iPhone 6s more wifi disconnection after locking

I recently purchased iphone 6s + and running iOS 9.2.1.Whenever I lock (sleep) my iPhone, wifi disconnects automatically and when I unlocked or press the button works / stop, it automatically logs... I don't think it's any kind of function, because I have delayed notifications because of this apps like whatsapp, gmail etc...

Is this a normal behavior of the iphone?

Android has option 'keep the wifi during sleep "... Miss me that badly

Please help someone...

P.S. the battery saver mode is off... background app refreshing is enabled for all applications... I even tried to reset all settings and network settings... What do I do?


adityameena26 wrote:

I recently purchased iphone 6s + and running iOS 9.2.1.Whenever I lock (sleep) my iPhone, wifi disconnects automatically and when I unlocked or press the button works / stop, it automatically logs... I don't think it's any kind of function, because I have delayed notifications because of this apps like whatsapp, gmail etc...

Yes, that's how the iPhone works. When the phone goes to sleep, WiFi disconnects and the phone goes into cellular data. Notifications should work more cellular data. If you want WiFi to stay connected when the phone goes to sleep, connect.

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    My iphone 6 more used to synchronize successfully with itunes. But when I've upgraded to version 9.2; my iphone fail to sync (latest itunes 12.3).

    I tried many ways, as said in the previous discussion (such as reinstalling itunes, restore iphone... ect) but it's still sturborn.

    Can someone help me out of the question?

    You will need to provide us with details of what prevented you from synchronization. Without information about what happened when you tried and what prevented you to do, there is little, we can offer you.

    See you soon,.


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    Hey guys,.

    I hope someone can help me with this... I have a 2015 mid pro 15' mbp and about 3 months ago, it began to show this problem, whenever I close a lid for like a hour or more, or standby manually, and when I come back and it up once again, he start connection losses for like a minute, after waiting, he returned again to a wifi connection... I have to say its strange, especially when I active power nap...

    To be honest, Im not sure if its failure of my router (which is Asus RT AC55U) or macbook, if someone could answer me with some advice or guide I would be grateful

    Or is - this common cause? I was looking for a little bit, but found only questions that he used to connect again at all. (Mine reconnects in 1 minute or so, but I like things quite well, and it drives me crazy, because I don't know why the connection loss occurs).

    Once again thanks for any advice/help etc.

    WiFi will probably through authentication after waking up

    Try plugging a router and modem for 90 seconds and plug it back

    See if this will have an impact

  • iPhone 6 more is not activation locked but unable to activate without original owners apple ID and pw

    I checked the IMEI number on a few sites show that all activation lock is OFF as well as find my iPhone (if it's the same thing), but when I put my sim card and go to activate, the activation lock pop and ask me to connect with the original or the last known Apple ID and pw. Why he would ask me for that if locking activation is DISABLED?

    Because it IS locked activation.   This is the ONLY website which will surely tell you state of activation lock an iDevice.  https://www.iCloud.com/activationlock/

    you will need to contact the previous owner and ask them to disable activation lock in their icloud account web page.

  • Sony KD-65XD8505 wifi disconnect after market turn / stop

    When I configure wireless with my Sony KD-65XD8505, it works fine until what I turn it off, when I turn it back on, it tells me that it is connected but there is no internet connection.

    Now, I'm positive, that there is an internet connection as my laptop / phone all work with wifi.

    If I remove the connection and you add once again it works but it's very annoting, anyone know a solution?

    It wasn't, however, I contacted my ISP and I replaced my router with support from HQ and now it works fine.

    I think that there are problems with the old protocols.

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    When I go to bed I put my phone on my bedside table, wifi is connected. In the morning when I stop my alarm (on my iphone) it indicates 4g on the bar at the top instead of wifi. Then when I unlock my phone n goes into setting. WiFi reconnects

    This is the expected normal behavior

    WiFi disconnects when the phone goes to sleep to save battery

    She remains connected if the phone is connected and supported and that's the way nocturnal iCloud save work

    WiFi connects to a network known to wake up - it may take a few seconds to authenticate

    The MBP behaves in the same way

    Re: Wifi disconnects after waking from sleep

  • Satellite L510 - WLAN disconnects after having ejected the disk USB


    I got my computer Toshiba laptop a few months and have been having this problem early. Initially, it was not the case very often and so it wasn't if big a deal, but now it's getting boring because of the frequency.

