iPad or iPhone does not work with hp6500 e709n

Someone at - it get their iPhone or iPad to work with the printer HP6500 e709n wireless? HP said it supports iPrint, but won't work for me.


Telgo wrote: thanks for your reply.

I have not iPrint 3.0 is installed. You say that I must add the HP software for my iPad to print? I don't want to print pictures, but emails, web pages, etc., using the facility that Apple has provided.

I have the iPad connected wireless to the same network.

How can I find out the IP address of the webserver 6500?

I am running via an Apple Airport Extreme.

There are at least two main methods of printing from the iPhone or the iPad.  The iPrint page indicates that "HP iPrint Photo 3.0 is a downloadable mobile application for free which allows you to capture and edit photos and print wireless from photos, PDF and text directly files from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch inkjet HP printers connected to a local wireless (WiFi) network."  This is not your needs if you want to print arbitrary web pages.

The other method is AirPrint.  AirPrint requires an AirPrint-compatible printer and the following: AirPrint is only compatible with HP ePrint released in 2010 products. AirPrint is not backward compatible with older products, and there is no work around to allow backwards compatibility with older HP products.

The Officejet e709n isn't an ePrint or AirPrint compatible printer, model e710n later is compatible.   The above page indicates that there is no work around for the use of non-ePrint e709n with AirPrint printer.

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