iPhone bluetooth to Satellite R630-155

I anticipate tethering via bluetooth to the above newly purchased, but the iPhone says that Tosh is a device not supported. I find this hard to believe, and if someone can help?

I understand that it is also possible to connect via USB, but I prefer to do it this way.

Thank you MN


>... but the iPhone says that Tosh is a device not supported
How to understand this?

I fear here is simply one of the explanations for m: your R630-155 has no feature of BT and you cannot use BT connection between your devices.
At the end you use the USB connection.

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  • Satellite R630-155 - fan is too loud and SSD update

    I am the owner of a Toshiba Satellite R630-155 (Core i5-480). My problems are:

    1. the fan is too loud and never stops. In normal operation (navigation and General Office work) there is a constant high pitch noise which is audible three to four meters in a desktop - high load environment, you just can't take it anymore! The fan never stops... even when you do nothing...

    2. the heat is a big problem. The bottom of the laptop is overheated constantly and I have to place on my desk so that the lower left corner is outside the table, so it can breathe fresh air from below - otherwise, the temperature rises and the (noisy) fan is unable to follow. When I work with the laptop sitting on a couch, I place a thick book between the laptop and my legs. The book must be thick (more than one inch) with hard covers, otherwise the heat going through the book!

    3. last (but not least, I will mention the biggest problems here) that's the problem with the installation of the SSD. I bought a used Corsair F80 (80 GB SSD) from a friend, but I was unable to use it with the Toshiba - BIOS not detect the disc. I tried to install all the latest updates for portable and SSDS but I had no success. Then I put the disc and I bought a brand new Zalman 128 GB SSD (SSD0128N1 Sandforce) but I had exactly the same problem. I contacted my local support Toshiba and after much conversation, the only answer I got is that the laptop is not compatible with these SSDS, and it is acceptable by Toshiba and not their problem. They told me that if I need an SSD upgrade I cannot go for the Toshiba SSD that is installed on the portege series, which is sold by Toshiba for a ridiculously expensive price - about $500 for 128 GB. I contacted the European support center and I got the same exact answer. I searched the Internet and found someone else with exactly the same problem with a Corsair 128 GB SSD - he concluded that the laptop detects the SSD after ten to twenty resets. I tried and it was true - after a lot of restarts the detected disk Zalman laptop and I was able to successfully install Windows 7, but the process is unacceptable. Also the drive is rated by the sites official at the speed of an OCZ Vertex 2 128 GB (and a little better), but when I ran a cue point in the Toshiba, the results I got were less than half of the advertised speed. Same reference in another machine of the same disc, resulted in the announced speeds.

    Shame for Toshiba...-beautiful design and portability, but all the rest is a big flaw. Their support in non-existent and they do not appreciate their customers. According to me, they stole my money and I will never buy a Toshiba laptop again.

    Sorry for the big message, but I need, I warn potential customers. Can anyone help me with any of these problems? You also have the same problems?

    To follow...

    Hey Buddy,

    With regard to the issue of fan and the heat: you did it BIOS update? A friend told Satellite R630 too and he told me that the fan with the new BIOS version 2.10 activity is reduced. In addition, the laptop is colder than before so I recommend to install this update. You can download the update of the BIOS here:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > download drivers

    But before you start the update of the BIOS, you should consider the following tips:
    -Run update as an administrator only
    -Unzip all files from zip archive before launching the update file
    -Close all running programs as the antivirus and firewall
    -Make sure the battery is fully charged

    With regard to the SSD it s still a little complicated to install 3rd party products and no one can guarantee that these parts would not work. You're always on the side safely with original spare parts from Toshiba.

    All you can do is to install the new firmware for SSDS and hope that it works, but who knows maybe the BIOS update will help you also in this case ;)

  • Where to buy parts for Satellite R630-155?

    Back to Christmas, I stupidly pulled my lap top on the floor to break the case and the hard drive.