    What's happening:
    After I eject any USB connection (the most frequent with my external HARD drive and other kinds of USB keys), my wireless network connection disconnects.

    I always try to go to the tab 'network and sharing Center' and 'disable' and 'activate' the connection, but it rarely works. Most of the time, the pop-up that says something like "allowing wireless connection" doesn't go away. It sort of 'crashes', but not exactly either, as I am still able to use other parts of the laptop. I tried many things, but the ONLY fix I found is to restart the computer.

    HOWEVER, it is not a normal reboot. It takes about 7-10 minutes to restart. There is this blue screen of ms back (is that what it's called?) immediately after it restarts, but it is only there for like 3 seconds and then he asks me if I want to start windows in normal mode or safe mode.

    I would really appreciate if someone could provide any kind of fix for this.

    My laptop:
    -Satellite L510
    -Windows 7 64-bit OS
    -pentium (R) dual-core CPU T4500 2.30 GHz
    -2 GB of ram

    Hi captainmarvel,

    Just a simple question: have you tried to update the driver WLAN?
    New driver WLAN, you can find on the official website of Toshiba in order to check this!

    Well, I never really heard this about WIFI disconnects after the ejection of a USB drive. That's really curious.
    You write that you are running Windows 7 64 bit but it is preinstalled Windows 7 in Toshiba or not?

  • No sound after iPhone 6s don't disconnect bluetooth car

    I have just a Jeep Renegade 2016 with the UConnect 5.0 system. When I pair to play music, or make a call, resembles the notification text plays through the loudspeaker of the car. It is very good. The problem comes when I stop the car and walk, be it for my home, work or any other place. My phone is now silent. No notification text is one example. I also do not have sound when listening to music through the speaker on the iPhone or even sound film when you watch YouTube. Only solution I currently have is to do a full reset, and it is not realistic to consider that, at the very least, I have to reset twice a day IF it's the home-work and then work at home. Forget multiple destinations outside the workplace and home.

    Y at - it solution or options to prevent. Don't use only not bluetooth to my car to make calls is not an option and reset my phone several times is not an option. You will need to find a way to solve this problem.

    Also, I made the last update to 9.3 and which did not solve the problem.


    The same thing is happening to me. I have a VW Garmin maps and more modular. After that I disconnected and moved away from that my iPhone has no notification sounds. The only way to solve the problem is to restart my iPhone.

    iPhone 6 s more, iOS 9.3.1

  • iPhone & iPad with the same Apple ID, Wifi Dead after # 21 #, cannot call the specific number

    Hi guys, I really hope someone can help out me with this one. Long story short:

    After a week of vacation when we left our iPhone and iPad at home, my girlfriend's iPhone did get any cell phone signal when we came back, said network unavailable in the upper left corner, then we called Fido, the cell phone company, we use to try to resolve the problem. After trying to isolate the problem by changing my SIM card in the phone and SIM card in my phone, we saw that it was related to his SIM card.

    The key to reset cell phone network, has changed twice between the SIM card and after a good 24 hours, his phone was on the right track with the exception that it was not able to call me and only me. We get an error call failed. But she was able to receive calls from me and everyone else. Also, we were unable to set up the voicemail.

    As if the phone thought she was my line because of some flying over the passage of my SIM card in the phone...

    This is the first problem... That we called Fido again. After the usual troubleshooting stuff (reset the network settings, restore the device in iTunes, force the restart, eject and put in the SIM card) the Lady on the line calling in the phone app, the number "# 21 #". Then BAM! no more WiFi on his phone AND his iPad connected to the same Apple ID (not a network problem as all the other device not associated with this specific apple id are ok with this network and wifi iPad literally fall from the moment I hit that famous number) when I press on my wifi network in the list It behaves as it accepts the password, but all is not connect with the wheel spinning without end.

