IPhone 5 upgraded to ios9.3.1 now lost all text messages, don't get any notification, stuck "send".

I've recently upgraded to IOS9.3.1 (previously on the much earlier version but can not remember which) with the help of iphone 5.

Several questions now all related messages

(1) all messages have disappeared and brand-new only stay a few hours and then disappear voluntarily (set of parameters for keep forever)

(2) no alert of working the front desk of all new messages (change the sounds, verified notifications are on)

(3) when to send messages (imessage and text) state bar 1 mailing of... forever - never goes away until the message has disappeared from the list of messages.

Before upgrading to IOS 9 I saved on the PC and I think than icloud

I tried the following things most of them several times.

turn off...

verified notifications are on in the settings, messages, notifications,

turned I message on

Reset all settings (more then once)

restored from backup of the computer just before the upgrade - don't know how to restore from an earlier backup if this is possible or to find out if I have a backup in icloud.

Please help, I'm at my wits end resources, used to use e-mail all the time and now completely useless.  Please not jargon and clear instructions for any problems I'm not an Apple expert.

Thank you


Hi Karen,.

I have exactly the same problems since I've updated the software on my iphone 5 c. 9 days since your post, you have a bit of luck to solve the problem?

I tried something similar to yourself:

(1) rebooted the phone (several times)

(2) to reset all the settings of the phone a couple of times

(3) enabled i-message and SMS messages and turn off many times.

Everything else looks good, what about my contacts, applications, history calls, e-mail, etc. Just the text messaging application. I see my stock of the iphone that I have
have 140 MB of messages somewhere, but do not appear to be visible.

I was told by Apple via DM on Twitter Support to do a full backup and restore of my phone, to completely erase all the data and settings, effectively
become a 'new' phone again with the factory settings. I hope to try to avoid this if possible option. Am due to an update of the phone, so think I might
just get a new phone if I end up having to do a full restore in any way.

Thank you


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