you need to stay connected to iClou.

    Tap settings > iTunes & App Stores and then press on your Apple ID then View Apple ID. Enter your password.

    Then restart your iPad and see if she asks your Apple ID even once. It should not.

  • My Apple ID PASSWORD fails to install OS9.2.1?

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    Try using the password of your iPad, not the Apple ID one. The Apple ID is used for the App Store, iTunes, etc..

  • my phone asking me always Apple ID password of the account that I did not create. I have this account in my settings, but I don't know how to remove it. Thanks for the reply.

    my phone asking me always Apple ID password of the account that I did not create. I have this account in my settings, but I don't know how to remove it. Thanks for the reply.

    There are several places an identifier Apple is used on an iPhone.

    • If it's the Apple of a former owner of the phone ID, and it is in settings/iCloud grace to find my iPhone activated, ONLY the person who set up the Apple ID can remove (see: find my iPhone Activation Lock: a mechanism of extraction of the previous owner)
    • If it's the Apple ID in Settings/iTunes & App Store just log out, then log back with the correct ID of Apple.
    • Do the same for iMessage and Facetime, if that is where the Apple ID is used.
    • If he is asked during the updating of the apps means that applications have been purchased or downloaded using this code from Apple. To resolve this issue, you must remove the application, and then buy with your Apple ID.
  • Why am I being asked to update my apple ID password?

    So lets get started...

    On my iPhone 6 and 2 Air iPad I have experienced this problem and happens when I turn the two devices off during the night and the following morning. I get two guests when I go into the menu settings (1). Audit of the Apple - ID enter the password to john.deere @... in a frame, with the options of 'Not now' or 'settings '. -"Not now" just takes you to the home screen - when I click on 'settings' it prompts saying "the apple for [email protected] update ID '.

    I can't update my apple ID password, so I'm curious as to why this product. I get my regular apple ID password and a few seconds pass and puts me right back in the regular setting menu. In my view, there is no need to update my apple ID and I wondered what that the * happens! (both devices doing this) except my Macbook. Did some research a few and even called apple.

    My specs:

    MacBook Air (2015) El captain

    IPhone IOS 6 (REG) 9.1

    Air iPad 2 iOS 9.1

    Until now this what I did with no results:

    Called Apple - they said that it is / can be a bug with the software... suggested a complete restoration of the devices - did this.

    Signed in and out iCloud on devices, restart and difficult to start - no luck.

    Connected to iTunes, manage devices, checked to see if something was out of wack - nothing seemed obvious.

    Checked side macbook things with security or anything like that in this sense, until here nothing.


    Thank you


    You probably have a weak password, and Apple is asking you to change it. The other option is not to put off power at night.

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    What did you see if you can stop what is happening? Have you logged off and on for the shops and iCloud account?

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    I see that you have problems disabling the discovery feature My iPhone on the iPhone of your aunt.  It is important to be able to disable find my iPhone, so I'm happy to help you.  She will need to regain access to their account information, and I've included instructions below.  The second link explains find lock activating my iPhone featured more in detail.

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    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    See you soon!

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    Update your password for Facetime, too.

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    < re-titled by host >

    You must ask security team account Apple to reset your security questions. To contact them, click here and choose a method; If this page does not list one for your country or if you are unable to call, complete and submit this form.


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    That part of your card number must display on the screen of your account payment details, and the security code should not show at all (it does show that when you type in it). You can contact your card issuer and get it cancelled and replaced if you want 100% safe.

    That you have entered your code that you can eventually get more e-mail phishing and potentially not only iTunes, so be careful with emails you get - type in the address of the site on a browser if you want to check any account that you have a site/store, do not use links in the emails.

  • I changed my apple ID password. I restarted my computer and my iphone. My new password works with my laptop, but not my iphone.

    I changed my apple ID password. I restarted my laptop and my iphone. My new password works on my laptop but not on my iphone, I can't update my applications.

    iowaoma wrote:

    I changed my apple ID password. I restarted my laptop and my iphone. My new password works on my laptop but not on my iphone, I can't update my applications.

    Apps are tied to apple id and password that was used to download/purchase it.

    Try your old password and see if you can update or not.

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    Apps cannot be transferred they are related to the identifier apple running during the download.

    If you have an apple ID different you must download & pay.

    See you soon


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