iPad music Colocation - can't see any other shared libs on ipad

I installed the roommate on my MBP and it seems that I have HS setup on my iPad BUT my iPad plays dumb-dumb and do not allow me to see the other libs, iTunes. There is no reason why this lark HS shouldn't work, I even disabled the firewall on my MBP but when same, dead as a dodo on the iPad.

Pathetic! Pathetic! Pathetic! I had a hunch that maybe because I have no music on my iPad that stop me "roommate" mac to the iPad. It's true! Can you believe that people's Party? I had a single track on my iPad to budge on this. I do not see why this should be, and I think it's pathetic. Surely, when trying "homeshare" and no track resident on iPad, a wee dialog box appears to inform the user of the facts before "sharing." Nope. This little tiny piece of information that would allow an unlimited number of users was not coded by Apple developers. Idiots!

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    Thanks for asking!

    This is because the network discovery is turned on.

    If you want, I suggest try tuning off the COAST of the discovery of the network and check if it helps.

    Enable or disable network discovery


    Reply back with the results. I'd be happy to help you further.

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    A computer cannot find homegroup on the other computer. I tried both ways. All important services are successfully started and running. No problems with network connectivity to the internet. I can ping sites like google.com and yahoo.com. I can't just ping the other laptop on the network. Any ideas?

    Thank you


    FYI: I have UltraVNC running on both computers. However, the program does not work b/c computers can't see each other. I also have LogMeIn installed on both. This works because logmein works via the internet.

    Hope that you have found your answer now. I had the same problem and mine was the computers have been appointed the same you have he tried but if not try this:

    ·        Step 1) on your keyboard, press the 'key Windows and pause pause' to bring up the 'System Menu'.

    Step 2) when the "System menu" appears on the lower right, click "change settings"

    Step 3) click on "change" on the "System Properties".

    Step 4) Change the 'computer name' (must be DIFFERENT! to other computers)

    Step 5) press "ok" (you will get a pop up just press ok)

    Properties of step 6) on systems ""change "" the ""computer name " the same as the one on (step 4)"

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    Follow these steps and you shouldn't have a problem.

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    The BIOS seems to be set correctly, not that there is much that can be done for her.

    Seems that the motherboard is the question.

    Other thoughts?

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    Welcome to the Apple community.

    Through participants of applications such as Pages.

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    Method #1
    Start > in the search box, type Folder Options > press the Enter key > click
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    Start button > Control Panel > Classic view > systems > left column, system settings advanced > Performance tab, click on settings > tab Visual effects, click 'Show thumbnails instead of icons' > OK

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    1. What is the error code displayed when programmes fail to open?
    2. What were the recent changes of hardware or software that are performed on the computer before the question?
    Please follow the links below to solve the problem.
    Method 1

    Start your computer in a clean boot and check for conflicts with third-party software.
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    please follow step 7 of the article mentioned above to start the computer normally, once completed the necessary troubleshooting.
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    I hope this helps.
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    OSX 10.10.3 - Suitcase Fusion V5 (automatic activation of plugins not installed)

    Nevermind - clearing the fonts cache solved my problem.

  • Satellite U840-10N - Windows Installation can not see any drive

    Hi all, this is my first post so I hope that I chose the right place to post in.

    I just bought a new Toshiba Satellite u840-10n ultrabook. He joined WIndows 7 Home Premium 320 GB HHD + SSD of 32 GB.

    Even though I prefer Linux, I need Windows because of Microsoft Visual Studio. I downloaded Visual Studio (legally throught dreamspark.com), but it looks like it has some issues. In particular, I can't create any project.

    After searching the Web for this problem, I decided to try reinstalling Windows, hoping that this will solve the problem, and here's the point.

    Installation process of Windows 7 can not find any drive. I looked through the web a lot to solve this problem, even, without understanding.

    I read a lot of other people had the same problem. I tried different ways and I'm about to throw the laptop out the window.

    Is there anyone can help me?

    See you soon,.

    Marco Galassi

    You need to load the SATA driver before you start the installation of the OS. Try it please use the files from http://www.fileswap.com/dl/igfH0jVrap/

    I used it on my Win8 preinstalled satellite to install Win7 64 bit. Copy it to USB and install from there.
    Please post comments.

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    I found several previous posts about my question, but none of them have led me to a solution to my problem. Here's my problem. I have a small home network that I could share files and printers on now I bought for and install a Cisco E3000 and my computers do not see each other. My current configurations is as such: I use DSL and you have an ADSL modem to 2 wires with wireless capabilities. This particular modem has a port for the telephone line and a local Ethernet port. I took the local ethernet and plugged into the internet port of the E3000. All computers can access the internet, but they cannot see. I checked that the file sharing and printers is enabled on all computers. In fact, if I remove the E3000 of configuration and place them on the 2wire wireless connection they see each other. So I'm pretty sure that the firewall on each PC software will allow file and printer sharing. Which leads me to believe that my problem is in the E3000. It blocks perhaps the Protocol of network discovery or something. Does anyone have ideas how I can fix this problem? Any help is appreciated.

    Well, I solved the problem by returning the router to the retailer and Exchange to another router. Now, all network shares working. Consider the problem solved.

    (Mod Note: under the guidance of the compliance of the directive.) (Thank you.)

  • Be able to listen to music, but can not see the game

    Original title: no video

    I have a Dell XPS1 and loaded a game software.  I can hear the music, but do not see the game.  Any suggestions?  Thank you!  Karen


    Please try to install the video card drivers.

    -Attempt to fix the game

    -Install the game in compatibility mode

    -Check the specifications of the games.

    I hope that this information is beneficial.

    Thank you

    Aaron G.

  • Updated to the new Photoshop CC 2015: work plan and the background are both white I can't see any outline. Will not change when I try to get a different background color.

    This seems almost elementary but I tried everything literally, the only thing I can think is that this is a bug.

    When I'm working on work plans, they are white and the background is white, so I don't quite see the outline. I tried to change the background color to dark gray or any other color, but nothing works. I restarted my computer, the software, everything. Nothing works. It only happens to me, everyone in my company isn't the problem. We checked out the contrast on my computer and it's all good. I had two different designers tinker around with it and they say it must be a bug because they have tried everything they can and I also.

    Now I simply add a grey box dark to my work plans so I can see the sketch, but it's really annoying, I have to do, especially since I work with Photoshop 4 hours per day.

    You must set your GPU options in preferences to something other than "Bacic."

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    I have a Dimension E310 and a Dimension 2350 running Win XP Pro, which were hard times plugged into Vonage/Motorola router. I have a Lazerjet 4 on 2350 and I also have 2 printers more on the 310 and was able to print on any printer of each machine, I replaced the Motorola with an Airlink 101, before moving, I could also access from and to a machine with limited success (the 310a hung up when I tried to run a program that has been on the 2350)

    My question is "can I USB to USB hard wire these two machines together in addition to the router or is there something more easy, because neither machine will see each other through this router?

    Several years ago, I installed software and LAN cards in two machines and was able to see and map the other drive as if each machine had two hard drives and is exactly I wish that these two machines to operate.

    Two of these machines are set up 5 feet from each other and only my wife and I run them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for any help.

    If you can see your images to develop, but not in the library, your preview cache is broken. Delete it and rebuild your previews. This is the file ending with '.lrdata' who lives next to your catalog.

    If you can not see your images in two places, your monitor profile is corrupt. See here.


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