IPhone 5 s not charging after put 9.3.4 updated and now no battery left.

A few days ago that I updated my iphone to 9.3.4 5s since then it shows that he is in charge when it is plugged to a wall mounted or portable charger but is not fresh. And now there is no battery to turn the phone on. After charging for hours it finally turned on with 2% and in a few minutes, it was drained. Once again no battery power. Please suggest if someone is faced with a similar question and that he had a solution for this problem.


Follow the steps here, including the verification of the charge for debris socket:

If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch won't charge - Apple Support

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    There is no serviceable parts by the user in iPhones.  This forum does not support repairs user including the battery change.

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    Try resetting your device. This will not erase your data stored on that device.

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    • Press and hold the Home button
    • Press and hold both buttons until the display turns off and on again with the Apple logo on the subject.

    Try to do a screenshot, once more.

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    I replied to the other thread on this topic:

    Thank you

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    just tried to do the same thing on my 4S - bricked with the request to connect to iTunes - which did not help if - error 29 (or 39?) ensures the Outlander when I have that either opt to choose to update or restore

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    I upgraded my iPhone to ios 9.3.3 5s.

    Subsequently, he asked my security code, but would not accept.

    I stopped the phone and now the phone does not start.

    No nails?

    Hovel3 wrote:

    I upgraded my iPhone to ios 9.3.3 5s.

    Subsequently, he asked my security code, but would not accept.

    I stopped the phone and now the phone does not start.

    No nails?

    What you exactly mean you stopped the phone? In fact stop what exactly?

    The password should be the same, I updated my phone and ipad yesterday and was able to use my password.

    You may need to do this:

    If you are unable to update or restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple supports

  • My apple pencil does not work after the 9.3.4 update.

    My apple pencil does not work after the 9.3.4 update. I tried to restart but still does not work. Tried to forget the device and whenever I connect the pencil to the ipad pro, it is said that it does not recognize the cable / device. Help please.

    < re-titled by host >

    Greetings RechargeableJam,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support!

    I see that your Apple pencil does not work after update to iOS 9.3.4. I guess it's about to have a problem with something that worked with the previous version of the iOS software. I'm happy to help you to help you find the best resolution.

    First of all, let's close open applications on your iPad Pro. This can ensure that there is nothing running in the background that is causing a conflict. The following article will help you:

    Force a nearby application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Then connect the pencil of Apple and see if it is recognized for the time being. If you don't see the Pair button, wait a minute while your Apple pencil costs. Then disconnect your Apple pencil, Plug and back on hold until you see the button in hand.

    Best regards.

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    More information: two bricks iMacs were late 2013 models.  A 21 "and a 27.  We have just updated a test iMac which was a late model 2012 using the 10.11.4 combo updater.

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    Thanks for posting the question in the Microsoft Community!

    Internet Explorer stops working after the update kb2761451 is installed.

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    I hope this helps. If the problem persists, let know us and we would be happy to help you.

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    Try the steps suggested by David Y post dated November 2, 2010 in the link given below and check if that helps.


    Hope that information was useful

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    My Iphone has been unusually slow. So I tried to update my phone I thought it's maybe the old version of the IOS that makes my phone lag (I think I downloaded the latest version, 10. something). While trying to update my phone, it crashed at halfway. Now I'm stuck on the screen that appears when your phone has been updated (white background, that invites you to enter the password and put in place). However, after putting in my access code and attempts to connect to the wifi, my phone indicates that the wifi password is incorrect, this is not. Also, when I try to connect through mobile data it shows that "your phone could not be activated because the activation server is not reachable. Try to connect your iphone to iTunes to activate it, or try via the mobile connection in a few minutes... ». As a result, I tried connecting to ITunes and I got a different view of error message saying "ITunes only could not connect to this iphone." An unknown error occurred (0xE8000015).

    Help, please!

    Try If you can to update or restore your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch - Apple Support.


  • Updated my iPhone6 to ios10 and now my battery heats up and does not load

    Updated my iPhone6 to ios10 and now my battery heats up and does not load

    I have never experienced this with another iPhone or iOS version

    Of course, it's a problem because I use my phone all day

    What troubleshooting steps have been taken so far?

    Have you completed a reboot, reset or restore such as recommended by Apple?



  • My browser does not work and I can't close it to reinstall. I installed the updates and now I have this problem.

    I put the security update, and now my browser does not work. I have a white screen which is partly black and I can not close even to uninstall and reinstall. What should I do?

    Yes, confirm this answer of philipp is correct for this problem, the problem is the graphics card intel hd3000 with an old driver current, the easy way is to disable hardware acceleration,... to be honest... I think that workaround and lose all the benefits of hardware acceleration.

    Thank you

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