    Thus, employees of die cell phone are clueless and now she can't call me and she can't go on the internet with none of its aircraft. I tried a full restoration of his phone.

    Tomorrow I will try the iPad on my place of work to see if it can connect to the anther wifi network, pending:

    1-don't, anyone know what this # 21 # code is and how I can repair the damage he has done?

    2-is my SIM card remains on his good theory and if so, what can we do about it, if not then what could cause his phone to have a call to a number failed error in particular?

    Thanks in advance!

    Not sure about the theory of SIM card, but my guess is not... don't dwell settings. The SIM card must be "read" on every power up.

    The code in what she you punch is a mobile PHONE for call forwarding. She must have felt you have enabled I guess. It shouldn't be anything else stop call forwarding for his phone, if it was enabled.

  • Error of GPS in the iphone 6 more after upgrading to ios 10

    After updating my iphone 6 more iOS 10, the gps signal was missing, when I try to disable and enable the iphone you location is bloked, before the update that the gps is working properly. Can correct this feature in relese next IOS? Thank you very much

    Hi Chicojander,

    I understand that you have difficulties using your GPS on your iPhone. I know it's important to be able to easily know where you are located, so I'm happy to help you.

    Looks like you've already got a good start on your troubleshooting of switching location Services. On top of that, look at the troubleshooting we offer here:

    Get help with maps - Apple Support

    If you do not find your current location on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    1. Go to settings > privacy > location Services and to make, of course, this location Services and maps is set while it helps.
    2. Make sure that you set the date, time and timezone correctly on your device. Go to settings > general > Date & time. If possible, use the value automatically.
    3. Restart your device.
    4. Make sure that the cellular data or Wi - Fi turned on and that you have a connection active.
    5. Try another location or switch to another Wi - Fi network.

    Location-based services using GPS, Bluetooth, crowd-sourced hotspot Wi - Fi and the cell towers to determine your position. Learn more about The location Services on your iOS device.

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. See you soon!

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    iPhone 6s more stuck in the mode of the brick after downloading ios10. Cannot restore via iTunes. error 3014

    After the update to ios10, my 5s iPhone seems to work very well. I reconnected it to iTunes and then it bricked, and I panicked.

    iTunes synced a couple of times, it took about an hour and a half for me. After that it stopped its cycle of synchronization, I unplugged my iPhone - it still bricked. I then did a hard reset and it worked.

    Maybe I got lucky, maybe my iPhone and iTunes need a kick in their buttocks.

  • How the iPhone 6 more lock 9.3.1 app

    How iPhone 6 more s 9.3.1 app lock and hiden app thank

    You cannot lock individual on an iPhone apps (unless the application developer provides this feature). You can not hide applications.

  • iPhone 6 more Bluetooth keeps disconnecting

    Since last week, my iPhone 6 with guard disconnect from my car. My never had no problem before that - works perfectly fine for over a year... Currently on iOS 9.3.1. Were also of the view that during the phone became unresponsive when you go to applications, settings, etc..


    Thank you

    < published by host >

    I also have this problem with my iPhone 5 but not with my 6 s more.

    I usually go to Bluetooth in settings and try to disconnect and connect to Bluetooth.

    Before turning on Bluetooth play a song in the music player & turn on Bluetooth and connect the phone

    These works of methods for me!

  • Hi, I recently bought an iPhone 5s. Now, according to the sources, the new "5se" would probably replace the ' 5s ' in the near future. I'm afraid that I won't get it more updated and after sales support for my 5 seconds (if any problem is found). Is this

    Hi, I recently bought an iPhone 5s. Now, according to the sources, the new "5se" would probably replace the ' 5s ' in the near future. I'm afraid that I won't get it more updated and after sales support for my 5 seconds (if any problem is found). Is this possible? Apple will provide an upgrade for free or minimum package 5se 5 seconds it's users?

    The terms of the terms of USE on this forum we cannot speculate on what Apple may or may not do. That being said, there is no priority for what you ask. There is no way of knowing how long your device will be able to continue to upgrade to new versions of iOS. As long as he is able to run the new versions of iOS, it is fully supported. This is the level of iOS, not the hardware that is important here.

    See you soon,.


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