iPhone with iOS 9.2 6s music questions

SO I updated my iPhone to iOS 9.2 6s and now I can't play playlists, I can't play, albums or artists, I can't do anything that would make a functional basic MP3 player. If I try to read an entire album or artist iPhone just to pick a random song (or the song I chose to start) and adds this song a billion times in the following list by doing a song the only song that I can play, same thing if I try to play a playlist, it will choose a song randomly and add this song to the following list up to a million times do this song in the playlist the only song that I can play, same thing if I try to mix my entire library of music, a song and nothing else. Does anyone else have this experience and if so how to fix this stupid shit. If I didn't want to be able to listen to my library all about iTunes my phone I could have saved myself a few hundred dollars and bought an Android phone, instead I drop $800 and go to a song at a time.

Hi Joshua,.

If you see one song repeat, then the possibility of repeating a piece has been activated in the now playing screen. It's accessible by playing a song, and then typing the Miniplayer at the bottom of the music app.

Control playback. Tap a song to play and show the Miniplayer. Tap the Miniplayer to display the now playing screen, where you can do the following:

Repeat. Press on to repeat an album or a playlist. Double click to repeat one piece.

iPhone user Guide - play music

Once you turn off the repeat function, normal functionality should return to the application of the music on your iPhone.

Kind regards!

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    I have the same questions and more from Friday December 11 when I've upgraded to iOS 9.2.

    Device: iPhone 5 s


    -Screen freezes randomly reboot * required (sometimes restart by the camera itself)

    -Sometimes device reacts very slowly on the command (or even then restarts)

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  • pouvez iphone with ios 9 use bluetooth 4.1 5

    pouvez iphone with ios 9 use bluetooth 4.1 5

    Hello ajwaka,

    After reviewing your post, it looks like you want to know if the 5 s iPhone supports Bluetooth 4.1. I recommend you to read this article.

    iPhone 5 s - technical specifications

    Cell phones and wireless

    • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 technology

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.
    Good day.

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    Hi there RickNY,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support!  I am happy to help you with your iOS devices does not not more than 150 messages after updating to iOS 10.  I know how it is important to be able to access old emails.

    I would like to begin by consulting a setting in Mail.

    1. Go to the settings app
    2. go to mail > THREADING
    3. Make sure you have organize by live wire (green)

    Please check your Mail application and see if you are now able to load older messages.

    Best wishes!

  • How to remove places the iphone with IOS 10 album


    lwwfromohio wrote:


    First, turn off your hats of all the...

    You can not as these files came with ios 10.

    don't like it use the contact us link below to notify Apple.

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    IPhone 6 more.

    iOS 9.3.3

    Turn wifi off and back on. If it does not turn off the iPhone with the Home button and power button together. Reset you draw the iPhone completely and then you can retry wifi.

    If none of this works, restart your wifi source, for example, the router.


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    Tap settings > iCloud

    Disable the calendar, and then click IT.

    Give iCloud minutes re sync your calendar data.

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    After upgrading my iPad to iOS 3 6 he constantly fails to connect to WiFi with WPA2 and AES - hidden or broadcast SSID - at home and at work because the device does not accept the WPA2 password. This is also the case for my iPhone 4s, but the two appliances worked with WiFi (WPA2 / AES) perfectly with previously installed iOS 5.1.1.
    I tried to downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 but it seems to be is no longer possible to downgrade the two iPad 3 and iPhone 4S as certification and maybe the viewport for iOS 5.1.1 was closed by Apple.

    Strange behaviour seems to address a problem of firmware of the installed Netgear WG 102 APs that all do not allow the connection of iOS 6 devices with WPA2 / AES enabled :-(

    Does anyone know about a possible solution to connect to WiFi with WPA2 and AES with 3 iPad / iPhone 4 and iOS 6 update for Netgear WG 102 APs?
    Thanks a lot for any help and advice.
    Best regards from the Germany

    The downgrade to 5.0.1 works. He fixed a connectivity with my two devices IOS 6, my wife 5 iPhone and my new retinal screen of the iPad. It does not appear to have caused problems of connectivity with other devices down to 5.0.1

  • No photographs presented during the import of the iPhone with IOS 10 installed

    I did a lot of time before with the previous version of the IOS.  Screen to import in LightRoom says there is no pictures found.  There are many photos on the iPhone.

    iPhone is connected with the USB on my Mac under LightRoom.

    I solved my problem to re-boot the computer and the phone.  Thanks for the suggestions.

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    This new iphone 7 is surprising very bad. during playback of videos, surf the web, etc. it becomes hot immediately. anyone has this problem and solutions? Thank you.

    HLW #Jing_B...

    I think I'm going to help you very little-

    try to keep load far warm place with the release of the cover of your iphone... Keep your phone in the light.

    To return to the use of your device as quickly as possible, turn the power off, move it to a cooler environment, and let it cool...

    After all, it's better.

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    Hi Guy,

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    So with that said, anyone having the same problem? What can I do? Because it is certainly not a battery problem!

    How do you know that it is not a battery problem? A 4S if rather dated now and if you didn't already replace the battery, the battery could be the problem. I would take it to an Apple Retail Store for evaluation, nothing to lose, but the time. You have already restored, not much left to try other than a restore as new, not backup.

Maybe you are looking for