iPad will not update beyond 5.1.1

bought an ipad, but it will not update beyond 5.1.no matter how many time I restore or attempt to update through itunes

This probably means that you have an iPad 1 (no cameras). It can not be improved further.

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  • iPad will not update/download apps or update of iOS

    I use an iPad Air 128 GB. A few weeks ago I opened to see 80 + waiting for app updates. It will not be to update all apps more, it seems. When I type "Update" next to the app, it will sometimes go to the Pan then immediately back "Update." Other times it will go to the loading circle with the "stop" square in the middle and stay there forever, without making any progress.

    It will be not as download apps from the store. The other day, I bought a new app on my iPad. The purchase went very well and the app is immediately available for download on my iPhone. But on the iPad, it had sat for always with a circle of empty progression. A gray icon on the home screen, but that's all.

    She can't do as iOS updates. When I check the updates, it breaks down after a few moments with the message "cannot control upgrade: an error occurred when checking for a software update. It also won't let me go back to iCloud. Well it's not quite true... When this all started, I got a backup to work once. But he has not worked since then.

    All this stuff always works through iTunes. Can I update iOS through iTunes (it started with 9.3, and I spent 9.3 - > 9.3.1 - > 9.3.2 via iTunes). I can install apps/updates via iTunes, and I can back up on iTunes. The other stuff related to internet on the iPad seems to work very well (web browsing, etc.). I also had none of these problems on my iPhone using the same exact account.

    I tried the standard things: reset the iPad, signature and in the AppStore, etc.. I tried to turn on all the app store/iCloud bells and whistles repeatedly. Nothing has worked. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you.


    Looks like a bug go to settings - iCloud back up now.

    After restore backup iPad back to the factory settings, this will get rid of any bugs.

    Use the same apple ID installs back over your WiFi when you are asked if you want to use iCloud backup say yes

    To retrieve all your apps / data.

    I would like to know if it works.

    See you soon


  • iPad will not update - will be only update one application at a time

    I have a curious problem. Recently, I noticed that I have available updates for applications all the time that have not been downloaded. I see a red circle with a number on my App Stpre app - this didn't use to be the case because the iPad would be updated automatically.

    If I go to the App Store manually and hit all the updates on the updates page waiting all the buttons update app turn to the circle download for a minute and then just go back to update buttons. Nothing is updated.

    Here's the first twist:

    If I try to update by using the UPDATE of each unique application, it will work as long as I don't need to update the application at the top of the list.

    This is the second twist:

    If I update all apps agree only a first, then I remove that first, the next time that the iPad gets new updates to download the top app will get stuck again (some app is) and I have to go and manually update again. So it doesn't seem to be the result of an individual 'bad app.

    Anyone know what I can do to try to get my iPad to begin the auto process

    It's one of the most bizarre App Store update problems I've seen in a while. I guess you trid steps basic troubleshooting, but just in case you don't have it, try the following steps and do them in this order.

    Force close the App Store App. Press twice the House quickly. You will see small glimpses of your applications recently used. Swipe to find the app store App shot upward on the overview of the application to close.

    Next force restart the iPad. No data is affected by this. To force the reboot your device, press and hold the two buttons of sleep/wake and home for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

    If this does not help, try this. Reset all the settings. You won't lose any data, but most of the settings of the device will have to be entered again in the settings app. This includes passwords for WiFi network, paper settings painted. SIri, privacy settings, etc.. Settings > general > reset > reset all settings.

    If all else fails, you can restore the iOS software. Backup your iPad before you restore, and then restore the backup when you are finished. If this doesn't always help, restore your iPad like new and all over again. Most bought content can be downloaded again free of charge as long as you use the same ID Apple and as long as the content is always available in the store.

    Restore iPad to factory settings


    Download last purchases


    Restore factory settings may seem exaggerated, but it could end up being what you need to do to finally solve the problem.

