IPhone crashed the Middle updated and now stuck on the setting of the screen!

My Iphone has been unusually slow. So I tried to update my phone I thought it's maybe the old version of the IOS that makes my phone lag (I think I downloaded the latest version, 10. something). While trying to update my phone, it crashed at halfway. Now I'm stuck on the screen that appears when your phone has been updated (white background, that invites you to enter the password and put in place). However, after putting in my access code and attempts to connect to the wifi, my phone indicates that the wifi password is incorrect, this is not. Also, when I try to connect through mobile data it shows that "your phone could not be activated because the activation server is not reachable. Try to connect your iphone to iTunes to activate it, or try via the mobile connection in a few minutes... ». As a result, I tried connecting to ITunes and I got a different view of error message saying "ITunes only could not connect to this iphone." An unknown error occurred (0xE8000015).

Help, please!

Try If you can to update or restore your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch - Apple Support.


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