    I got the case and the hard drive replaced with a local pc due to recommendations repair company.
    Unfortunately my confidence was misplaced and 5 months I still do not have a decent wifi pick up and I also discovered that the camera more light built into the front of the screen of the cover is missing.
    I've been to the repairman but seems empty and not joy.

    I know that to take a glance that it is has taken a multi white plastic for at least the camera
    So nobody knows where can I buy spare parts if all goes well for the missing camera and light and the Wifi component.

    At the moment I am hated to part with the R630 because it proved invaluable when traveling because it is light and before Christmas 2012 ideal to pick up wifi signals in hotels and cruise ships.

    Secondly, I am in September who travel outside China, hong kong, Japan, Singapore &

    Can anyone recommend a modern equivalent not so expensive for the Satellite R630 I can search and buy?

    I look around before repairs and might find something equivalent on £1,800.

    Hope someone can help
    Thank you very much

    It is very difficult to find these parts for laptops, especially for new models of portable computers.
    Best place to get these things is Toshiba authorized provider. They can order these parts but I don't know if they'll sell it for you or they only order it if they can repair your laptop.

    You can try to contact ASP and ask for help. Addresses and phone numbers, you can find on http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/ASP_SUPPORT/

    It is not easy to give you some good advice on other phones but I think for the trip and extremely mobile use series Z Satellite can be very good alternative for you.

    Check the Toshiba website for your country a little and pick up some info on equipment and the price of course.

  • Satellite R630-155 - no express card slot


    I have a R630 155 and I have a PC card / Express card slot as far as I know. Toshiba manual shows that it would be just below the optical drive [cd] on the right side of the laptop, but I do not have such a slot. Anyone know if it is possible to run a 'real' serial port using the usb ports. I have hardware installed on the field that requires a real serial port and will not work with normal cable converter usb to serial port that can be purchased. I have an another Toshiba that I use the pc card slot and I did not notice that the new laptop does not seem to have this facility. Maybe someone can help / advise?

    Best regards, peter jones.

    Hi Peter,.

    Ist point R630 hat not all models are equipped with a PC card and express card slot. As you can read in the manual that only some models are fitted with this slot machine.

    On Amazon and other online shopping, I found a few USB-adapters series so I think that this should be the correct part for you but I n t understand what you mean with real serial port.

    In your case I would just test it and if it doesn't work, you can send it back ;)

  • Re: Satellite R630-155 - Eco button without function


    I am the proud owner of a R630-155. Because my life professional I need to Windows 7 Enterprise, because the SQL Server tools.

    I have install all the programs and drivers from the Toshiba site, but the Eco button does not work. The Eco utility is there and if I use the icon in the status bar to show the program and can swith the mode in the option box.

    Can you help me?

    Best regards.

    Hi pmni,

    > if I use the icon in the status bar indicate the program swith and may the mode in the option box.
    Sorry, but I don t know what you mean with the mode swith in the option box. Maybe you can explain it once again ;)

    In any case, have you installed also value added Package from Toshiba Web site?

  • Re: Satellite R630-155 - part number for the LCD cover

    My 3 year old belle has hit my R630 on the floor and the plastic LCD casing/lid is now broken. Hinges are fine, the screen is fine - I just need to replace the plastic cover. How find the part number or get a new one?

    Thank you.


    Here you can get t numbers because it s a forum for owners of Toshiba laptop only. If you can speak with normal people like you and me here.

    If you need these technical details such as part numbers, you will need to contact a service provider authorized in your country. Guys have access to databases of Toshiba and can give you the exact reference and order this part too.

    Good luck! :)

  • Re: Satellite R630 cell phone recharged by himself several times during the installation


    I own a laptop Satellite R630 155. I just recover my machine with the procedure for recovery of HARD drive, and in the last step of the installation from the progress bar indicated there are 54 items to install. After every 2-5 elements installed my laptop recharged by itself several times until all of the 54 have been made.

    Is this normal? I expected everything to be installed only once before a reboot was done.

