IPhone 6 more flashing screen

After updating my iphone 6 more with ios10, the start flickering from the top screen and the buttons does not. stil phonse looking again, does not fall and there is not a single crash. It has already expired the warrently, I understand that there are a lot of people the same proplem faceing. We can hangout or Exchange the phone to Apple.


First consider trying the following steps:

If the problem persists (or if you prefer to skip this step), contact Apple support (mail service may be available) or make a Genius Bar reservation in order to have your iPhone verified and, if recommended by Apple, served:

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  • IPhone 6s more dark screen permanently

    For the past 2 weeks my iphone 6 s Plus has been freezing randomly, not in any particular CA. usually I can just lock the screen, and then unlock it and it works again. But today, that's happened and I locked my screen and the screen will not return. I know that the phone works because I have to use Hey Siri to make calls and check if I have text messages, but the screen is completely black.

    I have an appointment with apple in 3 days, but I'm kind of looking for an answer. My work relies heavily on my phone, so any help would be great!

    My Iphone 6 freeze as well, but I don't know if it's a software problem or my screen. I tried to reset it and it won't. Try to hard reset press and hold the home and power together until it turns off. If it does not resolve the issue to try to connect to iTunes to see if the phone is in place. If she's not going to apple today and they should do something for you.

  • iPhone 6s more question screen

    I recently got an iPhone 6s and about 3 weeks ago and I have noticed lately that I'm not sure if it's a crack or a scratch. It's a thin line that is on the left side of the screen when hold you it vertically. You can see it only when a light is shone on this subject at a certain angle, I can also "sense. Note I have not abandoned or it points glass down. Should I worry if so should I consider my T-Mobile or Apple. Thank you


    Make an appointment on apple store.

    See you soon


  • IPhone 6 more touch screens not responding in the year. It is a well reported issue no and a lot with the iPhone 6 Plus. There will be an extended warranty 1 year because of this problem

    I had the iPhone 3 6, with less than 1 year for the touchscreen unresponsive. I had to replace 1 as soon as the next day after getting a new one right out of the box on the Apple store. It is a fault of well-known manufacturers, which I believe is the mother board deforming, still new in the box. Apple has a plan to extend the iPhone all 6 Plus guaranteed after the 1 year period, or at least one year from the date of the phone replacement and the original purchase date? It is right.

    We are all of the users like you

    Please send your comments if you wish to http://www.apple.com/feedback

  • iPhone 6 more incompatible touchscreen

    My iphone 6 more touch screen does... to do anything on any page apps, lock screen, home screen, etc. If I keep trying eventually will respond. Usually, it will do good to stop, but that does not work as often and increases the frequency of the time does not. Buttons works fine.

    I had a similar problem that began almost immediately after the update to my iPhone 6 more for iOS 9.3.2.  Touchscreen met intermittently. Tried several resets, sometimes on what they worked sometimes immediately, the screen remained unresponsive for hours no matter what combination of buttons I pressed.

    Thinking it was a problem of related to the 9.3.2 software upgrade, I registered try the beta version of 9.3.3.  After you have installed the beta version 9.3.3 the screen worked normally - I thought that was the end of the problem.  I was wrong - the next morning that the touchscreen was once again does not.

    Took the phone Mac (No Apple Store) store and talked with the technician.  He suggested a "re-seat" of the touch screen and the connectors.  Since my phone is under warranty I thought I had nothing to lose. Technician removed from the screen, disconnected and then re-engaged connectors 4 Ribbon (which attach the touch screen to the back plate of the phone) (they are located in the top right of the touchscreen).

    The repair took about 7 minutes to complete.  Technician of nothing.  Phone has worked perfectly since then (48 hours up to now). Theory of the technician is that the models 'plus' are particularly sensitive to slight twisting/bending of the frame due to the larger size.  Finally any decline may work loose contact causing an intermittent function of the touch screen. Looks like a plausible explanation.  The repair seems to have worked for my phone.