  • Media Center will not update beyond 01/01/2013

    I have Windows Vista Home Premium & regularly use the Media Center.  The Guide told me I have only 3 days & asks me to download the updates, I do. It makes no difference & it still does not update at 01/01/2013.  Have set up lists of guide again, but always without success.  On the page "on the Guide lists", I note that he cites a start date of 01/01/01 & 01/01/2013 end date.  The Version of the EPG is cited as 3.00

    As a matter separate & continues, I find that channel 5, so that the list, does not all data in the guide, but I can still record from this channel using add it easy recording.
    Can anyone help please

    Hello DaveRB,

    Please see the thread below because there was a problem with the program guide in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It must be corrected. If not, let us know.

    Check also that all your Windows updates are up-to-date.

    Thank you


  • My iPad will not update because updating cannot be verified, because he says that I am not connected to the Internet, but I am?

    I can't update my iPad to ios9 because the error message says that my update cannot be verified because I am not connected to the Internet, but I am logged in?

    Annoying, isn't it? I have the same problem but technical support person responded with a solution. Or maybe it's just too messed up a forum to find the answer? No m

    or by e-mail. There are problems with Safari as well...

  • iPad will not update or restore

    After connecting my iPad to iTunes, nothing happened.   So I pushed to the Recovery Mode:

    Then, I get:

    Then choose restore and got:

    in order to choose restore and update and got:


    After extraction of software is completed, I then receive:

    Any ideas?

    Any help much appreciated.

    Thank you

    < image edited by host to remove personal information >

    In the last screenshot, click OK. This is just a temporary condition and the installation is usually finished.

  • The revel on my iPhone and iPad app is not accessible. Needs, update but will not update. Message is Try Again. Should I remove each device and reinstall? I would lose all the photos?

    WWhat can be done when Revel app on iPhone and iPad will not update? Delete apps and reinstall? Photos will be lost?

    Please see the post below updates on the issue of the revel facilities:

    Problem installing Adobe Revel 2.3.2

  • iPad will not restart after the update iOS9.3. Should force us the reboot?

    iPad will not restart after the update iOS9.3. Should force us the reboot?

    By restart do you average will not turn on?

    There seems to be a bit of a problem past, especially with older models of iPad 2. Some people have reported success after that restore their device via iTunes, for others that it has not worked and all they get is a message "bring it in an apple store.

    Since it affects a lot of people, I think it's safe to say that the problem lies in the range of Apple. But I don't think it is recognized or no matter what put forward fix.

    You can try to restore your device, or you may just be stuck waiting to see if a fix comes out.


  • Wiped 16 GB Ipad and 13.3 GB of space will not update to IOS6.0 directly to IOS9.2.1


    Today, I got an ipad 16 GB with ios 6.0 (not used for years), which will not update to IOS 9.2.1. The error indicates less free space on the device.

    I wipe the ipad so no other substance is on the ipad, and I tried to update the ipad using the latest version of iTunes on my pc.

    The space available on the ipad is now 13.3 GB

    It is even possible to upgrade to ios 6.0 directly to ios 9.2.1?

    Kind regards


    Arjan8 wrote:

    It is even possible to upgrade to ios 6.0 directly to ios 9.2.1?

    Kind regards


    Yes. It should be quite possible.

    What does say under settings-> general-> usage?

    Are you sure its iOS running 6?  What does say under settings-> General-> on-> Version?

    Also is it which iPad model?  Settings-> General-> about-> model

  • Air iPad will not be updated on the latest version of itunes

    air of the iPad will not be updated on the latest version of itunes and continues to request the latest version of itunes

    What version of iOS is installed on your iPad? What version of iTunes is installed on your computer?

  • "Mail" will not update!

    After installing the new update for my iPhone SE my email in "Mail", will not update. No new email comes through. Thank God the "Mail" is updated on my IMac desktop computer. So, this must be a problem with the new IOS 10? Right? I know that if I contact my ISP provider, they will say that it's an Apple problem and vice versa. What should do?

