iPhone Bluetooth SE sound quality

My iPhone with iOS 9.3.1 SE knows a poor audio quality when making calls via Bluetooth when it is connected to my 2011 Toyota Prius C. It seems distorted and scratchy.

My wife more 6s with iOS 9.3.1 IPhone doesn't have this problem, and not more than my old iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S.

Music streaming via Bluetooth sounds great.

I tried to reset network settings, restaurant as a new phone and remove and add it again all Bluetooth devices in my car, but the problem persists.

Is anyone else having the same problem?

My iPhone has the same problems and there also the iOS 9.3.1. Some days, it seems to have no problem with very little crackling, but most of the time she's so cute that I have to cut the Bluetooth to have a conversation. Certainly not something I want in a phone. It is certainly a problem of phone than my previous iPhone 6 is a/a no problem.

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