iPhoto 1.2 does not work with El Capitan and 'Help' pages ignored by Apple!

Update to Apple iPhoto with El Capitan on a MacBook Pro is a disaster: it is a completely new version with NO INSTRUCTIONS! It is impossible to edit uploaded photos, events seems to have totally disappeared and the news of 'Help' are a joke. Also, Apple do not answer questions, such as this, put online.

It must be a solution or inline instruction manual, but where is it please!  Thank you very much!


Photos for Mac is not an iPhoto update, it is a completely different application.  You open iPhoto libraries in Photos, but the photo library will turn it into albums iPhoto events, because there is no events.  Photos creates rather Moments based on the date and place, and they are created automatically.

Take a look at the online help: Help the Photos

And also: How Photos handles content and metadata for iPhoto and Aperture - Apple Support

You can continue to use iPhoto.  9.6.1 iPhoto works well on El Capitan.

The EL Capitan upgrade uninstall not iPhoto. Open the Applications folder and drag iPhoto to the dock.  If the icon is blocked, try updating to iPhoto 9.6.1:

If you have a version of the AppStore in iPhoto, you can try updating iPhoto to 9.6.1 iPhoto as described by Barney:


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    I have my doubts that the (10.11.5) software is the problem.  Are you sure that the DVD player is simply not defective?  Have you tried to clean the lens?  What is the State of the disc?

    Your best option may be a date at a bar in engineering of the Apple store for a FREE evaluation.


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    Hi Yanni,

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    You can then go ahead and buy Lightroom and perform the tethered shooting.

    Kind regards


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    Yes - I found a post on the HP website - "HP can't stand this product."

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    Google must update the program toolbar for Firefox 5.0.

    The 7.1.20110512W version Google toolbar works in Firefox 5.0 using the add-on Compatibility Reporter, I tried it myself because of the large number of comments on the problems of the GTB.


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    I post a screenshot of the problem.



    Double click on each tab (or data design time timelines) should open for you.

    Nothing is activated in the menu of a calendar at the time of your capture screen, is because your project currently contains no States/pages, or any selectable items.

    If you select State 1, and then click 'Duplicate State' of the timeline become active and develops.

    Let me know if the work above for you, and if you have any other questions about the timeline.

    Thanks for posting!


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    My Epson Perfection 1660 Photo scanner won't work because I've upgraded to El Capitan. I downloaded the latest driver from Epson. Any ideas?

    Try the free driver for Gutenprint. It is particularly good with printers is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

    What to do if your printer driver is not compatible?

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    I have a L300D-13s that came with Visa Home Premium on it.

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    If I use the NETWORK Ethernet card, then he gets a fine IP address so this isn't the show indicator to publish.
    Its not wireless security (I understand that Vista does not support WEP 128 bit). I turned off and it still does.

    Other laptops running XP connect correctly and this laptop connects fine using no security or WEP or WAP so I boot Linux.
    If the problem obviously lies with Vista and/or the drivers.

    If someone has solved this.

    And no - don't tell me to go out and buy a router "Vista compatible".
    If Vista does not work with router XP and other operating systems compatible with Vista is wrong.


    > Other portable XP connect correctly and this laptop connects fine using no security or WEP or WAP so I boot Linux. If the problem obviously lies with Vista and/or the drivers.
    I would say it is not a Vista problem or a Realtek driver problem because I have a Vista and Realtek WLan card and I can connect properly to my router.
    In you case, I would say that there is a compatibility problem between the router and the Vista because as you said the laptop can connect properly using Linux.

    I have goggled a bit and could solve most of the people who have had this issue, update the firmware on the router s.

    Maybe you should try that too.

  • Satellite A300 - built-in Chicony webcam does not work with Win Live Messenger


    I just bought a * Satellite A300-1MC * (works on Vista Home Premium) and downloaded Windows Live Mail and Live Messenger.
    The integrated webcam does not work with Live Messenger; and when you select the tool, Audi + Vieo Setup in Messenger I get thye following message: "we are unable to launch the Audi video installation.
    The webcam works fine with the Camera Assistant Software.

    I tried: 1) killing the AC software and from Messenger. (2) dowanloading one driver webcam Toshiba Web site; (3) update of Windows Vista
    None of the above works.
    Any suggestion received with joy...

    You can try to install the CAM such as ManyCams software - http://www.manycam.com/
    Basically, the program to access your webcam video and redistribute it as a video device ManyCam.

    Richard S.

  • My webcam does not work with live chat

    Original title: webcam problem

    my webcam does not work with live chat and it happened last time specially when the computer do the update of rutin and I used to restore my computer to bring it back to the work of the web camera

    Thank you


    ·         What is the brand and model of the webcam?

    ·         You're using a built-in or external webcam?

    Method 1:

    Try to run the Microsoft fixit from the link tool and check if it helps.

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows


    Method 2:

    I suggest updating the drivers of webcam on the manufacturer's Web site, click on the link below:

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows-Vista/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

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