IPhone BlueTooth Apple Watch Distance

I have a few questions:

1. how far can the Apple Watch connect an iPhone 5?

2. how far can the Apple Watch connect an iPhone 5 c?

3. how far can the Apple Watch connect to an iPhone 5s?

4. how far can the Apple Watch connect an iPhone 6?

5. how far can the Apple Watch connect an iPhone 6 Plus?

6. how far can the Apple Watch connect to a 6 s iPhone?

7. how far can the Apple Watch no longer connect to a 6 s iPhone?

8. how far can the Apple Watch connect to an iPhone IS?

P.S. I couldn't think of a better way to Word this, but basically, I mean "how Apple Watch from the iPhone but still being linkable?"



Normal Bluetooth range is about 10 meters/33 feet. Actual range varies in practice because of wireless interference, but you don't need necessarily to have your iPhone on or just around you (scope of arms, for example) for Apple Watch and matched iPhone maintain their Bluetooth connection.

Your watch can still carry out certain functions when it is not connected to your iPhone, including some that are available when your watch is connected to a known Wi - Fi network.

More information:

Use Apple Watch without her sister iPhone - Apple Support

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    I know health app must analyze the data a prioritize my Apple Watch. Instead, his duplication in the info on my iphone and Apple Watch. Im not using third party applications. I do not fear the deactivation of the fitness and followed by my iphone only if my Apple Watch will receive my iphone gps information when I workout.


    Health and fitness of the Apple Watch data, iPhone and all the other sources are grouped within the app to health on the iPhone, which allows to adjust the results to avoid any double counting of data from different sources.

    When several sources are available, the application of health uses a single data source for updating your consolidated data. This source is selected according to the order of priority that you set (or that was created automatically - for example, by default, rank devices Apple above sources third party).

  • Events calendar on Mac sync iPhone or Apple Watch

    Input events calendar I have on my Mac don't sync my iPhone or Apple Watch.  Events calendar on iPhone synch to iMac.  in iCloud preference, I've marked contacts, calendars and notes.  All the work schedules.  Any suggestions?

    Option 1) update your calendars and reminders of the app of calendars:

    Open the calendar application.

    Choose View > refresh calendars.

    Try option 2) remove the account in calendar > Preferences > accounts.

    Now add back.

    Option 3) if it still fails to work, try to test in the comments or new user.


    Go to system-> Preferences, create a new user in users and groups.

    Switch to the new user by logging incoming/outgoing or use the fast user switching.

    Connection with Apple ID

    Only select Calendar for this test.

    Open calendar and test by adding an event and see if it syncs with the iPhone.

    You still see the issue?

    If so, see these steps by khati for Installation of Sierra difficulty. I suggest you reinstall Sierra again.

    If not, then the problem is in your user folder.

    Journal of the user and then Log in your user folder.

    With Calendar.app quit...

    Go to the library to the user (see below)

    Scroll to the bottom for calendars

    Place these files in the Recycle Bin

    • Calendars/calendar Cache
    • Calendars/calendar Cache-shm
    • Calendars/calendar Cache-shm

    Also in the user's library, scroll to containers. Move these to the desktop.

    • Containers/com.apple.CalendarAgent
    • Containers/com.apple.iCal

    Scroll down to preferences. Move these to the desktop.

    • Preferences/com.apple.CalendarAgent.plist
    • Preferences/com.apple.iCal.plist

    Sign out under the Apple in the menu bar.

    Open a session

    Open Calendar.app

    It's working now?

    Library of the user to see the

    The user library folder is hidden by default. In the unhide: select the Finder in the Dock. Less go in the Menu bar > hold down the Option key and you will see the library.

    Find the library user folder

    http://www.takecontrolbooks.com/resources/0167/site/chap11.html#FindingtheUserLi braryFolder

  • IPhone and Apple Watch, issue with the reception of texts to my Iphone

    One having a problem with their Iphone and Apple Watch, where you get only some texts to your Apple Watch and not your iphone? You can only the text of this person on your iphone, but no response never happens to your iphone


    Remember that how behave notifications based on the parameters and the status of your devices. With wrist detection enabled, in order to get notifications to your attention as soon as possible:

    -If your iPhone is unlocked, you will receive notifications on your iPhone instead of on your watch.

