iPhone 6, with toggle Bluetooth XM cadillac cue when I open Facebook or Soundhound

iPhone 6, with, after the last software update is the strangest thing. When combined with 2015 Cadillac Cue, but listen to XM, when I open Facebook or Soundhound, the queue goes to Bluetooth. I uninstalled and reinstalled apps, not matched and re-pair of phone, no change. Apple support has never had either this complaint, the Cadillac dealer.


I have the same problem as well. Also experience when a phone call comes, or navigation speak a command. When the function is complete, the bluetooth lights and my iTunes music begins to play, no matter what was playing before.

all solutions are welcome as this is very frustrating!

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    I don't expect that there is one 'solution' other than a software update or the return of this phone, but if it happened to someone else?

    I have the same problem with a Fiesta ST of 2014, using an iphone 7 +.  I tried to return the phone.  The replacement has exactly the same issues.  I wish well for a software update to fix this.

  • Problems with wifi, bluetooth and gps in my iphone after updating iOS 6

    After that the last iOS 9.3 update my iphone 6 has problems with wifi, bluetooth and gps. Now, my wifi connection is slower and falls easily on a short distance. My bluetooth does the same. But the biggest problem is the GPS on my phone. I tried Island:

    -By doing a reset network

    -Do a reset total and restore my phone

    -To restart my phone twice.

    -Audit and third-party applications unnistalling

    Nothing works. I was in the apple store where they checked my phone and they say everything is ok with the phone. I'm not crazy, and I know when something does not work correctly. Also, I think it's iOS 9.3 update a reaponsible for my phone issues.

    Please fix bugs fast.

    Having the same exact problems since the upgrade. In addition, battery drains very quickly now, and sometimes the phone becomes very hot. It took to the Genius Bar and they told me everything was normal in the diagnostic tests. Restored, restarting, etc., and always the same problems. GPS locates me, but then don't follow my movement at all and told to go outside as the gps is not detected even if I am outside. Bluetooth connection to the car and watch grave intermittently. Signal WiFi is greatly reduced and falls easily.

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    Took the phone and the headset.  Still the circle of rotation (which went in the preferences system, Bluetooth selected, on) what to do next?

    You have to put the headset in pairing mode according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you no longer have the instructions, check out their site. You can ensure that the headphones are not connected to the Mac.

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    MY iPhone 7 does not connect via Bluetooth to my car so that I can use the phone hands free when my iPhone 5 only

    Bluetooth can be exceeded in your car, which would explain why an iPhone 5 still works.

    You can test the Bluetooth on your iPhone 7 with something else, such as headphones or speakers?

  • iPhone 5 can support Bluetooth 4.1?

    iPhone 5 can support Bluetooth 4.1?

    New Bluetooth wireless headsets were 4.1 and 5 of the Iphone with iso 9.3.2 can support?

    sure helmets are backward compatible, so if they take care of A2DP and they also support the profile on devices with older bluetooth support bluetooth a2dp profile

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    Maybe it s a problem with the settings of your car that causes your iphone playing music as soon as you start it. It's maybe a silly question but, you have a new car? The question seemed suddenly, I mean from one day to another? According to some German sites where the same problem described West probably a setting on your radio which causes the phone started playing when it connected s (search for some settings that says "play audio when connected, or similar). Most of the people could solve the problem after I see radio´s car manual. If you can´t solve it this way, ask your dealer car or where you bought the radio.

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  • When Apple will repair the IOS 9.2 to sync with the bluetooth in my car.

    I had my vehicle in Service several times because my Iphone 6s does not synchronize with the Bluetooth in the car.  Engineers contacted GM Apple and informed there is a problem with the sync Apple products now that Apple updated to IOS 9.2.  I'm sure that there are many users who has the same problem.  Can you tell me when I can expect a fix for the problem.

    Thank you

    9.2 IOS works very well with my Chevy.  So apart from the fact that nobody here knows if everything when Apple plans to do something... or even recognize it, why not tell us what youv'e done troubleshooting.

  • Cannot pair iwatch with any bluetooth device

    No device is currently presented, it shows just looking...

    What can I do?, is it is a problem of bluetooth?

    You will find that you need to cancel your your iPhone Bluetooth device pairing (or any other device that already, it can be associated with) until you can pair it with your watch. If it is paired with your iPhone:

    • On your iPhone go to: settings > Bluetooth.
    • Look for the device in the list, then tap Forget this device.

    To connect a Bluetooth headset or other Bluetooth with your Apple Watch device:

    • Turn on your Bluetooth device in discovery / pairing mode (follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the device).
    • On your watch, go to the home screen (via a simple press on the digital Crown) > tap Settings (cog icon) > Bluetooth.
    • Your watch will now search for Bluetooth accessories that are in discovery / pairing mode.
    • Choose your Bluetooth device when it is shown.
    • If required, enter a password or PIN.

    More information:

    Use the Bluetooth with your Apple Watch - Apple Support Accessories

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    Hi Simbonge!

    I see you are trying to download WhatsApp.  It is important to be able to download your applications, so I'm happy to help you.  The cloud icon that you see indicates that it is an application that you downloaded before.  To download, type right on this cloud icon and it should download to your iPhone.  You can read this article for more information:

    Download your latest purchases

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    See you soon!

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