IPad transfer questions from family members share

We will offer you iPad from MOM to Dad.  It is a model cell phone and Wi - Fi.

It is the first account of the family action under his plan identifier Apple.  She is a member of the plan with his own unique iCloud account and Apple ID.  She has unique contacts and messages, and the messages that she wants to see private from his iPhone.

I removed his mail and settings of FaceTime and iCloud and added sound.  Under the iCloud Control Panel (this is iOS 9.3.2) is its name and its identifier.  There are also "Family" with his name and ID.

This is equivalent to locomotives under the parameter "Mail, contacts, calendars".

However, the iPad still receive texts and messages sent to it, not to him.  And she claims that their contacts have merged.

I suspect the texts (which are not distinguishable messages from Apple devices, are they?) are simply of people texting the number associated with the SIM card in the iPad.  I think that contacts probably not a really merge.

is there any advice as the best transition a device of a member of the family to another in the same family plan without sharing data from the previous owner?  If I delete his account iCloud and mail, contacts and calendar settings on this device panels, am I remove his family plan in total Apple ID?  Or only on the iPad and it remains in the plan on his lapto and his iPhone?

thx for the advice

The best way to prepare the device is log ID of MOM to iCloud and then erase the device, Dad then begins with a white iPad. You need to either get him his own sim card or that everyone knows change.

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    Please understand that I want to say this quite constructive feedback.  I suggest a change in your way of thinking.

    silver_mica wrote:

    Personally, I understand better than anything else of directories.

    I suggest that you leave the point of view of directory at the door when you work with an iPad and a Mac.  Apple devices tend to use directories to answer the question 'how', something is done.  But the "how" may change from time to time.

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    hazel170 wrote:

    To check if I remove a photo from my roll of picture on my iPad, it is not deleted from my iMac, correct?

    As long as the photos have been imported to the Mac, you can delete them from the camera without them being removed from the Mac.

    .. nothing wrong with still run Mavericks if you are uncomfortable with him and it meets your needs. I'm still in Yosemite with no desire to go straight, to El Capitan

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    Welcome to the Apple community.

    Your contacts can not go to your family members, unless share you them through email, message, or one other sharing mode.

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    As a general rule, no.

    If you have the SD card reader and a player like the Kingston WiDrive wireless, you may be able to transfer the pictures to the iPad then the iPad on this disc.

    If you have wifi, you could look for something like Flickr. You can download high or full resolution photos and store them here, then download them when you get home

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    I discovered that all those missing videos have been loaded in my iPad 1 Air (128GB, ongoing enforcement 8.1 because I dare not updated and risk losing the videos) in the videos section of my videos App, of course it's new exciting.

    My problem is that I can't transfer files from my iPad to my computer so that I can have backups that are appropriate to them. They are not in the "Photos" application, they are all in 'Videos' - where TV shows and movies are usually kept. If it was as simple as

    Not only that I want to make backups of these videos, but they also have a capacity for about half my iPad, which I really wish rather to aid for other things.

    I'm running Windows 7 on my computer and don't have access to a Mac, would appreciate any help for Windows computers.

    Thanks in advance!

    You will need to get a 3rd party software to be installed on the computer to access these files. TouchCopy is one that works on the Windows platform. It is Wide Angle Software. What you may not be able to do away with the free version, but if they are as important as you say, a minor charge is worth. I used it before you access and save the voicemail messages and it will do several other tasks as well.

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    How can I transfer photos from a canon 7 d to an ipad 2

    Apple has two accessories... There is a SD card reader (but not a CF card reader).  There is also a USB cable.  You will need to use the USB cable from the camera to fix Apple adapter (a dongle, short which attaches to the iPad and provides a USB port and it is important to note that the USB port adatper was designed specifically for cameras only (and I've used this... it works.))

    IPad applications will probably not be able to open your RAW images directly (it would depend on the app of course).  This means that you must either shoot JPEG or shoot RAW + JPEG, so that you can import JPEG files.

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