  • iPhone 6 more screen flashing and does not


    For the last few days, my iphone 6 more screen starts flashing from the top and the touch screen doesn't respond. The phone is still under warranty.

    I went to apply here authorized service center in Singapore, they have looked at my phone and said, there is a slight inclination in the phone which will be considered physical damage where it can not be repaired / replaced under warranty, I have to bear the cost.

    Now, as I read on the forums, this is a problem of very well known with the iPhone 6 Plus, also, I don't see no noticeable turn in the phone of my eyes. I'm sure that this issue is not because of any physical damage, but as a result of an internal manufacturing.

    I'm really disappointed with the service of Apple. I don't know what to do now. Should I try to go to any other authorized service center and see what they say?

    Any advice would be appreciated,

    Thank you


    I started having the same problem with my Plus 6. I took it to the Apple store today and the tech told me that it is a known issue that they see a lot. They hope that Apple will issue a recall notice. My phone is out of warranty, so they would be out swap with a unit refurbished for $329. The real kicker is that he said that they have the same problem with a lot of devices refurbished right out of the box. My options are to keep a phone that keeps flashing and does not or pay $329 for a replacement who may have the same problem that has my current phone. It's really bad assumption of a product!

  • Ghost of flickering on screen iPhone 6 more

    The screen of my iPhone more 6a started flashing today. A white stripe appears next to the camera and random pushes and disappears. It makes the untouchable screen. I can't open an application or to scroll. After restarting the flickering comes back, apparently at random. He began also to opening apps randomly and clicking within applications on things.

    I have not dropped the phone and it's not been in the water. When it happened first, I did an update software iOS 9.3.4 and a reset, it is always the case. Phone is out of warranty and not under AppleCare. I have nothing to the phone to malfunction, so I don't think it's my fault.

    This seems to be one problem for others when I search online. Apple is aware of this? Are there patches? Is this a hardware problem?

    Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix the iPhone 6, more the drop frame issues as long you're ready to make a compromise. By going to settings-> general-> accessibility-> increase contrast-> reduce transparency and light transparency reduced, you will be able to make your iPhone 6 more like butter smooth as it was before.

  • iPhone more protective screen for iPhone 6s 7 more

    Hi all

    did anyone here know if the screen guard for iPhone 6 s more fits the iPhone 7 more. Images and dimensions, they appear to be identical...

    Thank you very much!

    The 6s protectors more screen do not match due to the fact that cuts albums are different.  I had ordered one to be prepared, but had to contact the company for a replacement.

  • Please I have iPhone 6 more stopped working all of a sudden shows apple logo then black screen I can solution?

    Please I have iPhone 6 more stopped working all of a sudden shows apple logo then black screen I can solution?

    Have you tried to restart the iPhone by pressing and maintaining the sleep/wake and home buttons?

  • my iphone 6 more screen sudeenly Gets a little blurry. touch screen does not

    Hello team,

    I bought the Iphone 6 more. that worked very well the last 6 months but suddenly I see that the LCD is completely blurred. touch screen works not. even when I am clicking on the home button or the sleep nothing works. After clicking the button sleep repeatedly the screen starts to work. It's really me trouble because I'm not able to receive the phone several times. Can someone help me if this is a known issue and what is the solution for this? just a heads up that there is no coincidence.

    Try a Reset: press and hold the sleep/wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. -Note: no data will be lost

  • iPhone 6 more iOS 9.2.1 freeze intermittently on the lock screen and using the iPhone.

