iPhone 6 battery life too short

About two weeks ago the battery on my iPhone life 6 suddenly cut in half. I mean it seemed to be from one day to the other. I used to be able to jump about 2 days without running at low power. Now, I can go only about 6 hours. I checked the battery and do not see anything unusual. Now to get through the day without having to plug I continuously use it in "Low Power" Mode, but still run by the end of my day. I don't use anything else and I've upgraded to the latest iOS.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Anyone else having a similar experience (with a sudden loss of battery life expectancy).


Eight settings save the battery of your iPhone / iPad | MacIssues

The ultimate Guide to solve the battery drain - Scotty Loveless iOS

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  • Average of the iPhone SE battery life

    I'm just curious to know if my iPhone battery is fine. I get about 6-7 hours of daily. Is this normal?

    Does this sound use, or put to sleep? If you go to settings > battery, scroll to the bottom and look at its use and power standby. What are these two numbers.

  • The battery life seems short

    Hello. How long the battery is supposed to last when he came on but idle?

    Only things that should happen is the assessment of 15 minutes of e-mail on wifi - do not think I have anything else running.

    My Xoom was discharged after only 6 hours, when he was "inactive" last night. I also notice it descends faster than I expect during normal use.

    Recently I gave it and there is no apps on the box by those who come natively.

    I think that this migth be related to my other question of the SIM card not recognized - but only a wild guess.

    Update for you.

    Back my XOOM to CPW and they replaced it with no quibles - works a treat now - battery last forever (although a few days :-)).

    Thanks for all your help on this topic


  • iPhone 6 battery capacity

    My iPhone 6 battery is now 1700 mAh, bought October 2014, that I need to replace the battery?

    Thank you!

    How will you measure that? Apple does not battery management API expose in their software development kits, if you use a third-party application, so it is likely inaccurate. If you feel that your battery life is shorted than before, first follow these tips:


    If they do not work, and your battery may be damaged, to get an appointment at your closest Store so they can examine and diagnose your device


  • 5s short battery life iPhone, phone like new 6 months.

    I bought my iPhone about 6 months ago. I have problems with the battery life. I plug all night. Unplug in the morning and about 4 hours he spends 100% to 40%, even without me using the telephone. I thought to buy a new battery from Amazon and change myself. I found videos on YouTube showing how do, and it seems very easy to do. Someone out there chaned their own battery before? Was it easy to do? And your phone has worked for you once you have changed your battery yourself?

    Just thought I ask. I am one of these people if it's something I can do for my part, I do. Does anyone has an entry on the situation before I try this on my own?


    The battery on the iPhone is not replaceable by the user. The battery - if that is the real problem - is covered by the limited warranty of one year of Apple.  If the iPhone is out of warranty, Apple also offers a service of the battery. The cost for this varies across countries (currently $79 in the United States, for example).

    However, as a first step, I suggest that you try to solve the problem of life battery. You can, for example, to consider measures such as:

    If the problem persists, I suggest you contact Apple technical support or make a Genius Bar reservation for assistance in identifying / confirming the issue and, if necessary, to set up your service from the available battery options, time and cost.

    To check your warranty status:

    More information:

    price of Service - Support Apple iPhone

  • iPhone battery drains too fast since the last update! Please fix this

    MY battery life drains too fast since the last update. Use to be able to use my phone all day and have more than 50% at the end of day. Now I can't do half a day yet. And that's just since the last update

    Hello JasonV!

    I definitely want to get the most out of the battery of my iPhone, considering how much I use and depend on.  We can certainly check a few settings.

    First of all, check out this article to see if there are any apps or processes that use more battery than expected: on the use of the battery on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

    Then see that all of your settings are configured as this guide recommends: Batteries - maximize Performance - Apple

    Once those who are defined, give it a try with the settings and let us know which applications use the most power and the percentage.

    See you soon!

  • Short load cycles affect the battery life?

    Hello world

    2 weeks ago, I bought a car with Apple Carplay. Before, I was charging my iPhone 6 more at night, have it completely recharged when I wake.

    Then, since I plug it to my car to use Carplay everytime I go somewhere, the battery has multiple short consecutive charges along the day. I was wondering if this kind of accusations could affect my battery life in the wrong direction? Does my battery prematurely die compared to 'normal' load cycles every night

    Thanks for your replies.