    Yes, it's normal. The same thing happen on my Satellite A660.

    You must understand that nearly 60 different drivers, tools and utilities must be installed and some of them need installation restart and finished mobile.
    If you have installed the OS and drivers manually, you must know this notebook or PC restart after some driver installation must be made.

    I know, it's a bit boring and facilities for all take a lot of time, but... This is normal.

  • Satellite C660-155 - has Bluetooth?


    I have a Satellite C660-155

    My laptop has bluetooth? If so, how can I connect to my phone? If this is not the case, do I have to buy a bluetooth connector that would connect to my computer via a USB port?

    Hi in_vacanza,

    No, this laptop model doesn't have Bluetooth module.

    You buy a dongle BT USB external if you want to connect to your mobile phone with such USB BT. dongles are not expensive, only about 10-20 euros.

  • Satellite R630-13R - coupling to the Bluetooth headset

    I just bought a Satellite R630-13R and I can't drive a pair of headphones Bluetooth HP. The headset works on my Lenovo Thinkpad (also Windows 7) without any problem.
    On Tosh, the work of the pairings, the system stops for audio setting then fails and suggest trying again. I downloaded and installed the last stack of BT on the Toshiba site.

    If anyone has any ideas to point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

    Hi tonymbrady,

    As far as I know Satellite R630-13R doesn't have Bluetooth module according to the specifications on the site Web of Toshiba so I think that you need a USB Bluetooth dongle to connect to your Bluetooth devices

    But I m wondering how you can pair without internal Bluetooth module

  • How to get the Bluetooth works on Satellite U300-155 and Linux Kubuntu 8.04

    I bought Toshiba Satellite U300-155 and I have Kubuntu 8.04 languages, but I don't see bluetooth when I turn it on.
    How can I use bluetooth under kububtu 8.04?

    Check if the antenna of your laptop switch is on. I think that the graphic tool should exist to manage the bluetooth. However if you're familiar with the linux console
    Then, you can also try the following command to activate bluetooth:

    sudo toshset - bluetooth module Bluetooth to connect to the USB bus
    sudo hciconfig hci0 upward
    sudo lsmod toshiba_apci-online background of access keys (+)
    sudo tail-f/var/log/acpi
    module installation sudo modprobe toshiba_acpi if not already available
    Press + to turn Bluetooth on or off. Check the acpi log output
    sudo hciconfig hci0 Bluetooth peripheral power

  • Satellite R630 - integrated webcam does not


    I hope someone can help me.

    My built-in webcam on my Toshiba Satellite R630 spontaneously stopped working in the last two weeks.

    I tried:

    -Check if it is enabled in the BIOS and there is no option to select a webcam here.
    -Restore my laptop computer to a previous state when the camera worked. This no longer works.
    -Updated the driver for the webcam - it installs the driver but then it disappears and nothing happens.

    A few things that it might help to know:

    -In Device Manager, "imaging devices" are missing, so I can't find the driver for the webcam here.
    -J' used to get a pop-up whenever I turned on my laptop which was loading a webcam bluetooth but saying that he could not. This stopped happening; I think I turned it off in msconfig.
    -It is not a hardware problem
    -Yesterday, I had a weird time breakthrough - I downloaded an app on my phone to try to use it as a webcam through bluetooth. I had activated bluetooth on my phone and laptop. I plugged my phone into my laptop and the pop-up the camera bluetooth (see previous point) came, but this time worked without the error message. However, instead of my phone works like a webcam, the blue light came next to my integrated webcam and who has started working. I thought it was fixed then all closed and ejected my phone and webcam stopped working again. I tried to repeat this sequence, but with no joy.

    I'm really frustrated and ideas. Can anyone help?


    If imagine device isn't listed in Device Manager, it means that the module is not found. Even if the driver is not installed, the module must be included in the BIOS as imagine device, unknown device, etc.
    But this isn't the case

    So I think there are two possibilities: the module's fault or the connection between the module and the motherboard (Controller) isn t put in place.