    -If your iPhone is locked or mode and your watch is unlocked (regardless of the question of whether the screen saver is awake or asleep) and on your wrist, you will receive notifications on your watch.

    -If your watch is locked or allowed to do not disturb, notifications will be sent to your iPhone.

    More information:

    About notifications on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

  • cannot sync iPhone to Apple Watch 7 playlist

    I had this problem, which occurs more often when you try to synchronize with my Apple Watch. I have paired with the iPhone and load time. The iphone connected to BT and WiFi. I select music in the Apple Watch app (I put it at a maximum of 2 GB of music) and then choose a playlist on my iPhone it is 520MB in size. Most of the time, the synchronization 'in the meantime' will appear and never progress beyond that. On rare occasions, it has synchronized music to the watch. When I try to update the playlist and syncing again, it often hangs on "sync in progress". He has also deleted from the playlist of the watch repeatedly, or said the synchronization is complete, but then only about 10% of the songs could be played on the watch and the rest was dark and couldn't access it. I tried unpairing and repair of the watch from the phone repeatedly. I hard rebooted time watch and phone repeatedly. I have improved the watch Watch BONES 1 to 2 to 3 without measurable change. I recently bought an iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 and find that exactly the same problem with completely different hardware.

    I see that others have problems similar, but not sure why it is so persistent through the operating systems and the modernization of the unit. I read Apple support on this issue and following all recommended procedures. Anyone had this problem and found a solution?

    I have the same problem with my iPhone 7 series Apple Watch 2. I can't sync the playlist with Apple Watch. It has synchronized some songs and the name of the playlist, but that's all. When I change or remove a few songs in the list, it says sync or waiting but no progress. The annoying part is the morning. After night, I leave my phone and watch the load, my phone is hot in the morning and another songs have not yet synchronized. I am in desperate need of this specification. I want to at least know is there something to do about it or we need to live with it?

  • Apple Notes or reminders of synchronization between the iPhone and Apple Watch

    Notes and reminders of synchronization between Apple devices?


    Notes does not synchronize with Apple Watch.

    There are currently no separate recalls on Apple Watch application, but still, your watch can be used to manage reminders in the reminders on your iPhone app (or other device from Apple that is connected to reminders with your Apple ID):

    • Create new reminders using Siri:
      • For example: Hey Siri, remind me < when > < what >
    • Meet reminders with Snooze, finished or do disappear.

    More information:


    Recently, Apple announced that watch OS 3 - a software update for all models of watch, which is scheduled for release this fall / fall - will include a built-in version of the reminders for Apple Watch app.

  • iPhone IS Apple Watch or iPod


    Looking for advice on which product to buy. I've been running with an iPhone 5 in my back pocket. I like the fact that I can make a phone call, follow my route and use music if I have and it is small enough to fit in the back pocket of your pants running. I thought the Apple Watch watch was great. Sound on your wrist; You can listen to your music; and make a call if you're worried about any anti-social behaviour... but apparently you still need your phone with you for the watch to work. Is this correct? If yes then maybe this isn't what I'm looking for. You can make a phone call on an iPod or I have to go with the iPhone OS? I have a 6 things every day for iPhone but its too big for strapping on your arm, and I don't really like armbands anyway.  Any advice on what product I buy would be great. Try Googling the answer but just get flooded by thirty-six articles on other brands of smart watch. Also couldn't find an email address general apple to put these questions to and I live in 600km from the nearest Apple Store. Thank you.

    You have a lot of different questions in your message.  I'll answer one.

    Kalgurl wrote:


    .. .but apparently you still need your phone with you for the watch to work. Is this correct?

    Apple Watch there the features it can perform without his iPhone matched.  This page of the User Guide Apple Watch says:


  • iPhone 6 Apple Watch and BlueAnt q3 does not connect at the same time.

    IiPhone 6 + Apple Watch and BlueAnt q3 does not connect at the same time

    My Apple Watch and Blueant Q3 connect at the same time. You try to connect the Q3 and the watch to the iPhone, or you try to connect the Q3 of the watch?

