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Hello, I'm going to get an iphone used 6 for my daughter.
But before buying, I have a few questions about security...

First of all, I won't jailbreak this iphone, of course I will bring the iphone completely to be course with original firmware simply restoring through itunes.
If the subject and all other issues are inherent in a full iphone restored with original firmware.

(1) there is sensitive data in parameters that you should never share with anyone else to avoid security problems?
(2) it is possible for a malicious person who already have the iphone to 'break' the security of the iphone or to control remote access to all data, etc. by simply knowing some sensitive data of the phone IMEI, Mac address, etc...? Or he must necessarily have installed software inside the iphone to get access?

In short, even after a complete reset of the iphone with apple firmware original, there could be no chance or the possibility of risk that something happen?

If you have something in mind that I have not said earlier he is welcome... I would like to know!

As I always say: better safe than sorry!

Thank you!


When you purchase a used device, one of the first things to do is to make sure that the device was removed the owner iCloud account, it is not locked activation. Check out this link to enter information on the phone to see if it is locked activation.  https://www.iCloud.com/activationlock/

Then, if the device is restored at the factory, then the former owner cannot access the device remotely.

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  • The iPhone change question of BBM


    I tried to find info, but nothing helps, I hope someone can help out me.

    So I'm ready to move to the 6 iPhone iPhone 5, as usual, I'll do a back up of my iphone 5 and a full restore of the iphone 6, my questions:

    -Will I keep the same number of PINS and keep all the chat history and contact? Or is regarded as a new installation, so a new PIN?

    -Is the BBM PIN to the iphone itself (physically), or related to the itunes account?

    -If someone is going to reuse my iphone 5 and install a new BBM, will they get the PIN I used or a new PIN (I think it will be a new PIN)?

    Thanks in advance for the help

    You will have a new PIN, but if you have set up your new device with the same BBID SAME, you keep your BBM contacts.

    Your BBM chat history is not selected.

    If a new user on your old iPhone using BBM with their BBID, they, also, I have a new PIN code and any of your existing contacts or cat will be retained for the user of the old appliance.

  • iPhone 6 + question publishing

    I'm developing an app for iphone. the trial version may publish on iphone 4/5, by the deployment of flash cs6. But every time I want to use it on the new iphone 6 +, he gave me "error creating files.

    Uninstall error: APIInternalError.

    Device error: Please check if there is enough space on the device. »

    My iphone 6 + is the 64 GB version, which still has a lot of space.

    Deployment of AIR still does not return enough error space for any error. It returns some information about the exact error?

    There is a problem with CS6 that was mentioned in another thread. The recommended solution was to publish it with the command line tools (lol). How I understand the question (I myself do as well), CS6 tries to uninstall older versions of the application prior to installation, the current, and given that something has changed in the iOS recent where an application is not on iOS and CS6 try to uninstall, it fails with the above error.

    The solution is to install your .ipa via iTunes first. You can resume the CS6 use publication, because the app exists, so uninstall will be a success and install as well. This works except Flash CS6 random errors on something like she does and only uninstalls the application without having to install. You need to use iTunes again etc. Its quite annoying.

  • IPhone 6 questions after IOS 10.0.1

    problems with iphone 6 using IOS 10.0.1

    -opening the app facebook, whatsapp or camera cel just stuck and stop working

    -is too slow.

    -reduction of battery life

    -l'iphone is almost useless after upgrade

    anyone having the same problems? can I make a roll

    Try restarting your iPhone by pressing and maintaining the sleep/wake and home buttons. Then log out of your iCloud account and sign in again.

  • IPhone opportunity bought, can not activate it because the owner forgot Apple i.d/password

    Bought a second hand iPhone 6 a young student, when we arrived there we couldn't get beyond the point of activation because it required Apple owner ID / password. He does not remember, no matter what ways to hard reset it? Also saying that he needs a Sim Card?