    No, many short sessions of loading will not harm your battery. At the risk of anthropomorphism, lithium-ion batteries "prefer" kept topped up.

  • Is it true that only charge your iphone at 100% can shorten its battery life?

    Because some say it may decrease the battery life if you always or often recharge your iphone to 100%. They said that it is better not to load it 100%, and some have said it's ok to charge your phone to 100%.

    your phone/ipad/computer laptop/ipod is designed to be loaded until it reaches capacity. That's what it is designed by engineers. Then no. Tell the 'they' who says 'it is better do not reach' 04:20 occurs only twice a day and they have to keep it up to two times per day to book all the cells of the brain are left in hiding.

  • iPhone battery life 6

    Since the latest iOS update, my battery life is rubbish. It barely lasts a day, lasted 3 days before. Any ideas that I can do to extend the life of the battery lasts longer. I deleted everything Im not using and there is no difference

    On the use of the battery on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Apple Support

  • battery life more iPhone 6s?

    Hey so I got the iPhone more 6s for 4 months and the battery is not as good as it was... Now I'm not sure if it of just me or the phone but it is the normal battery life when he says under the battery in the settings it says
    Use 5 h, 22 min
    Ensure HR 14

    I just want to be sure that the battery of my iphone is still good and not going bad. Thank you

    If you take it to an Apple store, they can test the battery and tell you.

  • Fix ios 9.3.1 battery drain problem before I was on 8.4.1 and battery life was excellent but after updating to ios 9.3.1 autonomy got worse on my iphone 6. Apple company released please update to fix

    Fix ios 9.3.1 battery drain problem before I was on 8.4.1 and battery life was excellent but after updating to ios 9.3.1 autonomy got worse on my iphone 6. Apple company released please update to fix

    Please you not to Apple here. This is a user forum.

    Try som battery tips to save:

    Battery Saving Tips for your beloved iPhone

  • I use my iPhone 6 very often to my office for phone calls.  This will help overall battery life to stay connected as I have all these phone calls?

    I use my iPhone 6 very often to my office for phone calls.  This is my work phone.

    This will help life battery together if I keep the phone plugged in my phone calls?

    Thank you

    SUSE, you can use it while connected and in this way when you unplug to get somewhere, you know you will have a fully updated beautiful upgraded battery.

    Just don't leave it plugged constantly all the time — weeks or months.  A battery lithium needs periodically some running through it.  But certainly leave it plugged during the day of the company while using it, or even just for long calls will do no harm.

    Battery life is determined by the cycles, so if this reduces the rate of your phone through equivalent full charge and discharge cycles it can not hurt self-help (depending on how you use it, it cannot help battery life much either, but it probably won't hurt it).

  • Satellite A300-1MZ - too short battery working time

    I have a * toshiba a300-1mz * since last February.
    Since the first use, the battery life seems very short.

    It's just * 1h30m * balancing of Pentecost with a wi - fi mode on
    With the economy mode, it increases very little...: * 1h45m * max.

    I would like to point out that if I use some flash games on line or software that use a lot of cpu (over 60%), lifetime decreases to only * 1 h - 1h10m * max also with aircraft registration...

    I have everything you ask if everything is in standard...

    Thank you...


    Don t worry buddy the 1.45 min is OK and it s working time normal battery for ordinary 6-cell battery.

    My U400 battery lasts about 2 hours but my U400 is a bit smaller and doesn t display LCD needs power as a 15.4 laptop.

    See you soon

  • Toshiba Satellite C50t - A - battery life is very short

    Hi all

    I have problem my C50t-A battery life is very short (less than two hours) and use usually laptop for reading, then how to check actual life of the battery and if there is problem in my battery. The application of integrity monitor shows me the battery is good, but this makes it not correct because I need to charge my phone every two hours or maybe less and this very denoising since sometimes not easy to load in any place. Are there program or ask to check my laptop battery?

    Download a program called cpuid.com HWMonitor to display the level of the battery.

    Lithium batteries only last about 3-4 years before you have to replace. They lose about 30% - 20% capacity every year.

  • iPhone battery life 6 is bad

    My 6 iPhone battery life is not good. Sometimes when it gets to 50% autonomy, he is dying and will have to be plugged in to recharge. Others, he died in the autonomy of 20-30%.  I need a solution to this problem.

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