  • How can I sync my iPhone and Apple Watch to a new computer without losing any data?

    I'm about to fix my laptop and I need to change my iTunes on PC. But I don't want to lose any data on the health of the Apple Watch.

    Copy of the data of all iTunes from the laptop to PC will have all my apps and music. But what about the backup? They are encrypted to record data on the health of my Apple Watch.

    Can I copy and paste the encrypted data backup iTunes?

    Please I need help.

    Move an encrypted backup from one computer to another value may not work, but as long as no device should be restored now you should be able to migrate from the library to the new computer and then take a fresh encrypted backup of each device.

    Migrate a library iTunes from one computer to another

    These are two approaches that work normally to move an existing library to a new computer.

    Method 1

    1. Save the library with this trick of the user.
    2. Remove the old computer if you no longer wish to access content protected on it.
    3. Restore the backup to your new computer by using the same tool used to back it up.
    4. Keep your current backup in the future.

    Method 2

    Connect the two computers on the same network. Share your old computer < user music > folder and copy the folder of library full iTunes in the < user music > on the new folder. Yet once, remove the old computer so is no longer necessary.

    These two methods should give the new computer, a clone of the library work which was on the former. What about iTunes is it is still the 'home' for your devices library you should not have problems with iTunes will erase and reload.

    I recommend method 1 because it establishes a current backup for your library.

    Note If you have iOS devices and that you have not reached your contacts and calendar all in all items, then you need to create a dummy entry in your new profile and iTunes expected to merge existing data from the device.

    If your media folder has been separated in the main folder of iTunes, you may need to do some preparatory work to make it easier to move. See make a library of portable split.

    If you are in the unfortunate position where you're able to access your original library or a backup and then see recover your iTunes from your iPod or an iOS device to get tips on how to configure your devices with a new library with the maximum preservation of data.


  • Want my iPhone and Apple Watch both ding when I get a text / SMS message.

    My wife has a watch and iPhone 5 s and she wants SMS / text messages from the watch or the phone to beep.

    Is there a way to do this? If not, is there a way to make sure it's always the ringing telephone, even if the watch is connected?

    The way this works is that the watch will replace the phone for most of the alerts. So if the watch is connected, you will get alerts on the iPhone.

  • is your Apple Watch unplug your phone at a certain distance?

    I recently bought a series of Apple Watch 1 and I was wondering if at a distance, only he disconnects your iPhone?

    In addition, who is the home button, and what are the objectives of the buttons?


    Once they have been paired, your iPhone and Apple Watch will remain paired until they are non-matched manually. However, they can become disconnected or connected (several times), while that always paired.

    Disconnections can be normal, for example when the watch loses the Bluetooth connection with the matched iPhone and no known Wi - Fi network is available.

    Normal Bluetooth range is about 10 meters/33 feet. Actual range varies in practice due to interference with wireless (including, for example, because of the walls), but you don't need necessarily to have your iPhone on or just around you (scope of arms, for example) for devices to keep their Bluetooth connection.

    Once they have are disconnected, they should reconnect automatically after close moments being brought back.

    More information:

    On Bluetooth and Wi - Fi on Apple Watch - Apple Support

    valem1234 wrote:

    .. In addition, who is the home button, and what are the objectives of the buttons?

    You can find these resources useful:

  • May notify to my Apple Watch me when my iPhone is out of range

    I count on my Apple Watch every day - the only problem I see is that if I leave my iPhone in the House or car goes out of scope - is there a way that my Apple Watch can report.

    Several times I leave the House without my iPhone only to have to return home.

    Clear as mud.  Thank you!!!


    Apple Watch does not currently offer them alerts audible or haptic if it is taken out of the reach of the paired iPhone Bluetooth. When devices are disconnected via Bluetooth, if the watch is also impossible to connect to a Wi - Fi network, known at that time, it will display the icon disconnected at the top of the face of the Watch:

    However, you can find this application useful third party:

    Lookout - security, backup and missing device

    -"You indicates the distance between your iPhone and Apple Watch and warns you if they are about to lose the connection."

    - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lookout-security-backup-missing/id434893913?mt=8

  • Apple Watch gives a warning sound or vibration when it is out of reach with your iPhone?

    Apple Watch gives it its warning or vibrates when it is out of reach with your iPhone? If so, how to set up? If this is not the case, why they have this important function, so we do not lose our phones?


    Apple Watch does not currently offer them alerts audible or haptic if it is taken out of the reach of the paired iPhone Bluetooth. When devices are disconnected via Bluetooth, if the watch is also impossible to connect to a Wi - Fi network, known at that time, it will display the icon disconnected at the top of the face of the Watch:

    However, you can find this application useful third party:

    If you want to suggest that Apple considers adding Bluetooth disconnection as a built-in alerts, you can do so here:


  • Unable to receive calls from Apple Watch, using WIFI AT &amp; T calls, when the iPhone is turned on, turned off or in Airplane Mode.

    I work on this issue and wanted to involve the community.

    I have tests the functionality Apple Watch and have been unable to solve my problems with WIFI call. I use the AT & T and I am connect to the strip of the 5 GHz on my router Xfinity.

    I am able to make/receive calls from my iPad and Mac laptop when iPhone is off / Mode plane; However, this feature does not work on the watch. I can make and receive calls from the watch when the phone is turned on.

    Another problem is that I am not able to send and receive messages (blue or green bubble) of the watch - once again when the phone is turned off or in flight Mode

    I'll copy in 2 portions of the Web site: http://help.apple.com/watch/


    If your Apple Watch is in range of a Wi - Fi network that the iPhone is connected to before, you can always do the following (even if the iPhone is off):

    • Send and receive digital messages Touch
    • Send and receive messages using Messages
    • Make and receive phone calls (if you have active calls, Wi - Fi, and you are within range of a Wi - Fi connected to your iPhone before)
    • Check current weather conditions
    • Track your inventory


    Make calls via Wi - Fi

    If your cellular operator offers Wi - Fi calls, you can use Apple Watch to make and receive calls over Wi - Fi instead of cellular network - even when your pair iPhone isn't with you or is disabled. Apple Watch comes to be in range of a Wi - Fi network that is connected to your iPhone in the past.

    To see if your carrier offers Wi - Fi calls, see the article Apple Support phone with Wi-Fi calls, then enable the calls on your iPhone and Apple Watch Wi - Fi.

    Note: You can make emergency calls via Wi - Fi, but when possible, use rather iPhone over a cellular connection - your location information will be more specific.

    Enable on iPhone Wi - Fi calls. On iPhone, go to settings > phone and turn on Wi - Fi calling and application to other devices.

    Enable calls on Apple Watch Wi - Fi. Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, tap My Watch, tap phone, then turn on Wi - Fi calls. If you do not see the parameter, make sure that you have activated calls on iPhone Wi - Fi.

    Answer please if you are able to perform any of these functions! And any troubleshooting you can think!

    AspiringAppleGuru wrote:

    I have... to connect to the 5 GHz on my... router bandwidth.


    These features are not available because Apple Watch cannot connect to a network of GHz Wi - Fi 5.

    If your watch is not connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth, but lying in a 2.4 GHz Wi - Fi network your iPhone plugged in before, the watch can connect to this network and you can continue to use certain features, including Wi - Fi calls (when it is supported by your operator, you already have in place).

    More information:

    On Bluetooth and Wi - Fi on Apple Watch - Apple Support

    Use Apple Watch without her sister iPhone - Apple Support

  • Apple Watch drains the iPhone battery

    Why Apple Watch drains battery iPhone 6 so fast?

    If you have not already done so, it can help to upgrade your iPhone and Apple Watch to the latest version of the software:

    - Update the iOS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support software

    - Update the software on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

    Otherwise, the following steps have contributed to the problems of the battery life for some users:

    • Restart your iPhone and your watch. Close the two devices together, and then restart your iPhone first.
      • To turn off your watch: press and hold the button side until you see the cursor off the power; slide it to turn off;
      • To turn it on: press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

    For optimal performance of your watch, keep the Wi - Fi or Bluetooth enabled at all times on your iPhone.

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