    It is locked to the former owner Activation. If they can not unlock the phone will never be usable again. He can go to https://iforgot.apple.com, which can help him remember his password. Failure return it because it's worthless.

  • IPhone charger questions

    Dear Apple,

    You are known for the production of world class products and there are people who swear by the value of your brand. I used your product for the first time (I Phone 6) that I bought about 1 year and 7 months. Let me tell you, I have never been a huge fan of tech - I use a phone because I need one. However, using an apple product has been a pleasant surprise. Once you overcome the initial obstacles (as the previous button is on top), an I phone is nice to use.  I was however disappointed at how my charger started whipping into pieces after only 1.7 years of use. While the phone is still strong, I have to buy a new charger (which is not cheap either!). I understand that we can all have a phone with great accessories that will last a very long time. Phones other brands may not work well after a few years, their chargers are still in great shape. I hope that you would make more stronger things.


    Sincere user!

    do you mean the charger or cable?

    If you mean cable then always unplug by pulling on the plug never the cable itself

    I always use my iPod touch 1 g from 2008 cable

    with iPod touch 3 g, iphone4, iPad 2, iphone5c, iphone6s

    all the operational cables, all ac Chargers too

    but I had pulled the wire itself when disconnecting it I don't know they would have been worn down

    also, it's a user help user forum, that you speak not apple here if you wish to complain in front of them or them somehow you must use the return path, they did for these things http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html of advice

  • iPhone bluetooth questions

    My iPhone 6 does not display my colorlink Bose speakers, although he has done in the past.  I cut and restarted without change.  He said that actually it is connected to the iPhone, but the inside diameter of the speaker appears on the bluetooth screen.  That is what it is?

    Check the instructions for the Bose speaker and reset After the reset of the speaker, put discovery/torque mode and activate Bluetooth for the iPhone. See if it appears.

  • iPhone SE question 9.3.2


    I updated my iPhone to the latest version (9.3.2) SE. I use this phone in my hands free car of Mercedes C-Class (2012). Before the update, he has worked with a few minor issues (not the best sound quality, but I understand the appellant). Now, the sound is very bad. I have already removed the connection and associated with the phone again. His has not changed the situation.

    Anyone else has this situation or some ideas how to fix?

    Thank you!

    There are known sporadic issues with Bluetooth and IS - no satisfactory solution has been proposed but it works in all cases

    Try the following

    1. Make sure that each device you're trying to pair is in "discoverable".
    2. Control Center - tap bluetooth and turn it on again - 8 - 10 times
    3. Force restart the iPhone - after stopping applications using the app Chooser - invoked by fast double pressing the home button and drag upwards on each app until it disappears from the screen. Meet the sleep/wake and home buttons down until you see the logo  - then release and allow normal start upward
    4. Update to the latest iOS if not done
    5. Settings - general - reset - settings Reset network will need to re enter the WiFi passwords
    6. If the pencil of Apple is connected - "Forget it" and try again
    7. Backup the device to iTunes - restore as NEW (no) - see if solves problem - if yes - restore backup
    8. An appointment of 'Genius' to an Apple Store, or select another authorized service provider.
  • iPhone 6 Question

    I have an iPhone 6 which is two years old. I downloaded the program "security and information" on the Apple store, and when he ran he finds two injected library. They are in/System/Library/AccessibilityBundles/I can delete these or should I take in? IM on IOS 9.3.1

    Thank you


    Your iPhone has been hacked or jailbroken?  If this isn't the case, I wouldn't worry (on your Mac).

  • IPhone charging question (connector dock that comes out from the right)

    So this my iphone, the dock connector is not going to bottom. Glue always from the right.

    Yes, I tried to clean it... my phone seems to die at between 20 and 30%... and when I try rebooting it shows me its out of the battery.

    Please tell me exactly the problem and solution if anyone can cause I have no apple store here where I live

    And I have been ripped off before by a mechanic, emphasizing the fact that it is a problem of simple battery.