    My iPhone only more 6 freezes sometimes without reason. Probably, it will freeze as I write this, and I'm very frustrated because my fairly new phone becomes useless when it freezes.  I use the latest versions of iOS and ITunes and I have backed up my IPhone to iTunes and ICloud. I don't want to restore my iPhone because I'm sure I'll lose information and things that I paid a lot of money for. I'm fairly certain it's a software problem, because my iphone is impeccable and I have always used a case Ive had the phone for a while. Clear all the settings while keeping my info seems to solve the problem for a day or more. If the iOS software is the problem I can't really trust your other software that works well to keep all my important data. I realize there is no way to back up apps on iTunes more because you're trying to get people to use iclould. How about I pay you guys $0.99 per month and I would like to back up my data on my computer and purchases in less time. I am a legitimate customer and I do not need to be treated like a criminal. What is the point of upgrading hardware and software of the iPhone when your software has created a problem and it won't solve the problem without erasing all the data on my iphone. It's not really give me confidence that the things I bought are things that I have in fact or the software release you works really well. If you want people to upgrade their iPhones every year why you put through all these hassles? Can you guys just fix your software please?

    Even! I feel its been happening too much for me! Do you think it is the system or a virus, the phone can have?  It also freezes when im using my phone. I can't use any other cause of apps that it freezes as well and I have to reset it and I take care of my phone as well! I need answers.

  • "Hey Siri" does not not on iPhone 7 more

    Hi guys!

    I just bought an iPhone 7 more, als is al and running except for one small thing...
    "Hey Siri" does not work as it should.

    "Hey Siri" is enabled in the settings and works when the screen is activated (locked or unlocked), but not when the screen is not enabled.

    On the iPhone 6 s more than one of my friends, "Hey Siri" works fine when the screen is not activated and the phone is locked.
    We checked the parameters of "Hey Siri", and they are all the same.

    -That someone knows the same 'problem '?

    (I talked to the Apple Support via Twitter, and they me completely restore my brand new iPhone via iTunes.) "(Mais cela ne fonctionne pas ou l'autre)."

    Both phones, Plus 7 iPhone and iPhone 6s more are running the latest iOS, iOS 10.0.2 (released yesterday)

    NNeeds to be plugged on feeding in addition to having an active internet connection or wifi or cellular data.

    Check this. Siri to use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • iPhone 7 more draining the extreme battery

    I got my iphone 7 more for 5 days and have all of a sudden severe battery drain issues. I'm talking to death in 4 hours with no use.

    -All liquid apps

    -Battery screen indicates the drain comes from "home & lock screen.

    -The phone will not auto lock on any time setting

    -Disabled "raise to wake up" and not change

    -When I manually lock the phone, battery drain happening again

    -My phone is getting really hot during the evacuation with the screen off

    -My watch empties as soon

    -J' I restarted my phone and look twice

    -Phone is struggling to load faster than battery drain

    Anyone else having these issues? What can I do else?

    You're not alone: Re: iOS 10 battery draining / overheating

  • "Hey Siri" does not not on iOS 10.0.1 on iPhone 7 more


    "Hey Siri" did not work on iOS 10.0.0 on my iPhone 7 more. When I say the command, the screen trying to move on the screen of Siri but then quickly goes back to where I was before, everything in a second. I did the software updated to 10.0.1 after because there was an update for "Hey Siri" However the problem persists.

    I think it's an analog to issue some have on iPhone of 6 and the solution is that the device should be connected to "Hey Siri" for work. I tried and it doesn't work on my phone.

    Please let me know if there is a solution out there or if you would like more information.

    also, I tried to reset the settings of my network via settings > general > reset > reset network settings.

    and here's my Siri settings:

  • iPhone 6s more going in as a sleep mode when sitting is not.

    iPhone 6s more going in as a sleep mode when sitting not used. I won't get it any delay message notifications until something wakes the phone as a call or unlock the screen. Sometimes, he sends even calls to your voicemail and imessages simply sit not showing not delivered to the other side of people. Seems to happen only when connected to wifi. Anyone facing this problem or have any suggestions? I checked all the settings that I even tried to leave it plugged to load and forever changed the automatic locking.  When that happens all notifications go out at the same time as overload and the sound does not come through them just the notification screen on... Help!

    Is do not disturb on? Icon of Crescent Moon at the top right

    If yes it off using the control center

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