    As far as I know the internal webcam module is connected to the USB controller.
    If the connection drops (cable) the module will not be recognized in Device Manager

    From my point of few, it must be a nuisance material

  • Satellite R630-13U - driver need for the WLAN/BT function key

    Dear Sirs,

    I have problem with my Toshiba Satellite R630-13U

    I have not found any driver for the wireless hot key windows 7 pro 32-bit to be able to turn on/off the wireless or Bluetooth.

    Thank you


    You need to install additional package from Toshiba. Several different tools, this package, and one of them is utility of Flash cards.

    Please install, test and post comments.

  • Satellite R630-13U - quality of the Webcam is not good


    Toady, I just bought Satellite R630-13u and I tried to use the built-in webcam, but the quality is vey very poor, even in the right place of light. I tried to call my self through Skype iphone and my laptop, the quality of the image in the iphone is larger than the cell phone!

    I'll take the comture downtown sevirce to check that there should be some settings to adjust or a sticker placed on the camera where I can not remove it?

    your help is appreciated int his case



    It's not easy to talk about the quality of the webcam without seeing and you shouln t compare the quality of the webcam with different products. The built-in webcam is very small compared to USB webcams or very practical cameras.

    But you can improve the quality of the webcam: I found an interesting article about it on the Forum from Toshiba:

    Internal bad quality of image when using the webcam in the Dim light

    How to change the settings for the built-in webcam If the image is very dark or black

  • Satellite R630 - no adapter found wireless


    I have the Satellite R630 last week and installed all first windows included seven.
    After getting used to the system (I'm usually on Linux), I recognized, that there is no available wireless network connection and no ability to start the wireless lan.

    I read, that the FN + F8 wireless connections shortcut starts, so in my case, it's bluetooth LAN wireless, but every time I pressed these bluetooth just would start.

    I looked in the Manager of hardware and networks (or something like that) was just the lan adapter, if I wanted in the systeminformations, where, under components the wl-adapter is listed.
    There, he is listed as Atheros AR9285, and it is written, that the drivers are installed and the adapter can be used.

    But why can't I just activate? And why is - it, that the adapter is not listed in the hardware Manager?

    Everyone to the top with a solution?


    I put t know what R630-xxx you have exactly but R630-10J for example use the card Atheros AR5B95 Wlan and you need the Atheros WLan driver which can be downloaded here:

    The FN + F8 toggles between Bluetooth and Wlan card.
    It can disable or simple device.
    You must press East several times to get the WLan.
    If Wlan is not listed in the Fn + F8, then it means that the Wlan driver is not installed correctly.

  • Satellite R630-13D: failed to create the recovery disk

    I have a similar problem. I have a Satellite R630-13 t and tries to use the Toshiba recovery Media creator to create restoration 2 DVD discs.

    When you try to create the first disc, I get the following message:

    Cannot read the next file.
    (Error code: 020150-20-00000000).

    I get a similar message when you try to create the second. I tried four times. On my last attempt, I disabled the protection in real time on my virus checker (Windows Security Essentials) - I don't know how to close down completely, not sure you can. I also turned off wireless and bluetooth.

    I need to create these discs please. I use anti-scratch Philips DVD + RW 4.7 GB 120 Min 1-4 x speed discs.

    I know that someone else mentioned to try a different type of disc but I just bought these for this purpose and don't really want to buy more if I can help it. The disc type is certainly not a problem? When I look at the disc in the drive, they have files on them - even the file that the error message above says that he could not read.

    Thank you

    I had similar experiences in the past and I can say that, after several tests using different types of media, I was able to create recovery discs using DVD-R only media.

    Hey two disks empty buddy aren't really expensive so don't waste your time here awaiting a solution and buy two or three empty DVD-R discs and create recovery media.
    Another tip: do not buy some cheap stuf but high quality TDK or Verbatim discs.

Maybe you are looking for