    Should I change the dock connector, or is it a software problem? I tried to sync with iTunes...

    Does not help. I don't have ebay either help me with fixing kits.

    He came to the point where I can't trust anything less 40%... help please.

    Have you tried to find an Apple authorized Service provider?

    Find an Apple authorized service provider

    Have you tried using a different USB cable and check the pins on the docking port?

  • Mirror iPhone newbie question

    My wife and I just watches from Apple. We each have our opinion the value "mirror iphone." Because I wear mine to work, I need to silence the noise during meetings. On the iPhone, I just flip the switch on the side to reduce to silence the notifications, but that does not affect the watch left 'bumps '. Right now, I had to change all my settings 'no sound' on the AW. It's the only way or get some wrong setting? I have an iPhone with iOS installed 9.2.1 6.


    To silence the ringtone on your iPhone does not also place your watch in silent Mode. This must be done (and turned their backs on the wide) separately on each device.

    Do the same on your watch: when the time display, drag upward on the screen > drag left / right for the look of settings > press the button with a crossed-out Bell symbol (tap again to turn off silent Mode again).

  • IPhone 5 questions

    I recently started having problems with my Iphone 5.  I went between the "Connect to Itunes" screen to restart randomly and screen discoloration/lines several times.  I had difficulties significant restore/update the phone via itunes.  It worked the second time I tried to restore then I got the loop start/fade and you connect to itunes screen several hours later after you have configured the phone.  Now I'm back to connect to itunes screen and try to restore again.  Unfortunately, I still make mistakes and it won't restore.  I have not been able to put the phone in DFU/recovery mode.  Any suggestions?  I had some problems before with people heard me on the phone when it worked.  I have been informed that the port of loading can be all bad at this time there.  The wrong port of loading cause this problem?

    No, if it was the port of loading, you would; t have been through the restoration, the first time and has nothing to do with it randomly brickwork.  At this point, I hope that you need to fix in order to get operational return.  A kind of component inside is a failure.


  • iPhone charger question 5

    Hi all

    Need some advice of everyone around

    I have an iPhone 5 and using iOS 9.2.1 Public Beta 1

    Recently, I noticed that my mobile battery would drain very quickly

    I always keep the Mode low battery but still it runs

    For example:

    It would be 60% and my phone airplane Mode

    At the moment I have out of flight Mode and use within 10 minutes, it falls to 40%

    My phone is almost 3 years old now

    What do you guys suggest?

    Since you have a beta version of the iOS installed, it is difficult to tell if the problem is software or hardware related.

    Remove the beta version and reinstall the latest official version.

  • iPhone opportunity

    I have a used iphone that is iphone 5... and I've had for 3 years now ithink... works very well yet. I'm olanningto give it to my parents because I no longer need... the problem is I thibk I Maxie isee already my free icloud apple ID. How can I reset to be able to make a new ID onmthis phone. I did not wven k oe hpw well ID, I did woth this phone... Thank you very much.

    Can you be more clear please sélectionner? We do not understand what you say in your mistakes.

  • IPad/Iphone scrolling questions on form

    My client would like to for customers to fill out a registration form on iPad and iPhone, but it is very difficult to scroll.  If I'm really light with my fingers I kind of can do but he would never use a form - too frustrating.

    Any ideas on how to make it easier to use?  I use Expert to shape for the real form.

    Thank you very much!


    Site: www.frankfordtennis.com

    Tennis Wellington online registration

    The div scroll bars are not easy to use on any device - particularly mobile.

    You need to remove the overflow and the height from your CSS properties.

    #content {}

    height: 580px;

    Width: 764px;

    text-align: left;

    margin: 0px auto auto 0px;

    float: left;

    background: url('images/bcgrnd_content.gif') repeat-y 0% 0% scroll #FFF;

    overflow: auto;

    padding-left: 30px;

    padding-right: 30px;


    Nancy O.

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