    Greetings nuguy2,

    Thanks for your post. It seems that your emails only are not updated on your mail app on your iPhone after updating to iOS 10. I can't wait to hear this. I know that I trust emails all the time. I'll be happy to help you.

    Take a look at this article: get help with Mail on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    In particular, the best thing to do is to delete and re-add the account as long as your email account is configured for IMAP. Here's how to remove and re-add the account

    Remove your e-mail account and set it up again

    If you still have problems with sending and receiving e-mail, try to remove your e-mail account of your device, then add it back again:*

    1. On your computer, connect to the site is Web of your email provider to check that all your e-mail or check if your e-mail is saved somewhere other than your iOS device.
    2. On your iOS device, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, calendars.
    3. Press the e-mail account that you want to remove.
    4. Press to delete the account.
    5. Add your account again.

    * iOS backups in iCloud and iTunes include a backup of your e-mail settings, but not your emails. E-mail deleted from your iOS device are not recoverable from iCloud iTunes backup. Learn more about backups in iCloud and iTunes.

    Take care

  • My IPad will not come


    If you are sure that the appliance is loaded, then press and hold the home and sleep/wake buttons until you see the Apple logo and then release. It could take up to 30 seconds of operation.

  • IPad will not sync with iTunes on my laptop. Synchronization in iPpod settings will not work

    MY iPad will not sync with iTunes on my laptop, the sync on my iPad button will not work. I have the latest updates on both.

    I guess you mean that the sync button in iTunes, not on the iPad, will not work. If you are sure you have the latest version of iTunes and iOS (your profile shows 8.1) try quitting iTunes on the computer, restart the computer and force restart your iPad

    No data is lost during this procedure. Hold on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

  • Apps will not update

    My apps on my iPhone with the current iOS 9.3.1 5s will not update.  The message says waiting for updates as the icon next to the name of the app shows the circle with the square in the Center and nothing more.  It updated fine a few days ago, but now nothing happens.  Any ideas what I need to do?  Thank you.

    Settings - general - Restrictions - download apps - is it off?

    Also try a force restart

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • Windows 7 will not go beyond screen "starting Windows."

    I have a Dell Inspiron N5110, who used to have Windows 7 Home Basic Edition. Since the upgrade of Windows 10 entered, I updated the BIOS and installed Windows 10. It doesn't seem to work as well with my system, so I decided to go back to Windows 7 and tried to install it. The installation seems to have success, but when I rebooted my laptop it will not progress beyond the windows splash screen. I tried to open this safe mode, but I get an error message saying "Windows is unable to complete the installation in safe mode. This problem has made my laptop completely unusable for some time now. Any help in this regard will be appreciated


    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    I suggest you put the computer to boot and check which program non-microsoft is the origin of the problem.

    To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows 7 by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    1. sign the computer by using an account with administrator rights.

    2. click on start to reduce this includes this im, type msconfig.exe in the Start Search box and press ENTER to start the System Configuration utility.

    a. reduce this includes thisIf you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password or click continue.

    3. on the general tab, click Selective startup, and then clear the Load Startup items check box. (The box use the Boot file is not available.)

    4. on the Services tab, select the hide all Microsoft services check box, and then click disable all.

    Note Following this step lets services Microsoft continue to run. These services include networking, Plug-and-Play, record of events, error reporting, and other services. If you disable these services, you can permanently delete all restore points. Do not do this if you want to use to restore the system with the existing restore points.

    5. click OKand then click restart.

    For more information, visit the below mentioned link:


    Normal startup steps:

    1. click on Startand then click run.

    2. type msconfigand click OK.
    The System Configuration utility dialog box appears.

    3. click on the general tab, click Normal Startup - load all device drivers and services, and then click OK.

    4. When you are prompted, click restart to restart the computer.

    You can also install the latest display drivers and compatible device drivers for Windows 7.

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


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